A Genius Painter Manages to Draw a $100 Note in Large Quantities, Earns Billions but Loses His Love.


The soldiers inside the prison feed the prisoners and take letters from them. In return, each prisoner gives them money. A soldier goes near a cell, talks to the prisoner (Lee) inside the cell, and asks him to share his letter. He says he wants real money, not fake money, and starts laughing. Meanwhile, the prisoner of the next cell start shouting to distract him, and Lee throws his letter outside in the Handcart. When the soldier goes away, Lee says thanks to the other prisoner, and the other prisoner says that he has spent his whole life in prison, but Lee should manage to get out as he is young. After this, two soldiers come near the cell and ask Lee to leave because Hong Kong police have arrived to take him back. Lee comes out and goes down the stairs. Cops take him in the police van. They take him to a lady officer MS Ho. she is sitting in his office while they get in, and Lee sits in front of her. She is a Detective. A detective is briefing her about Lee’s cases. He says that all cases are correlated with each other. Then the detective says that all other gangs have been captured by the police, except their leader, Painter. No intelligence has any information about him because he leaves no trails behind after the murder. He shows a picture of Painter to Lee and says we want information about him. Lee tells them that if Painter knows that he is here. Then he will explode the whole Police headquarters and will kill everyone. He starts crying and asks them to send him back to jail. Ho thinks that he is only trying to scare them. Then they take him to the cell, where one of them punches him in the face, and his face starts bleeding. He falls, and they give him food. After the food, he sleeps. Two men come into the cell, and they get his hair and blood sample for DNA testing.

The next day they take him to MS. Wah’s office. They tell her that his DNA samples are found near a dead body and they are putting the charge of murder on him. Lee hears this and screams that this evidence is fake. Meanwhile, the deputy commissioner (Ho) takes Wah to a meeting. They enter the meeting hall, where a famous artist (Yuen) sits. A businessman named Y.T. stands up from his chair and shakes hands with the Deputy Commissioner. He says he is here with Miss Yuen because they want the Bail of Lee. The deputy commissioner says he is being charged in many murder cases. They can set him free so quickly. Y.T. addresses MS Wah and says that their medical reports are authentic, but he was hoping she could make a way to set him out. The deputy commissioner says that she is his daughter, and both are involved in this case and interrogating it. Yuen says that they have to make a way to set him free. Otherwise, she will do it by herself. Deputy Commissioner replies that they will set him free if he tells them about his gang leader Painter. Y.T. asks Yuen to talk to Lee about Painter. Then Lee comes to a room where Yuen and Wah are sitting. Yuen tells him that if he will say to them about Painter. They will set him free from all charges. Lee agrees and sits before the Camera. Lee starts telling his story.
In 1985 Lee met Yuen in the city of Vancouver. They both were painters. Yuen is a good painter, but Lee only replicates famous paintings. They both were very poor and needed to have customers who could purchase their paintings. Yuen gets a manager ready to show her paintings in the exhibition, but she says that she will only represent her paintings if they represent the paintings of Lee. During telling the story, Wah says stop telling me your own story and tell me about Painter, so he reveals more. A man looks interested in Lee’s replication. He is asking for the Painter of this painting. In an exhibition of Yuen’s paintings, Lee arrives and sees that one of his paintings is also there, and he becomes upset.
After some time, a man comes forward and makes fun of that painting, to which Yuen becomes angry, and she throws water on his face and asks him to get out. He is the same man who was searching for Lee. He goes from there, but Lee stops him outside to apologize, to which he says he is here for him and takes him to another site to discuss his replicates. The artist says he is interested in his replicated paintings and has a job for him. The next day, Lee meets the artist to ask him more about the job. They both are sitting in a car when Lee asks him about the paintings he wants to replicate. The artist shows him a hundred dollar currency note, to which Lee becomes angry and says that he will not do anything illegal, but the artist says that he will give him money and become rich one day. Lee agrees with this.

When he returns home, Yuen is there, and she leaves home on his arrival. Lee goes again to the artist to meet him and discuss the job. He says he agrees to do the job, but they will need a team. The artist introduces his whole team to him and says that one will provide him with the plates for printing, and the other will do the remaining procedure. He further tells him about the coming new Dollar currency, minor details of its lines on it, and the portrait. Lee agrees with it. The artist tells him about using starch paper and the lining details on the new portrait of the new currency. He starts working on this, and the lady expert in their team is testing the starch-free paper for this purpose. They all together discuss how to make it precise, for which Lee tells them about a new painting process: the guard sandwich process. So they start working on it, and the plate expert makes the best printing plates for them. He says that Lee has been working for an artist (Painter) for a long time. Painter arrives and tells them they are going to Eastern Europe to get paper. They go to a company in Eastern Europe and meet the company owner. They tell him they are a charity organization in Hong Kong and want to buy paper for writing comics. The company provides them with paper, and they start working on it. They became successful in it, secretly making a currency identical to the real one and selling it to people in business. Lee returns to his home to meet Yuen, but she refuses to meet him.

One day Lee goes with the Painter. Painter says he is a weak person who is giving up his life for a woman and must be strong. Painter goes out with a face mask, asks him to come out of the car, and tells him they are going for a robbery. Lee becomes scared of this. But the Painter puts out his gun and starts shooting the police officers. After this, Lee recognizes Painter that he is not an innocent man. Then they steal ink from the van rushes.
On the other hand, the police become aware of this and call a detective from Hong Kong police named Wing. He is such a capable officer, and he knows he is here to detect that case of fake money and meets Miss Ho. He gives him a secret camera and recorder, and he then individually visits the suspected dealers of fake money. He also meets Painter on a ship where Ho is with her. And Painter tries to flirt with her. Wing says that she is his girlfriend.

Lee is telling the whole story in front of the Camera, and Yuen says that she is just a character of his story, to which he replies that she is the love of his story. After this, Yuen says they are running out of time and should proceed now.
After this, Lee starts the story again and says he goes to the Painter and asks what they will do if they run out of ink. Are they going to kill more people for the ink? On this, Painter becomes angry and orders everybody to go to work. Their process is going on, and they are successfully printing more fake money. They are spreading their businesses around the globe. They get a big deal from a Thai businessman whose name is General. They are going to meet General. On the way, Painter tells Lee that after earning much money when he is rich, he must return to Yuen. They reach to General, but General is the man who killed Painter’s father, and he is here to take revenge on his father. Painter is wearing an explosive jacket, and he gives the trigger to Lee and asks him to press it, but Lee refuses to do this. General gang members are there and surround Painter and his team. They are about to kill them, but suddenly an explosion occurs in a van behind them. Painter and Lee ran from there. The whole hideout starts burning, and General tries to escape. Painter and Lee shoots at General’s gang and kills him, also. The hideout is burning, but they hear a girl’s voice from the hideout. It’s a girl. Her name is Sarah. Lee goes inside and saves her.
Lee further proceeds the story and says that we took a break for almost a year after that incident. Sarah’s face was burned, so we had her facial surgery. After this, Painter gives her a new fake id and name. When Lee looks at the id, her phony name is Yuen Man. Lee shouts at Painter. After this, he meets Yuen, accompanied by Painter and Sarah, but they know she is engaged. Lee thinks he should leave. He tells Painter that he is going and taking Sarah with him. Painter becomes angry about this, but Sarah says that he saved her. Painter says he needs her, but Lee insists on leaving the work now. Painter allows them to go and says he wishes to see him happy with her.
Wing comes there, and Painter asks Lee about the costly watch that Mr. Yam bought with fake money, and now they are close enough to be caught by the police. Lee becomes upset and goes towards uncle Yam and asks him to run away because they know that Painter will kill him. When Yam is about to run, Painter reaches there, Yam starts begging him for life, and he says he made a mistake. Painter can punish him, but he requests him not to kill him because he has daughters who are too small. But Painter kills him with his gun. He dies and falls to the ground. Lee starts crying, but Painter punches him in his mouth. His mouth starts bleeding, and he falls unconscious. Painter takes away the dead body of Yam. Sarah takes Lee with her. Wing is going somewhere and gives the recorder and Camera back to Miss Ho. She opens it and finds a letter in which Wing asks her to meet him, and he wants to date her.
Lee opens his eyes, and Painter gives him ice to put on his injury. Meanwhile, a man enters the room. He is Wing, pretending to be a businessman, and he is here to deal with the Painter. He opens a briefcase in front of Lee, but Lee refuses to do it again, after which Painter shoots the man he falls on Lee. Painter shouts at Lee that he opened paths for him to prosper, but he continuously runs and doesn’t get any chance to become more prosperous. Then he opens a door behind which he has two hostages. They are Yuen and her fiancé. Painter gives him a gun and asks him to kill them both. He says he should be Yuen’s fiancé. But Lee becomes scared of this because he has no strength to kill anyone. He says that he can’t do this. Painter shoots Yuen’s fiancé and is about to kill Yuen too, but Lee Jumps and saves Yuen. Yuen’s eyes are blindfolded, so she doesn’t recognizes him. Painter and his fellows start firing at Lee and Yuen, but suddenly Sarah arrives and starts firing on Painter and his men. Lee and Yuen are on the ground, and Lee is trying to save her from the bullets. Painter men are dead, and he is hiding behind a wall. Lee takes the gun, shoots Painter, and hugs Yuen, but she can’t see him because her eyes are blindfolded. She didn’t know who killed his fiancé and saved her. Sarah comes forward, drags Lee, and says that they should leave. They run from there and go to the hideout resort of Painter. One day when Sarah comes to the resort, Lee says he wants to go from there. Sarah tries to stop him and says she bought his favorite wine, but he says he has to go to save Yuen because Painter will not leave her and will kill her. So he picks up his bags and goes from there. He goes to buy a ticket. Cops come and arrest him because he used fake money. When they are getting him into the police van, he sees Painter on another side of the road showing him a photo of Yuen as a gesture that he will kill her. Lee starts shouting.

Lee ends the story. The police sketch Painter so that they can find him. Yuen leaves the room, and MS Wah tells her they will release Lee now. She further asks her why she wants to see him released. She says that she can’t find a man like Lee. Yuen goes from there with Y.T. After this, Yuen and Lee go into a separate room where Lee says thanks to her and says that she will forgive him, and they both start kissing each other.
Numerous sketches of Painter are placed in the city. Miss Ho is in the police headquarters. She sees Painter disguised in a police uniform. She calls an emergency in the whole headquarter, and cops start finding him inside. Painter enters a room, and suddenly an explosion occurs, and Painter falls on the ground cops surround him, but he starts shouting and puts out an identity card from his pocket and says that he is a policeman who has been working as a policeman for almost ten years. He is also the driver who brings Lee from Thailand to Hong Kong with the police. Lee remembers his face. Painter is just an imaginary character in his mind. Lee has committed all the robberies. And he killed Yuen finance too. And the girl who comes to get his bail is not Yuen but she is Sarah. Sarah and Lee are together now. They are in a relationship and are both responsible for all that happened. Sarah and Lee are both sitting in their bedroom. Sarah says that she is still a second priority for him, to which Lee says she is also important, but he still loves the real Yuen.

Lee and Sarah will run from Hong Kong by boat because of fear of being caught, but suddenly a helicopter arrives. Sarah presses an explosive trigger and destroys the ship. Both of them died in this. A man goes to real Yuen, she is not a prominent artist, but she makes paintings and is busy with her work when the man arrives. He comes to her and shows the photo of Lee, and tells her that the killer of her fiancé has been killed. But when she sees the picture, she says he was her neighbor, which means it was just an imaginary relationship.

Project Gutenberg.

Project Gutenberg | October 5, 2018 (United States) Summary: Hong Kong police are hunting a counterfeiting gang led by a mastermind code-named "Painter". In order to crack this true identity, the police recruit gang member Lee Man to unmask "Painter's... Read all
Countries: China, Hong KongLanguages: Cantonese, English, Thai, Polish, Mandarin
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