A Teenage Boy Who Deals With The Ups and Downs Of Being Lethally Attractive.

Looks That Kill.

Looks That Kill | June 19, 2020 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

Our movie begins when Max is at a psychiatrist when he tells the doctor his story

Max was born with a strange talent, that anyone dies when he sees his face

And he tells him that the matter started from the moment he was born

when the doctor and the assistants saw Max

they said that he was the most beautiful child in the world

And moments later

they had a heart attack and they all died

the only ones who didn’t die when they saw him are his father and his mother

after that, the family had to move to an uninhabited city to reduce the number of deaths that occur because of Max

Since that moment

Max covers his face and always wears black glasses in order to hide his beauty that kills people

But the doctor said this could be a story that he invented because of his depression

Suddenly, Max’s family heard the sound of a solid bang on the ground

And when they entered, they knew that Max pulled out his eyeglasses

the doctor had a heart attack and he died when he saw Max’s face

They report to the police but they find that no danger to Max to be arrested

They get home and Max’s friend Dan comes the home

he is sitting and eating with them for lunch

the father suggests signing up for dating apps for Max to start getting out of the house

because he always locked himself in

but Max enters his room and asks his friend to hit him with a brick in the face

in the hope that he will disfigure him and not kill anyone who sees him

finally, Dan hits Max

and he goes to the hospital where everyone who is there staring at him with amazement because of his strange shape

he meets Alex there, and he asks her for the magazine to prevent anyone from seeing him

it’s time to get in

after they finished, they return to the home

then his friend Dan comes to him and says that he has set up a date for him

with a girl on Valentine’s Day, and he will take Max to go with him by force

at the night, he meets Erica and gives her a handkerchief sewn with her name on it which he made himself

he started talking to her until someone named Greg sat down with them

Greg started annoying Max until he bangs his head on the table and goes

Max tried to meet Erica on another day but she refused and walked

Max sat alone in the restaurant

and he decided that he will commit suicide by throwing himself off the bridge

but before he jumped, Alex saw him

and she said that he needs to see a bridge longer than this in order to die quickly

before she leaves him and goes to the bus

he tells her that she is supposed to say something to prevent him from committing suicide

But she remains sure that he will not fall

and she tells him that he will die when he is an old man in his bed

she invites him to come with her to the nursing home

they spend the day with Esther and Rosemary

then she takes Max to his house, to make sure he won’t go to the bridge again

He asks her to meet again but she apologizes to him

Max understands that she does not want to see him again

And He greets her and enters the house

Max tells his friend Dan about her and that he hopes to see her again

Dan suggests that he can go to the bus stop, where he met her before

so he can meet her again

The next day, he goes to the bus station and stays until Alex appears

She asks him if he waiting for her

and he says that he wants to see her

then, they go to a large store buy a large amount of candy

and they fill the bathtub with it and they sit in it

Max tells her that he was born with such a beautiful face

and anyone dies when he sees his face

she says that she knows him and that he is famous in the city

especially in the hospital where they met

she was in the hospital because she had a rare disease in her heart

and she was walking with a device that monitors her heart

But her condition is currently stable

She takes him to the cinema and tells him that she was dreaming of going to the cinema with her lover

but she has no friends to go to the cinema with her

Max can’t go alone, so Alex goes with him

they go together to his home

she saw the things hanging on the walls

And she asks him to make one for her

He asks her about the light bulb in the jacket she is wearing

and she says that it is a dangerous light,

and it lights up

when the heart becomes larger than normal or when she feels strong feelings

and this harms her

Max’s family comes home and is surprised that Max has another friend

and a girl

and with him in the room

They introduce her to a girl named Yushin

who will live with them at home following the student exchange program

until she finishes her studies

they go the next day to camp in the forest

And the mother forces him to take Yoshin with him and bring them to the forest

the night comes

and Alex tells her that she wishes to see his face

he refused

but finally, asks her to close and cover her eyes

he let her Trying to imagine what his face would look like

They return the next day of the camping trip and Max asks her to meet again

but she apologizes to him because she helps her mother at home

and she will not be able to meet him

But in fact

she is in the hospital because of a problem with her heart and she is hiding it from him

the mother asks the children to take out the old Christmas tree outside the house

But Yushin accidentally throws a cigarette and burns the tree

Max tries to put it out but his hands get injured

and he goes to the hospital to treat his hand

he meets Alex there

but she treats him in an unpleasant way

and tells her mother that they work in the nursing home

they meet each other the next day and Max asks her, why she talked to him in the hospital badly

she says that she didn’t tell her family that she has friends

because her mother will be afraid and terrified for her even more

and she convinced her to volunteer in the nursing home with difficulty

They go to visit Esther but Rosemary is very ill

And they came to reassure her

but they know that she would be alive because of the devices only

Alex sad and Max sits next to her

she says that Rosemary is tormented

and the nursing home is forced to save her

by putting her on the devices even if the devices torture her more

and she asks him to come in the room and letting her sees his face

to help her to die and rest from the torment that she is in



He says that he does not know what they feel when they see him

they will be tortured or not

but he agreed and entered Rosemary’s room

And he held her hands and revealed his face to her

she sees his face

then she laughs and dies

after a while

Alex disappears from Max’s life and he tries to see her

but he decides to go to her house

and there, Alex says that the doctors decided to increase the medicines

and the lamp always lights up because of the large size of its heart

he blames himself for this reason

her condition deteriorated because they were meeting a lot

and this made her make more effort than what she usually does

he asks her if she wants anything from him

She asked him to go together

to the party at Dan’s School

they went there

and they were wearing strange clothes

they dance together until she feels tired

and she asked him to wait for a minute

while Dan with Greg’s old girlfriend

Greg comes and he forced Max to take off his mask in front of Dan’s girlfriend

after he removed the mask, she saw his face

and smiled before she died

Then the police came and arrested Max

he saw that there was an ambulance takes Alex to the hospital

He spends a day in prison and gets released

Then he goes to Alex in the hospital

and He sees the medicines she takes are acidity medicines

He understands she doesn’t want to take the medicine because she wants to die

She says she takes medicines since she was young

and all she does is just a slight delay for her death

she doesn’t leave the house and doesn’t go to the school

it is forbidden to see her friends

she says I want one last request from you

Max understands that she wants to see his face

he refuses her request and tells her that he doesn’t know what she will feel when she sees his face

He leaves Alex and returns home

tries to disfigure himself in any way

until his father and mother enter the room

and prevent him from harming himself

Yoshin’s cat sees his face and die

Dan reproaches him for ignoring Alex

and she needs him next to her

he tells him if she dies he will regret that he didn’t take the opportunity to see her

He goes to the hospital and there he puts all the handmade work that he did before and one specifically for her

he apologizes to her that he is far from her

and he doesn’t want her to die and leave him

But he is ready to do her request

he tells her to close her eyes

and he removes the cloth from his face

he sleeps next to her on the bed

Alex opens her eyes and sees his face for the first time

But she doesn’t die

but she gets tired a little

and he informs the doctors to check her

Max stay sitting next to her all the night

until Alex dies and leaves him

the Court said Max is innocent of Dan’s girlfriend’s death

because the forensic medicine proved that she died a natural death

then his case topped all the news and newspapers

people don’t believe that there is a person whose beauty can kill anyone

and others hope that he can help them

he found a way to help people who need him to end their torment in a simple and not painful way

The most important thing that Max learned from Alex, is that his looks don’t kill all people

but people who love him without any reason and know that the most beautiful thing in him

is his personality and his heart, not the appearance only

they didn’t die

that’s why Alex and his parents didn’t die when they saw his face.

Looks That Kill.

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