He Discovers That He Is a Descendant of Superheroes, but the Aliens Kidnap His Love.


in 1994

two brothers are sleeping in the forest but they hear a strange voice coming from outside

one of them gets a sharp knife and goes to see what is happening

but something pulls him outside 

then his brother goes out and runs into the forest to save him

but he finds that they are huge and strange creatures called Mogadorian

they catch one of the brothers and pull his chain from him

then kill him with a knife and the young man turns to dust

On the other hand John is swimming with his friends

They are very happy and then go back to the beach 

in the evening John and his girlfriend Nicole go down into the sea

but suddenly John is pulled under the water and his leg begins to light up 

When Nicole sees this she runs to tell people on the beach that there is a monster in the sea

The next morning John wakes up and finds himself sleeping alone on the beach

he looks at the third mark on his leg which was lit up after killing the young man the night before 

meanwhile someone named Henry comes to John who is supposed to be his father

so John tells him that Number 3 died because circle Number 3 appeared

and Henry asks him if anyone else saw what happened

but John doesn’t answer him because he isn’t conscious

Then they go home and burn all his friends’ photos that are on the walls

after that Henry takes John with him in the car

and they move to a new city

on the way John talks about the most difficult thing in his life which is leaving his friends after knowing his truth

Also he says he’s from another world and not from Earth

on top of that Everyone thinks Henry is his real father

but Henry is nothing more than a warrior from his same world and only protects John 

meantime John talks about the marks on his leg

the first one when he was nine years old and at that time he made sure that the Mogadorian came to the earth

but the second mark appeared when Number 2 died and John was 12 years old

As for the third one it lit up yesterday when Number 3 died

and It means that John is Number 4

After that John and Henry go to a new home

and there Henry gives John a new ID as John Smith

then he warns John telling him that he won’t join a school or make friends

And tells him it’s better to stay at home 

meanwhile John tells Henry that he saw Number 3 yesterday

and he felt the knife that stabbed and killed him

While John gets bags from the car there is one of the Mogadorian is hidden by a lizard

and he is going to the house to spy on them

As soon as they talk again to each other they hear a voice coming from outside

and they go out to see what it is

John finds a small dog sitting under a tree in the rain and they take him in to keep him with them 

especially since he doesn’t have any friends anymore

On the other hand Number 6 in her house

and her situation is also similar to John

she collects her needs from her house and sets fire to the house

then she leaves the house

after a while John is getting ready to go to school

but Henry doesn’t agree because he is still worried about him

so John tries to convince him to let him go

Henry says okay but providing that he’ll call him every hour to check on him or he makes him study at home

John agrees and goes to school with his new ID John Smith

but the dog that he found yesterday is watching him without John noticing that

At that time John submits a school enrollment application to the employee

and waits in her office for a while

meanwhile a girl named Sarah is sitting with the principal of the school in his office

Sarah tries to take the camera that they had taken from her because she took a photo of her teacher during class without permission

then the employee gives John the class schedule

and when Sarah goes out of the principal’s office the employee asks her to show John his closet 

So Sarah takes him to his closet and he thanks her 

after that someone named Mark comes with his friends

and they make fun of John 

By the way Mark and his friends are the bullies in the school

another student named Sam comes next to John to put his bag in the closet

But Mark and his friends make fun of him too 

and although John notices what has happened he does nothing

after that John attends classes that day

and takes a break to eat

But he doesn’t want to talk to any colleagues because Henry warned him not to talk to anyone

Once again John sees Mark and his friends throw the ball at Sam

and he falls to the ground

but John goes to help him then takes the ball and throws it hard at the bullies

the ball hurts one of Mark’s friends and he falls to the ground

At this time Sarah notices what happened

and she takes some photos with her camera then posts them on her profile

But Henry deletes them and orders John not to make friends if he wants to be safe

so John is forced to be silent

After that the Mogadorian arrives at the beach where John was

and they find out that he is still alive

The next day John is at school attending a class

but his hands light up and he no longer knows what to do

so he goes running and leaves the class to hide in a room far from them

meanwhile Henry comes to the room quickly

he tells John that the condition he is in is called inheritance because his father worked in the Lorry Guard

and John inherited this power from him

Also he says that he is the only one of the Super Nine who has this power in his hands

After that John and Henry come home

and Henry tells him that his strength and speed increase more and he has to control them well

Then John enters his room to test the strength of his hands

and goes outside the house to test it more

John throws a stone into the sky and it penetrates the Earth’s atmosphere with its force

while he is testing his speed in running and jumping the dog is watching him without knowing that

Meanwhile one of the Mogadorians buys frozen turkeys

then he goes to a cargo carrying wild animals inside

and starts eating them

At this time John is standing before a store and he is waiting for Sarah to come out

they walk together and get to know each other

so he knows from her that photography is her whole life

they find out that Sam’s stepfather bothers her all the time

and perhaps that is why he is oppressed and weak

John and Sarah continue walking together until they arrive at her home

and she invites him to have dinner with her family

John gets to know Sarah’s family and he is very happy with them because he doesn’t have a family

Then Sarah takes him to her room

and looks at the pictures she took throughout her life

he knows from her pictures that she wants to travel all over the country

but she tells him that staying at home is better than traveling

At this time he hears the sound of his dog barking

so he says sorry and leaves with his dog

but Mark is sitting in his car before Sarah’s house watching John

The next day John goes to school

but Sam tells him to take care because the whole school knows what happened to him yesterday

So John tells him that this is just a trick with the light 

But Sam tells him to be careful because Mark loves Sarah and doesn’t allow anyone to get close to her

Then John and Sam open their closet

but a sticky red substance is thrown on their face and they get very annoyed

it is clear that Mark and his friends are the ones who did this

In that moment Sam goes to attack Mark

but Mark attacks him and is about to hit him

then John intervenes quickly

but he doesn’t want to harm him or use his strength

After that they go into the bathroom to clean themselves of this substance

and John notices that Sam is cleaning up a photo of him with someone else

Then Sam tells him that this is his real father

and that he spent all his life while looking for aliens

at that time people thought he was crazy 

Meanwhile Henry is searching on the internet for Sam’s father

and finding out where he used to work

so Henry goes to the factory

and this is where Sam’s father’s old job was

At this time the ground breaks under Henry while he is walking

he finds a small hole and inside it is a stone with a blue substance that looks strange

so he takes it with him to analyze it and to know what it is

in the evening John goes to a party with Sarah

he tells her that Mark warned him not to get close to her

but Sarah tells him that she broke up with Mark a long time ago after he gave her a bad reputation in the school

and unfortunately everyone believed him

Then Sarah takes him to the horror house

but suddenly Mark and his friends attack them

and they try to kidnap Sarah

So John beats them with his strength

but Mark manages to kidnap Sarah

Then John starts looking for her

until he finds one of Mark’s friends and beats him to know where Sarah is

By the way Sam sees everything that happened

he is surprised by John’s strength and he makes sure that he isn’t a human

on the other hand John goes to Mark to save Sarah

and he beats Mark then takes Sarah to her home 

There John confesses to her that he loves her and leaves

after that Sam sends a message to John asking him about what happened in the horror house

Sam tells him that he spent his childhood searching for aliens

And asks John to tell him the truth to make sure that his father wasn’t crazy

Meantime John tells him that his father is right

and Sam becomes so happy

then John tells him that he found his father’s car at the Mexican border

and he is sure that aliens kidnapped him

so he didn’t leave them as all people say

John then asks him to keep this matter a secret between them because he is in danger

and the Mogadorians are looking for him to kill him

The next day Mark’s father goes to John

he works as a police officer and asks John if he knows anything about what happened in the horror house

Because Mark and some people got hurt and Mark doesn’t want to talk to anyone

but John says that he was busy with Sarah and didn’t care about anything else

After that Henry shows a video of John with Nicole when his legs were lightened that night

and tells John that the Mogadorians will arrive soon

So Henry orders him to leave quickly

But John fights with Henry and says that he won’t go anywhere again

then John goes outside the house

and Henry goes out after him

but John uses his strength and pushes Henry away from him

Henry then manages to stop John and tells him that he saved him all his life

but everything will be destroyed because of Sarah

John tells him that he tries to forget her but he can’t

Meanwhile girl Number 6 is in the midst of a group of satellites

and watches John’s video in the water

then smiles because she makes sure that he is still alive

The next day in the morning John wakes up

but he doesn’t find Henry at home

so he calls him on his mobile phone

but someone answers saying he has to come to a specific address if he wants Henry back

then John calls Sam to take him to this address

and they go to the address that Henry is in

but John gets down of the car alone and asks Sam to go to his house

Afterward John goes to the house to watch it from the outside

but finds Sam behind him and he doesn’t want to leave him alone

They then see someone locking the door of the house and taking his car 

so John asks Sam to go after this man

and sends him a message if he comes back here

Sam then goes after the man and John enters the house and finds Henry’s knife

he looks for him in the whole house until he finds him in the basement

suddenly someone attacks John

but John beats him

and knows from Henry that the Mogadorians are coming

At that moment the man who Sam went after him entered 

and he threatens Sam with a gun

When Henry sees Sam he knows that he is Malcolm’s son

but John manages to beat this man and knows that the Mogadorians are looking for him

when they leave the house one of the Mogadorians attacks them

Henry tries to disrupt him so that John can escape

Meantime the Mogadorians attack John and Sam 

although Henry tries to save John he is injured and about to die

Meanwhile he gives John the blue stone

and tells him that it will get you to the other five

also Henry says that they must be together to confront the Mogadorian and then he dies

after that the police take the equipment and computer because they accuse him and Henry of terrorism

In the car Sam sees the blue stone with John

and tells him that he has the second part of the stone because he stole it from his father a long time ago

So John asks him to bring it to him and leaves

then he goes to look for Sarah at the party

he finds her and tells her that he comes to say goodbye to her

but the police come to the place of this party and they manage to escape

At the same time Mark and his father see John

But they meet the Mogadorian on their way

so they get rid of his father and take Mark with them to show them where John is

Meanwhile John and Sarah are hiding inside the school

and they start developing photographs that are on Sarah’s camera

After a while the Mogadorians arrive at the school

and they surround it

Sam waits for them outside the school and warns John that they are surrounded by those strangers

So John looks at them from the window and finds them with Mark

but John takes Sarah and trie to escape again

But here girl Number 6 appears and begins to help them

and tells John that the one who was protecting her was killed by the Mogadorians too

they start trying to get out of the school to Sam’s car

but suddenly they find a group of monsters leaving the Mogadorian’s car

Within seconds John’s dog turns into a monster

so Sam runs away from it and warns John of the monsters

but before John asks him about the shape of these monsters he finds the Mogadorian attacking them from the windows

One monster starts running after John and it is really too strong for him

Number 6 is running out of energy too and asks John to give her energy using the power of his hands

John gives her energy and she returns to what it was and better

 and the two of them confront the Mogadorians and their monsters

at that time John’s dog attacks the monsters and kills them

the dog then helps John like Henry and gets back to normal again

As they go out they meet another monster that attacks them

and the rest of the Mogadorians wait for them outside

So Sam and Sarah get scared and they go back to hide again

but John and Number 6 start confronting them and they get rid of more than one of them

then the monster manages to kidnap Number 6

so John starts hitting him with the force of his hands

and begins to focus his thermal power on the bullets that the Mogadorians use to explode the whole place

Meanwhile Number 6 kills the monster and comes back to save John 

but the whole place explodes and they are completely rid of the strangers 

in the morning John reunites with his friends

Sam gets half of the second stone

and they collect the two together so the stone goes completely destroyed

after some moments Mark arrives and gives John a mystery box

this box belongs to Henry because the police took it from his house

now John can reach the rest of the four superheroes

and unite with each other

but before John walks he promises Sarah that he will come back to her again

his dog then appears but he is injured

so John takes him and he starts a new chapter in his life

I Am Number Four.

I Am Number Four | February 18, 2011 (United States) Summary: Aliens and their Guardians are hiding on Earth from intergalactic bounty hunters. They can only be killed in numerical order, and Number Four is next on the list. This is his story.
Countries: United States, IndiaLanguages: English, French
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