Weak Boy Finds a Modern Robot in the Garbage but They Team Up to Stop the Bullies.


Allan is a genius scientist and he’s watching a testing session of his latest robot invention called Robosapien. It is a search and rescue robot created by him for a company named KineTech.


We then see a man named Porter who is the CEO of the company. The testing session is to show off what the robot can do to Admiral Victor of the U.S. Coast Guard, who they expect to buy it.


After Robo successfully completes the test, Admiral Victor commends Allan for such a genius creation. Porter then asks the Admiral what is next regarding the plan to buy the robot. Victor says he’s going to need to talk to the top officials first, but he expects that they’ll buy the robot soon.


But Porter seems to be interested in selling it immediately, so he asks the Admiral how long it will take before they hear from him with an offer. Victor says it shouldn’t be more than six months.


That since he was really impressed, they can be sure he’ll come back to buy it. Porter doesn’t look pleased with this as Admiral Victor leaves, but Allan doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. 


Elsewhere, a boy Henry is trying to shut down his many interesting inventions in his room, before he heads to school. His mom, Joanna, and his sister, Meagan, are hurrying him downstairs to have his breakfast, but Henry takes his time.


After he’s through, he heads down with some of his equipment, which he says is for the science fair in his school. Joanna cannot believe she has forgotten about it, and she says sorry to Henry, saying she won’t be able to make it.


She tries to get Meagan to represent her at the science fair, but Meagan is not interested, as she thinks Henry’s inventions aren’t good enough.


As the family leave their house after breakfast, Joanna complains about how their house looks, with the compound looking dirty and dead plants also around. Meagan doesn’t see this as a problem, as she thinks there’s nothing to do to save the plants. They then get into the car and drop off Henry at his school.


At KineTech, Robo is talking to Allan about how he looks very tired. He offers to get Allan a cup of coffee and Allan agrees. On its way out, Robo starts talking about how Allan needs to get married, because married men live longer than single men.


As Robo leaves the room, Porter comes in to get updates on Robo’s development. Allan is excited to talk about this, and he tells Porter that Robo has exceeded their expectations, with the robot now on course to learn how to feel. Porter shouts at Allan, telling him Robo is a robot and it’s not supposed to feel anything. 


Allan tries to convince Porter to also get excited about the possibility of Robo having feelings, but Porter says he’ll talk to him later.


Not long after, he gets into a room with a man named Mr. Esperenza. Porter shows off a promotional video of Robo to him, and he looks impressed. Suddenly, the two men start talking about the possibility of Robo becoming a search and destroy robot.


Mr. Esperenza seems more interested in a robot that can drop off a nuclear bomb or cause an explosion. Porter doesn’t seem to mind as he really wants to sell the robot, and he even offers to show him a demo. 


Meanwhile, Robo is now talking to the receptionist and giving her compliments, which he says are from Allan. Robo is doing a very good job, as the receptionist also enjoys the compliments and starts thinking of meeting Allan for a date. 


At the demo, Porter gets another Robo variant with red eyes to show Esperenza what the robot can really do. As Porter talks about this variant being their first waterproof robot, Esperenza doesn’t care, and tells Porter to stop talking and just continue with the demonstration.


Porter starts the robot’s operation, and it turns out successful as the robot is able to plant a bomb and blow off a ship. Esperenza looks happy with what he has seen, and tells Porter that he needs 100 variants of the robot. He also agrees to pay a really huge sum of money that makes Porter happy. 


However, Allan doesn’t look happy as he doesn’t understand what just happened. As he gets to the scene, he asks Porter if everything is alright. Porter says there’s nothing wrong, and he takes advantage of that to introduce Allan to Esperenza.


Hearing that Allan is the genius behind Robo, Esperenza greets Allan and congratulates him for making a really nice weapon. 


But Allan is confused, and he goes to meet Porter about how Esperenza referred to Robo as a weapon. Porter doesn’t seem bothered by it, and he also tells Allan that it’s a machine and that’s what it’s meant to do.


Allan continues arguing his point and says Robo can be a really good robot, but Porter says he’s tired of arguing, so he fires Allan. 


He asks the security guards to escort Allan out of the building, but Allan says he wants to pack up his things first. As he gets to his office, Allan manages to delete all the files relating to Robo’s development from his computer. 


He also packs some things, and is about to leave when he realizes that he needs to also take Robo with him. 


Allan pushes the guards with his box to slow them down, before running to get Robo, who is still planning a date for Allan with the receptionist. He picks up Robo and together, they head out, though the robot keeps asking questions about why they’re running away. Later on, when the guards don’t find Allan or the robot, Porter shouts at them to continue looking. 


At school, Henry gets bullied by a kid named Warren, but luckily, the teacher sees what happened and disqualifies Warren from the science fair. She then takes a good look at Henry’s interesting invention.


That night on his way home, Henry is with the first prize trophy. However, Warren still doesn’t leave Henry alone. As Warren and his friend try to snatch the trophy away from Henry, it mistakenly hits Warren in the face, and falls to the ground.


Seeing that he’s in danger of getting beat up, Henry leaves his trophy behind and runs. But Warren breaks the trophy and then starts running after Henry. 


Meanwhile, Allan arrives at his house with Robo. As he still seems to be really scared, Robo asks if anything is wrong. Allan says they’re in danger, and he goes on to ask Robo to scan his ID. After the robot does that, Allan tells Robo to run away anytime it sees the KineTech logo. 


Just then, the guards from KineTech start banging on the door to Allan’s room. Robo scans through and sees that they’re people from KineTech.


The robot asks Allan if it means they have to run, and Allan tells Robo to run to the roof. Robo is hesitant, but Allan says he has turned on a special GPS tracker that the robot has, and if they get separated, he’ll still be able to find it.  


With this, Robo starts running to the roof. The guards soon enter Allan’s room and see that Robo has gone to the roof. They run to the roof as well, and there, they start shooting laser beams at the robot.


Robo avoids most of their shots, but just as it’s close to the edge of the building, it gets shot and falls into a dumpster. The guards see this and then start heading down too. 


Coincidentally, Henry is still running away from Warren. He sees a dumpster and hides inside. Warren and his friend are unable to find Henry, so they run away. Henry is relieved and just as he plans to head out, he sees some really sophisticated equipment, which happens to be Robo’s body parts. 


As he packs it up, Robo’s head turns up in front of him and calls for help. Henry is scared, but the robot shuts down after experiencing a bit of malfunctioning. Henry is then able to pack up Robo and its parts, and head home. 


When the guards get down, they’re unable to find Robo. Shortly after, they decide to spread out because they believe the robot shouldn’t have gone far. 


Henry sneaks into the house with Robo in his bag. Before he can start working on fixing the robot, Joanna comes in and is happy to see that Henry won first place at the science fair.


She tells him she’s proud of him and as soon as she leaves his room, Henry starts working on Robo. He’s able to get it to start working, but the robot still malfunctions and scatters the room. Thinking there’s a burglar in the house, Joanna and Meagan come into Henry’s room with sticks, but Henry manages to hide Robo so fast. 


Seeing as his room looks untidy and scattered, Joanna asks what happened, and Henry says he had a really long day, so he was just throwing things around. Joanna doesn’t believe this, but as Henry continues to say he’s fine and nothing is wrong, she leaves with Meagan. Following that, Henry turns off Robo to avoid causing any more trouble. 


Allan is taken back to KineTech where Porter tells him that he needs to create a new Robo, so they can use it to program the ones Esperenza is buying. Allan says Robo is meant to be a search and rescue robot, but Porter says the only way they’ll get it sold is if it becomes a search and destroy robot.


Since Allan has deleted all the files, and Robo is nowhere to be found, Porter tells Allan that developing another one is very important for the company. 


He tells Allan that since Robo is like a child to Allan, he can create two and go away with one. Allan says he’ll never create any Robots, because he knows they’ll use them for the wrong things.


Before Allan is allowed to leave, Porter makes one last attempt to convince him to create another robot, because Esperenza is a dangerous man and he’ll go after Allan. 


But Allan doesn’t seem to care, and he leaves. Porter then instructs one of the guards to ensure they have their eyes on him, because he knows Allan will eventually find Robo. 


When Allan gets home, he starts looking for Robo through the special GPS, but he’s unable to get any information on where the robot could be.


Meanwhile, Henry turns Robo on again, and this time, the robot is stable. Henry is happy about this, and he introduces himself and also tells Robo that they’re in his house.


But Robo doesn’t remember its name, so Henry names it Cody. When Henry asks where the Robot came from, it only says that it’s a search and rescue robot, and it has lost its memory and can’t remember anything else. 


Henry and Cody play together, and it’s so loud that Meagan has to tell Henry to stop shouting. Cody asks several questions about Meagan, and Henry says she’s his sister, who is always angry, mostly because their mom hasn’t bought her a car.


When the questions keep coming, Henry just tells Cody that he needs to sleep. He also tells Cody to use the solar panel to get charged. However, Cody spends the entire night watching videos on YouTube. 


The next morning, Henry is about to leave for school, but Cody insists that he follows. Henry doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but when Cody keeps asking, he agrees, though he tells Cody to follow his lead. 


Henry is able to successfully get Cody to school, and while in class, Cody tries to come out of Henry’s bag, but Henry stops the robot.


The teacher starts asking the students some questions, and after Henry answers one correctly, he gets a follow-up question. Out of nowhere, Cody jumps out and answers the question.


This leaves all the students and even the teacher shocked. When some students ask Henry to show them what else Cody can do, the robot goes to the front of the class and entertains them with some dance moves. 


After class that day, Henry and Cody become so popular as they walk down the hallway. Henry stops at his locker, but as he picks up his things, his attention gets drawn to a girl named Jenna.


Cody senses that Henry has a crush on her, and even though Henry initially denies it, he later agrees. Henry says he has been trying to talk to her for a while, but he struggles because he doesn’t know what to say. 


Cody tells Henry that he can teach him what to say when he’s with Jenna. He gives Henry a Bluetooth earpiece, and Henry then heads over to meet Jenna after school, with Cody hiding in a post box next to them. 


The conversation starts really well, as Cody teaches Henry a poem that Jenna likes. However, things soon go south when Cody starts to read a random advert in the magazine, he’s getting tips from. Jenna eventually has to leave, and Henry believes he has missed yet another chance to talk to her, and asks her to be his date for the spring dance. 


Later that night, Cody asks Henry if he can meet his family, but Henry just waves for the robot to leave him. Cody takes that as a yes, but as he goes around the house, he bumps into Meagan while she’s in the jacuzzi.


Meagan freaks out as she sees Cody, and the robot runs back into Henry’s room. Meagan is furious and she comes over to look for the robot. Joanna hears what’s happening and she also enters Henry’s room.


Before Henry can explain what’s going on, Cody comes out of hiding and introduces himself to Meagan and Joanna. 


They are shocked to see him, and Joanna asks where Henry saw Cody. Henry explains that he saw Cody in a dumpster, but Joanna doesn’t think anyone would just throw Cody away.


Henry begs Joanna to let him keep Cody, and just as she hesitates, Cody says she looks tired and starts giving her a massage. Joanna enjoys it, but Meagan only sees it as Cody trying to bribe their mom.


However, she changes her mind when Cody also starts giving her a massage too. With that, Henry is able to keep Cody. Together, they go out and have a lot of fun, with Henry telling Cody that it feels good to have someone to talk to. Cody also tells Henry that they make a good team. 


Elsewhere, Allan is still looking around for his robot without success. 


On the next day, Cody stays at home while the family goes out. The robot is able to use this free time to fix the house, and make it look much better. When the family returns, Meagan drives past the house, but Joanna helps her see that their house now looks different.


As they get out of the car, they can’t help but admire how beautiful the house now looks. Cody comes out of the house, and says he was the one who did everything. He, however, says that’s not all.


He brings out a car key and hands it over to Meagan, showing her that he also got a new car for her. Meagan’s car looks really good, and she takes it out for a spin immediately. 


As she’s driving, though, she notices that some of the cars in the neighborhood are missing their parts. 


The next day in school, Warren is about to bully Henry again, but Cody intervenes. He tells Warren to play a basketball game to settle whatever he’s got against Henry.


He says that if Warren wins, he can continue bullying Henry. But if Henry wins, Warren will stop the bullying. Henry is not so sure about the terms of the game, but Cody says he has it all covered. 


The game starts, and Warren and his friend take the lead and continue scoring. Just before they score the final point, Cody asks Henry to hit him with the basketball, so that he can get his aim right.


This works out fine and suddenly, Cody and Henry start winning. When it’s time for the last point, Cody asks Henry to take the shot, but he hesitates, saying he’s not that good at basketball. Cody says there’s a tracker on the ball and he’ll help Henry. 


With this, Henry throws the ball and scores the point. While everyone is cheering for him, Henry feels he doesn’t deserve it since he got help from the tracker on the ball. 


However, Cody tells him that there was no tracker on the ball, and he only said that to give Henry the courage to throw the ball. Henry is happy with this, and just as Cody goes to shake hands with Warren, he is kicked away. 


Henry immediately goes to check on Cody, but it appears that the robot has shut down. Warren comes closer to laugh at Henry, but is met with a strong punch from Henry, who thinks something bad has happened to Cody. Just then, Cody wakes up and remembers Allan, KineTech, and everything he had forgotten before. 


He tells Henry that they need to go and find Allan, and they both proceed to do that. As Cody gets closer to Allan’s house, Allan gets a notification from his GPS monitor that the robot is close. Allan and his beloved robot reunite, and Cody introduces Henry to Allan as his new friend.


Allan thanks Henry for taking care of the robot, after which Henry has to leave. Cody doesn’t understand this, as he tells Henry to stay back and let Allan also be his father. But Allan says it doesn’t work like that, and Henry then leaves while looking angry and sad. When he gets home and tells Joanna and Meagan that Cody has found his father, they also look sad. 


Meanwhile, Allan is happy to see Cody back, but when he calls him Robo, the robot tells him his new name is Cody. Seeing as Cody is also not feeling great, Allan decides to take him to see Henry.


Unknowingly though, he’s being followed by a KineTech’s security officer who was asked to tail him. 


As Allan gets to Henry’s house, Meagan answers the door but seems hostile, as she knows he’s the one who took Cody back. However, Allan brings Cody out of his bag and Meagan is excited to see the robot.


She calls Henry to come and see Cody, and he also looks excited. Cody says it was Allan’s idea to pay them a visit. Joanna also comes down with excitement and Cody introduces Allan to her. 


Interestingly, Meagan asks Allan if Cody has a mom. Allan is shocked with the question, but he says it’s just him. Then, Meagan tells Joanna to invite Allan to have breakfast with them. Joanna agrees, and after having a really nice breakfast, Joanna starts showing Allan pictures of Meagan and Henry when they were little kids.


Seeing as they’re connecting quite well, the kids decide to leave Joanna and Allan alone, so they can get to know each other more. Their plan is to get them to like each other, especially since Joanna has been lonely after their father left her. 


As the kids leave, Allan and Joanna also start getting closer. Meanwhile, as Cody leaves the house with Meagan and Henry, the KineTech officer alerts the others that he has seen the robot. While the kids are playing around with Cody, the robot sees KineTech’s logo on a car that drops off some operatives that intend to catch him. 


Instantly, he remembers what Allan told him and starts running away. When Meagan and Henry also figure out that the men are after Cody, they start running to help him. 


Unfortunately, Cody and Henry are trapped by the officers, but just before they can do anything, Cody picks up Henry and flies out, leaving the officers shocked. Cody flies around with Henry until they eventually meet Meagan.


Just as the kids decide to call Joanna to warn her that some people might be after Allan, Porter answers the call and tells the kids to bring Cody if they want to see their mom again. 


Cody tells them it’s not a problem, and he knows how to sneak in and rescue Joanna and Allan. They set their plan in motion, and Cody leads them to where Allan and Joanna are being held. As they wonder what they’ll do next, Allan secretly tells Cody something, and shortly after, Porter comes in.


He asks the guards to seize Cody, while they also keep Henry and Meagan from doing anything. Cody is then taken to where he’ll be used to program the other variants that will be used for Esperenza’s search and destroy program. 


Esperenza is also present there, but as Porter gives the instructions to Cody to reprogram the others, Cody instead programs the robots to start fighting each other. 


Porter immediately asks that Allan and Henry are brought to see him, but before they’re taken away from where they’re being held, Allan tells Joanna that they need to call Admiral Victor from the U.S coast guard. 


When Allan and Henry are taken away, Joanna and Meagan manage to trick a guard into giving them his phone. After they get his phone, they lock the door, and the guard realizes his mistake. 


Elsewhere, Porter tells Allan and Henry to get Cody to do the right thing, but they say that Cody can’t be used for evil.


Esperenza runs out of patience and threatens to shoot Henry. However, Cody covers Henry and gets shot instead. Immediately, Admiral Victor arrives and instructs his men to arrest Esperenza and Porter. 


Allan and Henry struggle to get Cody to wake up, even after trying everything. As they give up, thinking the robot is gone, Cody wakes up and this makes everyone happy. 


The next day at the spring dance, Allan and Joanna are now together, and she congratulates him on getting appointed as the CEO of KineTech. After that, Allan asks Joanna to dance with him and she agrees. 


Elsewhere, Cody also helps Henry get to dance with Jenna. 


However, Cody soon steals the show with his dance moves, that keep everyone watching. 

Cody the Robosapien.

Cody the Robosapien | May 28, 2013 (United States) Summary: A robot boy and a human boy team up to save their respective parents, who are being held captive by the organization that funded the robot's creator.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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