Women Fight Back Against Those Who Could Take Everything From Them.

Gunpowder Milkshake.

Gunpowder Milkshake | July 14, 2021 (United States) Summary:
Countries: France, Germany, United StatesLanguages: English, Russian


The film opens with an assassin, named Sam saying that  she works for a shady organization called,The Firm

She is seen going up against a whole gang of men all by herself before returning to her apartment injured

She is contacted by her handler Nathan, who asks to see her at the diner

one that she has been going to for years

A flashback from 15 years earlier shows that she waiting for her mother Scarlet for three hours to pick her up

When Scarlet arrives, she apologizes to her daughter and they share a milkshake after Sam gives her a gun stashed in a book

Moments later, she hides because a gang of Russian goons come for her

The leader approaches Sam and threateningly asks her for her mom

then, Scarlet comes out and executes all the men in the diner, before having to flee the place

Sam tries to run after her, but Nathan grabs Sam

while Scarlet tearfully looks back and drives away

Nathan shows up to meet Sam, chastising her for making a mess of a job, despite him having told her she would only have to deal without about four or five guys, and not the whole gang that went after her

He gives Sam her next assignment, which is to retrieve money from a man that has stolen from The Firm

At the scene of Sam’s last hit is Jim, leader of an Irish gang

Apparently, his son was among the casualties of Sam’s job, and he orders his nephew Virgil to find those responsible for the death

Sam visits a library that is a front for an organization of assassins that Scarlet used to be part of

She meets Madeleine, Florence, and Anna May

They don’t fully recognize Sam, until she tells them she is Scarlet’s daughter

They take her old weapons, some of which she stole from there, and they give her clean guns stowed away in classic novels

Sam goes to the man’s apartment and finds the money in a panda-shaped suitcase

a man called David finds her, but Sam aims her gun at him

His phone starts ringing and he insists he has to take it, but Sam tells him not to move

David goes for the phone and in the struggle, Sam accidentally shoots David in the stomach

He still manages to answer the phone, revealing that some men have kidnapped his daughter Emily and the money was for her safe return

David pleads with Sam to give the money just for Emily’s safety

Sam takes pity on him and brings him to a special hospital for assassins to try and patch David up, while she completes his task

Sam heads to the bowling alley where David was instructed to go

Nathan calls her and she tells him that she is going to save Emily

He orders her against it and to bring the money back to The Firm, but she disobeys him

then, Nathan sends his three goons, to go after Sam but to not harm her

she arrives at the bowling alley and follows the instructions of the leader

after she changes clothes per his demands, the goons show up and order Sam to give them the money

Sam once again refuses and starts to fight, which the kidnappers witness

They begin to get rougher with her, but Sam incapacitates all of them before getting the money back

Sam meets the kidnappers at a video store, where they give her Emily in return for the money

After making sure Emily is safe, Sam goes after the kidnappers

when one of the men turns on his crew and shoots the driver in the head

The car crashes and another one dies before the traitor tries to escape

The leader goes after him and shoots the traitor just as he pulls out a grenade, blowing up himself AND the money

after he tries to shoot her

she kills him with the broken end of a mop

Sam brings Emily to the hospital where they find that David has died

meanwhile, The men show up at the hospital, high off laughing

and the doctor tells them that Sam is there at the hospital

and they can use a paralyzing serum for her

then, they can beat and kill her

The doctor injects her in the arm but is pushed out of the room

she can’t move her arms, then she tells Emily what to do

The girl tapes a gun and knife to Sam’s hands

while she has use of her fingers and proceeds to take on the men

she shoots them and starts to fight with the knife until she throws the giant tooth at one’s head

she managed to kill all

and they take the elevator down

where Sam prepares to execute the doctor, but at Emily’s behest

she changes her mind and reminds the doctor that a child helped spare his life

Sam and Emily make their way to the parking lot where Sam gives Emily a driving lesson

some of the goons come for them

In order to spare Emily from the sight of violence, Sam has her close her eyes as she guides her through the parking lot to avoid the goons after them

the two manage to impale several thugs before making their escape

Sam brings Emily back to her apartment, only to be found by Scarlet

The two have a tense reunion, where Scarlet has to explain that she had to go on the run, after she killed the man responsible for the death of Sam’s father

because he worked with The Firm and it made Scarlet a wanted woman, so she had to leave Sam behind for her protection

Soon, more goons come hunting for the women, so Scarlet manages to find a way for their to escape

The trio head to the library where they reunite with Scarlet’s old assassin sisters

Although Madeleine and Florence are happy to see Scarlet again

Anna is none too happy due to her disappearing without so much as a heads-up

The thugs led by Virgil arrive at the library for a showdown

Emily wants to stay to help Sam, seeing herself as Sam’s apprentice

but in order to get Emily out of there, Sam confesses to her that she was assigned to kill Emily’s father and that she carried it out

The thugs break through the library while Sam and Scarlet stay behind for a shootout

Madeleine keeps Emily safe in a van while she and Florence get in on the action

The ladies battle the thugs and execute most of them, while Virgil battles Madeleine with her sledgehammer

After a lengthy fight with the ladies coming out victorious, they find Madeleine mortally wounded, telling them that Virgil kidnapped Emily

She dies alongside her sisters

after that, Sam goes after Emily alone

and Scarlet says it is too unsafe to do so

she meets Jim and his goons at the diner to get Emily back

he tells Sam how he was so proud to have a son after having many daughters, so it is extra personal to him that she killed his son

She is genuinely remorseful for having done so, and accepts whatever torture Jim plans to inflict upon her

She is saved when Scarlet, Florence and Anna come by to protect her

Sam gets Emily out of the diner, and although the men are instructed to stand down, Jim attempts to attack first with a knife, only to get a bullet to the head courtesy of Scarlet

they proceed to gun down Virgil and the rest of the men

Sam brings Emily to a hideout off the grid for protection

She has a nightmare that Emily kills her in retribution for her father’s death, so she tells her she is sorry for what happened with her father

and Emily forgives her because Sam still tried to save him

In the aftermath, Sam has Emily go to Nathan’s house posing as a girl scout to send a warning to him

Knowing that The Firm wants to kill them, she uses a sniper rifle to get Nathan to send a warning to The Firm, stating that Sam, Scarlet and the other Librarians have what it takes to kill all of them without any of them seeing it coming, and Nathan gets the message

The film closes with the women and Emily driving away to an unknown destination, but freer and closer than ever.

Gunpowder Milkshake.

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