They Are Not Real Human! They Are Robots and Pretend To Be a Couple To Be Immortal.


In 2032, New Mexico. The United States government’s representative is giving a victory speech, after their success in eradicating the movement of illegal immigrants through the Mexican border.


He highlights that the completion of the Mexican border wall stands as a testament to their success, in solving the immigrant problem. The labor-intensive jobs that were done by the immigrants are now being taken over by robots, and they now bear the blame for rampant unemployment, often becoming targets of ridicule and are destroyed when they go rogue.


The movie then shifts to a man named Charles, known to be a womanizer. He is what you might call a couch potato, someone who enjoys spending a significant amount of time lounging on the couch, but uses his duplicate robot, C2, to succeed in life.


C2 attends the office in Charles’s place, impresses women for him, and convinces them to go on dates with him.


However, he has no intention of looking for an emotional attachment with any of his dates, rather he only wants to have a good time. C2 aims for most women targets of Charles at the ice rink.


His relationship with Charles is like that of a master and slave, where he obeys all of Charles’ orders without complaining as per his programming.


One evening, while skating at the ice rink, C2 bumps into a beautiful lady named Elaine. Charles is blown away by Elaine’s beauty, and he asks C2 to go out with her to impress her.


Despite C2’s constant efforts, Elaine is not quite impressed by him, but she doesn’t mind the gifts that she receives from him. While most women who met C2 always rushed to take the next step, she preferers to take her time.


Soon, it is revealed that Elaine also has a cloned robot, E2. Elaine is known to be a gold digger, and assigns E2 to lure the men she dates for valuable gifts and a luxurious lifestyle.


After receiving gifts from Charles, Elaine decides to take their relationship to the next level. She comes home and tells E2 to meet Charles the next day.


On the other hand, C2 comes home and informs Charles that Elaine is finally ready to take their relationship ahead. Charles appreciates C2, and gets excited to meet Elaine the next day.


However, he soon realizes that there is a problem at hand, as Elaine wants to meet him at 6.30 p.m., which means that C2 will not have enough time to return home from the office, to allow Charles to leave for his date.


Using clone robots for personal use is an illegal act, so Charles and C2 cannot be out in public at the same time. This time, Charles decides to make an exception, and go to the office himself and meet Elaine after the office.


The next morning, when Charles goes to the office, his father invites him to an important board meeting at 6 pm in the evening, making things worse for him.


Charles hurries back home and tells C2 that they have to change their plan. He asks C2 to attend the board meeting in his place, while he will be spending the evening with Elaine. C2 warns him that it is a great risk to be out together at the same time, but Charles seems ready to take this risk.


In the turn of events, the worst he could imagine happens. Charles confuses the two addresses and ends up making an embarrassing appearance at the board meeting, while C2 goes to E2’s address. They spend the evening together and fall in love.


The following morning, Charles and Elaine look for their robots, but they get no response from them. After waiting outside her house for hours, Elaine finally decides to go inside, while Charles also arrives at her house to look for C2.


Inside the house, the two of them bump into each other, and meet for the first time. Their meeting is somewhat full of confusion, but they quickly excuse each other, when they get video calls from the robots at the same time.


C2 and E2 inform them about the whole plot, and the fact that they have been meeting each other’s clone robots until now.


C2 tells Charles that Elaine is a gold digger, while Elaine learns that Charles only wants to have a good time with her. C2 says that when a womanizer and a gold digger come along, nothing will work out for either of them.


Both Elaine and Charles are surprised to know this. Meanwhile, the robots say that things turned out differently for them, and they want to be together, so they are running away and will try to cross the Mexican border to live together in freedom. They then ask their owners not to stop them and let them leave.


As soon as the robots end the calls, Elaine and Charles start fighting, but Charles reminds her that they need to make sure they are smart about the situation.


They decide to work together and visit the engineer who had made their robots, Zach Newman from Tesla Robotics, to help them track C2 and E2. They leave together to meet him since they have no choice, however, they continue to argue all the way to Tesla robotics.


When they finally arrive at Zach’s house, he tells them that they can track their clone robots with the help of the GPS system installed in the robots.


However, Zach also tells them that they cannot have their clone robots back in their lives, because once robots go rogue, it becomes impossible to control them. The only option they have is to find their clone robots, and destroy them to save themselves from ending up in jail.


Elaine agrees to destroy E2, but Charles is unable to imagine his life without C2. He excuses himself and goes into a bathroom, where he calls his friend Ashley and asks her to help him in kidnapping C2, after they track him down.


Sometime later, Elaine and Charles along with Zach leave to look for C2 and E2.


In the next scene, the three of them arrive at a motel and sneak in quietly. They find both C2 and E2 inside their room. Zach temporarily manages to shut both robots off with his robot gun, and takes them to his car.


However, Ashley enters the room and tries to kidnap Elaine and Charles, assuming that they are the robots, creating a lot of confusion.


Charles and Elaine try to fight Ashley off, and Zach comes to rescue them, but this gives the robots enough time to reboot their system again and escape from the car. Zach and Elaine learn that Ashley was called by Charles, and get angry at him.


Later, Charles realizes that maybe he doesn’t need C2 in his life, and should try to live a normal life.


From then on, Charles and Elaine try to live normal daily lives, but without their clone robot playing a double role for them. They find life extremely difficult, and fail to perform their daily tasks adequately.


One morning, Charles gets a call from Elaine, and they plan to meet so that they can talk about life without their robots.


At the restaurant, they learn that they were tricked by E2 and C2 into meeting them in public. Charles and Elaine unknowingly share their plan to kill them, and the robots leave after stealing Elaine’s car. They head to a shopping mall with guns in their hands, and send their video of raiding the mall to Charles and Elaine.


Elaine and Charles now realize that they are in big trouble, and decide to leave the country before they are caught by the police.


To find temporary shelter, Charles drives to his stepdad’s secret cabin in the woods, where he and Elaine spend the night to figure out their next move.


They switch off their phones and try to get through the night. Elaine gets mad at Charles for not helping her with anything, and he begins to feel guilty.


Their unpredictable situation makes them realize that they have been avoiding feeling any human emotions. Their robot clones had made their lives so easy and comfortable, that they had no idea about the reality of life. They spend the night together and soon develop a connection. 


The next morning, Charles takes Elaine to explore the cabin where he had spent his childhood. After lunch, they immediately leave for the Mexican border in Charles’s jeep. 


Charles painted his blue jeep green in the morning to escape from the police thinking that they might be looking for his blue jeep. On their way, a police officer stops their car and Charles starts panicking with the fear of being arrested.


To their surprise, the police officer tells them that their brake lights are painted, and need to be fixed.


Both of them begin to wonder why the police officer didn’t say anything about the mass shootout in the mall, and quickly turn on their phones. They rewatch the video sent by the robots and realize that it was fake.


Their robot clones had managed to trick them once again, making them fear getting arrested and leaving their lives behind.


They watch C2 and E2 completely take over their lives, and tell the world that they are madly in love on social media. However, everyone remains unaware that they are robots, and have taken over someone’s life.


For the time being, they are out of gas for the jeep, and decide to go to Charles’s house in Santa Fe, which is in close distance to figure out how to get their lives back.


They spend the night in their jeep, and wake up to the announcement of Charles and Elaine’s wedding.


Initially, they are shocked to find that they are getting married, but soon realize that this is the perfect time to bring them down. They crash the announcement party arranged by C2 and E2 dressed as robots.


They roam around for a while, before catching E2 and C2 in their rooms and manage to shut them once again with their robot guns. They put them in their jeep and drive away. Before the robots can reboot again, Elaine and Charles throw C2 into a lake. However, he survives and swims out of the lake.


Meanwhile, E2 also gets rebooted, but Elaine manages to shut her off again in time with her robot gun, which is now running out of battery.


Elaine and Charles decide to hold E2 captive, as she is the only thing in the world that C2 really cares about. They place the robot into their jeep and carry her to Zach’s house. There, Elaine asks Zach to bring out E3 which was created by him for his personal use, as he was obsessed with Elaine.


We find out that Zach had an agreement with Elaine to create another clone of her for himself, which is much more obedient than E2.


Initially, Zach refuses, but later on agrees, as he is in as much trouble as them. E3 is more obedient than E2 and they will use her to make C2 jealous and trap him. Once ready, Elaine and Charles video call C2, and use E3 to make him believe that her system is modified and that she likes Charles now.


Seeing all this, C2 quickly heads towards Zach’s house to confront them. He gets on a scooter and modifies it to be super-fast. However, a police officer spots him on the road and follows him.


On the other hand, E3 tries to be close to Charles but Elaine and Zach save him. Soon, C2 arrives at Zach’s place to save E2, and as soon as he enters the door, Elaine hits him with her robot gun, but it mistakenly turns out to be a paintball gun.


Before they can understand anything, the police arrive there as well and arrest Charles and Elaine along with their robot clones, while Zach escapes along with E3.


The officer takes them to the police station, and locks the four of them up. The senior police officer gets excited, to finally have a case that will get him publicity and news coverage.


He informs Elaine and Charles that they will be stuck in prison for the rest of their lives, while their robot clones will end up being destroyed. He asks the four of them to bid each other goodbye, as he will be back in the morning with the federal robot enforcement agency.


While the senior officer leaves, Deputy Chavez gets frustrated to see her boss take all the credit for catching the robots, as she was the one who noticed C2 on the road.


Inside the lock-up, Charles, Elaine, and the robots get jail food, and they feel devastated. Charles tells C2 and E2 that they don’t need to worry, as they are not missing much.


In reply, C2 tells him that they are robots having limited needs, and are programmed to be slaves. Things were different until he met E2, and they fell in love.


They are glad that they found each other, and they now know the power of love. They realize that their humans had been wrong all along, and that love is not the reason behind misery, rather it is the cure.


Now, they would love to die as robots with love, rather than humans without it as humans sabotage their own happiness.


C2’s words impress Charles and Elaine, and they get emotional realizing that they have wasted their lives. However, nothing of it is important now as everything is about to get over.


Suddenly, Charles gets up and asks Deputy Chavez for his mobile phone, to make a call to his lawyer. Chavez gives him his phone to make a quick call.


Without letting the officer get any clue, Charles makes a phone call to Ashley and informs him about his arrest. He asks Ashley to help him out at all costs in code words. Charles feels anxious about contacting Ashley for help, but it is their last attempt for freedom, and they have no other choice left.


Outside the lockup, while Deputy Chavez is busy trying to come up with a way to deal with her boss, she receives a fake call from Ashley who reports a fake case about robots to her to distract her.


Chavez does not inform her boss about it, and leaves to handle the case herself. As soon as she leaves the station, Ashley goes inside, takes the keys, and helps Charles, Elaine, and their robot to escape.


Ashley offers to kill the robots for Charles, but he tells him that they don’t need to, as they might cross the Mexican border together. Charles and Elaine thanks Ashley for his help to get them out of the lockup, and leave from there. Ashley ensures them that he will take care of all the proofs.


The four of them then travel towards the Mexican border, along with C2 and E2, ready to start their new lives with freedom.


On their way, Elaine asks the robots about how they are going to use their freedom in Mexico, to which they reply that they will get married first without any interruption, learn scuba diving together, and build a house near a beach.


Then, C2 asks Charles and Elaine about their plan, but they are not sure about anything and just want to start a new life in Mexico.


Eventually, they arrive at the Mexican border where the robot guards allow E2 and C2 to enter Mexico, but stop Elaine without giving them any explanation. Charles decides to stay behind with her, and asks C2 to leave with E2 as they are in love, and should start a life together.


Charles and Elaine’s arrest had generated a warning, and as a result, the robot guard can’t allow them to cross the border.


Charles thanks C2 for teaching him how to be a human, and they bid each other goodbye.


C2 and E2 cross the border to start a new life. After watching Charles stay behind with Elaine, knowing that they will be arrested soon.


At the same time, the police arrive at the border to arrest Charles and Elaine again. However, when the sheriff scans their eyes, they turn out to be humans. Now, they do not have any proof against them to use, as all the evidence and videos from jail were destroyed by Ashley.


The senior officer tells the sheriff that they should arrest Charles and Elaine, but she refuses to do so. She asks the senior officer for proof, but he fails to provide any.


The sheriff scolds the senior officer for arresting innocent people without any proof, and asks him to never call her again for any case, embarrassing him.


As the police leave, Charles and Elaine take a sigh of relief, as they are not going to end up in jail for the rest of their lives.


Now, they do not waste a second to confess their love for each other, all thanks to their robot clones who made them realize the importance of love and emotions.


The scene then changes to their wedding, where they get married among their families and friends. 


They prove C2’s words wrong that when a womanizer and a gold digger come along, nothing will work out for either of them.



Robots | May 19, 2023 (United States) Summary: Charles is a womanizer while Elaine is a gold digger. The duo learn humanity when forced to team up and pursue robot doubles of themselves.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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