An Orphan Girl Learns Magic and Hypnosis to Control People’s Minds.


Molly is a little girl and she is an orphan. When she was young, she lived in an orphan home. First, Molly tells us about the orphan home. She talks about the manager of the orphan home, Adderstone. By the way, Adderstone treats the kids aggressively. She forbids them watching TV or eating sweets. Also, she forbids them reading books. They are forbidden to do anything that is fun and entertaining. If she sees any kids doing any of these things, she punishes him severely. In this time, molly hides in the laundry. Molly wants to read the book without Adderstone knowing. While she is reading this book, she has a friend named Rocky. Obviously, Rocky is her mate in the orphan home and her best friend. On the other hand, Rocky goes with her to steal food from the kitchen. They give the food to the rest of their colleagues in the orphan home. While they eat, Adderstone hears them and shows them. Then, Adderstone takes them to her office. Meantime, she argues and punishes them. But Molly cut her off and confessed to her that she stole the food. And she gives all her colleagues.
At the same time, Adderstone gets very angry and shouts her. Anyway, she punishes her by cleaning the bathrooms for a whole week. After that, she punishes the rest by not going out all of the week from tomorrow. Also, their week’s food is fish soup. Because she knows that they all hate the fish soup. On the second day, the cook already makes for them fish soup. So, all of them don’t eat anything. After that, Molly sees a paper for a talent competition in their village. Then, she tells Rocky to apply in this competition. By the way, Rocky is a good singer. But there is a girl makes fun of Molly and Rocky. At this time, they shout to each other and argue. Meantime, Adderstone hears them and she comes to upset them all. When she sees the competition paper with Molly, she gets more nervous. And she takes it from her and upset her before all her colleagues. Then, she punishes her again by washing the dishes all week. Indeed, after eating, Molly goes to wash the dishes. And Rocky goes to sit with her until she finishes her punishment. By the way, he sings to her, and she is very impressed with his voice.

In this time, she tells him to apply in the talent competition. But Rocky tells her that he will be afraid to sing before people. If he is singing to her because she is his friend. So, Molly tells him that she will go on the talent competition with him and help him not to get nervous. At this point, Adderstone hears them. And she tells them that no one will get out of them. And the only way to get out of here is if someone adopts them. Certainly, there is no one will think to adopt someone like them. In this time, Molly gets upset and is very affected by this. Molly begins to suspect that her family did not really die, but they abandoned her because she is a bad child. While Molly is going to bed, she meets Barry. On the other hand, Barry is the nanny who takes care of the kids in the orphan home. Also, she is very close to them, unlike Adderstone.

In this time, Molly tells Ms. Barry about what happened and she is affected. So, Barry sits with her and comforts her. And tells her to be a confident girl. Later, she tells her that she is a very special girl and she doesn’t allow anyone to frustrate her and diminish her will. Then, Barry calms her down and let her go to sleep. On the next day, Molly is alone, upset about what Adderstone said yesterday. So, Rocky sits with her and comforts her. Then, he tells her to come and play with him. But she tells him that she’ll go to the library to borrow a book to read. In this time, Molly goes to a library and Molly enters to look for any good book to read. While she is looking in the library, she hears a person named Nockman. He is very nervous and upsets the librarian. Because he is looking for a specific and very rare book on hypnosis. For a long time, he’s looking for this book and can’t find it. And he comes from London because he knows that there is a copy of this book in the library.

At the same moment, Molly accidentally finds the book he is talking about. So, she is so curious to open this book, and she reads the first page. And she reads in it that she is about to start a very amazing journey. After that, Molly is so fascinated by the book and takes it and walks. Accidentally, it falls from her and Nockman sees it. Quickly, he goes to take it but Molly takes it and runs out of the library. When Nockman comes out behind her, he can’t catch up with her. And he asks one of the neighbors about Molly. In this time, he knows from her that this girl’s name is Molly. And he knows that she is an orphan and lives in the orphan home in the city. On the other hand, Molly arrives to the orphan home. Later, she starts reading the book and takes a brief about hypnosis. Then, she knows that this hypnosis is an art and a talent that has been used for a very long time. And hypnosis can make fear and pain away and improve people’s lives a lot. This book talks about learning the talent of hypnosis. So Molly reads the book and knows the method and the instructions that she will follow.
Then, she decides to try the hypnosis. After much thought, she decides to try this experiment on the Adderstone’s dog. Actually, she starts applying to what she reads on the dog. Literally, she follows all the instructions on the dog. And she can really control this dog completely. In this time, she is so happy when she can do that. Meantime, Rocky comes and he is very annoyed. Because there was a time to practice singing between them, and she didn’t come. So, Molly apologizes to him and says that she was a little busy. Also, she never makes this mistake again. Then Molly goes to the kitchen at home to try hypnosis on something bigger than a dog. Then, Molly goes to the kitchen at home to try hypnosis on something bigger than a dog. Meanwhile, she tries hypnosis on the orphan home chef. Indeed, she can control her and convince her not to make fish soup again. Actually, at lunch time, all the children are surprised that the food is not fish soup. And they find Italian food at the highest level. So, they are very happy with the food. They sit and eat while they are very happy.

Suddenly, Adderstone enters them and is shocked by what she sees. Literally, she shouts to them and the orphan home chef too. So, Barry interrupts her and tells her to let the children be happy and eat something they like. Meanwhile, Adderstone annoys very much. And she tells them that family comes to her and they want to adopt a child from the orphan home. She’ll tell them about Rocky for adoption. Also, she asks Rocky to prepare himself and dress well when the family comes. Of course, Rocky gets upset and Molly gets even more upset. Because they are best friends and don’t want to be separated from each other. In the night, Rocky talks to Molly for a while. And he tells her that he doesn’t want to walk without her. So, Molly tells him that she won’t allow this to happen. At the same time, Barry goes to talk to Adderstone. She tells her that Rocky and Molly are very close. It is better for them to wait for a family to adopt them both together. So that, they do not separate from each other. But of course, Adderstone refuses and tells her to get out of this matter.

Also, Adderstone tells her she doesn’t tell her how to do her job and choose who to adopt and who not? In this time, Barry threatens her and tells her that if the family adopts Rocky, she’ll report her to the police. Because she treats the kids very badly. Because all of this, she may be imprisoned. At this moment, she gets annoyed from her words, but she can control herself. And she pretends that she’ll do what Barry told her. The next day, Nockman sneaks into the house to steal the book from Molly. But Adderstone holds him while he is inside the orphan home. Then, he tells her that he is here to be a volunteer at the orphan home. In this time, Adderstone agrees on his appointment. And she gives him to do tasks along. Meanwhile, Nockman is forced to do these tasks and complete his acting. On the night, Molly completes her reading in the book. And she knows how to use hypnosis more professionally. After reading, she knows that it’s very difficult to control on nervous person mind. And if she wants to control anyone, he’ll be completely relaxed and very calm. Meanwhile, Adderstone decides to get rid of Barry by anyway. Because she threatened her yesterday.
In this time, Adderstone tells Barry to fix a broken lamp in the orphan home. And this lamp is in a high place so Barry stands on a chair to fix the lamp. At this moment, Adderstone enters and falls the chair and makes Barry fall from a high place. So, the ambulance comes to take her. Of course, all the kids ask about her because she is so kind. But Adderstone upsets all the kids and tells them to go to sleep. the next day, Rocky is going to the talent competition. In this time, he asks Molly to help him and relieve his stress. Then, Molly tells him that she’ll do something and come to him on show time. Meantime, she wants to control Adderstone’s mind to change her mind about adopting Rocky. Indeed, Molly goes to Adderstone’s office. And she can control her mind and hypnotize her. Then, she tells her, while she is controlling her mind, that she must let the family who is going to adopt Rocky adopt anyone other than him. If any family comes to adopt one of them, let this family adopt them both together.
Also, she tells her that she should treat all the kids in the orphan home in a good way. Before she walks, she accidentally sees Molly with her record in the orphan home. In this time, she knows that her family didn’t really die. But they abandoned her and left her on the doorstep of the orphan home and walked. Here, Molly is very affected and upset. But suddenly she thinks that she’s late for Rocky’s show. So, she runs to catch up with him. Meanwhile, when Molly doesn’t attend the show, Rocky can’t sing and quit. In this time, Molly arrives the show but the competition is over. Surely, Rocky is upset with her because she doesn’t be with him. At the same time, the family who will adopt the child from the orphan home arrives. But Adderstone goes and has three children other than Rocky. But surprisingly, Rocky enters and meets the family. He gets to know them and tries to get close to them to adopt him. This is because he gets very annoyed with Molly.

Actually, he doesn’t want to sit with her any more. After what happened to him before people. Indeed, this family likes Rocky and his manners very much. Anyway, they decide to adopt him. While Rocky is walking with this family, Molly comes to orphan home. Meanwhile, she calls out to Rocky before he walks with them. Also, she tells him that she does everything to make Adderstone get back on her decision. But she is surprised when he tells her that this is his decision and not Adderstone’s. Because she disappoints him more than once. Also, she promised him to be with him at the time of the show. Unfortunately, she breaks her promise. And he bids her farewell. After that, he rides and walks with the new family to London. Then, Molly is left alone and gets really annoyed at Rocky. At this time, one of her friends calms her down and tells her that he’ll come back one day. But Molly tells her that she is sure he’ll never come back. So, her friend tells to her to go to him.

So, Molly agrees with this idea. Later, she decides to use her new skills of hypnosis to go to Rocky and takes him back. Molly goes to see Rocky’s record to know the address of the family who adopted him. Before she knows the address, she finds Nockman behinds her. Then, he asks her where the book is. In this time, Molly hits him and takes the paper with the address and runs. But the problem is that when the paper was cut off, there was no address on it. But Molly doesn’t care and continues running away. When Nockman goes chasing her, Adderstone ‘s dog helps her and keeps Nockman away from her. Also, he goes with her on to London. After being friends with her she is hypnotized him. Molly uses her skill as a hypnotist to travel London by bus. She also goes to sit in a hotel there and controls the minds of all the employees. Then, she makes them to book a best suite to her. In this time, Molly is watching TV and having a nice time.

On another day, Molly uses her power to know Rocky’s address. Then, she goes to him and tells him everything about hypnosis. And she tells him to come with her and they’ll achieve all their dreams. Surprisingly, Rocky refuses and tells her that he has a family. And he lives with them happily. Then, he leaves her after that and walks away. In this time, Molly is annoyed very much. And she finds a famous singer makes a huge show. And she wants girls to sing behind her. And announces the audition place for these girls. So, Molly decides to take part in this show. Actually, he goes to stand in a big line and waits for her turn. She finds the producer of the auditions fights with the famous singer and they got a big problem. So, Molly goes to him to control his mind. She convinces him to work her instead of this singer, and let her be the one to sing in the show. of course, the producer agrees and gives Molly the position of the famous singer. After this party, Molly’s appearance changes completely. Meanwhile, she becomes famous for everywhere in London. Also, the most famous TV programs hosts her.
Then, her pictures in all the streets of London. When she walks in the street, people gather around her to take a photo with her. But the problem is that Molly is not talented at all and she can’t sing or even dance. In general, the most frightening thing for Molly is that the audience knows that she has no talent. Then, they think that she gives the producers money. This is why Molly decides to use the book. Also, she knows how to make the audience admire her and see her as really talented. Indeed, she reads about the way to control a large number of people’s minds. One day, Molly has a show and a very large audience will attend. There is a lot a large number of them present and there will be a larger number who will watch TV. So, she decides to control all of their minds and convinces them of her talent. Meanwhile, Rocky hears his family talking about him. they say that they send him to a residential school instead of the school he is in. After that, Rocky annoys with his new family. Then, he goes to confront them and fights with them. Also, he tells them that he doesn’t go to any residential schools.

After that, he leaves them, enters his room, and prepares himself to escape from the house. In this time, he goes looking for Molly. Meanwhile, Molly is preparing and reading the book to control the minds of the audience. When the show begins, she tells the audience to focus on her eyes. So, Molly can really control all of their minds. And let them admire her and interact with her in the show. But the problem is that in the meantime, the singer who was famous searches for Molly’s needs. And this is to know why the audience admires her and is so famous, even though she is not talented. After that, she finds a hypnosis book. So, she knows why Molly is so famous? At this moment, Nockman enters Molly’s room because he is also looking for the book. Then, he sees the book with the singer. Later, he tries to take it away from her, and they both start fighting. Finally, the singer takes the book. Meanwhile, Molly finishes her show. Everyone loves the show, except for Molly. Actually, she gets upset because she cheats the audience. At this time, the assistant comes to her to change her clothes.
In this time, Molly returns to the changing room. After a few minutes, the singer meets her there and confronts her with the truth. Also, the singer tells her that she worked hard for six years to be famous. And the singer tells Molly that she hypnotizes the audience and she becomes famous rather than her. In this time, Molly feels guilty. She is already upset because she cheats on people. So, Molly apologizes to her that she takes her place. Finally, she tells her that she’ll never come back here again. After all of this, Molly goes to the producer and hypnotizes him to appoint the singer in her place again. Because she is more talented than her. Of course, the producer does what she wants. While Molly is walking, she meets Rocky, her best friend. Meantime, she is very happy when she sees and hugs each other. After that, Molly tells him everything and shows him the book and the methods she used to become a famous star. While she is talking to him, some girl gives her a letter from Nockman. He tells her in the letter that he takes her dog to give him the book.

After this, she gets angry and goes to the address and meet Nockman to control his mind. So, Rocky goes with her to be with her from afar. When Molly arrives, she finds Nockman put his sunglasses not to control his mind. After a few minutes, she knows that Nockman wants her to rob a bank with him, using her hypnotic skills. In this time, Molly refuses. And he tells her that she is a fraud and she becomes famous falsely. Anyway, Molly is forced to agree to help him. Meantime, there’re employees from the bank in a car. And inside this car there is a lot of jewelry. So, Molly goes to control their minds and takes the car. Then, she rides with Nockman and he takes the car to a far place. After this, he takes the jewels. Then, he locks her and her dog in the cage. And he opens the box, but the box opens with an eye print. Meanwhile, Nockman’s mom arrives, she is the mastermind from the beginning. Then, Nockman’s mom tells her son that he has no personality and he is cowardly person not looks like her.
At this moment, Nockman’s mom forces Molly to open the box for her. When Molly opens the box, she puts her back in the cage and locks her son with her. Meantime, Nockman’s mom enters and takes the jewelry from the box. While they are inside the box, Rocky goes to Molly with a mirror. Then, he tells her to lock the box on them by reflecting her eyes in the mirror, and Nockman helps her too. Indeed, Molly can lock the box while they are inside and lock them all in the box. At this time, Rocky takes Molly and Nockman out of the cage. Then, Molly goes to control Nockman’s mom mind. And she makes her turn herself with the jewels that she and her men stole. Finally, Molly and Rocky go to the orphan home again with many gifts for all their friends. Unexpectedly, they know that Adderstone resigned from managing the orphan home. And the new manager is Barry, whom they all love and are very close to them. After all of this, Molly decides to continue her life naturally without cheating or deceit. Then, she returns the book again to the librarian. Recently, Molly lives her life happily with her friends.

Molly Moon.

Molly Moon and the Incredible Book of Hypnotism | December 2, 2016 (United Kingdom) Summary: An orphan who practices hypnosis faces off against a bank robber who wants her book on the art form.
Countries: United KingdomLanguages: English
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