The War Begins and the Red Ants Use a Pineapple to Destroy the Enemy’s Castle.


The movie opens with a pregnant woman and her husband enjoying a picnic

The man is asleep when the woman suddenly feels the baby coming

she taps her husband who wakes and swings into action

grabbing their bags and a picnic basket and rushing off to their red car

In their hurry they left everything else behind

their blanket and the fruits and food they had brought to the picnic

The field buzz with the sound of numerous insects excited for the food left behind

A couple of lady bugs teach their three kids how to fly

One falls and smacks its body against a rock a loud derisive laughter can be heard in the background

The family of lady bugs fly around with the young bugs enjoying the flight very much

One of the young bugs is waylaid and pursued by a group of five flies

in an attempt to flee from her assailants and still unskilled at the art of flight

she fell bouncing over several hard and rocky surfaces

until it lands with a thud

Her wing is broken

and she becomes grounded

She couldn’t fly anymore

and sits where she had fallen until the rain begins to fall

She sought shelter under a mushroom but walked away quickly when the mushroom developed numerous eyes and stared down at her

She finally made a home inside a box filled with cookies a box the couple had left behind in the haste

When she wakes up in the morning a variety of insects and ants are carting away food items from the picnic site

Just as the ants are going away with their bounty their leader stops suddenly

returns to the box to find great loot inside

The ant whistles to the others and they dump everything they were carrying

and returned to carry the box of cookies

They don’t yet know the little bug was inside the box

but they find out when the box falls and the content spill

As they were putting everything back in the box they find the bug on her back and surround her

Before they could do anything a lizard comes along ready to eat the ants

The bug mimics the sound of a predator stronger than the lizard and it runs for dear life

The ants are grateful and welcome her into the fold

The ants communicate using whistles and signs there are no words throughout the movie

As they carry their box towards their home a group of red ants blocks their path

Their leader climbs into the box grabs one cookie and laid it before the red ants as a tribute

The red ants were not satisfied with the offering they want to take everything

They all pile into an empty can and go after the box

As the box of cookies falls over a cliff the small can in which the red ants are lodged fall and follow right behind it

Both containers sail slowly downstream

And Both groups navigate the water expertly avoiding rocks and hanging tree branches

until the red ants in the can nudge the box forcing it to collide with rocks

The bug falls into the water and is chased by a shark which runs happily after it

It is a very scary chase and just as the shark opens its mouth to swallow the bug

the ants make a long line with their arms connected and pull the bug out of the water

But in pulling him out they didn’t see the danger ahead

Their box as well as that of their enemies the red ants fall off the cliff

and land heavily in the water

They are able to get all their cookies out of the box before it sinks

and they pile everything up on the banks of the river

and at the command of the leader they all swing into action

carrying the goodies on their heads

and forming a straight line as they marched on

As they march the bug finds a group of bugs like herself

and sadness envelopes her

She goes to stand by them watching them as they fly

while she regrets her inability to fly but She tries to fly and fails

She goes back to the group of ants and continues her journey with them

The red ants pick up the trail and march after the black ants as they carried their bounty homewards

At night they pile the bounty up and surround it

while the bug and the lead black ant take the watch

In the morning they continue their journey

The bug stops suddenly and looks back while the black ants continue the journey

She sees the red ants coming quickly behind them and She rushed forward to inform the lead ant

They make a plan using the bug whose red body made it difficult for the red ants to identify the black ants

Just as they escape the red ants a car comes very close to squashing them on the asphalt as they are crossing the road

The leader whistles just in time and they all stop waiting until the car had gone

before they continued their journey across the road to their anthill

The little bug feels like it doesn’t belong so it stops while the others walk towards the anthill

One of the ants turns around and whistles inviting the bug to come along

The bug follows them in as the ants present their booty to the queen

When the queen tastes the booty brought home by each group she lays an egg or two for the other ants to carry to the egg room

When it tastes the cookies it laid more eggs than it had ever laid all her life

It was so much that it surprised all the other ants

One of the red ants is seen monitoring the proceedings

and it quickly rushes back to report what it had found to her queen

Now we see numerous red ants marching like they were going to war

The black ants closed their lair at night and goes to sleep

the bug is still one of them sleeping among them as peacefully as though they were all kin

While she sleeps she dreams of flying with her siblings and parents perching on flower plants and friends

The bug goes out of the ant hill to try its wings they are growing back slowly

It could lift itself off the ground with the tiny wing beginning to form

Early the next morning the ants get a warning from their queen

and step out to find that they have been surrounded by red ants

The red ants had arrived with some powerful weapons

From slingshots to forks and insecticides

They started pelting the anthill with slingshots smashing holes into the hill

Then they fired a cannon containing toothpicks onto the anthill

The black ants began to fight back

First they dropped a box of cotton bud into the crowd of red ants

Then they dropped several vials containing different drugs into the crowd of marching red ants

but the red ants seem to have more fire power

Some of the black ants and the little bug go to have a meeting with the queen of the black ants

After a short while one black ant and the little bug walk down to a room

where an ant is staring at what looks like a board game with numbers on it

The ant had moved a few numbers around on the board leaving a small hole

they communicate with the black ant in charge of the arsenal

He walked away and returned with a box of a match box

and opened the covering of what looked like crayons

The ants carried the crayons up to the roof and set them up

just as we see the red ants begin an assault on the entrance to the anthill with what looks like a pineapple

At the top of the building the black ants opened the box of match box

pulled out the single matchstick inside and lit the fuse on one of the crayons

which flew upwards like a rocket before landing and blowing up on the red ants who were very scared

Unfortunately the matchstick goes off after lighting one crayon bomb

The red ants celebrate and continue their assault on the anthill home of the black ants

They continue the assault with the pineapple and shoot slings shots with smooth pebbles and forks attached to them

While the black ants were running scared the little bug remembered that it had seen an insect carry away a box of match box

She speaks to the ants and they fashion a kite for her

and She flies off on the kite but was attacked by a spray from the red ants which destroyed his kite

She was forced to fly and she did

flying off towards the picnic venues the spot where they had picked up the box of cookies from

She found the match box right on the picnic basket and tries to lift it

She couldn’t it was too heavy for her

and noticed an insect coming for the match box and hid

The tiny insect lifted the match box over her head and began to run away with it

The little bug followed behind her

Meanwhile the battle rages on

The red ants are assaulting the anthill heavily smashing the entrance with the pineapple

A look out black ant watches hoping to see the little bug return

The little bug followed the insect with the match box

The insect carries the match box into a tiny brick house and the little bug wades through the waters following it

A frog rises out of the water eyeing the little bug

Just as the little bug finds a stick of matches the frog grabs her from behind

and topples the house in a bid to take the little bug through the window

A beautiful field of flowers is shown almost like a flashback

The bugs are flying happily perching right on a canopy of a mushroom

The bug wakes suddenly while music plays in a stereo

She is in bed being nursed by the insect who lives in the toppled house

She brings her a flower which she sucks then begs the insect for the match box

The insect allows her to have the match box and this time she is able to fly with it

She makes her way back and again we hear the loud cackling laughter the bug had heard as a child

it was the houseflies that had chased her and caused the fall that damaged her wing

they were about to do the same thing to another bug

The match box falls off her grip and she calls out to the flies

She farts in the face of one of them and it drops dead

The others pursue the little bug

She is faster now racing ahead of them and making them fly too fast

He forces them to slam into the lamp of an oncoming car and dies

She frees the other bug and takes the match box once more flying towards the anthill

The red ants are winning the anthill is almost destroyed as the bug returns

With the match box hope returned to the black ants

She lays the match box in front of them and they greet and hug

The red ants are scared as the black ants light the rockets

There are lots of fiery fireworks happening all over the battle ground

and The red ants run for dear life The battle is won

The ants are grateful to the bug and gather to thank him in the presence of their queen

At the end the bug can be seen flying again with the young bugs over the grasses

Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants.

Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants | August 21, 2015 (United States) Summary:
Countries: France, BelgiumLanguages: English, None
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