Episode 1: The Day That Changed My Life

Georgina, who’s fondly called Gio, was closing for work at a Gucci Store when she met Christiano Ronaldo for the first time in 2017. They both describe the moment as special.

Georgina says she stopped breathing for seconds, and Ronaldo describes it as a moment. Georgina describes Junior standing in front of her and staring. They felt a connection as soon as their eyes met. She says they began talking but nothing serious happened until months later. She was going through family issues on her part, and Ronaldo was flying from one game to another. Then a friend invites Georgina for an event and they run into each other again. This time around, Ronaldo doesn’t let her walk past him. He asks her to dinner immediately, and Gio says yes.

From one dinner, to another, and then she visits him for the first time. Chris says he didn’t fall in love with her immediately but it happened gradually. He reiterated that their first meeting was special. Gio talks about the paparazzi and how weird it makes her feel. Because of the paparazzi, Gio does not travel with Chris. She prefers to travel with her friends in his jet. Chris says Gio’s back story is similar to his. Gio loves to share part of her life with her friends. It’s her generosity. Her best friend, Elena, follows her on every trip. Elena tells us that Gio is quite simply a person. She doesn’t have a personal photographer as many would believe. Gio doesn’t even edit her photos. She is just a natural. Elena talks about the paparazzi and how it took a while to get used to them.

There is also Ramon, Gio’s agent. Gio said she felt a connection with him and that’s how they started working together. She says she loves working with him. Ramon also enjoys working with Gio and teasing her. They are headed to Jean Paul Gautier Atelier in Paris. They’re about to choose a gown for Gio for Cannes. On board the jet, Gio says the crew is the best thing about her trips. She mentions Rebecca’s cooking as a motivation for her travels. She describes Rebecca’s cooking and how gentle and delicious it is. She says Rebecca makes all the dishes she likes, especially Paella. At Paris, Gio finds out that it was Jean Paul’s birthday. She feels terrible and blames Ramon who was only just letting her know. Gio enters the Atelier and loves it.

Elena loves the staircases the most. The building is grand and romantic. Gio says everything in the building is a work of art. They start checking out some dresses. Greg, the attendant, shows her a dress Lady Gaga wore in G.U.Y and another cloth worn by Naomi Campbell in the early 2000s. They decide that the place is more of a museum. Gio chooses some dresses and tries them on. They all fit, interestingly. Back on the jet, Gio mentions that she loves to attend all her appointments in one day so that she can return to the kids. She gets down at the airport and briefly meets up with Ronaldo. She returns home to the kids just in time before it is late. At the family home in Madrid, Spain, Giond recounts how she got lost when she first got there. She says she’s mastered where everything went now.

In Monaco, Gio says Chris gives her access to use the boats with her friends. Her friends say things are spontaneous with Gio. She just calls and you go. Gio is also trying to renovate the main house in Spain. She calls their interior decorator, Paula, whom she trusts so well, to handle it. There are furniture that she wants to sell online since they may not fit into the smaller house where she intends to move them to. Gio spends time with Junior and helps him pack for his next game. He doesn’t score a goal but helps assist more than three goals. His team, Juve, wins Milan by seven to three goals.

Gio’s friend group is called the Darlings. This name originated from her habit of calling everyone darling. Ivan, her friend, says you can’t have an agenda with Gio. She just calls you up and you have to go. They got the text to come to Monaco from Gio around midnight. Her invitations happen randomly and are always important. Gio mentions how funny it is that her friends arrived at the yacht before her. Ivi, her sister, announces that she is pregnant to the appreciation of the darlings. Gio wants to know the sex so she asks Ivi to put out her hands. Ivi turns the back of her hand so Gio says it’s a girl. She tries the Georginal logic on Ivi just to determine the sex of the child. The friends spend time catching up on the yacht and recalling old memories.

They remember one time when a man farted in her nose. The friends talk about Gio and the kind of person she is. They also talk about what it means to be Gio’s friends. They are constantly asked personal questions about Gio and some of them find it absurd. They comment on the paparazzi. Her friends note how gentle and tolerating she is. Some people are worried that Gio has changed ever since she married Ronaldo. The friends are very sure she hasn’t changed and they want others to believe it too and stop with the questions. Gio also comments on the paparazzi. At first, she says it was hard for her to adjust to having a lot of people have flawed information about you and being unable to help them. She says she always had the urge to set people straight but that’s the only thing you end up doing all the time and there’s life to live apart from that.

The next morning, Gio is given a chain by the darlings. She had been looking for that neckpiece for more than a year. She announces that they would be going to see Ferrari before she returns and spends time with the darlings. They look towards it and are even happy that they get to spend time with Gio. Gio didn’t really like the side before it became an issue. After the meeting with Ferrari, Gio talks endlessly about fashion. On the side, the family is preparing to go for vacation. Gio is packing a few things. Gio says she is okay with anything and location as long as Chris is there. She gets Elena to demonstrate what appearance I should get. I’m not a sapedized? She shows her a suit, a green gown and a debit change.

Gio is grateful to be who she is. She never fought with him, that is enough reason that you should happen to me. She feels lucky that she doesn’t have to stress as much as other mother’s stress to get up in the morning and take care of the kids. Ronaldo says he’s thankful that he chose her. He believes she’s the best person for the job. He says she’s the best anyman could ever wish for love for Merit. She is still sorting out things for the small house. Gio is cleaning a stack of Chinas and begins to talk about bits that are needed but there’s no instruction.

Episode 3: Hectic Days

Gio leaves the house to attend the match between Portugal and France. She goes with

Junior and her friends. We meet Toni, another friend. When they get to Budapest, she meets Julia, another friend. Julia helps her select the gown she should wear and they all head out to see the match. Gio says she always prays for Chris as soon as she enters the stadium to watch him play. During the match, she says she feels really loved by Portugal. The game ends in a tie and Gio’s proud of Chris. They leave the venue amidst imposing paparazzi. Their next stop is Sevilla but they don’t leave immediately because they bumped into a friend and her son. After all the pleasantries, the party leaves for Sevilla. In the next scene, Gio’s kids are doing some activities with their home tutor. Gio says she hired the tutor to engage her kids when she’s not home. The tutor also helps Junior with his assignments.

Gio’s doing this to stimulate her kids and inspire them. She wants them to be the best they can be. And she thinks her kids are the best. She makes them appreciate the teacher before she leaves. According to her, the kids will not see the tutor for a while since they are going on vacation. She takes them pony riding. At first, Mateo is too scared to climb the pony, but he joins the fun after Eva and Alana surge forward on their ponies. In Milan, Gio and Julia are on the bus to see a friend called Eugenia. Gio talks about the jewelry that Eugenia sells and how they speak to her. She says she feels elegant with the pieces Eugenia sells. She sends Julia off on an errand and comments on how sweet and gentle Julia is. Gio meets up with Eugenia by herself. Gio met Eugenia in Turin for the first time. They catch up and Gio expresses her worries about fitting. However, Eugenia assures her that she still has the sparks in her.

She meets up with Julia and they head to Roberto Cavalli for dresses. She’s still looking for a gown for Cannes. The shop is filled with unique pieces so they take their time. Their first pick is a silver and gold backless gown. Gio goes into the dressing room with Julia and tries it on. The first three gowns don’t fit. They’re too tight for Julia. After a while, she gives up. They offer to take her measurements but Gio is worried that she’ll add more weight from eating. She checks out some jumpsuits and gets matching ones for herself and Ronaldo. She also describes her ideal dress to the attendants. She says she doesn’t want anything that would show her butt. After she tried it once at a younger age, she saw the picture and promised never to try it again. Gio says she doesn’t buy a lot of clothes but the dew she buys are of good quality.

It’s time to pay and the attendant tells her everything she got. However, to Gio’s surprise, they give her all the items on the house. She’s shocked and feels remorseful for buying a lot. She appreciates them and says that even though they’re rich, they appreciate gestures like that. In the next scene, Gio has arrived for a photoshoot at a brand’s location. She says Ramon takes care of everything that has to do with brands. Gio is impressed with her work ethics. She says she does something perfectly when she puts her mind to it. She thinks she’s a trendsetter since most of the things she wears sell out fast. Still looking for that dress, she meets Ali Karoui, an old friend who makes clothes. She says she has worn his dress for an award ceremony in 2018. She describes what she wants to him and he draws some designs. She settles for a green design and tries on a red dress. Everyone loves the look on her.

Episode 4: Football, Holidays, and Gender Reveal

It’s time for the big game between Portugal and Belgium in Sevilla. Gio is heading to the venue with friends and Junior. She tries to sing but stops halfway but Elena encourages her to sing at the top of her voice regardless of how she sounds. While they’re having dinner in Seville, Edu, a friend of Gio and Chris, recounts his promise a year ago to bring a band, Los Rebujitos, to sing at a party in Portugal when Chris was present. The band didn’t show up then but they walked in just as he was talking. Edu is ecstatic that he has fulfilled his wish to bring the band to their hangout. The party heads to the porch and settles in to listen to the band. They enjoy a time of music and laughter. Gio even takes the stage to sing along.

On match day, the atmosphere is tense. Gio is nervous and wants Chris to win. However, things don’t turn out as they expect. Portugal loses to Belgium, scoring no goal at all. Junior is hurt and Gio tries to placate him. Chris says he felt bad when he saw Junior crying but he was also assured that the lad felt something only true players would feel. Gio encourages Junior to stay strong and cheer his dad up. Then they go on vacation in Majorca. Gio is thrilled about this location. She thinks it has the best waters in Europe. Chris says he loves vacations because he gets to do anything he loves. He spends the time with family and his friends. Gio describes the house design. She especially likes the fact that the pool is a bit farther from the house so that the kids don’t wake them up when they sleep. They enjoy quality time alone for two days before their friends come around.

The D-day for Gio finally arrives — The Cannes International Film Festival. Gio interrupts her holiday to get to work. She says she doesn’t mind doing it. Ramon arrives with cucumbers while she’s having a massage. Gio says she doesn’t get good sleep a night before an event. She says the cucumbers were pretty expensive. She got half a cucumber for four euros. So she ate the leftovers of the cucumbers after using them on her eyes. Next, she tries on her dresses. Ramon insists that she wear the one from Jean Paul Gautier even when Gio is considering Ali Karoui’s dress. Ramon and Gio disagree with what dress she should wear.

The tension in the room heightens when Gio says Chris preferred the green one. However, Gio goes with Ramon’s choice in the end. According to her, it looked the best with her hairdo. Gio makes it back in time to have that special dinner with Chris.

Gio sets up a surprise party to reveal the gender of her sister’s baby. Ivi says she didn’t let the technician tell her the gender at the lab because she wanted to find out from someone special to her. Gio wants them to place a bet on what gender the baby will be. She says she doesn’t have to participate in the bet though. They share a toast to the baby. Then Gio presents a surprise gift to Ivi and makes her open it. In the wrapped box, there’s a girl’s shoes. Ivi is going to have a baby girl. She is overjoyed and starts tearing up. Gio assures her that her life would change now that she was going to have kids. Gio says she is going to have absolute joy as a mom and she’d never stop worrying. Gio also gives her a Riverie, a necklace Ivi has always wanted. The night is filled with love and hugs and kisses.

Episode 5: Back to the Beginning

Gio is back in Jaca, Spain, after many years. She takes a tour down memory lane visiting familiar places with her sister, Ivi. The first stop is the citadel. From there they can see the entire city. Georgina feels nostalgia instead of getting excited as she expected. Ivi shares the same feelings with her. She says it feels like she’s a little girl again. Like all the new life she has doesn’t exist. They spot a house Gio wanted to own in her childhood and share a laugh.

They walk down the streets and Gio is surprised by the paparazzi. She wasn’t expecting anyone down here to recognise her. She meets some of her old acquaintancs as she walks on. She admits that the town hasn’t changed one bit. They talk about a lot of things and make their first stop at the restaurant biarritz. It was a place Gio only ever dreamt of going to. Ivi says they were only ever able to enter thanks to baller classes. They talk about Gio being the school troublemaker. She never wanted to go to school. Gio admits that she was scared of the nuns so she refused to go to school. She visits a candy store and admits that she’ll never stop liking candies. She buys some more candies for the kids.

They make a stop at the ballet class and catch up with their old teacher. Sara, a former ballet classmate of Gio, arrives and shares a dance with Gio. Ivi tells us that Gio is very stubborn as she is affectionate. Gio talks about Madrid a lot and how she was certain that her life would be great. In Madrid, we see the hotel she worked at. Hotel Leilda. The owner is still around and opens the place to welcome Gio. She explains that they’re closed due to COVID. Gio meets the paparazzi again. She visits a meat shop where they sell different kinds of steaks she loves. She finds the one she likes and buys a lot of it. She shares them into different locations to be sent to their different homes. Gio tells us how she would walk for long hours in the dark all alone. Because she was worried, she would call her mom or sister all the way home.

Gio takes us to the apartment she stayed in Madrid. She remembers her neighbour, Mrs Carmen, who helped her when she was really distraught. Gio said she had worked double shifts since Thursday and returned home Sunday evening, dizzy and teary eyed. She had knocked on Mrs Carmen’s door and pleaded for a plate of rice and fried eggs. She said Mrs Carmen made the food quickly and since then Gio valued her. She visits the church next. It is the place she ran to most times in Madrid. She explains that she is very religious. She visits the virgin’s shrine and offers flowers. She explains how being there gives her peace. She says she has always felt God’s presence in her life. Like he has always been by her side. She says she’d always come here and pray for God’s help and he always came through.

Back at the family house in Madrid, Gio wraps gifts for children. She calls Chris and asks him to get ready in twenty minutes. It seems they’re planning to have a video call. Gio arrives at a home for kids from broken homes. It is a place she and Chris donate to. However, Gio believes it’s better to spend time with the kids even as you donate. She hands the kids their gifts and the smiles, shrieks of joy, and happy laughter all melt her heart. She goes from room to room listening to their stories and looking at their drawings. While reading one particular letter, Gio breaks down in tears. She is unable to continue reading it, so someone else has to help read it instead. Gio reads more letters while holding back tears.

The kids are inspired by her. They think she is a selfless person and an amazing mother. Gio is thankful for their kind thoughts and presents them her last gift for the day. A video call with Chris. The kids are overjoyed and excited. Some of them record the moment with their phone while others just take it in. Chris promises to come visit them one day with Gio. Gio finally leaves the kids with plenty hugs and kisses.

Episode 6: New City, New Plans, Good News

The family is moving out of the house in Turin, Italy. Gio is sad about it and hopes she doesn’t have to completely leave. Chris says he’s used to changes since he was eighteen because nothing is permanent in sports. Things change everyday. Gio takes a swim in their pool since it’s hot and she receives a call from Ramon. According to the conversation, James Balvin has agreed to work on Gio’s first project. She’s ecstatic. She thinks it’s a dream come true. She says she met Balvin at one of Chris’ parties four years ago. She plays one of his songs and continues swimming. Then Gio goes shopping for presents for Junior’s birthday. She says she likes getting him clothes because they’re things he uses the most. She selects some sweats and t-shirts for him before straying into the women’s section.

Gio admits that she loves shopping. She loves having nice things in her closet. She spots rings that she likes and picks a few of them. When she’s leaving, she jokingly tells her group that she came to get presents but she’s leaving with half of the store. Gio takes the little ones to go bake a cake together for Junior. They get to Andrea’s. She’s the pastry chef for Gio in Madrid. The kids get ready and start baking. First they pour in the flour, then the eggs, then oil, then milk. Gio likes making healthy cakes for the kids. She’s particular about everything they eat. The D-day arrives and Gio takes the kids and her friends to a theme park in Madrid that opened just for them. Her friends commend her efforts as a mom and are glad to enjoy their time.

After they ride the slides, Junior says he isn’t getting on another one. Meanwhile, Gio receives a call and says she’s coming to get them in. She says she used to work as an au pair in Bristol in 2015 and she took care of twin girls then. She says she always invites the girls to her children’s birthdays. She introduces the girls to her kids again and they become friends. Gio says she first learnt to be a mom while taking care of the twins in Bristol. She said she fed them, walked them, bathed them, and even taught them. She learnt to take care of kids with the twins. They present the cake and Junior is surprised to learn that the little ones baked it. He shares a kiss with all of them. Then he gets his presents and he looks very happy with all of them. Gio’s friends are proud of her, especially for her attentiveness as a mother.

Gio is the administrator of Insparya, Chris’ hair treatment clinic. It’s one of the many businesses he owns that she helps him with. She gets her hair treated at the clinic and is impressed by the nurse’s skill with the needle. It didn’t even hurt at all. Chris says he values her opinion concerning every business he owns. He says she’s very business minded and it helps a lot. The darlings are together again in Marbella, Spain. Two chefs place a wide pot of rice on the table and the guests are thrilled. Gio announces that she would be receiving an award later that night and she would be wearing Ali K’s gown. It is also Ivan’s birthday so she gives him a gift. It’s a polo and then she gives him a diamond ring. He is overjoyed and shares a hug with all of them.

At the Starlite awards, Georgina is asked to address the crowd after the awards and she dedicates it to everyone that loves her because they motivate her to give. She is asked to stay behind and sing a song with Beret. Gio feels honoured to share the same stage with him. She’s on a video call with J. Balvin and she shares her dreams of working together with him. The change they’ve been expecting finally comes when Chris transfers to Manchester United. They move to Europe. Gio is happy that people get to know her for who she is now, and not just being Chris’ girlfriend.

I Am Georgina.

I Am Georgina | January 27, 2022 (United States) Summary: Join Georgina Rodríguez - mom, influencer, businesswoman and Cristiano Ronaldo's partner - in this emotional and in-depth portrait of her daily life.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: Spanish
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