A Beautiful Woman Suffers from Hallucinations After Marrying Her Dead Friend’s Husband.


Stephanie is making a video on her channel. The content of the video is about a special food recipe that her followers ask for her. Stephanie starts the video while telling her followers the story of her best friend Emily. Emily has been missing for five days. No one knows where she is. Stephanie says that she will help the police with whatever she can to find her friend Emily. So, Stephanie is touched when she tells Emily’s story to the followers.  


Stephanie tells that one day she was in a nursery with her son Miles. her son had a new friend called Nicky. then Nicky asked her to go with them to their house to play with Miles. and then Emily Nicky’s mother came to take him. But Nicky asked her to go with Miles to his house. But Emily refused, so Nicky insisted on her and Stephanie agreed. So, all went to Emily’s house, it was a very big and beautiful house. There Emily and Stephanie got close to each other.  


Stephanie told Emily her story that she became a widow after her husband died with her brother by car accident. then Stephanie benefited from her husband’s insurance policy money. Stephanie told Emily that she saved half of the policy money for her son’s school. The other half she spent on her and her son. Then, Emily told Stephanie about her life that she works as a public relations manager for a big brand. She is married to a man called Sean. He is a professor of English at the university, and a former author.  


Emily said that her husband Sean had a bad luck, because he didn’t write anything for ten years. this is after his last book, which didn’t earn a great revenue at all. From this moment Sean has been working at the university, but his salary isn’t enough for them. The next day, they were on the garden with their kids. Stephanie took a picture for Miles and Nicky for school yearbook. but Emily told her to remove the picture immediately. Stephanie was surprised, but she did what she wanted without asking her about the reason as well. And then they all went back to Emily’s house. Then Stephanie gave Emily a bracelet as a gift 


Since then, Emily and Stephanie become very close to each other. So, Stephanie told Emily a secret of hers that no one knows. this secret is that after the death of her father, she discovered that she had a brother from another mother. Her brother lived with her for a period of time. but her husband got annoyed of him because he lived in the same house. at that time Stephanie fought with her husband and told him not to talk about it again. then her husband drove his car and his brother rode to be with him while driving a car. Then, Stephanie got the news of their death by the accident. since that day, Stephanie feels guilty, feeling that she is the reason for the death of her husband and her brother. then Emily consoled Stephanie and told her that this was their fate. and asked her to forget the details of incident.  

And asked her to care of her son, Miles. The next day, Emily called Stephanie, asking her to take her son Nicky from school, because she had much work. and her husband, Sean, traveled to London to check on his mother. so Stephanie agreed and told her that she would take care of Nicky. and after two days, Emily didn’t come back to take her son. Stephanie called Emily to check on her, but her phone was out of service. So, Stephanie called Emily’s job and knew from them that Emily had traveled to Miami on an important job. and no one knew anything about this job except for her.  


So, Stephanie called the school. she took a number phone of Sean to call him and knew him what happened. The next day, Sean met Stephanie, and he was not surprised that Emily left Nicky with her. He told her that Emily always left Nicky with her friends. Because she always disappeared for a few days and then appeared again. but three days passed, Emily did not appear. so Sean and Stephanie decided to call the police to report on Emily’s disappearance. 


 The police officers asked Sean about Emily’s family. Sean told them that Emily had no family because her mother and father died when she was a teenager. At that time, the police officers said that they were going to start looking for Emily. and asked Sean not to traveling during this period. because they might need more information from him.  


After one day, there was no new news about Emily. Stephanie was worried about her friend and decided to travel to New York asking about Emily at her company headquarters. There, Stephanie met the company’s manager and knew from him that when Emily traveled, she didn’t say anything to anyone. because Emily was responsible for solving problems with clients.  


The manager of the company didn’t care by any details about the dates and places of Emily’s travel. But he only cared that Emily solved the problem. Stephanie couldn’t know any information about her friend. At that time, Stephanie decided to enter Emily’s office without anyone seeing her. Stephanie kept looking around the office for anything that might lead her to the disappearance. While she was searching, she saw a picture of Emily. and it was clear that she was very depressed. under the picture was written “hope and faith”. So, she took the picture and left the company. 


Then, Stephanie gave Emily’s picture to people everywhere, hoping that anyone would know something about her. One day, Stephanie was at Emily’s house. And a Sergeant named Molloy told Sean that Emily’s name wasn’t on any flight to Miami. 


Molloy said that Emily hired a car from the airport on the day she traveled. and Stephanie ends her video and informs the followers of all the details about the car of Emily. and asks them that anyone who knows anything about the car, inform her immediately. The next day, Stephanie finds one of her followers sending her a message.  


She says that she saw Emily, while she was driving a car in Michigan. so Stephanie tells Sean about the message. and asks him if Emily has friends or family in Michigan. Sean tells her that Emily has no one there. while they are talking, the police call Sean. He knows from them that they found Emily’s body drowned in a lake in Michigan. and after a few days, Emily’s funeral takes place, and Sean is very upset and is affected by this. so Stephanie decides that she goes to stay with him in his house to console him and takes care of him and his son Nicky.  


The next day, Sergeant Molloy comes at Sean’s house. and Stephanie knows from Molloy that Emily’s autopsy showed that Emily was an alcoholic and she took heroin injections. Here, Stephanie is surprised by Molloy’s words, and tells him that she hasn’t seen any signs of addiction on Emily. However, Emily goes bankrupt, due to her husband’s failure in his job. and that he couldn’t find another source of income to improve their financial condition. Here, Stephanie knows from Molloy that Sean bought an insurance policy on Emily’s life with $4,000,000. 


And this happened only a few days before Emily disappeared. Stephanie knows from Molloy that he is suspicious of Sean. and asks Stephanie if she knows any information to call him at the time. and then Stephanie goes to the college where Sean works. she sees that he deals with one of the students in a flirting way. Stephanie begins to suspect that Sean is the reason for his wife’s death. When Sean returns to house, Stephanie asks him about the insurance policy. he tells her that this was Emily’s idea in the first place for his son’s future.  


Sean tells her that Emily did this when she knows from Stephanie that she spent from her husband’s insurance policy, who died. Sean admits to Stephanie that he knows that Emily after he married her because she stole Sean’s mother’s ring while they were visiting her in London. Sean surprised that Emily stole when they were coming back on the plane. Since then, Sean doesn’t trust Emily anymore. But he was living with her to be close of his son. After that, Sean convinces Stephanie to get married and live together to raise their children together. this is because he loves her and wants to live with her forever. 

Stephanie agrees, because she really loves Sean. She goes to bedroom to take off Emily’s clothes of the closet. And then she goes to her house and brings her clothes back to Emily’s house. Stephanie is shocked when she sees that Emily’s clothes in the closet again. She knows that Emily’s spirit doesn’t agree with what is happening. and at night Stephanie sleeps Nicky in his bed. And terrifies when she finds the bracelet that she gave to Emily beside Nicky’s bed. and the next day Stephanie comes back from school with the children. 


Then, Nicky gives her a letter and tells her that his mother gave him this at school to hand over to Stephanie. Stephanie takes the letter from Nicky. she opens up and gets terrified when she finds her picture with her dead husband and brother. when she comes back to the house, she finds her phone ringing. It’s Emily and tells Stephanie that she watches her from heaven. Emily asks Stephanie to thank Sean 4,000,000. So Stephanie tells Sean quickly what happened. he tells her that all these are hallucination. and asks her to take a sedative to calm her nerves.   


So, Stephanie returns home and decides to search for Emily’s life history. Stephanie thinks that there is a painting of Emily with the name of the printer that Emily tells her that she drew it. so Stephanie searches for this artist until she reaches her. but Stephanie is surprised that this artist tells her that the owner of the picture is called Claudia, not Emily. or that is the name She knew herself. Stephanie knows that Emily was a friend of this artist. but Emily ruined her life. because Emily stole all the artist’s money that she was going to pay for her studies at the College of Art. and that instead of being a famous painter as she dreamed of, she becomes an obscure tattoo artist. And no one knows anything about her.   


And she shows her T-shirt that Emily gave her as a gift. It’s for a camp in Michigan. and then Stephanie goes to the camp where Emily was. there Stephanie meets two of the employees and tells them that she is looking for one of her relatives. and tells them that her relative was in the camp but from a long time ago. they enter her the place where the photo albums of all those who were in the camp from a long time ago. and there Stephanie sees a picture of two twin girls who looked like Emily. 

Stephanie is looking for someone from the two girls’ family. Until she can reach their home address. So Stephanie goes this home and meets a woman named Margaret. Stephanie knows that Margaret is suffered from amnesia. so Stephanie shows her a picture of Emily. Margaret recognizes her all along and tells her that this is her daughter. and that she and her sister are twins. When they were 16 years old. they had fought with their father, and there were always problems between them. 

 Then, they burned the eastern wing of their house while their father was inside. And since that day, Emily and her sister were disappeared.  


No one knows anything about them until now. Then Stephanie makes a video on her channel. She tells Emily that she knows information about her. She says some of this information in the video. so that, Emily understands that Stephanie knows that she is still alive. At that moment, Sean is at the restaurant, Emily comes undercover. Sean asks her why she faked her death. especially since they didn’t agree to make an insurance policy. So, she tells him that she did all this to benefit from the money. She had no other choice to save herself from bankruptcy. And provide a good future for her son. 


Suddenly, Emily takes out her gun and threatens Sean. and tells him that if he talks to Stephanie or calls the police, she will kill him. Sean returns to the house, and he meets Stephanie with an employee from the insurance company. he knows that Emily has a twin sister. And she might be the one who died. and Emily is still alive. So, the employee doesn’t pay the insurance policy. Stephanie makes a video on her channel about a recipe for her friend Emily’s favorite drink. 


Stephanie says that she drinks this at her friend’s grave. So, Emily receives the message. The next day, Stephanie meets Emily at the grave. Emily tells Stephanie her story and tells her that she and her twin sister were suffering from their father’s cruel. that’s why they decided to get rid of him. she and her sister ran away from the house. and agreed that each of them would go to live in a state far from the other. since then Emily and her sister used to meet every once in a while. They meet in the hut where they used to hide when they were young to check on each other. Emily says that she went to the hut more than once. and she waited for her sister. but her sister disappeared completely and she never saw her again.  

  After 15 years, Emily’s twin sister appeared again and sent a letter to Emily, asking to meet her at the hut. Emily was surprised that her sister became addicted. she had spent all her money on drugs. Emily tells that her twin sister asked her for $1,000,000. Her twin sister threatened her that if she didn’t get the money, she would confess to the police the crime they had committed a long time ago. Emily decided to drown her sister in the lake. Emily says that she decided to take advantage of her sister’s death. and takes out an insurance policy on her life and her son Nicky. by the way Sean knew everything Emily would do. 


Emily plays a record of Sean’s voice when he was with her in the café. Stephanie hears when he told Emily that he doesn’t like Stephanie. and he’s deceiving her to take care of his son Nicky. So, Stephanie tells her that she informed the insurance company of everything she knew. the insurance company asked the police to reinvestigate the case again. then Emily hurts herself and goes to the police. she tells them that her husband Sean who made her fake her death. 

The police arrest Sean, but he can get out on bail. Sean returns home, and Emily waits him. he fights with her because of what she did to him. so Emily tells him that she still loves him. that is why he is still alive. she tells him that she forgives him of his marriage with Stephanie. Suddenly, they find Stephanie entering them. she has a gun with her. Stephanie threatens them because the two of them deceived her. She accuses Sean of treason because he cheated on her, as if he loves her. Suddenly, she shots a fire and hits Sean. So, Stephanie is shocked and runs to save him. 


  But Stephanie is surprised that Emily tells them that the jig is up. And she knows that they put microphones in the house to let her confess that she killed her father and her twin sister. but she took off all the microphones. and then Emily shoots a fire at Sean. and threatens Stephanie with the gun. But Emily is surprised that Stephanie tells her that everything that is happening is on live on her channel. She shows her the small camera that she put in her clothes. so Emily runs and goes out of the house and tries to escape. but while she is running, a car hits her. Emily falls on the ground. But she is still alive and the police comes. they arrest her and sentence her to 20 years in prison. 

A Simple Favor.

A Simple Favor | September 14, 2018 (United States) Summary: Stephanie is a single mother with a parenting vlog who befriends Emily, a secretive upper-class woman who has a child at the same elementary school. When Emily goes missing, Stephanie takes ... Read all
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