A Teenager Discovers That His Father Has Superpowers and He Inherited All His Powers.


A young man named Max on the roof of his house drawing the river in his sketchbook. Currently, his mother Molly calls him to come down and help her moving their needs. Because they are still moving to a new home. She says that they’ll live in a new home, a new beginning in their lives, and they’ll forget the past. Max jokes with her and tells her that there is a new beginning for the ninth time. Because they moved to a new house nine times. When Max enters his needs, he looks at the photo of his father. As you know, his photo is hanging from the ceiling, at the stars that is decorations in the room. When the T.V is on, his mom notices that something is happening in the electricity affecting the T.V. Then, she goes to sleep. And Max notices that something is coming out of his hand, affecting the electrical devices. the next day, Max is on his way to school driving a bike. He notices the gates of an abandoned company called Ntek, which his dead father used to work for. Someone calls Max on his mobile, and when he answers, an electric comes out of his hand. Electric makes his mobile off. After that, Max continues his way. And while riding the bike, he is going to crash in car. But fortunately, he avoids it and falls to the ground from the bike. the girl that crashes called Sofia. By the way, Sofia is his classmate.

Then, she asks him if he is okay? And asks him to meet her after the school. After school, Max rides the car with Sofia and they go home. There, Sofia repairs Max’s bike, which was broken due to the accident. Then, Max goes home, and there he meets Miles, having a dinner with them. Miles is an Ex-friend of Max’s dad. On top of all, Miles who makes Molly moving and living in a new place. Also, Miles was with Max’s dad when he died. Plus, Miles says that he tried to save his dad. At Ntek, something strange happens in a swimming pool. By the way, there is a light appears in a swimming pool. Then, two scientists go to see what happened? And they get close to the water to see what happened. Suddenly, the water molecules spread in the air, forming crystal molecules looks like ice. After that, the scientists call security and say that there might have been a hack in the company. And it shows on the computer something flying and scientists track it and know its location. Then, they say to the security about its location, and suddenly the flying object appears. The flying object passes among the security personnel, and flees from the company building. At night, Max searches on the Internet for what killed his father. By the way, he finds some possibilities for the death of the father on the Internet. It’s possible that the reason of her father death a hurricane that occurred on the day of the accident.

Anyway, Max is annoyed because he can’t find a convincing explanation. There is something wrong happens in computer. After that, Max becomes nervous because all of this. And he notices and sees electricity coming out of his hand again. But this time, Max controls the electricity when he closes his hand and puts it back on again. The next day, Max goes to the woods to try his strange power on electrical devices. He fires the lamp and tries to control the electricity. In fact, he is surprised and interested when he knows his amazing potential and abilities. On the second day of school, Max is sitting alone and drawing. Then, Sofia waves on the window to get his attention. But he doesn’t hear her when she speaks because of the glass wall. Eventually, Max knows that Sofia wants to meet him on a date. Max knows that his electric power effects on the vending machine for drinks. Max makes the machine drop cans and drinks on the floor. Meantime, Students collect cans from the floor and they’re happy by this. When Max goes to home, he asks his mother about his father. Also, he says that the people in their town know more about his father than Max. No secret, Max doesn’t know how his father died and what happened.

After that, his mother tells him that she wants to tell him everything that happened. But the story is complicated, and he can’t get it. When Max is overthinking, the flying object appears. At this time, he looks at Max from afar, and Max doesn’t know. By the way, Max goes to the restaurant’s date with Sofia. So, they get to know each other more and become friends. But as soon as Sofia gives her mobile to Max to write his number, the mobile turns off and doesn’t work. Meanwhile, Max has a severe headache due to the flow of electricity in his body. Then, he goes to the bathroom, and he feels a panic attack. So, he quickly goes out from the restaurant. By then, he rides his bike and goes to the wood quickly. And he gets off the bike on the road and runs. And he screams because of the headache and can’t control of himself. Then, there is an electricity comes out and flies towards the sky. The next day, Max wakes up, he finds burn marks on the bed sheets. Also, he finds wounds on his chest. He feels surprised and doesn’t know why.

Suddenly, a flying object appears and tells Max that his name is Steel. Then, he explains to Max the power he has. Also, Steel says to Max that he is there to protect Max from anything that tries to kill him. Meanwhile, her mom hears voices in Max’s room and goes out to see what is happening. Then, Max hides Steel in the laundry box. After a little, Steel tells Max that he can help him by absorbing the excess electrical energy in Max’s body. Max and Steel go to the wood and talk about the powers that Max has. You know, they see a black car, people coming out of it with weapons, and they are looking for steel. Then, Max tells steel that if these people see Max, they’ll decay him to know what does he consist of? Then, they go away from them.

Next, Max goes to school and puts steel in his bag. In the classroom, steel makes loud noises and makes the students wonder what is happening? After school, Max goes to an abandoned building. Steel tells Max the powers that Max has and how to use them. Max tries to find a way to use his power in a more effective way. Meantime, Steel tells him that he can use his power to fight. However, Max remains happy with his strength and doesn’t hear what Steel says? And then Max knows how to use his power as he wants. By the way, he knows how to jump very high distances. So, Steel says to Max that he can unite with him and become one. After a little, Max finds himself wearing a suit of armor as steel. When he becomes in this way, Max has flashbacks of his father for a short time. Then, Max wants to meet Miles and tells him about what is happening with him. On his way, he is riding a bike, Sofia is going to crash him by car again. When Sofia and Max are talking to each other, he notices the black car.

So, he run away quickly, and Sofia doesn’t understand what’s going on. After that, Max goes to narrow corridor and tells steel that they must separate and stay away from each other. Max thinks that Steel is an alien. When Max walks out of the corridor, Sofia goes to him by car. At that moment, Max rides with her without explaining anything. And he tells her to drive him to Ntech building. On their way, they talk to each other. Max talks about his suffering as a child because of his father’s death. Then, they go to Ntech building. Meanwhile, Miles welcomes them. Then, Max begs him to tell him what happened to his father. But Miles doesn’t talk about anything. Suddenly, Max feels a headache due to the flow of electrical energy in his body. Max quickly goes away from the building. He leaves Sofia there alone, and she doesn’t understand what’s going on. Then, the night comes over Max, and the wind moves quickly.

It seems that something will form. As you know, Max is hidden on the railway. At that moment, he sees a woman screaming because of the hurricane happens while she is in her car. Certainly, Max helps her, gets electricity from his body, touches the car, and makes the car’s battery work again. So, he hides in a garage of cars, but the garage is flying in the air. And Max becomes unhidden on the ground. Suddenly, hurricane is an alien. He knows how to control on winds and water. This alien killed his father. Then, the alien attacks Max. But fortunately, Steel goes to Max quickly and they become one and tells him how he can fight the alien? Max knows how he can use his power towards with steel and they kill the alien. When the alien falls from the sky, Max closes to him and finds that he looks like steel. So, the alien tells Max that Steel is one of the evil aliens, and Steel defends himself. Also, Steel says that he was fighting aliens with Max’s father. But Max doesn’t believe him. Max becomes far away from him and walks alone.

On top of all, he goes to Sofia’s house and asks her for her mobile phone, her car, and rubber gaskets to isolate his hand from the electricity. Then, Max drives a car and calls miles and he says that he is worried about the armed people who are coming out. He says he is worried about his mom. And he can’t find and doesn’t know where she is. Meanwhile, Miles tells that the armed people may take his mom to the lab where Max’s father was working. After that, Max goes to the lab and sees Steel’s operating system. At that moment, Max has flashbacks of his father’s death, when the lab was under attack by aliens. And that his father had the same strength as Max. On top of all, his father in a device that was made to focus the energy of Max’s father while he was fighting the aliens. But Miles was belonging towards aliens. And he took a chance when Max’s father was in the device and Miles pulled his power from him.

After this, Max’s father was died. In a nutshell, Max knows that Miles wants to do the same with him. Meanwhile, Miles is united with an alien and wears armor. And he fights with Max in the room where the energy focus device that Max’s father made. When Max tries to control Miles’ suit of armor with his power, he fails. Miles tells that he needs Max to be is alive to pull energy from him. Without resistance, Max enters the focusing device. And he is uniting with steel again. Then, Max becomes strong than before. And Max fights with Miles and the armed people help Max. By the way, Molly assigns the armed people to protect Max. When Miles fights with Max, Max gathers his power and deploys it in Miles’ suit, causing him to explode. And recently, Max wins the battle. And Max and Steel wake up after all of this and became very exhausted. Then, Molly sees them and she knows steel for a long time. She is happy that her son and Steel are still alive. He knows that Max’s father is an alien in a human one.

After a while, Molly explains to her son and tells him about everything that happened in her past. Also, Molly tells him that the aliens wanted to kill Max all the time after they knew his location. Because of this, Molly was always moving with her son from place to place all the time. Max knows more about his father’s past when he turns on the energy in the stars in the ceiling of his room. In fact, his father made these stars, and that they aren’t just decorations. On top of all, the stars show three maps of space, and Max knows the planet his father used to live in. Max goes to Sofia to say sorry to her for walking away without any explanation. He tells her that he was always used to living alone. After all, he thanks her for being close to him. Then, he gives her a drawing that who draw it for Sofia. So, they become in relationship. And they agree to meet on a date night. At that moment, Max walks and unites with Steel and they fly together over the river. And they don’t know where they’ll go. And when they know their direction, Max flies.

Max Steel.

Max Steel | October 14, 2016 (United States) Summary: The adventures of teenager Max McGrath and his alien companion, Steel, who must harness and combine their tremendous new powers to evolve into the turbo-charged superhero Max Steel.
Countries: United Kingdom, United StatesLanguages: English
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