She Is Imprisoned by Her Lover for Many Years, but Returns Again to Get Revenge.


The story takes place in a magical world very much different from our own. It’s the year 1572 and there are special heroes called the Falcons. These heroes are magic users and they protect the kingdoms. In this year a witch called Malkin kills all of the Falcons and soon only one remains. This last Falcon is called Gregory and with the last of his strength he manages to capture and imprison Malkin forever. With this he actually saves the entire planet. The Falcons are now totally gone so now Gregory must defend the kingdom from any supernatural threats. Many years pass and now Gregory is an old man. He still fights supernatural threats and he is known as a witch hunter.

In the present we see Gregory as he travels with his trusted apprentice. Gregory’s apprentice is called William Bradley and they have been working together for a while. The two of them take a break in a local inn. There Gregory gets into a fight with the locals and manages to defeat them without problem. Later William and Gregory continue their journey and soon they arrive at a church where there have been supernatural activities lately. A priest runs out and warns them that there is a possessed woman in the church. William gets all the necessary weapons for this attack and Gregory also prepares. The two enter the church and there they find a scary woman. They try to control her but soon Gregory realizes that this woman is possessed by Malkin. He cannot believe that she has gotten free from her cage. William tries to stop Malkin but she is just too powerful. Suddenly William is killed in the attack and Gregory must face the witch all alone. It’s revealed that Malkin has grown in her power and she transforms into a giant dragon-like creature and escapes. Gregory is furious and promises that he will get his revenge and capture her once more.

We are then introduced to Tom Ward. He is the seventh son of a seventh son, which means he is destined to serve Gregory and have a great destiny. Tom does not know any of this and he currently lives a pretty boring life with his mother and family in a far away forest. He spends his days yearning about adventure and traveling far away. His mother did not reveal much of his origin so Tom thinks he is totally normal. Tom hates that he must work on a farm and feed the pigs every day. The only thing is that Tom has visions every day. These visions are painful and he sees certain people he has never met.

During one of his visions his mother arrives to help calm him down. Soon enough Gregory arrives on a boat. Tom’s mother notices him and goes to confront Gregory. They are both very hostile to each other as Tom’s mother does not want him to leave with Gregory. She tries to hide the fact that Tom is the seventh son but Gregory sees right through her plan. Gregory goes into the house and recognizes Tom as his new apprentice right away. Gregory is a bit worried as Tom seems very skinny and weak.

Tom says goodbye to his family and his mother orders him to be careful. She wants him to survive this and return to her. She also gives him a special talisman necklace and tells him to never take it off.

Gregory and Tom begin their journey and Tom is a bit scared of his new master. Tom’s mother demands that Gregory promises to bring back her son but that is an impossible promise to make. While travelling Tom has to carry all the gear while Gregory is on his horse. The two enter a forest and a heavy rain comes down. Tom wants to know about Gregory but Gregory is not very interested in sharing. Tom is interested in what happened to Gregories previous assistant. Gregory then reveals that his last assistant was killed by Malkin. Tom is really scared of Malkin as she is the legendary queen of all witches.

Tom meets one of Gregorys main allies and assistants, this creature is called Tusk. Gregory and Tom also talk about Tom’s training. Gregory reveals that the blood moon ritual will happen in less than a week so Tom has to train really fast. Tom is angry at this because he cannot be expected to learn everything in a week, he wants to be trained like all the other apprentices. Gregory has no patience for Tom and tells him that if he does not train he will surely die in battle. That same night Gregory tells Tom that he must not leave his room as it can be dangerous. Tom of course does not listen and gets attacked by magical armour. Gregory must save Tom and he then gets angry. They start a gruelling training session as Gregory wants to test Tom. Gregory and Tom have a long journey ahead of them and they decide to train Tom while travelling to Malkins fortress.

Malkin travels to her old fortress in the forest and there she rebuilds everything. Her fortress was totally destroyed but now using her magic Malkin makes it perfect and new. She also finds her older sister Bony Lizze and restores her appearance and power.Bony was burned and lost everything but now she can regain her strength and join her sister. Malkin then prepares for a special ritual that must take place during a blood moon. If she manages to complete this ritual she will be all powerful and nobody will stop her.

Soon enough Tom and Greogry arrive at a giant town. There are many festivals happening and also there is a witch that is about to get burned at the stake. Tom sees one of the witches about to be burned and remembers that she appeared in one of his visions. Tom then decides to help her and he frees her from her captors. Alice and Tom start talking and obviously they have a specific connection. Alice knows that Tom is working for Gregory so she tells him to not reveal who she really is. Tom is very charmed by Alice and he is not sure if she is really a witch. Alice plays around with him and soon enough she leaves.

Soon it’s revealed that Alice is actually a spy that is working with Malkin. Alice is actually Lizzie’s daughter and she was sent to keep an eye on Gregory and his apprentice. Malkin tells Alice that she is very proud of her and that soon their entire family will become very strong and powerful. Malkin finally decides to use her magic and summon her former armies and allies.

While on their travels Gregory gets invited to a very distant city. He is invited there by an inquisitor who has attacked one of Malkin’s soldiers. Gregory is very interested in this so he and Tom travel to see what has happened. The Inquisitor reveals that many of his soldiers died trying to capture the creature known as Urag. When Tom and Gregory arrive the creature is tied up and being tortured.

Gregory orders Tom to burn the creature with a flame. Tom has never taken a life and he does not feel comfortable just burning a creature alive like this. Gregory is disappointed and he thinks that Tom is too weak. Gregory then takes the torch and burns Urag.

Tom continues his travels with Gregory, he also trains more. After some time he meets up with Alice once again. The two talk about their lives and express that they have feelings for each other. Tom and Alice are now in love and they even start to plan how to escape this life and just travel away. Tom is so in love with Alice that he would rather leave with her than remain as Gregories apprentice. He starts to plan how to run off with her but he then has a vision. In this vision Gregory is killed by Malkin and she then releases all her evil magic onto the world. In this vision a lot of innocent people die so Tom decides that he must honor his duty and continue working with Gregory.

Tom once again goes to met with Gregory and this time Gregory decides to be more honest. Gregory admits that he was the one who captured Malkin all those years ago but he was also in love with her. Gregory was originally supposed to kill Malkin but because he loved her, he placed her inside a prison for years. Gregory now feels guilty for every person she has killed since, because he could not kill her. Gregory tells Tom that witches are not to be trusted and they should all be killed.

Gregory and Tom get attacked by a giant boggart creature. Tom manages to kill the creature but is also taken away by a giant waterfall. Tom is then attacked by Bony Lizzie but the necklace that his mother gave him protects him from Lizzies magic.

After the battle is done Gregory is impressed that Tom managed to survive and he realizes that Tom’s necklace is actually an Umbran Stone. This Umbran Stone increases the power of a witch. Malkin was actually the original owner of the stone but a witch betrayed her and took it for herself. Its then revealed that Tom’s Mom was actually that same witch. Because of Tom’s mother, Malkin was weak enough for Gregory to trap her in that prison all those years ago.

Malkin then orders Alice to steal the stone by any means necessary. Malkin also tricks Alice and promises that Tom will be spared and they can live happily together. Malkan meets up with her new followers and they attack that same city where Urag was killed and captured. Malkin wants revenge for the death of Urag.

Tom’s entire family is in the city during the attack and his mother must once again use her magic to defend the innocent people. His mom kills the warlock known as Strix and then she faces off against Malkin herself. Malkin and Tom’s mom use their powers in a fight but Malkin is just too strong. Tom’s mother is killed in the battle and Maklin makes fun of her for giving away the stone that could have saved her life. Malkin then continues her cruel attack on the city.

Alice finds Tom once again and she asks him to leave these lands with her. She truly cares about him and wants him to be far away from the coming battle. Gregory finds them and he wants to kill Alice but Tom stops him. Alice manages to escape as Tom holds back Gregory. Gregory then realizes that Alice has stolen Tom’s necklace and that she was a traitor this entire time.

Gregory, Tom and Tusk all run after Alice to get back the necklace that she stole. Malkin sends her servant Radu to attack them. This Radu manages to capture Gregory and then Tom and Tusk fall off the cliff. Radu thinks that both of them are dead and his mission is over. Tom then wakes up to a vision of his mother and she reveals that he is the son of a witch and a seventh son so he can defeat Malkin.

Malkin gathers all her minions and she goes to talk with a captured Greogory. She tries to seduce him but Gregory does not want to be with her. Alice is really sad when she learns that Tom is dead. Alice betrays Malkin and releases Gregory. Malkin then changes into a dragon and her sister Lizzie decides to protect Alice who is her daughter. Tom arrives and he and Gregory team up to defeat the forces of evil. They manage to kill many of the soldiers of evil. Malkin kills Lizzie in a fight but she also gets injured. Gregory and Malkin have one final fight. Tom arrives and saves Gregory and kills Malkin once and for all.

Tom officially becomes a Falcon knight. Alice and Tom part ways as they are on opposite sides but they do promise to meet each other in the future. Gregory travels to far away lands on a new mission while Tom and Tusk continue his witch hunting work.

Seventh Son.

Seventh Son | February 6, 2015 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, ChinaLanguages: English
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