A True Story Of How Tennis Superstars Venus And Serena Williams Were Coached By Their Father.

King Richard.

King Richard | November 19, 2021 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English


Our movie begins with Richard, at a country club, trying to speak to tennis coaches about becoming a coach for his daughters, Venus and Serena as he has been preparing them constantly for their greatness in the sport


Each man he speaks to turns him down either because of his background, or because they are used to parents pushing for their kids, to be trained as the next big athletes


Venus and Serena pass phone books around their neighborhood

They get to the house across the street from theirs belonging to Mrs. Strickland

She frequently criticizes Richard’s parenting, because she notices him making the girls practice out in the rain


Richard walks over and tells the girls not to talk to Mrs. Strickland because all she does is try to rile him up

he goes into the house, where he lives with his wife Brandy and her daughters, Tunde, Isha, and Lyndrea, Richard gathers the girls in his bus, and takes them to the park, where he can practice with Venus and Serena


While Tunde is studying, she is harassed by a thug named Roc, who makes crude comments to her


Richard gets the girls in the bus, and confronts Roctelling him that he has told him countless times to stop harassing Tunde but Roc and his boys just insult him, and he punches and kicks him


When they return home, he talks with Brandy expresses concern with how he wants to prepare the girls for greatness, but he is confident that Venus and Serena will become legendary


He then goes to his night job as a security guard, where he continues to look for someone to coach the girls


Richard meets with Vic Braden, after having watched his instructional video, he presents a video to him in person showcasing Venus and Serena’s talents, but while Braden thinks they are good


he declines to take them on for coaching


After taking the family out for dinner that night, Richard goes to the park, to practice alone

Roc and his goons show up, to taunt and harass him again

He attempts to walk away from them, but when Roc makes more crude comments about Tunde


Richard whacks him in the face with his tennis racket, and Roc’s guys start beating him

Roc gets his gun out and threatens him with it, but then decides to leave him alone because nobody will care for him


Richard then gets his gun from his job, and drives around the neighborhood looking for Roc


He finds them outside a store, but as he starts walking toward them with a gun another car drives by and shoots Roc dead, prompting him to leave immediately

He returns home, where Brandy tends to his wounds


The next day, Richard takes Venus and Serena to a country club where he hopes to talk to Coach Paul Cohen


They find Paul practicing, with John McEnroe and Pete Sampras


Although Paul insists that he is not taking Juniors, Richard twists his arm long enough for Paul to allow the girls to show what they’ve got

He hits a few balls with Venus, and he is genuinely impressed with what he sees


Later, Richard returns home with the girls, who tell their sisters that they got a coach


However, Richard tells Brandy that Paul is only interested in coaching Venus for free, he takes Venus to be coached by Paul, while Brandy stays to help coach Serena and he bothers Paul with how he tells Venus to open her stance since Richard believes he knows what the proper stance should be for her to play


Later, Paul shows Richard and Venus a video of, Jennifer Capriati to convince them that Venus should start out playing in Junior tournaments


Venus is entered into the Junior tournaments, where she faces off against other girls her age and she subsequently beats all of them


After one tournament, the girls are all celebrating and bragging about Venus’s win


Richard has them go into a shop all together


he starts driving the bus home because he told them not to brag and is ready to make them walk three miles home until Brandy chastises him and makes him pull over so they can catch up to the bus


When they get home, Richard makes them, watch Cinderella, to teach them a lesson about humility


After practicing at the park, Richard comes home to find some agents from Social Services. having been called to the house by Mrs. Strickland under the belief, that the girls are being abused


Richard proves to the agents that the girls are fine and receiving care and education


Brandy later goes to confront Mrs. Strickland for making the call to subtly threaten her


The family later, goes for another tournament for Venus


but Serena manages to get into a court for herself to play in without Richard knowing


He and Brandy find out after another parent comments that Richard has two incredibly athletic daughters


He walks with Brandy to find Serena playing and acknowledges that she is just as great as Venus


The girls are gathered with other players while Nancy Reagan gives a speech


While this happens, Paul introduces Richard to sports agents, George MacArthur and Laird Stabler


The meeting goes well until Richard feels insulted, that Laird refers to Venus’s victories as incredible feeling that it is only that way to them, because it’s a black girl winning


Although Laird and George try to explain themselves, Richard just farts and walks away from them

Paul later goes to talk to Richard and Brandy, over the incident


because Richard wants to pull Venus out of Juniors, and have her go up against more professional players


he cuts ties with Paul because he doesn’t feel, that Paul is working up to Richard’s standards and doesn’t have their best interests at heart


Brandy is not happy, with how Richard handled everything


Richard later gets in touch with Rick Macci, to become a new coach for both Venus and Serena


He is impressed with them and offers them a chance to train out in Florida


Richard convinces Rick to allow the whole family except Tunde, because she is focusing on her studies in college, to move out there together


They all move out there, where Richard quickly attempts to step on Rick’s toes over how he will coach the girls Some time passes, and Rick is shown, to be proud of Venus’s work


Richard pulls her out for an interview and has Serena fill in with Rick


During the interview, Richard cuts off the interviewer, to scold him for asking Venus certain questions telling him to let her be a kid


Rick later tells Richard about a tournament in Oakland


where they could let Venus compete, but Richard isn’t happy with Rick talking to people behind his back


Rick tries to persuade Richard, but he chooses to think about it


Richard later sees a news report about how Jennifer Capriati was arrested for drug use


Richard had asked Rick if it was true that Jennifer, who was formerly coached by Rick


had dropped out of the upcoming tournament because she was burnt out


Richard then takes the family to Disney World, instead of practice


They get home, and find Rick waiting for them, and he confronts Richard for bailing on practice


He tells Rick that he doesn’t want the girls, to end up like Jennifer


Rick hits back that Richard keeps doing everything for himself, while pretending it’s all for the girls


Venus walks out of the house in frustration


leading to Richard and Brandy arguing in the kitchen, where she says she is only staying with him for the sake of her daughters


Richard practices with Venus at night, where she insists that she wants to compete in the tournament


but she feels he doesn’t think she is ready


Richard tells her about how when he was a boy in Shreveport he accidentally touched a white man’s hand


his friends beat him up, while he watched his father run away and promised himself that he would never run away from his children


The family heads out to Oakland for the tournament


They meet with an agent who wants to sign Venus in a $3 million deal


but because the family isn’t ready to decide the agent tells them that the offer is available until the tournament begins


Richard expresses his doubts over the deal to Rick even though he thinks him is crazy, to try and want to turn this down


Venus tells Rick that she wants the agents to see how she is  really good


After the conversation is over


the family is surprised by Tunde showing up for the competition


Venus first goes up against Shaun Stafford Although the match is intense, Venus comes out victorious


Rick later finds out, that Venus is set to go up against the top tennis player in the world, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario


Rick is not confident in Venus winning, but Richard is


Before the next match, Richard finds Serena staring at the arena


He knows that she feels left out, but he tells her that while Venus will become a great athlete, he believes Serena will be the greatest of all time


The night of the big match comes


Venus braids her hair and comes out onto the court to face Vicario

She starts off strong, which infuriates him


There is a break where Vicario tells others she is going to the bathroom but she takes too long in what is seen as an intentional show of disrespect against Venus When she returns, Vicario begins to dominate and eventually defeats Venus


Venus later cries in the locker room, but Richard and Brandy go to cheer her up and assure her that this is not the end for her


When they walk outside the field, they find other young girls cheering Venus on and seeing her as a champion for them


The whole family, and Rick, looks on proudly


The ending text states that nine months later, Venus signed a contract with Reebok for $12 million at the age of 15


Serena later joined Venus on tour two years later, although Richard still put their education and family above competing


At the age of 41, Venus has won Wimbledon five times becoming the first African American woman to be ranked number one


At age 40, Serena became a 23-time grand slam champion, and is considered to be THE greatest player in the history of tennis


just like Richard predicted


finally, videos and pictures were shown of, the real Richard Williams training the young Venus and Serena.

King Richard.

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