Weak Boy Who Is Always Bullied by His Classmates Becomes Popular and Taught Them a Lesson.


A boy named Sid starts his day by thinking about his life on his way to school. He strongly believes that bad things only happen to people who mess with the system. Because of this, he made himself three golden rules he must follow throughout his stay in high school.

His first of them is to shut up and avoid talking too much. The second rule is to not stand out, whether in terms of what he wears or how he participates in school activities. Even though he’s part of the student council and the drama club, he plays a minor role to not draw attention to himself.

As part of his plan to not stand out, he’s also a member of the school’s esports team, where he hangs out only with a bunch of nerds who are also introverted.

His last rule is to avoid anything that has to do with a guy named Chuck, who happens to be the most feared guy in the school. Apart from having a popular YouTube channel where he shares his violent acts with his friends, Chuck was famously known to have been expelled from his former school for nearly beating a freshman to death.

Despite being a really serious offense, Chuck happens to avoid getting any real punishment. He only got a few hours of community service because his rich dad bought the judge. With a clear guide to help him navigate life through high school without getting into trouble, Sid believes he’ll be very fine.

After school that day, he greets his mom and then goes to his room to start hours of playing one of his favorite games. He plays the game for so long that he doesn’t sleep, and has to go to school while feeling sleepy on the next day. 

After having a boring class, Sid and his friend Jim walk down the hallway to their lockers. As they’re going, Jim laments about how boring the class was, but Sid doesn’t seem to care. The topic of their conversation soon shifts to how Jim thinks he’s popular even though he’s not. 

But Sid tells him that trying to be popular is bad, and will only get him into trouble. Jim, however, says Sid only follows his rules of not beating the system, because he’s afraid to live a little.

Just as he’s about to convince Jim that his rules are for the best, a girl named Tiff appears in the hallway. Sid has had a crush on her since he was little, but Tiff has never seen him this way because she thinks he’s not dateable. On top of that, he doesn’t think he has a chance anyway because Tiff is dating Chuck.

Later that day, while Jim and Sid are running on the school field, a girl named Luna approaches them. Luna has known Jim since they were little, but they don’t exactly like each other.

She asks him what he’s wearing for homecoming, but Jim doesn’t seem interested in letting her know. This causes them to exchange words, with Luna saying she wouldn’t be going with him if it wasn’t because their parents think it’s a good idea.

When Sid gets home that day, his mom tells him that they received a mail from school about Homecoming. They’re surprised that he had not said anything about it before they got the mail.

Sid says he’s not going, and despite his parents trying to convince him with the point that he needs to make memories in high school, he still doesn’t seem interested. He goes into his room afterward and continues from where he stopped with his game. 

Like the previous day, he plays the game throughout the night until it’s time for school in the morning. In school, Sid clearly doesn’t look like he has slept well enough. Jim also notices this as he starts eating too much. As they walk around the school, Sid starts feeling the serious effects of sleep deprivation, which includes losing his filter. 

Quite interestingly, he doesn’t lose his filter to just anyone as he then happens to insult Chuck. Things even get really bad for him as he stands on his word and repeats what he said to Chuck.

At this moment, Sid realizes that he has broken his three rules. He failed to shut up, his insult to Chuck made him popular, and that obviously has put him in the bad books of the most violent guy in the school.

Before Sid can think of anything, Chuck attacks Sid and pushes him to the ground. Just as Chuck wants to continue beating him up, a teacher comes to pull him away.

While he’s being taken away, Chuck threatens Sid and tells him that the next time he sees him, he will kill him. Sid eventually passes out as Luna and Jim come to check up on him, while he’s on the ground.

The next day, Sid wakes up and sees Jim in his room. Jim tells him that he had passed out for a couple of hours, and the nurse wants him to still be in bed. However, Sid only wants to know if Chuck will still be around.

Jim tells him that Chuck has been suspended for only two weeks. Sid cannot believe this, and tells Jim that it means he only has a few days left to live. Jim checks the calendar and realizes that Chuck will be back on the day of the homecoming dance. 

To sound supportive, Jim tells him that it’s not going to be a problem, since he wasn’t going to the dance anyway. At that point, Sid feels sad and starts thinking of how he broke his rules, and now has to die from the consequences. 

The next day in class, Sid thinks about how to find Chuck and says sorry to him. However, this doesn’t eventually become a plan, because Jim tells him that Chuck’s parents have sent him to Switzerland for anger management classes.

Even though Jim sounds optimistic about the likelihood of the classes working on Chuck, Sid thinks it’s very unlikely. After that, Sid realizes that he has been living a boring life, and if he were to die in a few days, he would have no fun memories.

Just then, he interrupts a girl speaking, and starts talking about how the class is boring. Sid’s liberating speech is enjoyed by Jim, as well as the other students who seem to have been waiting for someone to speak up. The teacher can also do very little, as Sid has managed to turn everyone against the subject, and is now preaching for them to not feel bad about not abstaining. 

After classes, Jim praises Sid, even though Sid doesn’t think he should’ve spoken like that in class. As Jim continues to convince him that he did the right thing, he gets a text from an unknown number.

The person appears to be a student who also enjoyed his rant in class. Sid asks who it is, but the person doesn’t respond and just tells him that it’s nice to finally meet him. Sid scans around the parking lot to find out who might be this person, but he doesn’t see anyone.

Later that day, as he’s working with Jim to deliver Pizzas, Sid tells his best friend that he’s scared of getting killed by Chuck. Jim says he doesn’t have to worry because he’s sure that Chuck wouldn’t kill him, and if it even came to that, he’d protect Sid.

Sid doesn’t feel comfortable with that, and even jokes that Jim would bail on him if Chuck gave him the chance to be in one of his videos. 

Jim actually looks interested in that, but Sid is disappointed. Jim, however, plays it down and says he’s only kidding. He then asks Sid that if Chuck would really kill him, then what does he want to do before then.

Sid says he wants to live more, and he starts writing a list of things he wants to do in the next two weeks. He starts off with writing that he wants to win at something, and he also proceeds to write even more interesting things like knowing real love and to avoid dying alone.

Jim also encourages him, and together, they look excited about what the next two weeks will look like. When Sid gets home, he writes the last thing on his list, to die a legend.

The next day in school, Sid arrives to Jim telling him that he is now popular, and his rant in class is what everyone is talking about. As he looks happy about this, Sid receives a text from his secret admirer.

Coincidentally, Tiff comes over to meet him. Because she’s with her phone, Sid hopes that she’s the secret texter. Tiff says she only wants to say sorry for what her boyfriend did, and that he also acts like that with her. 

Before she leaves, she asks if he’ll come to the hockey game in school that night, and Jim, who is still there, answers for Sid and says he’ll be there.

At the game, the team’s best player, Eric, is having a tough time as he fails to lead his team to victory. His dad, who is also the coach, starts blaming him as the game gets to overtime.

When they get to the locker room, the coach also continues to shout at Eric for not playing well. Eric looks scared and doesn’t say anything even as the team is asked to go back out.

Sid, who is the kitman for the team, is there when all this happens. After everyone leaves and Sid is left alone with Eric, he starts telling Eric that he doesn’t have to go back to play.

Eric says his dad will kill him, but Sid manages to convince him, saying Eric’s life will be miserable if he continues playing the sport, even though he doesn’t like it. Eric appreciates the kind words, and since someone needs to come out as Eric for overtime, Sid wears Eric’s jersey and goes out. 

At first, he starts playing badly, but soon finds his feet and scores the winner. As everyone, including Jim, who is the commentator, chants Eric’s name, Sid gets caught up in the moment and takes off his helmet.

Everyone goes silent as they’re shocked to see that it’s actually Sid, who is wearing Eric’s jersey. However, Jim gets them to continue chanting for Sid. After the game, the coach calls Sid and tells him to join them for practice the next day. When Sid gets back into the locker room, he crosses off winning at something from his list.

At home that night, Sid is doing a few pushups when he gets another text from his secret texter. After he struggles to find the perfect reply when the person commends him for his performance at the game, Sid says he got inspired by whoever it is. He also gets a response that he inspires the person to take risks, too. 

The next day in school, Jim could not believe what happened at the game. He also talks about how Sid did an incredible job talking to Eric, who he says has now joined the dance team.

As they’re at lunch, a few people come over to greet Sid, and Jim can’t believe how fast his friend has changed. Later that day, while he’s at the student council meeting, a girl named Megan talks about her interest in becoming the student body president. When she soon mentions that she needs a vice presidential candidate and would appreciate volunteers, no one seems to be interested. 

Instead, they’re watching videos and looking at embarrassing pictures of Megan, who is like meme material for her fellow students. Sid doesn’t understand why anyone would hate Megan, and after everyone leaves, he goes to meet her and tells her that he doesn’t mind being the vice presidential.

She accepts his interest, and he says sorry for not standing up for her, when the others were making fun of her. After that, Sid heads over to buy some hallucination drugs from one of his classmates. While at work, Jim also tells Sid about a party he wants them to attend, and he agrees without even thinking about it.

When Sid gets home, his mom come over with her friend to ask Sid if anything is wrong with him. She tells him that she got a call from his teacher who said he disrupted her class. She also says that she heard that he’s also on the Hockey team all of a sudden.

But Sid tells her he’s fine and nothing is wrong with him. Then, he invites her to his next hockey game before mentioning that he’ll also be going to homecoming.

On the next day, Sid proceeds to meet Megan for a practice of their student body presidential debate. Megan takes everything quite seriously, even though Sid tells her to take a break. But Megan says taking a break is dangerous because she wants them to be perfect when facing the crowd.

After she’s done talking, she complains that Sid’s breath is bad and offers him some mint, but he says he also has some in his bag. 

The next day, when it’s time for the debate, Megan barges into the men’s restroom to find Sid, who says he’s nervous. She convinces him that nothing is wrong, and also blames him for peeing before the debate because, according to her, every great politician doesn’t pee before a debate.

As she plans to leave, she returns a metal case to Sid, saying she had to take some of his mints from his bag. However, Sid realizes that it’s the case where he kept the drugs he bought.

He tells Megan about it, and she gets very anxious about what this could mean for their debate. Sid says it’s not a problem, and they’ll do just fine. He also takes the pills to encourage Megan and let her know they’re both on the same page.

At the debate, though, both of them make a mess of their time on the stage, and it turns out to be quite embarrassing.

At the hockey game on the next day, Sid is able to win the game for his team with his mother watching. His day gets even better as he sabotages an actor’s makeup in a school play, just so that he can be the replacement and act in a scene with Tiff.

After they’re through, Sid asks Tiff if she would like to go with him to the party he and Jim got invited to. She agrees, and he tells her that he’ll pick her up at her house.

When he asks if she’ll text him, Tiff says she doesn’t have his number. Sid believes it’s only part of her game as he continues to think she’s the secret texter.

The next day, Sid is quite excited about attending the party with Tiff. After he gets picked up by Jim, who brings along Luna, they proceed to Tiff’s house.

Tiff joins them at the party, and they have a lot of fun. However, things suddenly take an interesting turn when Chuck shows up at the party, and he asks Tiff why she has refused to reply to his texts. 

Tiff says she doesn’t want to be with him anymore, but Chuck doesn’t care. While trying to drag her to come with him, Sid stops Chuck and stands up for Tiff.

Realizing that Sid was the one who brought Tiff to the party, Chuck believes Sid wanted to get him suspended so that he could get his girl. Just as Chuck prepares to beat up Sid, who is very scared about what he did, Chuck’s car goes up in flames, and Sid can’t help but think it’s a divine intervention.

After that, Sid and Tiff head into the woods, and while they talk about what just happened, Sid tries to make a move at Tiff, but she rejects it.

She says she doesn’t like him more than as friends, and even though she tried to like him, she still seems to only like Chuck. Sid is disappointed, and he also realizes that Tiff is not the secret texter.

That night, Sid tries to get the secret texter to give up their identity, but he doesn’t get a response. He, however, gets one while he’s at the gamers’ club, with the person saying I’m not brave enough to face you.

Just then, Sid realizes that the person might be from the club, so he stands up to give a speech about how they all need to stay away from their computers and live a little. Other gamers agree with this, and suddenly, Sid gets a text from the secret texter. 

He scans the room to find whoever is with their phone, and he soon figures out who it is. The girl, whose name is Katie, runs out, but Sid finds her eventually.

She happens to be really shy around him, but he breaks the ice and asks if she wants to go on a date with him. She sounds happy about this, and tells him that she has a place in mind.

The place turns out to be a church, and she says she picked it because churches are quiet, and it can at least make boys like him uncomfortable in a funny way. After their date, Sid and Katie start seeing each other more often.

Meanwhile, Chuck invites Jim to join him to make a video for his channel. As it’s always been a dream for Jim to appear in one of Chuck’s videos and become popular, he agrees.

The next day in school, everyone seems to resent Sid, and he soon finds out that while hanging out with Chuck, Jim exposed some of Sid’s secrets. 

In the video, Jim talks about how Sid and Megan used drugs on the day of the debate, and also how he managed to get to act in the scene with Tiff.

Jim also mentions that Tiff doesn’t like Sid, and that has made Sid start dating a gamer girl, which is only part of his to-do list. Seeing how bad it looks, Sid tries to contact Katie, but she doesn’t respond.

Jim also doesn’t come to school that day, but when Sid gets home, Jim is there to says sorry, as he claims he was high on drugs and didn’t know he was being recorded. 

Sid is so angry, and he says some harsh things to Jim about how he’ll never be popular no matter how hard he tries.

After a while, Katie responds to Sid, and tells him that he broke her heart by just choosing to date her as part of a to-do list. Sid feels sad as he knows he really liked her, and she wasn’t just for his list.

The next day, Luna comes over to Sid’s house to ask Sid to forgive Jim, and also to forget what he said to him that day. She also tells him that even though he doesn’t have a date for the homecoming dance anymore, he should still come because it would be fun.

Before Luna leaves, she tells him that she was the one who blew up Chuck’s car that night. 

Sid attends the homecoming dance, and he first says sorry to Jim as soon as he sees him. Jim just walks away, but Luna tells Sid to give him some time. 

Soon after, Sid sees Katie and goes to fix what he did. He says he’s not trying to get back with her, since she doesn’t want him again, though he mentions that his best days of high school were the ones he spent with her.

He walks away, and shortly after, Chuck shows up. He asks Sid if he’s ready to be beaten up, and Sid, who is prepared for his death, accepts his fate. Chuck punches Sid, and he passes out immediately.

He wakes up in the hospital with Jim right there with him in the room. Sid says he’s surprised that he’s still alive, and Jim tells him about how the dance hall eventually became chaotic, with Eric punching his dad and some other students also fighting.

He also tells him about how he and Luna fought off Chuck. Sid thanks Jim for being there for him, and he then walks outside to see some of the students, including Chuck, requiring medical attention. 

Sid sees Katie and goes over to meet her. He tells her that he wants them to start over again, and she agrees.

He then asks if she would like to dance, and after she says yes, he holds her hands, and they start dancing.

Sid Is Dead.

Sid Is Dead | April 28, 2023 (United States) Summary: The story of a socially invisible high school senior who, after slipping up and getting the school's biggest bully suspended, realizes he may only have two weeks left to experience everythin... Read all
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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