Her Husband Falls From the Mountain but She Can’t Find His Body.


The movie opens with a woman, Ava, in her, it’s night and a dog is barking nearby and she could hear sounds coming from somewhere in the house. She picked a knife out from under her pillow and ambles towards the sound. She heard the first gunshots ring out and her father’s scream as he fell. He had managed to hurt one of the criminals and his gun was lying on the floor. She picked up the gun and shot the last of the criminals.

The scene moves forward to the future, Ava is all grown and is clothed in a wedding dress. She looks happy. In the groom’s room, the groom’s father Robert tries to get his son to reconsider the marriage because he had only met Ava at a narcotics anonymous meeting but the groom, Derek wouldn’t listen. When he is given a prenuptial agreement to sign, he tore it up and asked the father to disown or disinherit him if he wants.

Monique, Derek’s sister likes Ava and is her maid of honor for the day. They get married and head off on their honeymoon. He takes her to the home his grandfather bought in the 40s, and shows her pictures of his grandmother saying she would have loved her. They spend a lot of time having so much fun together, doing many things in the Caribbean.

While dining out one evening, a young man, Manny comes over to chat with Ava while Derek went to ease himself. Derek comes out and meets him chatting with his wife. They all chat and make plans to go dancing and zip-lining. That night they go to a club to dance and unwind. A gangster, Bi Biz notices Derek and Ava dancing and kissing and wants to dance with Ava. First, he sends his girl to break the couple apart, then when that didn’t work out, he gets up and tries to pull Ava to herself. Derek and Big Biz drag Ava for a while.

When Big Biz punches Derek, Ava goes into beast mode, beating up Big Biz, his goons and his girls. She knocks most of the fighters out before Derek and Manny get her out of the clubhouse. In the car, Derek helps her calm down.

There is a flashback scene where Ava’s father teaches her to defend herself. She teaches her how some people have limits they won’t get beyond and tells her she must learn to go beyond those limits. Some men try to take advantage of Ava when she was 15 and she fights them off, stabs one with a spoon and jumps out of the window.

Back to the present, Manny comes over to their house very early the next morning saying that Big Biz is on his way to get them. They are getting afraid when he tells them it is a joke, he has only come to get them out of bed and to the zip line. Ava initially didn’t want to go but they all go. Only one attendant was at the sight, Jojo. They ride the first, shorter zip line without incident then Manny suggests they ride a much longer one called the widow maker.

Manny goes first, Ava doesn’t want to go and stays back Halfway through the ride, Derek’s hook breaks and he nearly falls off the line. He manages to hang on for dear life until Manny comes back to help. Jojo wouldn’t do anything even as Ava urges him to go out and help Derek. The distance is too far and Manny could make any headway, Derek slips and falls off from that dangerous height. Ava yells at Jojo to call an ambulance and rushes off into the woods to find her husband.

Derek is in bad shape, his leg is bent unnaturally, and he has bruises all over his thighs. The paramedics soon arrive and get Derek on the ambulance but they wouldn’t let Ava ride along. They argue and she quickly asks for the name of the hospital where they are taking him. They give her the card of Central Medico and she mounts a bike and rides quickly behind them as they sped towards the hospital. She has a minor accident on the way and the driver of the car helps him get to Central Medico. She speaks to the nurse who makes a call and tells her Derek was not brought to the hospital. She walks through the hospital herself, trying to find her husband but he was not there. She walks around the city, checking different hospitals to see where her husband was taken but she didn’t find him.

When she couldn’t find him, she runs to the police station to lodge a missing person’s report. The police are not helpful and she remembers what her father says; you only need yourself. Derek’s family comes down and they go to the police together. The Police Chief Ramon questions her then says there is no record of her husband at any of the hospitals on the Island. Ava insists he had been taken by an ambulance. The police chief doesn’t appear to be very helpful.

They go to the zip line where the accident had taken place. Although they found Jojo there, he denies ever being there on the day of the accident. The owner of the business says that weren’t open on the day of the incident and asks that they leave.

Back at the police station, the chief shows Ava footage of her fight at the club with Big Biz and his goons, suggesting that she has a very violent side. She asks why he is not questioning Big Biz but the reluctance on the Police Chief’s face infuriated her especially when she saw sketches of Derek on the table. She grabs the sketches and goes out into the street, sharing it with everybody she could find, asking if any of them have seen her husband.

Robert accuses Ava of having a hand in Derek’s disappearance, suggesting that she aims to gain access to his finances. Ava states that she loves Derek and has no interest in Robert’s finances. When Derek’s family members leave, Ava heads over to the zip line, drags Jojo out to a dangerous spot and forces a recorded confession out of him. When she took the footage to the police chief. Instead of acting on the information, the Police Chief has her arrested stating that she will be taken away from the Island and sent to Puerto Rico.

On the boat ride to Puerto Rico, she knocks her police escort unconscious in the bathroom and jumps right back into the water. She swims to shore and walks into a small establishment where she cleans herself up. She heads to the club, disguising herself with a pair of sunglasses. She follows Manny to the men’s room and accosts him. Manny says he doesn’t know anything about any of it. He explains that he is an illegal immigrant and couldn’t go to the police. He agrees to help Ava find her husband.

They drive through a neighborhood, searching for the guys who drove the ambulance that took Derek. Ava notices the tattoo on the wall of a building and Manny recognizes the cock fighting ring and drives Ava to the arena. While he is inside, she sees one of the paramedics and follows him in her car. When he stops and walks down some stairs, she follows him down and beats him down when the man attacked her. His name is Timo and he confessed that it was his brother Omar who had made him do it.

She texts Omar using Timo’s phone and he soon comes over, they fight and she shoots him dead with his gun. The police arrest and throw her in jail. Chief Ramon arrested her once more, saying she is the prime suspect in her husband’s kidnap and she must have paid Omar and his brother to kill her husband. He says she is to be transported to police headquarters where she will be officially charged. On the way, she realizes the police officers in the car simply wanted to kill her and bury her body. While they were digging the shallow grave to dump her in, she wiggles free of her cuffs by dislocating her thumb. She kills the two policemen and heads back to Chief Ramon’s home. She waits in his daughter’s room with a gun and calls him to come down for a chat. He pleads for his family and confesses that Derek died while the doctor was trying to treat him. He says he owes the doctor a favor because he had helped her with a little 15 years old girl he had impregnated at one time.

Ava gives him the option of dying by gunshot or taking the more silent option of a knife cut. We see Ava leave the house, with blood stains on the carpet. She goes back to Manny crying, determined to deal with everyone who has had a hand in her husband’s disappearance.

The next day, she heads to the hospital, finds the nurse who had lied to her about her husband not being at General Medico and knocks her out. Then she finds the doctor Chief Ramon had told her about. She tortures him while asking about her husband. While she is torturing him, he asks her to take a look at the security camera. She looks and finds Silvio Lugo, the owner of the nightclub where she had beaten Big Biz up walking into the hospital with Derek in a wheelchair.

The doctor tells her she will find out everything she needs to know but she shouldn’t kill him. He lets her dress as his nurse and they go out together to meet Lugo. He is suspicious and searches her, then he puts his number in her phone, asking her to call him. They head over to the room where Derek is lying on the bed.

Silvio is trying to take some bone marrow from Derek to help him with his cancer. Ava gives Silvio some propofol to put him to sleep. She shoots one of the men, beats down the others and takes her husband out on a wheelchair. As they are leaving, Silvio’s men start shooting. Ava shoots back and takes her husband down on in the elevator. As they are walking downstairs, Silvio finds them, she shoots out a flammable power plant and knocks Silvio out. She grabs him and uses him as a shield.

She puts him in the car with them and drives off. While they are driving, Silvio jumps out of the car after Derek shot him in the leg, he and his men chase after Ava and Derek but Manny is able to help them get away with the direction he had set up. With the help of some little kids who pelt Silvio and his thug with coconuts and stones, they are able to get across the water without getting hurt.

They head back to Manny’s home, Ava has been shot. Silvio finds them quickly, coming to the house with his men. Manny manages to hide them and the goons go about searching everywhere in the house and in the neighborhood for Ava and Derek. Ava kills the first man who finds her. Another one of Silvio’s men find Derek hiding inside a house but before he knew it, Derek kill him. Slowly, Ava and Derek take out Silvio’s men and now she faces off with Silvio, fighting him in public. She is winning until Silvio pulls out a knife. They fight for a while and Ava gets a knife to his neck, holding him at his mercy. The police are holding Derek.

Someone texts Big Biz, saying he is missing his chance. He sees this as his opportunity to take over from Silvio and arrives quickly. He collects the knife from Ava and slits Silvio’s throat. He promises to pay off the police and tells Derek and Ava it’s time for them to leave the Island.

The couple leave the Island in a boat that belongs to Manny’s friend, heading off to Puerto Rico together.

In the Blood.

In the Blood | April 18, 2014 (Vietnam) Summary:
Countries: United Kingdom, Puerto Rico, United StatesLanguages: English
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