An Orphan Girl Discovers That She Has a Twin Sister After 20 Years but She Lives With a Poor Family.


Since 1962, in a small village in Italy, there is a young woman in her twenties called Nora. Actually, she sets in the sun before swimming pool. There is a child from those people in the place comments on the shape of her tattoo. In addition, the shape of her tattoo is a colorful looks like a butterfly drawn on her back. But Nora doesn’t care and doesn’t even respond to him. After a while, Nora walks and makes fun of the people next to her, and convinces them that there is a mouse under them. And then, she takes the opportunity because they are busy and steals the man’s wallet and walks away. Finally, she goes back to her home and it is the same as her workplace. In addition, the workplace is an amusement park. Additionally, Nora works with her father, her grandmother, the rest of their family and their neighbors.

On her way to her room, her grandmother Mirande sees her and calls her. Then, the grandmother says that she agreed to let Nora keep her work in the amusement parks and reads tarot for people. After this, Nora becomes very happy, and this is because she inherited the talent of tarot reading from her grandmother and her mother. from a long time, Nora wanted to try, but her grandmother prevented her. Furthermore, Nora goes to say hello to Antonio, her father. Actually, Antonio is a simple man and he works hard and he is self-reliant. Additionally, Antonio is the one who built most of the games in the amusement parks. Further, Nora finds out that her father designed a new camera. There is no doubt that, the advantage of the camera is that it takes pictures immediately. So, Nora admires the camera and thanks her father for all the efforts he makes in the amusement parks to live happily. Then they remember Stella, Nora’s mother. From a long time ago, she died. After that, they are sad because of her death until now. At night, amusement parks operate, and each one of them is responsible for running a specific game. In the meantime, four friends from very wealthy families comes to the amusement park. Because of the popularity of this amusement park, people come to it from everywhere of the city. The first one is Rosa. She is a young girl studying in the Faculty of Arts. The second one of them is Matteo, a senior journalist in a famous newspaper. Also, he loves Rosa for a long time, and they want to get engaged soon. The third one is Giggi.

He is a Rosa’s brother. Giggi’s dream to be a professional actor. The fourth one is Simone. Simone is Matteo’s brother, loves photography and he has a camera all the time. Afterwards, the four friends arrive at the amusement park. Then, they play together while they are happy. At the end of the day, Nora see them from behind when they are walking before allocated tent of the Tarot reading. So, Nora offers them to read the Tarot for them to know their future. but Matteo refuses and thinks that this is just a fraud. Due to this, Matteo warns his friends and they are all convinced of his words except for Rosa. In fact, Rosa thinks that she will not lose anything if she tries. So, Nora takes her and enters the tent. Then, Rosa asks Nora if her book will be published soon or not. After that, Nora reads the Tarot and advises her to focus more and commit to writing if she really wants to be a famous writer in the future. After that, Rosa hesitates for a while, and asks Nora if they will find her sister who was lost a long time ago, or there is no hope. So, Nora becomes sad and asks her to tell the story from the beginning. Then, Rosa says that she has a twin sister called Adele, but she got lost at the age of a year and a half. After that, Rosa says they are looking for her. Her father assigned a private investigator. And from this time he searchs for her and did not find her until now and they don’t even know whether she is alive or dead. so Nora reads the tarot cards, and she knows that Adele is still alive. Also, she is very close to Rosa, and Rosa says that Adele has a distinctive mark on her back. This mark considers a birthmark looks like a butterfly. Through the birthmark, it will be easy to find her. Until now, they do not know how to find her. And while Nora is reading the tarot card. Suddenly, a card cuts from Nora’s hand and this makes her nervous. And she asks Rosa to go out of the tent. It is clearly that Nora knows something, but she refuses to say it. After a short time, Nora goes out of the tent and she is happy and informs her friends that Adele is still living as she felt. Though, suddenly she discovers that her wallet was lost, so Simone guesses that Nora is the one who stole it Because he knows these people well. Later, he decides to go into the tent to get the wallet. Once he reaches the tent, he sees Nora changing her clothes, and shows the tattoo on her back. Hence, he is very surprised, because the concept of tattooing was not common  at the time. In the meanwhile, Nora fights with him because Simone entered without permission. At this moment, Nora says that she used to travel a lot with her family to do shows around the world. Therefore, she did this tattoo in America when she was a child. And then she tells Simone that she did not take the wallet or anything, and promises him that if she finds it, she will return it to him. On the other hand, at Rosa’s house, she sees her father, Tolio, and her mother, Lucia, while they are talking. Additonally, They are a very rich family. Due to this, people envy them for their position. Despite Rosa and Giggi’s friendship with Simone and Matteo, their parents hate each other very much because they differ in their political opinions. The family of Rosa gathers for lunch, and their father says that the second day will be his birthday. In the meanwhile, he makes sure that his children will be with him at the time of the party. On the same day, Giggi prepares himself and going to act a small role in a movie to a famous actor.

Because of Ettore’s many relationships, he decides to help him and talk to the director and tells her to take care of his son. And then Giggi arrives at the place where he meets the director. Actually, Simone will go with him to support. A minute later, they are surprised by a large number of people coming to apply for the same role, so Giggi feels frustrated. While they are standing in line, they get to know a beautiful young woman called Giulio. However, she is about to apply for another role. Suddenly, famous actor Sandro passes before them. He is the champion of the movie and is known by flirting girls. As soon as he sees Giulio standing, Sandro recognizes her and gets her number to meet soon. After what happened, Giulio returns happy and tells Giggi and Simone what happened and tells them about the place and time in which they will meet.

After that, the acting role of Giggi comes, but the surprise is that his acting is very bad. So that, the director decides to give him an opportunity to introduce programs. Additionally, the director says that they have a new program and they need a presenter who has not appeared before. Although this is not what Giggi wants, he only agrees to appear on TV, and that is it. Meanwhile, Rosa plays tennis with Matteo in the garden of her house, and she says that she believes Nora’s words very much. Due to this, she makes a list of the girls’ names who are close to her to put them on her mind until Rosa knows who is Adele among them. While they are talking, Gigi and Simone come back from outside and inform them of what happened. Moreover, Matteo is a journalist for a famous newspaper. In addition, Matteo invites Simone to attend the same party where the actor Sandro will be with Gioia, and takes a picture of them. Then, Matteo says that his newspaper will pay a lot of money in exchange for pictures like this. After that, Simone gets excited. At night, Nora is with her father, Antonio, and her grandmother, Mirande to arrange the games after the people walked away. In addition, they are surprised by Ettore. Ettore is Antonio’s brother. Actually, Ettore returns from travel, so Antonio is very happy because they have not met each other for more than ten years. Additionally, Ettore brings a gift for each one of them. First, Antonio’s gift is the prototype of the journey game that Antonio designed with his own hands from a long time ago. One day, Antonio used to buy it for the amusement park, so Antonio becomes sad because he did not buy this game until now because of their financial conditions. As for Nora’s gift, it is a videotape of her with her mother, and they all watch the video excitedly. While watching, Nora notices that at this time she actually had a birthmark on her back looks like a butterfly.

After that, Nora wonders why her family made a tattoo over this birthmark, and asks why her father and mother get a tattoo for their daughter at this age, so she thinks that they intended to hide the birthmark so that no one would see it. The next day, Nora leaves her job and goes to ask her grandmother about tattoo, so Mirande ignores the question. Undoubtedly, Mirande does not respond to her. It is clearly that Nora gets the truth. In addition, that is why she asks her grandmother for a picture of her mother, Stella, while she is pregnant of her. After that, grandmother says that the box of her memories is messy, and she will arrange it first to look for the picture. Then, Nora returns to her work, and one of their neighbors, whose name is Schleist, notices that she is lost, so Nora refuses to tell him anything, but she thanks him for his interest and shows that Schlest likes her, but Nora does not feel the same way. The next day, Nora visits the house of Simone and Matteo to study, because her house is always full of annoying guests. From there, she talks with Lando and Doriana, the father and mother of Simone and Matteo and it is clearly that her relationship with them is strong and that she trusts their opinions. At this time, Antonio, Ettore’s brother, is talking about the amusement park. Actually, Ettore is excited that they are doing renovations, but Antonio is still waiting for the Bank approval of the loan. While they are talking, their two cousins, whose name is the Groota brothers. Additionally, they are coming especially to say hello to Ettore and it appears that Antonio and Mirande do not like them because of their bad reputation, people say that they are criminals and they work in suspicious works. Actually, Ettore notices that the atmosphere is tense and takes his cousins and goes from the home. At night, Nora walks slowly to her grandmother’s room, and while she is searching for her grandmother’s tarot cards, she remembers her mother when she was teaching her to read the tarot, and one day she told her that when the tarot card cuts, this means that there is a strong meaningful message inside it. After a lot of research in her grandmother’s personal belongings, Nora finds that her grandmother has kept the news of the disappearance of the daughter of the Gabrielli family. At the end, she realizes that this girl is Rosa’s sister, and she wonders why her grandmother keeps this news with her. Suddenly, her grandmother enters, and Nora asks her who the Gabrielli family are. After that, the grandmother gets nervous, and she says that they wanted to buy a tiger from their circus a long time ago, and she refuses to say anything else. Meanwhile, Nora leaves the room, she is upset and decides to walk alone. Meanwhile, Gabrielli’s family celebrates Tolio’s birthday, and in the middle of the party, Rosa and Matteo walk slowly to the garden, and there Matteo confesses his love and presents her an engagement ring. At the same time, Tolio talks to his friend, whose name is Manila, who works in the secret service. It is clear that, the two of them know that Adele died a long time ago. However, Tolio refuses to tell his wife the truth, and says that this is the only thing that makes her fine. Moreover, if she knows that she had died, his wife will die. Within a short period, Nora walks all night until she reaches the city, specifically the house of the Gabrielli family. After much hesitation, she decides to enter, and when she sees the door locked, she jumps off the wall and finds three men sleeping in the garden since the time of the party.

As for Rosa, she would be sitting next to them, reads a book, and gets excited when she sees Nora entering, and Nora said that she finds the wallet and comes to return it. At this time, Lucia comes to them and says that breakfast is ready, so they take Nora with them and have breakfast together. During this time, Rosa lies to her mother and says that Nora is her friend in the Faculty of Arts. After a while, Nora leaves them to go back to her house, Rosa is surprised at what happened, and she tells Matteo that Nora was here for another reason, and she guesses that she wanted to say something, but she cannot. At this time, Tolio talks to his friend Manila that he wins the auction that he entered against Matteo’s family on a land plot. Therefore, he decides to invite them to dinner at his house to show for people that he wants to make peace with them, but the truth that he is happy because he gets the land and nothing else. At this time, the four friends gather in the garden of Gabrielli’s house, they are worried about their food at night, and this is because their parents hate each other, and all the time they fight. By that time, Rosa got an idea that they use the opportunity to gather the two families, and Matteo asks her for the marriage, so Matteo is afraid of this time, but he agrees. At this time, Antonio notices the disappearance of his daughter, so Mirande says that they had a fight yesterday over a trivial thing, and she guesses that she went for a walk and she will back. Later, Antonio knows that the bank responded and refused to give them the loan, and because of what happened, he thinks of taking Ettore’s advice and accepts financing from businessmen, but Mirande refuses and says that Ettore only thinks of himself. In addition, Antonio thinks of the difficult days they were suffers from but Ettore left them and traveled. Therefore, Antonio tries to defend his brother and says that he was traveling for work, but Mirande also cannot forgive him. After a while, Nora returns to the amusement park and knows from Schleste that the bank refused financing, so she becomes sad for her father, and she wants to help him. At the same time, Ettore hears Antonio informing the workers of the bank’s decision. Later, Ettore is surprised when Tina, Schleste’s mother, comes to say hello to Ettore after knowing that he returned from travel. In addition, Tina tells Ettore about the last time she saw him, which was the day her husband was killed in Paris. After that, Tina says that Antonio and Stella did not leave her and took her to work with them in the amusement park. At night, it is the time for the invitation, and Lando and Doriana knows that the Gabrielli family invites them especially to make fun of them, and then they accept the invitation and comes. In the middle of dinner, they talk about opera concerts, so Doriana makes fun of Lucia because she sleeps at any party, no matter how loud it is. Suddenly, the entire Gabrielli family become sad, and Tolio sadly says that since the disappearance of their daughter Adele, his wife suffers from insomnia, and the opera is the only thing that comforts her and makes her sleep. Then, Doriana feels embarrassed and apologizes. After that, Doriana makes fun of their singing, especially when she sees Tolio using a remote control to turn off the TV because he is lazy. At this time, the four friends sits, and it appears that they are waiting for the invitation to end before the two families fight each other. At the Night, Nora stays with her father, she talks and asks about herself when she was a child, so Antonio says that at that time he and Ettore was traveling to work, but the condition of the country was very difficult because of the Second World War. Due to this, he could not take a vacation and come.

Therefore, he did not see her except when she had about a year and a half when her mother brought her to America to greet him. After that, Nora thanks him for all his sacrifices and say that he is a great father. At this time, Ettore sits at the ticket window, and suddenly a simple woman enters him and asks that she buy tickets for the games in exchange for grapes who planted it, but Ettore treats her cruelty and refuses. At the same time, Simone is in the amusement park, and he sees this situation before him, so he sympathizes with the woman, and that is why he buys grapes from her and gives her a lot of money. Then Simone enters the tent, looks for Nora, and meets her grandmother, who appears to be worried about his relationship with Nora. A little later, he meets Nora in the ghost house , so he goes to talk to her and asks her to go out with him the next day, and this is because he is going to attend the same party that the actor Sandro will attend in order to take photos to him and sell the pictures to the newspaper, and he wants any girl to go with him so that no one doubts him. After that, Nora agrees, but in exchange for a percentage of the money. Then Simone changes the subject and asks her about the tattoo on her back. Accordingly, Nora says that her mother made it when Nora was a child, she asks him not to tell anyone about him, and it becomes clear that are both thinking about the same thing, and Nora is the lost child, but neither of them expresses his doubts to the other.

The next day, Tolio calls for the investigator who assigned from a long time ago to search for Adele, and he brings him to show a Lucia’s drawing of the shape that she imagines Adele to be like now. In addition, he asks him to publish the drawing in the newspapers once again, because it is possible that someone who knows her will appear, and then he go with him to the car, and the investigator knows that Adele is already dead, however, he performs Tolio’s orders for a salary every month. In addition, Tolio tells him to come back after two weeks with the news that someone has seen Adele in South America because Lucia is hopeless during this period, so he wants to make her optimistic in any way. At this time, Ettore meets his two cousins, and they say that they work with rich people, and these people can finance the amusement park in exchange for taking the land behind them. The land belongs to Antonio, They wants to work in illegal works and they need a safe place so that no one will see them. Additionally, Ettore gets so excited with the money. At night, he talks to Antonio about the matter, and he takes advantage of the bank’s refusal to put pressure on Antonio, but he does not say why exactly they want the land.

However, Antonio refuses, saying that he intends to apply for another loan. At night, Antonio works in the store, and he dreams that he designs the journey game because Stella loved it and she hopes to buy something like the game in their amusement park. Furthermore, Mirande stays with him, and becomes sad whenever someone talks about her daughter. While they are talking, Nora enters them, who is coming to take a curtain thrown over to make a dress to go to the party. At night, Simone and Nora go to the party, and Nora stands in the middle of the hall to pretend that she takes a photo, and all this so that Simone takes a photo to the actor Sandro and Giulio who is with him without anyone seeing them. After a minute, he dances with Nora to get close to them and hear what they are saying, but suddenly Sandro takes Giulio and they walk from the place. Actually, Simone and Nora decide to go with them so they can take more pictures, and Sandro takes Giulio to a quiet beach to take a rest. Although Simone doesn’t see anything, he keeps taking pictures of them from afar. Suddenly, Simone and Nora hear loud screams, and they don’t know where it comes from, and when they hear Sandro’s voice afterward, laughing, they calm down and walk. at this time, the truth is that Sandro cries, not laughs, as they think, after he accidentally hit Giulio’s brain on a rock and she died, Then he sits beside her for hours, he does not know what to do.


The next day, Rosa have an exam at the university, but the doctor will be a bossy person and he deliberately fails her in the exam. When Nora arrives at her university, she comes to talk to Rosa, and Rosa takes her to their house so that they can talk easily. There, Rosa tells about the day that Adele disappeared and says that when the babysitter walked away from them for a while, at that time Adele unbuckled her seatbelt and walked away and from that moment they don’t know anything about her. From her on, Nora becomes sad and tells her about her doubts, then Nora shows her the tattoo and says that she saw an old video of her with the birthmark and she suspects that her family made this tattoo a long time ago to hide the birthmark that looks like butterfly. After that, Rosa is shocked and hugs her because she is happy, but Rosa and Nora decide to make it secret from everyone until they are sure. On their way out, they are met Lucia, who is going out to buy something, so she asks them to go with her, and then they agree. But first, Rosa asks her mother to show Nora her drawings. Rosa intends to do this to show Nora How upset are they because of her absence. Lucia says that after her daughter’s disappearance, she decided to learn drawing so that she could draw an imaginary shape for her and publish the drawing in the newspapers. In the meanwhile, Nora is upset all the way out and looks at Lucia, wondering if she is really her mother or not? Meanwhile, Tolio calls Lando to invite him to dinner the next day, and says that he has a project idea that they want to talk about. But the truth is that Tolio wanted to put a listening device in Lando’s house, because he knows that they were spies for the Russians, and he wantes to trap them, so Lando agrees and they agree on a date. As for Simone, when he works in his house and during developing photographs, he notices that there is something strange in the ground, So he guesses that something happened to Giulio. Then, Simone wants to report, but Matteo prevents him, and this is because the pictures are not clear, and he sees that these are hallucinations, nothing more. But in order to make his brother calm down, Matteo takes him to the newspaper where he works and asks an employee from there if there is any body found in that place. Later, the employee is very surprised and says if something like this happens, he would have known. Actually,  Simone wants to tell the editor what they found, but Matteo refuses. And at this time, Sandro terrifies of his crime, and because of his mother’s fear for him, she decides to do something by their own.

Accordingly, she goes to the chief director of Sandro’s current movie and tells her what happened, so the director calms down her and tells her that she will solve the issue and asks Sandro to focus only on his movie. Once, they leave, she calls her friend Manila and tells him what happened because he works in the secret service, so this issue is easy for him, so Manila goes to the groota brothers and shows them the location of the body and orders them to hide it as soon as possible. At this time, the three friends arrive at the house and meet Nora and Rosa when they go out from there. So Simone talks about what he saw, and he tells them about his doubts. Then, the five decide to go to the beach and see if there is a body there or not, but as soon as they reach there, the groota brothers arrive before them and take the body. And then they call Ettore, who agreed with them to sell the land without Antonio’s knowledge, and they decide to bury the body in their land without anyone knowing. Furthermore, Ituri himself doesn’t know why they want the land, but he doesn’t care. At night, Mirande stays with Ettore and asks him about the groota brothers, what do they want from him, but he refuses to tell her. After that, Mirande reads the tarot and warns him of what will happen in the future, saying that the groota brothers are criminals and intend to harm him. However, Ettore doesn’t care and walks away.

The next day, Simone decides to meet the editor of the newspaper, so Matteo goes with him and analyzes what happened, but the editor is not convinced, especially since the photo does not explain anything. Additionally, Simone suggests that they use the newspaper’s darkroom so they can enlarge the photos and see what it contains. In fact, The editor laughs and says that even if Sandro was a criminal, he has a lot of influences to protect him, and no matter what he does, no one will be able to imprison him. Further, he would see that even if they were able to prove something at the time, they are the ones who will be harmed, not Sandro.

At night, Simone knows that Giggi has two tickets to the premiere of Sandro’s movie, so he tells Giggi to give him a ticket until he agrees, and he gives him a ticket from them, they prepare and go to the party. There, Simone follows Sandro, unlike Giggi, he doesn’t care about anything but girls and dancing. After a while, Simone sees the actor Sandro from far away when he goes out from the party, so he holds Giggi by his hands and walks behind him, and Sandro goes to the floor above, and he keeps looking at the stage sadly. And then he says to Simone while he is out of his mind that he still can’t forget the girl’s look at him, so Simone gets excited and asks him who this girl is, but Sandro understands what he did, so he quickly changes the subject. And he says that he means the audience’s looks at him while he is on stage. Despite his justification, Simone becomes more suspicious of him and decides to follow this matter until he reaches the truth. At the same time, Tolio and his wife go to visit Lando’s family at home, and there Tolio argues that he is going to the bathroom and puts the listening device in Lando’s office.

Meanwhile, Ettore sits in amusement park alone after everyone is asleep. By chance, he sees the groota brothers and they are taking the girl’s body to bury her in the garden. Then, Ettore gets very nervous and fears that he will put himself and his family in difficult situation that might imprison them. At this time, Nora is awake in her bed, so her grandmother enters to check that she is fine. For this reason, Nora takes advantage of the opportunity and threatens her grandmother if she doesn’t tell her everything that happened a long time ago, she will tell about her doubts to Antonio and tell him that she is not his daughter. And because Mirande is afraid that Antonio will not absorb the shock, she is forced to tell Nora everything from the beginning.

Luna Park #Part 1 (2021).

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Countries: ItalyLanguages: Italian
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