True Story of A Soccer Player Who Killed Because of Scoring a Goal in the FIFA World Cup.


The Final Score: Season 1/EP 1


While a telephone rings loudly in another room, the television in the living room reports the death of Cameroon’s national football player: Andres Escobar. A woman picks the phone and starts crying after listening to the caller. We’re shown a timeline of years past where men last-named Escobar have been killed for several reasons. There’s extreme violence, burning of cars, blood on the floor and finally the screen stops in 1987 in Medellin, Colombia. A family has gathered for breakfast. After several calls for him, Andres Escobar finally comes to the table with a bowl of ice which he sets down on the ground, and places his feet in it. His leg is inflamed. A toast is made to Santiago Escobar who’s going to play for America, and Andres gives him a scapular as a parting gift.


On a football field, Andres does leg stretches while the others train. He watches as a player, Quique, is scolded by the coach. A dentist, Fransisco, is attending to a patient when his wife, Margarita, walks in to tell him he has visitors. Agudelo, a patron, has come to recruit Fransisco as a manager, but the latter says he’s not interested at all. A group of players are practicing in open space when some cars suddenly show up and a shootout starts. Quique is present there, but he escapes with minor injuries because of his identity as a national player. Andres Escobar is in the doctor’s office, getting a report about his leg. His condition is not getting any better as it worsens anytime he runs. The doctor tells him the only way to recover is by quitting soccer.


Quique is getting scolded by an older man. Apparently, Quique can no longer play soccer excellently. The older man tells him to at least earn his keep by working in a store but Quique walks away. Fransisco arrives at Agudelo’s office and accepts the offer of club manager on the condition that he brings local players on board. Agudelo accepts and they clink glasses to it. Andres is in bed with his partner. She tries to convince him to become a soccer coach instead but Andres says the only thing he can and wants to do is play, even if it means taking painkillers for the rest of his life. Fransisco’s clearing out his office when Margarita walks in. She’s not pleased with his decision to go back to soccer. Fransisco assures her that he won’t partake in their shady business but she’s not convinced.


Quique arrives late to practice with a wound on his head. The coach tells him to get treated and leave but Quique begs to stay and watch, at least. Fransisco is in a meeting with the club’s board. The men don’t like the lineup of players so Fransisco asks for five matches to prove the team’s worth or quit. René is eating breakfast with his grandmother who’s concerned about his safety. Quique shows up to take him to training. The players are selected with Andres and Quique standing by as substitutes. The team loses the first game. René and Quique return home to find out that there’s a party in their name. Due to his grandma’s insistence, he and Kike Quique join the party. Quique sees the headline in a newspaper and leaves the party without telling René.


On his way home, Quique is stopped by a group of men. They ask about the shootout and Quique says he couldn’t recognise the assaulters as they wore masks. It’s another day of practice and Andres is told to stand down even when he has a good chance with the ball. When the lineup is being called for the next game, Andres leaves the room. His name is not on the list. He stays home and listens to the commentary on the game. The team has lost another game. Don Agudelo speaks with Fransisco after the game. He tells Fransisco that the team has to win against America at all costs because it’s now a war. The losing team will be ousted. While playing a game with his daughter, Fransisco realises what he has been doing wrong. At the next practice, he switches things up a bit.


Andres is told to lead the opponent to the offside of the pitch, creating holes in their defense so that their team, Atletico Nacionel can slip in. Andres gets kicked over a lot during practice that his ankle starts to hurt. Quique does not make the list of lineups. The coach tells him to stick with training. Andres visits his partner at the hospital where she works and asks her to get him painkillers. Over a call, Santiago makes a bet with Andres over the next game with America. Andres and the other players receive envelopes containing a token from Agudelo. Fransisco is pissed about it. Before the game, Andres takes the painkillers. René tells him that he must defeat his brother, Santiago, on the pitch. Quique is in his room, sulking, when the older man comes to tell him he has visitors. The men take him away to deliver unknown merchandise.


Quique runs into the police while delivering the goods. The police recognise him and let him pass. They meet up with the other guys in the gang and Quique sees that the goods are illegal ammunition. The ring leader gives him a fat wad of notes as payment. Meanwhile, on the pitch, René scores a goal for the team. America loses the game and Santiago walks away with a sullen face. Fransisco hurries off to look for Agudelo after the game, but he didn’t come to see the game. Fransisco types a letter on a typewriter and goes to hand it to Agudelo. He sees office attendants clearing out his office and when he asks why, he is told that Agudelo was found dead. He was murdered the same way as the club’s vice president.

The Final Score: Season 1/EP 2


This episode starts with the report of Don Agudelo’s death and the suspicion of America De Calli in the act. Andres wakes up to a congratulatory call from Santiago. Santiago refuses the invitation to dine at home from Andres. The police are investigating coach Fransisco. They inform him that the attack was a direct order from cartel Calli. All the players and the coach are to gather for Don Agudelo’s funeral. Quique gets into a fight with the older man he’s living with. At the funeral, a woman approaches Fransisco and says she’ll be taking over control of the club. She tells him not to think of resigning even when Fransisco insists. Quique gets released from prison. Apparently, he battered the older man and got thrown into jail. The ring leader, John, pays for his freedom and tells him not to go home again.


The new club manager has a son with down syndrome. René is talking about his future with a girl he’s flirting with. They talk about his grandmother and the possibility of her moving houses. Quique is given a room without a mattress to sleep in. John tells him not to enter a locked door no matter what. At practice, Fransisco addresses the boys about the settings and Andres finds it hard to run fast. Next, we’re shown the team on a plane, traveling for the tournament. Hernan tries to convince Fransisco to change the plan but the coach insists that he won’t. He explains that it’s better they underestimate them and then they take advantage of that. The match ends in a tie. Andres finishes from a bath and takes a look at his leg. A man asks him if he’s okay and Andres answers in the affirmative.


The club manager tells Fransisco that they can’t keep getting ties, and she complains about press commentary. Fransisco says he doesn’t care about commentary. All he is worried about is the outcome of his team. Andres congratulates his partner at the hospital. She has less than a year to spend at the hospital. Andres tells her that his pain has gotten bad and that he needs strong painkillers. She gets upset and walks away. Quique hangs out with John in a bar. He gives him two jerseys, one for John, one for the boss. The team’s bus arrives for practice and Quique comes in a jeep. René asks him why but he avoids the question. On the practice pitch, Quique turns violent on Andres after a mistake. Quique is left alone in the room with a gun. In the locked room, a man inside tells Quique to let him out.


He says his name is Rahul and he has a lot of money. He begs Quique in the name of God and Quique begs him to keep quiet and the guard comes into the room right after. Andres takes an overdose of the regular painkillers. The man from the locker the other day sees Andres in the hall and glances at his legs. On the field, Andres starts losing it. The overdose has started to get to his brain. The Atleticos lose the game to the opposing team. The club manager tells Fransisco to buckle up and talk to the team. Quique dials a number at a random telephone booth and the receiver calls for Rahul. Quique hangs up. Fransisco is discussing Andres’ performance with Hernan. The man from the locker tells Fransisco that Andres has crooked feet and that’s what’s giving him problems. He provides another shoe pad made by his own father, as a solution for Andres.


They try the shoe pad on Andres and it feels better. Another player suggests that Andres meets a massager who would apply ointments on the area. The next day, on his way out of the house, René sees a note at the doorstep with a bill on it. At the hotel, Quique dials a number and listens to the receiver threaten to find him. He hangs up. Andres’ partner gives him a watch and asks him if she can sleep in his room with him but he refuses. Fransisco and Hernan talk about Andres potential and how he’d go places. Match day arrives and the senator asks the club’s manager if she distributed the incentives but she says not yet. The game is a tie with only a few minutes left until the game is over. Fransisco signals to the coach to set the plan in motion. All the boys go into the box of the other team in preparation for the corner kick. Andres knocks the ball into the net and they win.


Later on, in the guarded room, Quique sees that the locked door has been opened and there are blood stains on the ground. Fransisco confronts the club manager about the car gifts to all the players and she tells him that he would be coach of the national team. Andres, René and two other players have arrived at the massager’s home. Andres forgot to wear blue underwear as he was told. During the ritual, they’re given a statue of a saint as a good luck charm. The next match ends in a tie while the charm is lighted up. At practice, the club’s manager shows up to inform Fransisco that the venue for the championship had been changed. Andres is having breakfast with his family. Santiago gives him the scapula saying he needed it most. Quique fails to net the ball during penalty but René, Leonard, and Andres save the day. Atletico wins the game at last.


Leonor, the club’s manager, is leaving her office when she suddenly sees a man standing in the doorway. He tells her to follow him and she does so. In a car, an older man tells her the boss is coming for all that is his. Leonor goes home and phones Santi. He says they’re in the same boat.

The Final Score: Season 1/EP 3


A group of street boys turn towards a taxi that has pulled up beside them. René steps out of the taxi and they approach him. They ask him about the note with the bill and he tells them off. Leonor is still sequestered by the goons. She phones the senator and he tells her that they already killed the governor, so his hands were tight. Fransisco arrives at Leonor’s house for a meeting where he explains his plans for the team. They also request a change of venue. Later at practice, Fransisco tells the team about his appointment as coach for the national team and their elevation as backbone for the national team. Leonor is working in the living room when the maid walks in to tell her that her brother, Gabito, is in an emergency.


The goon outside helps her take the kid to the hospital and shakes up the nurse at the counter when they try to delay them. Quique meets up with John who gives him bags of cash to store at the apartment. Quique refuses because of a curfew but John explains that only Quique can do the job. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Gabito is stable. Leonor tells the goon to take her to his boss and he tries to refuse but she insists. Quique returns to the apartment to find a wild party going on. He takes the money into a secret compartment in the closet. Leonor has arrived at the boss’s house. He tells her about the debt the sponsors of the club owe him. He promises to take the surveillance off Leonor because she was brave enough to show her face. He also promises to give her some time to gather the money she needs, even when she tries to protest.


On the news, nineteen Calli players were killed by members of the Medellin cartel. The shooters were after the sponsors of the rival club who were on the pitch that day. Meanwhile, at a press conference, Fransisco calls out the list of players for the national team to play in Italy for the world cup. Quique doesn’t make the list. At his house, Andres is hosting a party. Santiago is away playing for his club. Quique shows up with John to the party and Andres welcomes them. Quique gets mad when he learns that the coach is around. He throws a fit and gets dragged out of the area. René gets home to see his grandmother crying. Apparently, the street boys barged into his home and locked her up in the bathroom to shake her up. They also took all their properties.


René rushes to the rooftop and exchanges words with the kids. Leonor is meeting up with the board member. She informs him that she wants to sell some players and he advises her against it. He tells her the only available buyers are their enemies. The only option is for her to give her players publicity and Andres name sits at the tip of Leonor’s tongue. The first publicity hits Andres’ doorstep. While Andres answers more questions, his father goes out to get some snacks. The interview continues until a bomb suddenly explodes outside. Andres runs out to look for his father. Luckily, his father walks in unscathed, but definitely shaken. The reporters rush out to get more coverage of the incident. Meanwhile, René is reporting his security issues to the coach. He says he’s worried and scared.


The coach advises him to report to the police and gives him a card from the investigators. René meets up with one of them and is told that he either presses charges or exterminates them. René decides to leave things as they are. Together with his grandmother and his girlfriend, René checks out a new house. It’s bigger than the one in the hood and looks safer too. He is also the next hit for publicity. He shows off his scorpion moves to the delight of the reporters. The national team wins the away game against Italy. They qualify for the world cup and are on a plane. Leonor is asking to sell players again and Fransisco says it’s impossible. He tries to find out why she’s so keen on selling players but Leonor gives nothing away. Meanwhile, Quique’s good time with his girl is interrupted when the goons barge in to get weapons.


René’s grandma tells him that she feels strange energies from the house. Andres’ dad is mad at him for returning late. He informs him that Alvaro, the referee, was shot dead. Andres is shocked. Francisco cheers the team up at practice, while Quique gets into a new club, Engivado. Meanwhile, Leonor meets up with the boss’s right hand man. She tells him she doesn’t have cash and he tries to make her scared but Leonor dusts it off. On the news, a plane was blown up near Bogota. Now that development is causing the delay of the national team’s flight. On the flight, Andres realises that he has forgotten his insoles. Rat promises to solve it as soon as they land. The next day, Fransisco’s sleep is disturbed by a call. The unknown caller congratulates him and refuses to spill their identity.


During practice, Leonor talks to some men about Andres, and at that moment, his legs act up. An expert tells Andres that he cannot play the next day because he’s got a second degree sprain but Andres is stubborn. He settles for the option of getting anaesthesia before playing the next game but refuses to sit it out. Leonor tells Francisco that she has finalized negotiations with European buyers for Andres. It’s match day and the expert administers anaesthesia on Andres. Despite their efforts, the boys lose the game. Meanwhile, Quique gets upset that the boys have lost the game. He leaves to get dinner while his lover stays home. When Quique is out, she opens the secret compartment.

The Final Score: Season 1/EP 4


Quique walks into his bedroom to see that the girl, Clara, has poured all the money on the bed. He sends her away but she blackmails him with her love for him. Quique gives in to her demands. René returns to find out that his grandmother has returned to the hood. She tells him that she’s safe there now. Apparently, the goons that troubled René got destabilised by another group. René agrees to let her stay there. Also, the boys are returning from practice when Leonor meets up with them and drags Andres to one side. He says his recovery is underway and she informs him that he’s been sold on loan to Switzerland’s The Young Boys. Meanwhile, Quique buys a car with the money. He and Clara ride off with the car, happier than ever.


Andres hangs out with his girl, Pamela, and the boys. They give him several pieces of advice concerning Switzerland and tell him not to trust anyone. René sees Quique and the new car when he shows up for practice the next day. He asks if he’s doing okay and where he got the car from. Quique says it’s a reward and René mentions that Envigado hasn’t won anything yet. Quique brushes it off and asks if René could coach him on free kicks and penalties. René agrees to it. In his room, Andres is packing up with Pamela’s help. She tells him she wouldn’t accompany him to Switzerland since she is close to wrapping up her studies in Columbia. She tries to explain it to him but Andres gets upset and continues packing. René teaches Quique some tricks on free kicks on a sandy field.


While they practice, a group of young boys gather to watch them. After some time, the boys join in and they all have fun kicking the ball around. Andres leaves for his flight, albeit emotional. Leonor is feeding Gabito when uniformed men barge into the house. The senator steps in after them and presents the chief in command, Bastidas. Apparently, they got an Intel about Leonor’s involvement with the cartel’s boss. Leonor denies the allegations and answers a call from Gabito’s doctor. The caller is actually Pablo Escobar, the Medellin Cartel boss. He tells her not to say a word and reminds her of her promise to bring him money soon. Due to the presence of the police, Gabito is having a difficult time.


Andres is training on an empty field in Switzerland. He asks when he’ll get to play soccer and the coach says they’re watching his injury. Andres takes a moment to rest and that’s when they notice the insoles he’s wearing they take it away saying it’s not orthopedic. At the bank, Leonor is asking when the money from Switzerland would come through and the attendant only has excuses. She flares up and promises to withdraw every cent she has in the bank. Quique is reading a headline about the Medellin cartel. He gets upset with the loud music playing outside the room. He tells Clara off for playing loud music everyday and she walks out with her friends.


While the players line up to enter the pitch, a member of the opposing team pisses Andres off when he repeatedly asks Andres for cocaine. Leonor’s with the board member, again. She’s still complaining about money and the man asks her if the money from Andres is not enough. She says it isn’t and he tells her to take care of herself. Andres talks to Pamela over the phone. He tells her about the incident before the match and requests her to come over. She avoids the question and hangs up. On a plane to their next game, Francisco and Hernan discuss Andres’ absence. The team members talk about Mr Byron, the spiritualist, and the possibility of other teams having supernatural powers. Leonor gives the goons some money for the boss and he warns her of wasting time.  Andres welcomes them to Italy after some publicity with reporters.


Quique is watching the game with Clara. Their joy is interrupted when a call from John comes in. John tells Quique that he’s on the way to get the money. They start selling everything they’ve bought with the money, but they can only get a few million pesos back. While watching the next game, the news comes on about John’s death. Clara criticizes Quique for getting scared and he slaps her. Quique tries to get the money from the apartment but everywhere is swarmed with cops. He returns to his apartment and tries to persuade Clara but Una and his men show up. They demand the money John gave to Quique but he doesn’t have it. Clara puts the whole blame on him, saving herself.


Meanwhile, on the pitch, things are not looking good for Columbia. The commentary is bad for them and the crowd seems to have given up on them. Francisco ignores the heat and stands to cheer the team. Things turn around and Comunbia ties the scores. Their next opponent is Cameroon. Francisco makes the formation while giving René special instructions. Quique complains to Clara about having no money and she warns him not to ever touch her again. Conconro steals candles from church to light up the charm doll. Andres rebukes him and makes him put out the candles. The team lose the game against Cameroon. René gets unsavoury questions from the press due to his mistake on the pitch.


The team returns to Columbia and Andres watches the news of Pablo Escobar with his father. Apparently, the criminal turned himself in to the police. Meanwhile, in her office, Leonor receives a call from the cartel. Pablo orders her to bring the boys to La Cathedral. She tries to tell him that it’s impossible but Pablo, who has supposedly turned himself in, makes her understand that he is not asking a favour but giving her an order. And he hangs up.

The Final Score: Season 1/EP 5


Leonor puts the boys on a bus headed for La Cathedral. When Andres asks her about the coach and the kind of match, Leonor lies that the coaches wait at the venue and that it was a benefit match. All the players except René showed up. Leonor instructs a subordinate to make sure René does not show himself to the press on his way to La Cathedral. At a tollgate, Andres recognizes the road that leads to La Cathedral. He asks Leonor and she confirms that that’s the location and that it was a friendly match for the prisoners. Andres says he’s not playing and Leonor tells him to go ahead and explain that to the cartel. René sees some reporters and stops to answer their questions. The secretary reminds him that he’s not supposed to speak to anyone, but René insists that he has nothing to hide.


At La Cathedral, the boys are given two instructions. The first is to play like professionals, the second is to make sure they don’t win against La Cathedral occupants. The game starts and the Cathedral boys play a lot of foul moves. The referee ignores it and only blows the whistle when Greenery makes a mistake. The game ends with Cathedral leading with 3—1. The boys return to their homes and Andres tells his dad about Quique’s attitude towards the bsos. Quique plays for Cathedral and gets a wad of notes after the boss promises to hire him. The press time René had before getting to La Cathedral has gone viral and it’s a total mess. Leonor denies sending any player there before the press, and promises that René’s involvement with La Cathedral would be investigated. Francisco asks her if she knows what she’s doing and she defends herself saying she’s protecting the club’s interest. Francisco quits the job as coach.


Quique gets a new house, furniture, and car from the boss. Clara tells him to sell it but he says he’ll remain faithful to the one who’s helped him. Hernan appoints Andres as Captain in order to unite the team that seems to be under tension since the game at La Cathedral. The next match has bad taste for Andres. His injury gets really bad on the field and he’s carried away. He gets surgery and the doctor tells him his recovery will take eight months. It means he will not make it for the world cup games. The boss throws a party in Quique’s name. Right in front of Quique, the boss starts flirting with Clara. He gives Quique a starch of notes and gives Clara a separate one. When they are leaving, Quique queries Clara for doing nothing when the boss flirted with her.


Pablo has escaped from prison, according to the news. Leonor phones the senator and tries to quit but he tells her that his daughter has been kidnapped. Next, we’re shown the senator talking to René about his kidnapped daughter. Quique comes home to see that Una and the goons need Clara on some mission. Quique gets angry about this. René gets a chance to speak with Pablo and he asks about Sofi, the girl that was kidnapped. Pablo agrees to let her go on the condition that the senator pays all he owes. Andres is checking out a house with Pamela. On his way back from practice the next day, René sees a little girl in his back seat. She tells him some men put her there and told her someone would take her home. René takes her to the senator and he is overjoyed.


Meanwhile, Quique is watching a game in his apartment when the police barge in and arrest him. He finds out that Clara snitched on him. The police ask him for the boss and Quique says he doesn’t know where he is. He is arrested and thrown into prison. The senator offers Rene cash but he refuses. The senator blackmails René with Sofi so he accepts the gift.  Andres shows up at practice and tries to lie to Hernan to get back into the team but it backfires. Apparently, Andres’ doctor already briefed Hernan on his recovery progress. Hernan tells him to give it time. He assures Andres that he has a lot of years ahead of him to play soccer. Another day, Andres shows up for practice and finds the field swimming with cops. Hernan tells him that the cops arrested René on suspicion of kidnapping.


Andres storms Leonor’s office and asks her what she’s doing to help René and she says nothing. He leaves the office angrily after asking her to imagine it had happened to her little brother. It is time for the elimination round of the world cup and the team is playing against Argentina. Andres goes to watch the game with René in prison. They set the TV up so that the other inmates can watch too. Soon after, Quique is let out too so that he can see the game. Andres asks Quique about his case and promises that they’ll play together on the team again. Quique says Clara blamed everything on him so he has 30 years with no immunity on the counts of terrorism and weapon trafficking.


The inmates offer René a bottle of gin and he shares it between Andres, Quique and himself. Andres doesn’t like the taste at first but gets used to it soon after. The national team is winning against Argentina by 3—0. The prison gets noisier as the goals pour in. By the fifth goal, the officers can no longer contain the crowd. They take Andres away and take Quique somewhere else that’s not his cell. They also take René away but we’re not shown the particular cell. Andres calls for René and Quique as he’s being dragged away but the officers don’t stop. Some prisoners are let free and they enter Quique’s cell and stab him severally until he dies.

The Final Score: Season 1/EP 6


On the news, Pablo Escobar and Una have been gunned down by policemen. The people of Columbia are celebrating this great feat. Their country can now have some peace after all these years. Andres is throwing a party to celebrate the new year in his new apartment. He is hoping to be able to play for the club in the new year. René is set free from prison. He meets up with coach Francisco hoping to get back on the team but the latter tells him to focus on building himself for now. He goes to the police station for clearance and finds out that he cannot leave the country yet since some charges are still pending. This means that he’ll miss the world cup. Andres is still subjecting his legs to some stretches because he’s too scared of getting injured again.


He shows Pamela a new shoe with inbuilt insoles that’ll help his leg. He tells her to feel the insides and when she does, she feels a box and pulls it out. In the box is a ring, and she says yes to Andres’ proposal. Meanwhile, the players are in a showroom doing one thing or the other for publicity. Leonor complains that the team needs to start resting up for the games and instructs her secretary to call the senator to demand for six more games instead of three with the Europeans. René is watching Andres’ ad on TV when his grandmother informs him of a visitor. The visitor is Andres and he takes René to see Quique. At the gravesite, he tells René not to feel down but to continue to prove himself. His words comfort René a lot.


Andres receives a call that he’ll be going to Italy after the world cup and his father and Pamela are overjoyed. The team has arrived in Cali for the world cup. Leonor attends a meeting with the senator and other patrons. They give her a gift that makes her worried. She leaves abruptly. Andres is worried about the other players, especially Freddy. He goes to check on him when the latter misses dinner. Freddy locks himself up because he’s scared of some witchcraft. He tells Freddy about his own knee that starts to hurt as soon as he’s about to make the big game. When it’s lightsout, Andres sees some players taking girls into their rooms. He laughs it off. On match day, the team wears Blue jerseys against Romania.


The boys lose the first half with Romania leading 3—1. Leo and Prerea get into a heated argument in the locker room but Andres gets in between them. Francisco addresses them right after the match, something he’s never done, and scolds them for playing blame games. At dinner, the players’ families show up and they’re overjoyed. Meanwhile, in his room, Francisco reads a message on TV and it’s a threat to his Babas’ life. He tries to find out how it got there but no one can help him. In the locker room, Francisco gets rid of the reporters and tells Barrabas that he can’t play or he’ll die. In fact, the entire team will die if he plays. He tells them about the threat. Andres says he won’t play if Barrabas won’t but Barrabas pulls out before the matter can get complicated.


In the first half, Andres scores an own goal. The match ends with the United States leading 2—1. He locks himself up, unwilling to speak to anyone, but the coach comforts him. At a press conference later, Andres admits his mistake and promises to do better. They defeat the next game but they didn’t score enough goals to remain at the tournament. They get knocked out of the world cup. Francisco advices them to not return to Columbia soon until the heat dies down. Andres’ family tells him to stay back and travel around with them. They assure him that the failure of the team was not his fault. Andres says he has to go back to help Pamela with the wedding preparations and just show his face. He says he’ll take some interviews and bring Pamela back with him.


Some reporters interrupt them and take Andres away for an interview. On his way from the airport, the taxi driver reassures Andres that he’s amazing and advices him not to pay attention to anything negative thing people say. Andres appreciates him for his kind words. He is back home with Pamela and making some dinner for them. Pamela says she didn’t know he knew how to cook and they laugh over it. Pamela scolds him for not picking up the phone when he was away but he says he didn’t want to anyone after the match. They quarrel over it but Andres assures her that she wouldn’t have understood. It was better be was alone right after the match. Later that evening, Andres confides in René and the latter assured him that he understands his situation better than anyone else.


Andres hangs out with friends at a bar that night. He gets into some arguement with some drunk men on his way out to get hotdogs. The men keep taunting him about his mistake on the pitch. Andres makes it out of the bar with Natalia and gets into the car. The men show up again and start an arguement. They want Andres to step out of the car and he refuses. They keep going back and forth until one of them pulls out a gun and shoots Andres. We’re shown the same scene from the beginning where the woman who picks up a call and starts crying, is Andres’ sister. Pamela gets the call too, so does Francisco, Leonor, and René. Andres Escobar is dead. We’re also shown the interview he had earlier before he returned to Columbia. We’re shown a list of all Columbian players who died at that time. The movie is dedicated to them.

The Final Score.

The Final Score | November 2, 2022 (United States) Summary:
Countries: ColombiaLanguages: Spanish
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