A Weak Girl Discovers a Magical Crystal That Gives Her Superpowers and Travels to a Fantasy World.


Sybil wakes up from a nightmare in which she finds herself dressed as a warrior and holding an arrow and a spear. In this time, Alex asks her what she dreamed of? But she doesn’t tell her. And then, Sybil goes out to the garden to play shooting. As for Alex, she wakes up to the sound of arrows, gets dressed, goes out, and sees her grandfather, Nickolaou, and hugs him.

Then, Nickolaou locks his office with the key and goes to breakfast. By the way, Alex’s favorite hobby is reading, to the extent that she reads even when she eats. So, they welcome Zoey and Theo, their cousins, and they are very happy when they come back and start playing with each other. The first challenge among them is playing shooting. Then, they agree that each one of them has three arrows, and each one of them will shoot it to 3 goals. Each one has an attempt only, but without repetition and without any excuses. And they enjoy the challenge very much, and each one of them wins once except for Alex.

Alex always makes a mistake and she is a loser. Eventually, Zoey is the winner, and they agree on a new challenge, which is a running race. But Alex annoys of them because they know that she can’t win in this race no matter how hard she tries because she is the youngest of them. And she leaves them and enters the house alone, and she becomes very upset. But suddenly, she finds the door of Nickolaou’s library opens by itself, and she becomes very happy because Nickolaou always locks the door with the key. And she can’t enter and see what’s inside. Meantime, she explores the place and is very excited.

At the same time, the girls running and racing, and suddenly Sybil sees Zoey hits at stones and is about to fall, but she can go back in time and catch Zoey before she falls. Meanwhile, Zoey and Theo are very surprised at how she does it so quickly, but she changes the subject. And they go to look for Alex who is in the library and takes a bag and a set of books. Then, Nickolaou enters with the girls’ families and notices that Alex is in the office and reassures them that he will take care of the girls while they are traveling. And they talk about something that he hides in his office, so he tells them not to worry because no one is allowed to enter here.

On top of all, Nickolaou goes to Alex and tells her that he knows that Forbidden fruit is sweet, and he shows the books she chose. And he tells her that they’re older than her age and he gives her one book only and asks her to keep it. And the girls go to say goodbye to their parents and decide to continue playing. But Alex tells them that she has a new book and she can’t play with them, so she goes to read it in her room. But Sybil enters and tries to make up with her and takes her to the girls, who are surprised when they find out that she took the book from Nickolaou’s library.

Because he doesn’t allow anyone to enter his library or borrow from it. And Zoey finds the book’s name is The beginning is the end is. She thinks it’s a typo, and that the last word is written extra, but Theo tells her that she should read it as a circle, which is The Beginning. Is The End. Is The Beginning. And she means that it’s a link connected to each other and they find in the book a map of their palace. However, they notice a strange thing, which is there is a strange room called the Room of Time, so they go to its place on the map and can’t find it.

Also, they can’t find any sign to this room, so they look at the map and read the words written on its back, and suddenly Zoey sees a strange door before her for the first time. Then, Alex goes to open it, and she finds a door to a room of time, then Alex enters. And they are hesitant, but they all enter after her. And there is nothing else written on a map, and when they open the door of the room again, they find themselves in a forest not in the palace, this overwhelms them and they don’t know how to do. They keep looking for another door in the room to get them out to the palace, but unfortunately they can’t find it.

Anyway, they are forced to go out into the forest and find a way to take them back to the palace. At that time, Nickolaou reaches the palace and searches for them, but he can’t find them. In the forest, the door they entered through disappears, and they find a door in a tree, and Alex tells them that she saw it in the book, so they open the book and read about it. As for Nickolaou, when he can’t find them and sees clockwise going strangely, he realizes that they enter the Room of Time. Meanwhile, they search through the book, they find that there is a board that opens the door, and they find a piece of it thrown away, so they start looking for the rest of it.

Eventually, they can collect the board, and at that time a strange creature appears from this board. He is Agot, the guardian of the secret passage. And he tells them that they are in the forgotten forest, and that they’re definitely the four warriors, the guardians of time. And when they ask him about the door, he tells them that he doesn’t have the key. Also, he tells them that it was lost from a long time ago. Plus, the door won’t open if they can’t find the key. And if they open it, they can go anywhere and return to their house, and that they must collect the three crystals. But suddenly, they hear a very loud sound and they see a big monster that attacks them and they try to avoid it, but he takes Alex and Agot and disappears.

Another monster appears and will attack Zoey, but she can stop time and they all run away from him. At that time, Nickolaou stands before his clock, which has four clockwise, not two, and only the third clockwise moves. Suddenly, they see another strange creature, attacking the monster and saving them from it. A young man appears and asks them who are they? And how can he help them? After that, they say that the monster has taken Alex, he lets his animal smell them and goes around him and they tell him about the door and the key. So, he knows that they are the four warriors who are the guardians of time.

By the way, he is Pamphilos, that he defenses against Coronos, and he helps all those who are lost in the time. And he asks them to allow him to be their companion on his journey. In that time, they talk about it with each other and find that there is the only way to them to believe him. Also, they agree on the important goal for them to find Alex. As for Alex and Agot, the monster takes them to a far place, and they go to Greya to sit with her. Meanwhile, the girls with Pamphilos and he explains to them more about the time they are in, and Coronos is the enemy of their world. And because of him there is a curse that happened to them.


By the way, his son Deimos is fighting them now. And he tells them that only the four guards are the ones who can defeat them. After that, Sybil makes fun of him because she doesn’t believe him. But before she completes her speech, she is shocked and silent when she sees four statues of them before her. This means that they’re actually the Guardians of Time and the descendants of Titan. And their grandfather knows where they are and what they do, because he knows the whole story. And he tells them that the crystals are in three temples that no one can enter without the four descendants of Titans, and that this is what will prove to them that his words are true.

Afterwards, Pamphilos takes them to an old castle and gives Sybil a small weapon, and tells her that she must imagine herself as a powerful warrior in order for working the magic. Indeed, Sybil focuses, and suddenly she finds her clothes changing into warriors’ clothes, and the small weapon has turned into a large spear. Also, this is the same shape that she sees herself in her nightmares. As for Greya, she takes Alex to a glass crystal to see the girls. Then, Alex finds them like warriors with Pamphilos. At this point, she gets very upset because she thinks that they don’t care and they don’t look for her. And she asks Agot to take her to the temple.

At the same time, he takes her but he doesn’t enter with her, because only the guards are allowed to enter. Then, she makes her confident in herself, and tells her that she is stronger than anything she can face. Certainly, she enters the temple and finds the box and its key. So, she reads in the book that she can control time with her steps and by returning to back and goes forward. And every time she takes a step forward, she finds the statues falling, and when she takes a step back, the statues become in their case again. Anyway, she knows how to deal. After that, she runs quickly until she reaches the box and all the statues is falling. So, she tries to open it, but it’s rusty.

Meantime, she knows that she is supposed to go back to go back in time and make the box as new. Indeed, she does it, so the statues return to their case again. And the box becomes new again. Eventually, she can open it and take the first crystal and she sees it to Agot, but she is still unconfident in herself or her powers. On the other hand, Zoey asks Pamphilos about what happened in the forest when she stopped the time. He tells them that each one has its own miraculous power, and he helps them know their power, but it is better to wait for it to appear itself. And the power appears when they need it.

After that, Pamphilos takes them to the temple where the second Crystal is in, and they are worried, but they enter to reach Alex in the end. They enter, and Theo feels that there is something strange about her, and she finds herself can remember every details of her life. This means that her miraculous power in her memory. They don’t know what they are supposed to do to get to the crystal, but Theo tells them that she remembers the book Alex has. Indeed, she tells them what to do? And when they do what she said, the crystal appears before them.

So, Pamphilos takes them to a safe place to sleep. Meanwhile, Agot leaves Alex with Greya. Then, Agot goes looking for the girls. As for Sybil, she wakes up to the same nightmare and tells Pamphilos what she dreamed of that she was in the palace alone once, and a thief entered and stole her grandfather’s library. And while she was running, she hit him. And that she dreamed of all the time. Also, she sees it while she is awake. Then, Pamphilos tells her that it’s a vision not a nightmare. And that one day she’ll know its meaning. Meanwhile, Alex is very afraid of the voices she hears, and Greya tells her that she is so strong.

Also, she tells her that she can take the crystal with her own, which means that she doesn’t need anyone. At that moment, Greya makes her holds the crystal in her hands but Alex is afraid because she can’t hold it and falls to the ground. Suddenly, Greya disappears, a giant monster appears, and Alex screams. But there is a super power comes out of her and makes him can’t get close to her and she gets rid of him. Then, Greya appears again and tells her that she is safe now and Alex is so terrified by what is happening. But Greya tells her that she is the strongest one in their world, even stronger than the other three Guardians.

Also, each of them has only one power, whether present, past or future. As for Alex, she has the three powers together. So, Alex goes to sleep. On the second day, Agot reaches them, and they become so happy when they see him, and he reassures them about Alex. As for Pamphilos, he isn’t happy with Agot, and tells Zoey that they aren’t supposed to trust him, and there’re many enemies for the Three Crystals. As for Alex, she wakes up from her sleep, and Greya tells her that there is an Atlantean fighter uses her sisters, he takes the crystal they found and tries to get the third one from them.

So, Alex decides to face the risks and she gets out the crystal from her pocket. As she gathers her strength, suddenly she becomes strong, fast, and nothing can stop her. Meanwhile, the girls are on their way to the temple, and Pamphilos tells them about Deimos, and tells them when he fought them, they could lock him in a place in the forest, and this place is closed with an iron board. And this place will be open by collecting the three crystals. After all, the girls know that Deimos is Agot and that he is tricking them to collect and take crystals. At that time, he will show himself for them and fight them. At that moment, they’re worried about Alex because she is with him.

But he tells them that he needs her, so he can’t hurt her. On the other hand, they reach the temple and can’t find anything in it. At that time, Alex appears, she has the third crystal. Then, she fights with them because she thinks that they left her, and she tells them that she is stronger than all of them. So, she builds a barrier between them and Pamphilos. And they try to understand her that Agot is an evil, and that he is using her to reach crystals. But she doesn’t believe them and gives him the third crystal that she has, and a very huge monster appears and attacks her. But Alex can stop him, destroy him and destroy the wall that is built on Pamphilos.

By the way, Agot tries to take a third crystal from them, but Pamphilos can make him appear in his true face. At that moment, Agot tries to deceive Alex and sympathize with her, telling her that they should help each other to save the world, but she is shocked at him because he lied to her all this time, and she collapses. Also, she gets out a lot of energy and no one can bear it. Sybil tries to calm her down and tells her that she is strong and that she can stop all this and control it. Meanwhile, she calms down again and returns to her shape and age. Eventually, she controls the situation.

Suddenly, the same monster that appeared to Alex when she was with Greya appears again. at the time, she knows that this monster is Greya herself, and she can stop her with her strength and defeat her. After that, the four guards gather with each other, and they can manipulate time to return the crystal that was with Deimos. But he tells them that his goal is to destroy the crystals, not to collect them. Then, he breaks the crystal he has. So, Alex collects the broken crystal and collects it again with her strength. By the way, Sybil remembers her nightmare, and understands Pamphilos’ words is right, and she sees the details of the vision.

Then, she sees the details of the vision clearly, and she dreamed that she put the key to the crystals in Alex’s bag. And the man that she hits is Deimos. Also, Alex finds the key and Greya tries to stop them. But Pamphilo can keep Greya away from them. Finally, the four guards succeed to put the crystals in their place. Also, they get rid of Deimos, and the time curse ends from their world. They use the key to return to their home. Meanwhile, Nickolaou welcomes them and tells them to tell him everything that happened. So, Sybil tells him we also want you to tell us everything. At the end, they all laugh and hug each other.

Guardians of Time.

Guardians of Time | March 16, 2023 (Kuwait) Summary: One day, in the family manor, four cousins discover a passage leading to a mysterious world. Trapped in this unearthed land, the Kingdom of Keoherus, they must confront the Guardian of Time,... Read all
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