Rich Boy Gives Up His Wealth to Just Play with Street Children and Live a Normal Life.


A multi-billionaire named Mr. Rich jumps with joy as he announces the birth of his son, Richie, who immediately gets referred to as the richest kid in the world.


After the announcement, one of the Rich family’s butlers, Cadbury, looks happy as he’s assigned to be the personal butler who will take care of Richie at all times. As Richie grows older, Cadbury does his job quite well, and Mr. Rich is also there for his son despite his busy schedule.


He also supports Richie’s interest in baseball, and even hires a professional coach to train his son, when he becomes a teenager. 


One day after practice, Cadbury tells Richie that they’ve got to leave for an event, where he has to represent Mr. Rich. They soon leave, and Richie arrives in a helicopter at the reopening of a factory called United Tool.


He is well received, and as he gives a speech on behalf of his father, Richie gets distracted as he watches some kids playing baseball just in the next compound. He hurries up with his presentation, and soon leaves the stage to head over there. 


However, the head of his security team, Mr. Ferguson, sees this and immediately grabs Richie, telling him to head back to the helicopter instead. Cadbury intervenes and tells Richie that they have to leave, because there are other things lined up on his schedule.


Despite looking sad, Richie agrees and heads back to the helicopter. Meanwhile, his parents, Mr. Rich and Mrs. Rich, are taking a look at their face sculptures on a mountain, which they call Mount Richmore. As they talk about how the sculptures need some extra work, Richie arrives and looks happy to see his dad, who has been away for a while on business.


Richie tells him about his speech at the reopening of United Tool, but Cadbury interrupts when he’s about to talk about the kids he saw playing baseball. He informs Mr. Rich that he has a phone call from the president, and with that, he tells Richie they’ll catch up later.


Richie meets his mom to ask if he can invite some kids over, and she thinks Richie is talking about the kids in his school. However, he says his friends in school are always busy, and he doesn’t want to bother them.


Before they can talk any further, Cadbury reminds Richie that he needs to go for his chemistry lesson with his teacher, Professor Keenbean, who is also in charge of inventing things for one of Mr. Rich’s companies.


When Richie arrives at the lab in the house, Keenbean asks that they start their classes for the day. However, Richie says he’s not interested in doing that, and just wants to look at some of Keenbean’s latest inventions. 


The professor looks happy to do this, and shows Richie some of his latest developments, including a strong adhesive, a bulletproof vest, and a remote-control bee.


Later that night, an arrogant man named Laurence, who also happens to be one of Mr. Rich’s senior workers at his company, arrives at the Rich family residence for dinner. As he walks into the house, Ferguson tries telling him about finding the perfect time to orchestrate a plan, but Laurence tells him they’re not at the right place to discuss it. 


During the dinner, Laurence starts telling Mr. Rich to suspend his charitable ventures, saying it is costing the company a lot of money. Mr. and Mrs. Rich don’t buy Laurence’s idea, but he goes further to ask Mr. Rich to also get rid of United Tool.


Mr. Rich says he’s planning to let go of United Tool, and this seems to make Laurence happy, though his mood changes when Mr. Rich says he’s giving it away to the workers. 


Mrs. Rich supports the idea, and just as they continue to enjoy their dinner, Keenbean comes over and shows Mr. Rich one of his newest inventions. Keenbean calls his invention the smell master, saying it can detect things just by smelling them.


Mr. Rich sounds excited about it, and he asks Richie to come and try it. After trying it, they all see that the smell master works quite fine, and everyone is impressed except Laurence, who calls it a toy and another way of wasting money. The dinner soon ends, and as they escort Laurence out, he asks if they need to increase the number of guards in the house, after a recent valuable purchase made by the family. 


Mr. Rich says it’s not important because all the family’s valuables are in a vault, and he doesn’t have to worry. Laurence seems interested in the vault, and Mr. Rich says he will show it to him one day.


The next day, Cadbury wakes Richie and starts planning his day, which begins with a morning workout with his personal trainer.


After that, Richie goes to the study in his room, to use a device called the Dadlink to locate his dad. The device takes a while to find Mr. Rich’s location, but when it does, Mr. Rich is at the White House. 


Despite this, Mr. Rich still uses his dadlink receiver device to speak to his son. A while later, Richie goes to school, and all his classmates are rich kids who don’t seem to be really interested in the class. Soon after, he asks them if they’d like to hang out like normal kids and have fun, but all of them make excuses of having something really important to do. 


On his way home that day, Richie looks sad about not having any real friends he can play with. Cadbury notices that something is wrong, and when he asks Richie, he says he’s worried about his schedule always being filled, and that he’d never have time to make friends.


Cadbury tells Richie he needs to understand that he is being groomed, to take over from his father, and he needs to also make sacrifices. 


Richie takes the advice differently and asks the driver to turn around, and take them to the house beside United Tool, where the kids he saw the other day were playing baseball. 


When he arrives at the place, the kids are there again. Richie tells them he also wants to play, but they laugh it off, as they believe he’s not good enough. However, one of the kids named Gloria, eventually lets him join only after placing a bet that he won’t be able to hit the ball.


Richie agrees, but as Gloria throws the first ball, he misses. However, Richie hits the ball the second time, and that wins him the bet. 


He tries to invite them to his house, but Gloria asks him to leave as she even refuses to take the money back, saying he doesn’t belong with them. Richie leaves looking sad, and Cadbury also feels bad for him.


Days later, the Rich family are on their way to London to see the Queen. Ferguson sneakily adds an extra present to the ones already packed by the family to give to the royal family. He then comes over to meet Mr. Rich to inform him that the security check is complete, and he wishes them a safe flight. Mr. Rich thanks Ferguson after which he heads to the plane. 


Before Mrs. Rich joins him, she sees Richie looking bothered and asks Cadbury about it. Cadbury tells her about Richie’s failed attempt to make friends, and suggests that he stays back so that he can do some fun things to take his mind off it. Mrs. Rich agrees, and as she gets on the plane, with Mr. Rich ready to take off, Ferguson smiles suspiciously.


Later that day, Cadbury sees Richie still looking sad, and surprises him by inviting Gloria and the other kids to the house. Richie is excited by this, and he starts showing them around the house, including his own personal McDonald’s. The other kids are also excited, and they start having a lot of fun.


Meanwhile, Laurence picks up a drink and heads over to Mr. Rich’s office, looking happy.


Elsewhere, Mr. Rich asks his wife to take over flying the plane, while he goes back to make some coffee. Mrs. Rich tells him not to go and mess around with the chocolates meant for the queen, but that’s exactly what he does when he leaves.


He, however, can’t find the chocolates, but luckily, he sees the smell master and decides to use it to find the exact box with the chocolates. As he checks, the smell master suddenly detects a chemical in one of the boxes, which happens to be the one Ferguson dropped. 


Mr. Rich is curious about this, and takes it to ask his wife what could be inside. As they debate what it could be, Mr. Rich soon realizes that the chemical detected by the smell master is used for making a bomb.


He tears up the package and finds the countdown almost at zero. With no other option, he throws it out, but the explosion still affects the plane, and it starts heading down for a crash.


Richie enjoys his fun day with his new friends, but as Gloria’s mother, Diane, is about to drive them home, he realizes that Cadbury paid them to come over and play with him. 


Despite this, Gloria tells Richie they had a fun time and won’t take the money. Richie still doesn’t look happy, but as Cadbury tries to apologize, he gets news about his parents’ plane crash. He immediately runs to check their location, and after loading for a while, he fails to know where they are. 


Mr. and Mrs. Rich happen to survive the crash, and start thinking of how to get help while on a life raft. As Mr. Rich tries to fix his dadlink receiver, Mrs. Rich points out to him that she knows who is trying to kill them.


Mr. Rich doesn’t believe Laurence is capable of that, but Mrs. Rich tells him that even though he has not fired anyone before, he needs to start with Laurence. As they soon realize that Laurence’s plan must’ve been to kill them along with Richie, they sound worried, saying they need to survive so they can save their son.


Meanwhile, Laurence starts planning how he’ll spend all of Mr. Rich’s fortunes, as well as everything in the vault. However, Ferguson informs him that Richie was not on the plane. Laurence is unhappy with this, but tells Ferguson that taking down Richie won’t be too hard, since his parents are gone.


From there, he proceeds to a board meeting where he asks for a minute silence for Mr. Rich and his wife, even though they’ve not been confirmed dead.


Richie watches the news with Cadbury, and as they report that the widespread search for his parents has not yielded anything, he tells Cadbury he knows they’re still alive. Later that day, Gloria calls Richie to inform him that Laurence has shut down United Tool, and her mother Diane has lost her job.


Richie tells her he’s sorry, and later asks Cadbury if there’s anything he can do. Cadbury tells him it’s time to take over the business, and that day, he goes to the office and tells Laurence that he’s taking over. Laurence is not pleased with this, but there’s nothing he can do.


Richie is able to restore the company’s profits in such a short time, and he also employs the help of Gloria and the other kids, to be part of his research and development team. Richie also wins a vote in a board meeting, and Laurence looks embarrassed when no one supports him.


With this, Laurence tells Ferguson to start working on a new plan to get them back in control of the company.


The next day, during a board meeting, Cadbury is picked up by the police, after they received a tip that bomb parts were found in his room. Richie cannot believe this, and he knows Laurence is behind it. 


Laurence swings into action, and files a petition to become Richie’s guardian. The petition is granted, and the next day, Ferguson brings some men to install some cameras in Richie’s room.


When Richie asks why cameras are being installed in the house, Ferguson tells him it’s for his protection. He also tells Richie he won’t be allowed to leave the house until further notice.


A while later, Ferguson informs Laurence of how well their plan has gone. Laurence then says it’s time for them to start thinking of finding the vault. When Ferguson says he doesn’t know where it is, Laurence says Keenbean might know. They also continue making another plan, with Ferguson saying he has made arrangements for Cadbury to be killed in prison. 


As they continue talking, they’re unaware that Keenbean is listening to them with one of his devices. He immediately runs to find Richie to tell him what they’re planning. He also shows Richie a chemical that can cut through anything, which he must find a way to send to Cadbury to help him escape before he’s killed.


Richie is able to escape from the house and get it to Cadbury, who uses it right in time before he is killed.


He escapes and sees Richie waiting for him. After hugging each other, Richie tells Cadbury about how Laurence needs to be stopped. With the first step being to find his parents, he says he has a plan to connect to his dadlink from Gloria’s house, because he can’t go back to his own house.


Meanwhile, Ferguson and Laurence hear about how Richie helped Cadbury escape. They go over to ask Keenbean about it, and he confesses that he helped Richie. Not long after, they start threatening him to help them find the vault, but Keenbean doesn’t agree.


Elsewhere, Mr. Rich is finally able to fix the dadlink receiver, and he tells his wife that he hopes Richie hasn’t given up on checking their location.


Richie soon gets to Gloria’s house and asks to use her computer. He’s able to secure a connection to the dadlink to get to his parent’s location. As he gets excited as it’s about to show their location, one of Ferguson’s men informs him of the dadlink coming on in Richie’s room. Ferguson immediately runs to shut it down, after which he informs Laurence that Mr. and Mrs. Rich are alive. 


Richie realizes that the dadlink has been disconnected, and he tells Cadbury that he needs to get into the house to put it on again. Cadbury is unsure of this plan, but Richie convinces him it will work. Richie also brings along the other kids, and they break into the estate that night. 


They’re able to rescue Keenbean, who helps Richie and Cadbury create a diversion, so they can make it into the main house, with the guards getting distracted.


This works quite well, and they make it to Richie’s room while the other kids go back to hide outside.


However, as they check the dadlink, it shows that Mr. Rich is in the house. As they wonder what this means, Laurence appears to have Mr. and Mrs. Rich tied up inside the room, after using the dadlink to pinpoint their location and going to pick them up.


Richie reunites with his parents, and then, Laurence asks for the vault. Mr. Rich is shocked to hear that the vault is all that has made Laurence turn against them.


As Mr. Rich mentions that the vault is in Mount Richmore, Laurence asks to be taken there by the couple, while Richie and Cadbury stay back and are held hostage by Ferguson until they return.


Just as Keenbean is packing all his inventions to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands, he suddenly has to hide as Richie and the others, who have also been captured, are brought into the lab.


Ferguson puts them into one of Keenbean’s machines, that can shrink different objects. 


Immediately, Keenbean sees this and realizes he must do something. He’s able to use his strong adhesive to get the guards stuck, though Ferguson is able to put on the machine, before Keenbean can also wrap a towel with the adhesive over his face. 


Keenbean soon realizes that he’s stuck to the ground, and as a result, he uses his remote-control bee to poke Ferguson, so that he falls against the machine and stops it.


With this, the kids are safe again, and Richie immediately takes Keenbean’s bag of inventions, and heads to go and save his parents.


Laurence gets Richie’s parents to Mount Richmore, and after they open the vault, he realizes that Mr. Rich only stored all the family’s old things inside. Laurence is pissed, and he asks his guard to kill them. However, Richie arrives on time and dares Laurence to do the killing himself. 


Laurence gets angry and shoots Richie, but nothing happens because he’s wearing Keenbean’s bulletproof vest. With this, Mr. and Mrs. Rich fight to knock down Laurence and the guard.


As they run out and lock the vault, Laurence is able to get out, but his suit gets stuck. Just as Richie and his parents climb onto a ramp that will take them down, Ferguson shows up at a building opposite Mount Richmore, and starts shooting the lasers used to make the face sculptures at the ramp. 


Laurence soon frees himself and joins Ferguson in trying to kill Richie and his parents.


Before they can do much, Cadbury stops Ferguson after he continuously shoots at the face sculptures. As parts of the sculptures also break, Laurence falls, but he’s able to hold on to a rope, while the Rich family watches him beg for help. They don’t answer him, and Mr. Rich also fires Laurence on the spot.


Days after they’re rescued, and Laurence and Ferguson are arrested, Cadbury coaches Richie and the other kids to win a baseball game against another team.


As everyone cheers for Richie, who scores the run that wins the game, his parents watch with delight, as they tell each other that their son is now really the richest boy in the world, because he has friends.

Richie Rich

Richie Rich | December 21, 1994 (United States) Summary: A rich young boy finds his family the target of an inside job, and must use his cunning to save them.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English, Latin
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