Beautiful Princess Escapes From a Magical World to the Human World Through a Sanitary Sewer.



After Giselle is sent out of her beloved magical fairytale land called Andalasia by a wicked queen, she lands in New York City. The city also starts to feel like a perfect place for her, as she gets married to Robert, who already has a child named Morgan. 


Years later, Robert and Giselle give birth to a baby named Sofia. Suddenly, things start to change, and the once-perfect city starts to feel overwhelming for the family.


After thinking she had her happily ever, after moment when she got married to Robert, Giselle now wants a new happily ever after. Wondering where her next adventure will be, she gets a sign from a signboard that has a picture of a town named Monroeville. 


Giselle takes one last look at New York, before she and her family move to Monroeville, where she searches for her new happily ever after.


After a while looking around, she decides to go down to join Robert in packing their things. Before Giselle gets down, Robert is doing all the packing by himself. He calls on Morgan to help, but she’s not really interested in moving to the suburbs and leaving New York.


Robert tries to convince her that moving to the suburbs is not as bad as she thinks, but she still insists she doesn’t like the move. 


Shortly after, Giselle shows up and asks if Morgan is excited about moving. Morgan continues to repeat that she’s not okay with it, and it doesn’t suit her. However, Giselle tells Morgan that Monroeville will be a perfect place for them.


But Morgan tells Giselle that nothing will convince her that moving away from New York is a good idea, so they just need to get going. 


As Morgan goes into the car, Giselle looks worried, but Robert tells her that it’s normal for Morgan to feel that way, because she’s a teenager. He also says that he’s sure they’re moving to a perfect place. 


The couple then admire their old house before getting into their car and heading toward Monroeville. After a while, they arrive at their new town, and Morgan doesn’t seem to like how the house looks.


Robert says they arrived earlier than expected, and that’s why there’s still a need to do some cleaning. They go into the house, and again, Morgan can’t stop complaining. 


However, Giselle tells her that she knows what it feels like to move to a new place, and that even though it will be hard at first, Morgan just needs to look in the right direction to be happy. 


As Morgan still doesn’t look pleased, Giselle starts singing and taking her around the house, to show her that there’s a possibility to enjoy herself.


After that, Robert and Giselle show Morgan to her room. She is beyond shocked to see how it looks, and for the first time, Morgan seems really happy with what she sees. She also takes a look at her memory tree on the wall.


The memory tree is a chart with pictures of some of the most important moments of her life so far, and Giselle made it for her. 


After admiring the room and also thanking Giselle for her efforts in helping to design it, Morgan decides to turn on the lights. It, however, leads to an electrical fault that eventually causes a fire that burns all of Morgan’s clothes.


Morgan is unhappy with this, and as Giselle tries to talk about a solution, they hear they have visitors downstairs.


When the family gets downstairs, they meet Malvina and her two minions, Rosaleen and Ruby. They come with gifts to welcome the new family into their neighborhood. 


Malvina tells Giselle that she shouldn’t hesitate to ask if she ever needs anything. Rosaleen and Ruby also tell Giselle that Malvina is like the queen of Monroeville.


Giselle says it’s good that the town sees Malvina as a queen, because she thinks all towns should have a queen. 


The next morning, things don’t seem to be going well for Giselle, who struggles to prepare breakfast, and also take care of Sofia. Robert and Morgan soon join her in the kitchen, and what was already a chaotic morning gets worse when Robert and Morgan bump into each other, and Morgan’s only outfit that didn’t get burnt is stained.


Morgan is unhappy with this, and as Giselle and Robert try to control the situation, they hear a loud noise from their backyard. 


It appears to be coming from a well in their backyard, with a shiny liquid gushing out of it. Nancy and Edward show up through the well, and Giselle and her family are happy to see them.


Edward and Nancy are Giselle’s friends from Andalasia, who also happen to be the King and Queen, and they created a portal through the well to come and greet the family. 


While Nancy, Giselle, and Morgan go into the house, Edward discusses how dull the new house looks with Robert. As they continue talking, he hands over his sword to Robert, who is on his way to work. Initially, Robert doesn’t want to accept it, but when Edward insists, he takes it with him. 


Shortly after, Edward goes into the house, and together, he and Nancy present a gift to Giselle for Sofia’s birthday. The present is an Andalasian wishing wand, which they say can be used to ask for anything.


They also mention that it can only be used by a true daughter of Andalasia. As Morgan hears this, she takes it as an opportunity to leave the room to change her clothes, Giselle tells her to check her closet for options, and Morgan says she will. 


Giselle looks worried because she isn’t connecting well with Morgan, but Nancy tells her it’s just how teenagers are. Giselle then says that she feels this present world is so different for her, compared to Andalasia where the hardest thing to do is finding her happily ever after.


Just as Nancy tells her that the present world isn’t that bad, Edward tells Giselle that if she doesn’t like the world, she’s in, then she can change it. 


Nancy says it’s not as easy as he makes it sound, but Edward says if anyone can make the most out of a world like that, then it’s Giselle. 


Shortly after, Giselle walks with Morgan to her new school. On their way there, they see Malvina, Rosaleen, and Ruby under a tent giving out cupcakes. Malvina says she’s doing that to help her son, Tyson, get votes to be crowned the prince of a festival happening in the town.


Malvina invites Giselle to the festival, and Giselle offers to help in any way she can because she loves festivals. Morgan also puts in a word for Giselle, saying she could be really helpful for them. Just then, the school bell rings, and Morgan has to leave the women. 


Malvina then tells Giselle that she’d like to buy her a cup of coffee, and get to know more about her. 


In school, Morgan bumps into Tyson, and he seems to already know her, as the new girl from New York. She also jokes about how his mom is making cupcakes to get him votes. They both laugh about it and soon have to go their separate ways, with some girls making fun of Morgan’s clothes, which she had taken from Giselle’s closet. 


At the coffee shop, Malvina tells Giselle that in Monroeville, they see themselves as one big family, and there’s something for everyone as long as they look for it. She also says Monroeville can be anything Giselle wishes to be, and Giselle agrees with this. 


Later that day, Morgan returns from school looking unhappy. Giselle tries to cheer her up, but Morgan doesn’t seem to be in the mood.


When Giselle asks what happened, Morgan says everyone laughed at her clothes, and no one spoke to her in class. Morgan complains that she knew Monroeville was never for her, but Giselle continues to sound optimistic that Morgan should try to fit in.


She also offers to help Morgan find out where she’ll fit in, but Morgan says she’ll do that herself. As Giselle leaves Morgan’s room with her memory tree, which she wants to fix, she comes up with an idea, as soon as she sees the flier about the town’s upcoming festival. 


The next morning, Giselle leaves a note for Morgan to meet her in school. When Morgan arrives at school, she sees that Giselle is doing the same thing Malvina did for Tyson, on the other day.


Morgan feels embarrassed, and tells Giselle she should’ve let her try to fit in by herself. 


As she walks out, Malvina and her crew come over to tell Giselle that she’s not permitted to set up anything close to the school premises, because she’s not a member of any committee in Monroeville. Giselle doesn’t seem bothered by this, as she’s only worried about Morgan. 


Later that day, Morgan arrives home late from school and says she went to New York. Robert is furious with this, but Morgan says they should’ve left her, where she could easily fit in.


When Giselle mentions that Morgan belongs in Monroeville, Morgan tells her she doesn’t believe in the idea of a perfect fairytale land, as Giselle does.


As Morgan seems to get even angrier, she refers to Giselle as her stepmother for the first time ever, and this leaves Giselle hurt. Robert then has to tell Giselle that he’s sure Morgan didn’t mean it, but Giselle doesn’t believe it.


That night, she goes out to the backyard feeling really sad. She walks close to the well, and suddenly sees a squirrel named Pip magically appear through the portal.


Giselle calls Pip her old friend, and as the squirrel mentions that Giselle looks sad, she says she only wishes things were simple in her present world.


Just like that, she realizes that she can change her world by using the magic wand she received, as a present for Sofia’s birthday. 


Giselle takes out the wand, and wishes that she and her family get a fairytale life. Nothing seems to happen, and she returns the wand, and tells Pip that it seems it didn’t work. 


However, when she leaves, the box with the wand starts to glow until it opens, and the light spreads everywhere. 


In the morning, when Giselle wakes up, she’s now in her fairytale world, and the appliances in the house are now talking. Robert and Morgan are also a part, and they dance and sing with her in this new world.


It turns out that the entire Monroeville has become a fairytale land, and not long after, Malvina arrives in a carriage and is referred to as the queen of Monrolasia, which is the new name of the town in this new world. 


Malvina also now has magic, and she’s able to use it to make a dead flower blossom again. She also then faces Giselle, and asks if she’s preparing for the festival that is happening in the night.


Giselle first sounds shocked that the festival is still happening in their new world, but she tells Malvina that she’ll be there.


Suddenly, the town’s bell rings, and as Giselle looks at it, the clock glows, and so do her eyes. This seems to trigger a reaction from Giselle, as she passes some harsh remarks to Malvina, much to the shock of the town’s people, Pip, and even herself. 


She comes back to her senses, and then tells Malvina that she needs to take Morgan to get a dress for the festival. As they leave, Malvina suggests that something is wrong with Giselle, and that she’ll find out.


She then goes into her castle, and stands in front of a mirror to ask it who the most powerful person in the town is.


Despite expecting it to be herself, the mirror shows Giselle’s picture. Malvina is unhappy about this, and she believes Giselle must be using a wand. She then tells Rosaleen and Ruby to go to Giselle’s house to look for it and steal it. 


Meanwhile, Giselle gets a beautiful dress for Morgan, but when the fashion designer asks her to try some clothes, she says she’s not interested.


However, immediately the bell rings again, Giselle has a change of mind and asks that she try all the clothes. 


When she gets home, she decides to take out Morgan’s clothes to show her, but it turns out that she has used a pair of scissors to disfigure the dress. Morgan doesn’t seem to mind, as she says she’s going to the market. Before she leaves, though, Morgan calls Giselle her stepmother again. 


While Giselle and Morgan were talking, Rosaleen and Ruby successfully stole the wand, Ruby’s earring fell, but she didn’t know.


Giselle realizes why she has been acting weird in the new world. She tells Pip that she thinks she’s a wicked stepmother to Morgan, and it’s why she tore the dress. Pip doesn’t initially agree, but he soon understands what she means.


To further confirm her suspicions of being an evil stepmother, Giselle goes to check Morgan’s room and finds out how bad the room looks. Giselle doesn’t look pleased as this wasn’t what she wanted when she made her wish. 


Just as Pip tells her that she needs to find a way to undo the wish, he turns into a cat and mentions that it’s most likely, because evil stepmothers in fairytale stories always have a cat.


Giselle sees that the issue is now getting out of hand, so she goes to check the wand’s box to have a look at the scroll in it, which is like an instruction manual.


Before she can open it, the scroll comes alive and starts talking. Giselle asks what she can do to reverse the wish, and the scroll says that she needs to use the wand to reverse it as soon as possible, because the wish becomes permanent by midnight.


The scroll also mentions that Giselle’s wish was too big, as she ended up changing the world, and it has sucked out most of the magic from Andalasia. 


Giselle starts looking for the wand, but doesn’t see it, so she decides to go to the market to see if she can find any potion that can reverse the magic. She’s unable to find anything, but she sees Morgan getting asked to the festival by Tyson. Morgan agrees, and they tell each other they’ll meet when the festival starts. 


Giselle gets home and goes into cruelty mode. She tells Morgan that she can no longer attend the festival, because there are new chores for her to do.


Morgan tries to convince Giselle that she will do the chores when she returns from the festival, but Giselle doesn’t listen. She also locks Morgan in her room as she leaves. 


Elsewhere, Malvina gets the wand, but as she tries to use it, the power of the wand throws her off to the ground. She is suddenly curious about why it didn’t work, and as she asks questions, the scroll appears, but it realizes that it’s in the wrong place. 


Rosaleen and Ruby are able to get hold of it before it disappears, and the scroll starts answering Malvina’s questions.


It says only a true Andalasian can use the wand, and the wish made by Giselle will become permanent, if she doesn’t reverse it before midnight. 


Back at Giselle’s house, Morgan tries to escape, but Giselle catches her. Giselle is able to be her normal self for a while, and she tells Morgan that all that is happening is her fault.


She says she only tried to make things better, but it turned out bad. She tells Morgan she’s the only one who can save their world, and she needs to get help from Nancy and Edward. Giselle pushes Morgan into the well in the backyard, and then goes back inside the house. 


While looking for the wand again, she sees Ruby’s earring and figures out that the wand was stolen. 


She tells Pip that she has a mission for him to get it back, while she confronts Malvina because she’s now interested in becoming the queen of Monrolasia. When Giselle meets Malvina, both of them seem to have a strong dislike for each other.


Despite Malvina saying she has the wand and knows about the deadline by midnight, Giselle doesn’t seem to care. She just says they’ll now have to face off in a battle for the throne. 


Meanwhile, Morgan arrives in Andalasia using the portal in the well. She sees Nancy and Edward, who tell her that Andalasia is suffering from a loss of magic, and it won’t be long before it disappears forever.


Morgan says it could have something to do with Giselle’s wish, and that was why she asked her to come and get help.


Morgan says they just need to remind Giselle who she is, and Nancy suggests that they can use a memory tree to make it happen. Nancy agrees to join Morgan in helping Giselle, while Edward stays back to watch over what is left of Andalasia. 

After a day of weird adventures that eventually see him become a hero, Robert returns home and is surprised to see how transformed Giselle is.


Together, they get into a carriage and head over to the festival that night. However, Robert suddenly feels something weird is going on, and he gets down from the carriage when Giselle says she doesn’t know where Morgan is. 


Morgan spends time in Andalasia, connecting with Giselle’s memories. When she returns to Monrolasia with Nancy, she realizes that she can use her memory tree to show Giselle who she used to be.


Meanwhile, time is running out as things from Andalasia are now popping out from the portal and into Monrolasia.


Pip is able to steal back the wand from Rosaleen and Ruby, while they’re distracted and arguing over who Malvina really likes between them. He delivers the wand to Giselle, and she finally makes her way into the festival hall.


When she enters, she makes a wish to become the queen, and after a crown appears on her head, she confronts Malvina who doesn’t like this, and the two of them start fighting with magic. 


Elsewhere, Nancy finds Robert and tells him that Giselle is under a curse, and that’s why weird things are happening.


As the trees from Andalasia continue to break into Monrolasia to cause chaos, Morgan also meets Tyson and then Robert, who also now wants to help Giselle. With this, they start breaking the barriers at the entrance, so that they can get in. 


Inside the castle, Malvina gets distracted, and Giselle takes advantage of this to lift her up, and tries to strangle her with magic.


Before she can do this, Morgan and the others come in. Morgan trips, and the memory tree falls into Giselle’s hands. After looking at it, Giselle just tears it up, but as she throws it, it seems to work and help her remember who she used to be. 


They all look happy with this, but as they see that Andalasia is really suffering, they ask Giselle to reverse the wish immediately.


As she’s about to, Malvina threatens to kill Morgan if she tries it. She says she likes Monrolasia and wants it to be permanent, so Giselle must break the wand so that it remains like that. 


Seeing that Morgan’s life is in danger, Giselle breaks the wand, and Malvina looks happy. Parts of Andalasia continue to break into Monrolasia, and because she’s also a part of the magic from Andalasia, Giselle gradually starts fading away.


As the town’s bell rings before midnight, Robert and Tyson, who is against what his mother is doing, run to stop it from hitting midnight, so that the wish doesn’t become permanent. 


Just then, Giselle tells Morgan to reverse the wish using the wand. She says magic cannot be broken and that Morgan is a true daughter of Andalasia, so she can do it. 


Morgan is confused as she’s not Giselle’s biological daughter, but Giselle tells her that the fact she could change the world just to make Morgan happy, proves that Giselle sees her as a daughter.


Malvina tries to use her magic to stop Robert and Tyson, but it’s too late for her as Morgan makes a wish to return home with her mom. 


Everything explodes, and a bright light suddenly appears. It all then goes back to normal, and Morgan wakes up from what happens to be a dream. She goes to check around the house and finds Giselle, who says Morgan saved her. 


They hug each other, and as Robert comes down to say something about an interesting dream he had, Giselle explains to Morgan that only the person who wields the magic will be able to remember everything that happened. Others, however, will only see it as a weird dream.


From there, Giselle goes to see Malvina and apologizes for setting up her tent near the school. Malvina looks pleased with this, and she offers Giselle a role in a committee. 


The next day, Nancy and Edward join Giselle and her family at an event in the park. 


While Nancy and Edward play around with some kids, Morgan also gets to talk to Tyson.


 Meanwhile, Giselle is happy to have finally gotten her perfect happily ever after moment. With that, she dances with Robert in the park.


Disenchanted | November 18, 2022 (United States) Summary: Fifteen years after her happily ever after, Giselle questions her happiness, inadvertently turning the lives of those in the real world and Andalasia upside down in the process.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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