A Poor Girl Discovers That Her Real Father Abandoned Her and That She Is Very Rich.


Since 1940, the days of the Second World War, at that time Italy was one of the countries that suffer because of the war, and that is why Antonio and Ettore had to travel and did their circus shows all over the world. At this time, Stella and Mirande left alone, and that’s why the mother and daughter learned to read tarot and lived from the money of the tarot reading. Over time, the situation in the country becomes more difficult, as Antonio and Ettore were imprisoned in Paris, they could not find a job, and they wew forced to stay with their friends, Salf and Tina, who traveled with them from Rome during the same period. At the same time, Salf and Tina were working in a famous place, and they made shows there. One day, Antonio received a letter from Stella, saying that she was pregnant and could not find any money to spend from her. Because of the difficult circumstances, Antonio was forced to do anything in order to get her money, so he lied to Tina and Salf, saying that the police knew that they were Jews and were coming to arrest them now. Then, They believed and escaped from the country, and thus Antonio’s plan succeeds. In addion, He could convince the employer to let him and Ettore work instead of Tina and Salf. After a while, stella got very tired and lost the baby. As soon as he knew this about the letters, Antonio quickly returned to Italy and thinks that he would settle in Rome instead of traveling a lot, and he would also open their own amusement park, as he had seen in America before. So he proposed to Ettore the idea, and this is because he did not have enough money, but Antonio insisted on his opinion. And he suggested that each of their friends be responsible for the game and he was the one who makes it and he was also the one who runs it. After that, Most of their friends was convinced and agree. But after a while, the conditions in the country become more difficult, and Antonio and Ettore were forced to travel again. During this period, Stella knew that she was pregnant, and she kept sending her news to Antonio constantly. And one day he knew that Tina and her son returned to Rome, and Tina said that the day they escaped from Paris, the police caught them on the road and killed her husband, and that is why she decided to return with the child and continue their lives here.

A few months later, stella got very tired and lost the baby for the second time, but this time her condition got very bad, especially when Antonio’s answers was interrupted and she suspected that he died. However, she wrote him letters constantly to see it by Antonio. And one day, when Mirande opens one of these letters, she finds that stella was lying to her husband, telling him that she was born. Then, Stella broke down, saying that she was afraid of his shock, and that’s why she decided to give herself hope and give him hope too. Undoubtedly, Mirande sympathized with her and forgave her, and after that she tried her best to make her daughter fine, but she failed. One day, Mirande and her daughter heared the sound of guns firing around them, so they hide at a faraway house. And they notice from the window of the house that there is a baby locked up alone in the apartment, so Stella feels pity for her and rushes to break the door, and Mirande sees that they must wait for her mother to come, but Stella refuses and says that if her mother cared about her, she would not leave her like this, so she decided to take the baby to raise her. On their way out, Mirande sees a tall man holding a stick and a toy go into the house, and she thinks that he was guarding the baby, but because of his weird look, she worried about the baby from him and decided to go before he sees the baby with them, Mirande kept searching in the newspapers for any family that had lost their daughter; because they intended to return the baby to her family if they knew who they are. One day, Mirande reads about the Gabrielli family, who are offering a very large reward for anyone who finds their baby, but when Mirande sees her daughter happy with the baby, she cuts off the news and refuses to tell her daughter about this family. Since Stella did not see the announcement, she guesses that the baby’s mother is the one who left her, which is why she decides to raise the baby and tries to compensate her for his mother’s absence. From that day on, they call her ” Nora “, as they wanted to call their daughter. After a while, Antonio back to send letters again and said that they are currently in America and they are happy, so Stella decides to take the baby and travel to him, but Mirande refuses to travel with them and she stays at home alone, then Stella convinces her husband that this is their daughter, and because she becomes so close to the baby, she decides to tattoo her over the birthmark to hide it so that her real family will not recognize her.

After that, they lived a happy life in America for several years, but one day the amusement park where they work were destroyed, so Antonio decides to take his family and return to Rome, while Ettore refuses to return with them and decides to continue his life in America. In Rome, they built the amusement park they dreamed of, and all their friends shared with them; and lived together on the money of the amusement parks. But after a few years, Stella gets tired and dies, since that time Nora lives with Antonio and Mirande in the amusement park, to this day, Antonio still believes that she is his real daughter, and at this moment Nora remembers her childhood and because of her happy memories and they treat her good, she decides to forgive them for everything they did, especially that she does not know who is her real family, and did her family really get rid of her, or did she get lost. The next day, Nora is surprised that her sister Rosa came to visit her in the village, especially to talk to her and convince her to go home and tell their family about the truth, but Nora refuses and says that the only person she cares about now is her father and she does not want to lose him, she told Rosa about her grandmother’s words and that she was not lost but she was locked up, and on that day there was a tall man with a stick watching her, so Rosa shocks and thinks that something is missing and they still do not know, and to convince Nora to go back with her, she tells her that Simone likes her and that this is the first time he fell in love with someone, despite that she kept refusing in order not to lose her father no matter what, and told Rosa that she does not want to see them again even Simone, and after many discussions, Rosa failed to convince her, and she took her bag and left. After a while, Antonio notices that the prototype of the journey game disappeared and he kept looking for it in the place, but he did not find it, then Ettore told him that he took it and gave it to a large factory to design it. Antonio figures out that Ettore made a deal with the Groote brothers, and from this money, he pays the factory, that is why he blames his brother for what he did and shouts at him, they kept fighting until Ettore felt guilty, and says that he made a mistake when he sold the land to their cousins behind his back, so he tries to fix his mistake by buying the game, so Antonio forgave him, and they reconciled later and returned as they were.

At this time, Simone goes to his brother at the newspaper, and he asks for the third time to take him to the darkroom, Matteo hesitates a lot but then he agrees to take him there, and by magnifying the pictures, Simone sees the young Giulio, raising her hand and seeking for help, so he finds out that Sandro did something to her, despite that, he does not tell his brother the truth of what he saw and quickly leaves the place. As for Giggi, he is busy preparing the new program, and one day Sandro goes to visit him in the studio after they met more than once and became friends. Sandro takes the chance and tells him about the day his movie was shown and tells Giggi that he was very drunk that day and wants to know what he told them exactly, Giggi reassures him that he didn’t say anything and that they were all drunk and not paying attention to what he said, so Sandro believes him and gets it out of his head. After that, the four young men gather to play tennis as usual, and Giggi tells what happened with Sandro, Matteo takes the chance and asks his brother what exactly he saw in the pictures, which made him so nervous, and Simone refuses to tell him anything, but Matteo knows his brother very well, so he is sure that he is hiding something from them, then Rosa tells them about what happened with Nora and that she does not want to see them again, so Simone gets upset because he started to love her and leaves without finishing their conversation.

At night, Rosa waits for Giggi to come home to talk to him, and even though he’s coming back drunk, she insists on talking to him and telling him the truth about what happened with Nora and that she’s their sister, and that Nora also searched through pictures of them when they were children, and found the picture of them with a man with the same specifications as what Nora said. Despite everything she told him, Giggi did not believe her, and he thought that this was nothing more than she was affected by the loss of her sister.

The next day, while Nora working in the amusement park, she is surprised when Simone comes for her to talk and asks her why she is avoiding him, so Nora tells him about what she discovered and says that she will not be able to reveal the truth because she is worried for Antonio, then Simone asks her to come with him to his house, specifically his father’s office where he hides the pictures; and tells Nora about what he saw in the pictures and that he does not know what to do. After a lot of thinking, they decided to go to the police station, throw the photos away, and run away, because if Sandro knew that it was they who tell the police, he will not let them escape with what they did, and it is also possible that the intelligence services fabricated the accusation against them.

At this time, Manila heard them from the recording device that he put in the office, and because Manila is an intelligence agent and is also involved in the crime, he decides to call the director to inform her of what happened and tell her that their crime was discovered and they must find a solution as soon as possible. As for Mirande, she stays awake in her room, praying and talking to her daughter, and because of her spiritual strength, she knows that there is negative energy in the place; and that this energy is caused by a spirit trapped in the place and wants to get out, Mirande becomes terrified and does not know who this spirit is and how it came here. The next day, she tells Antonio what happened, but he underestimates her words and thinks that she is getting old and demented, then Manila goes to meet Tolio to tell he wants to take revenge on Simone after what he did, so he asks Tolio to find a way to bring Simone to him, although Tolio does not understand why he wants this, he agrees to do so, As soon as Tolio returns home, he finds Rosa standing waiting for him, and she gives him the picture that she found yesterday, and asks him about the man who was with them, then Lucia enters and says that he calls Alvio, and he was an old friend of Tolio, but he traveled a long time ago to Italy, and at this time Tolio gets so nervous that he leaves them to keep talking and enters his office.

At night, Antonio goes to check on his daughter in her room and notices that there is something that stresses her she does not know to take a decision, so he talks to her without knowing what is happening and advises her to do what makes her comfortable no matter what is, as a result of his words, Nora decides to go to visit Gabrielli’s family in their home and tells them the truth. At the same time, the date of the first episode of Giggi’s program is shown, and the whole family gathers in front of the TV to watch it. As for Simone and Matteo, they are in the studio to support their friend, and before the start of the episode, they are surprised that the director chose Sandro to be the guest of the episode to increase the number of views, Simone tries to deal with him normally despite he is afraid of him after knowing that he is a murderer.

Then Simone watches the episode like the rest of the audience in the studio and waits for the police to enter at any time to arrest Sandro after the photos he presented to the police station. During the presentation of the episode, Nora arrives at the house of the Gabrielli family, and without any introductions, she stands in front of them and told them that she is their daughter, who was lost for a long time and for proving her words, she showed them the tattoo above the birthmark, and Lucia was so affected and started crying, as for Tolio, he says that she is just a fraud and he does not believe her, so Nora decides to tell them the story she knew about and begs them not to tell Antonio about this, but Tolio is sure that his daughter died, so he did not even wait to hear her story and left them, Nora goes after him quickly, but did not catch him, and Tolio decides to go to the amusement park by himself, and there he asks about Antonio, and as soon as he sees him, he begins to beat him with extreme brutality and tells him to take his fraud daughter away from his family now, Antonio gets shocked not understand what he is talking about. At this time, Nora arrives and tries to stop the fight, so Tolio tells what happened in front of all the amusement park workers and Antonio, Then the amusement park workers started beating Tolio, and Antonio was so shocked and refuses to talk to anyone and go back to his room, and they kept knocking on his door for hours, but he refused to talk to anyone and kept breaking things in the room with extreme anger. meanwhile, Lucia is arguing with her daughter Rosa, blaming her for knowing the truth for a while, and hiding it from them, so Rosa explains why she did and says that Nora is the one who asked to do so, and during their fight, Giggi returns home excited and asks them about their opinion on the program, but he is shocked when he sees his mother crying, so he understands that something is wrong has happened, On the next day, the four young men gather at Rosa’s house, and she tells them in detail about everything that happened with Nora from the beginning, and Matteo gets upset; and how she could hide an important thing like this from him despite their relationship, and gets angry and leaves the house, so Simone goes after him in order to reconcile him, but Mateo is so upset that he refuses to discuss and leave him, then Simone is surprised when Tolio comes to warn him that there are people looking for him and want to kill him, Tolio advises him to find a safe place to stay in it, because if these people find him, they will not leave him until he dies, and although he does not understand what Simone did exactly, he asks him if any of their children were involved with him in this crime, Simone reassures him that he and Nora who involved in this only, and Tolio suggests that he hide in the amusement park because it is a wired place and no one will guess that he is there. At the same time, Rosa and her brother Giggi are sitting in the room with their mother, who is still in shock since what she knew and unable to move, then Rosa says she suspects that her father knows something and is hiding it from them, especially after she talked about Alvio and he got nervous, and they decided to talk to him honestly when he came home. At this time, Simone has arrived at the amusement park, and Nora agrees to make him stay with them, especially when she knew that he was in danger and could be killed, despite her grandmother’s rejecting the idea, but later she sympathizes with him and also agrees, and then Schleist knows that Simone is in here and he felt there is a relationship between Simone and Nora, he gets upset and goes to fight Simone and they hit each other, and Tolio goes to meet his friend, the detective, in the church; and asks him to find anything about Nora and her family Antonio can be able to prove to his family that these people are liars. Now, we know that Tolio has been hiding a big secret for a long time, and he knows very well that his daughter died as a baby, yet he cannot tell his family the truth then he goes to meet Manila, he lies and says that Simone disappeared since yesterday and he cannot find him, so Manila directs his words to Antonio and threatens him that if he does not find Simone as soon as possible, he will harm him, then we know that Tolio killed his friend a long time ago, at that time, Manila was able to hide his crime as works in intelligence, but then he forced Tolio to work with him in intelligence and help him.

meanwhile, Sandro arrives at the Gabriellii family’s house to take Giggi so they can watch the filming of his new movie, but Rosa worries about her brother, especially after they were sure that Sandro is a criminal, but Giggi does not listen to her and says that he is lonely and no one cares about him from one day he was born, so he decided to go out with Sandro and to have fun away from them. While filming the scene, Giggi notices Sandro’s violent behavior, especially with the girl he is filming with and feels that he is a cruel person, contrary to what he looks like. He believes that Simone was right and that Sandro is really a murderer.

A few hours later, Tolio arrives home, and during lunch, Lucia says that she wants to visit Nora and talk to her, but Tolio refuses and orders them not to talk about this matter again; until his friend the investigator finds out who is these people and knows what their story is. As for Manila, he goes to the Groota brothers and gives them a picture of Simone so that they can search for him and kill him as soon as possible before he exposes them. At midnight, Mirande feels the same spirit that she felt before, and she kept following her feelings until she reached a garden behind the amusement park, and there she notes an arm of a buried body, Mirande gets terrified and runs away, then she goes to wake up Ettore to ask him about this body, so he confesses everything and says that the Groota brothers tricked him, and after many discussions, Ettore promises her that he will talk to them to find a solution to this issue without Antonio’s knowledge.

At this time, the investigator discovers that Antonio’s family is respectable, and informs Tolio about everything he knew and says that this means Nora may be really their daughter, but as Tolio only said that his daughter had already died a long time ago, and he did not say how he knew of her death, so the investigator begins to worry and suspects Tolio himself. The next day, the five young men meet in a place far from their homes and are very worried about Simone, especially after they knew that the intelligence is protecting Sandro and hiding his crimes, but Giggi reassures them that he has a solution, and asks Simone to take care of himself till he can settle things. At night, the time for Giggi’s episode comes, and he takes advantage of his program to show pictures of Sandro killing Gioia in front of all the people, then suddenly the producer intervenes and stops filming, but the news has already spread and Sandro’s crime has been exposed in front of all people, and that how Giggi has revealed what he wants and forced the government to prove the accusation against Sander and imprison him, As for Ettore, he goes to face the Groota brothers about the body he saw, and that Mirande knew about everything, and if they did not get rid of this body now, she would report on them, so the Groota brothers became very nervous and suspected that Ettore was the one who told her, so they threatened him that they would not let him get away with what he did.  At this time, Lucia is getting ready and decides to go see Nora in the amusement park, and the weird thing that Mirande welcomes her with pleasure and made her watch a videotape which makes Lucia sure when the birthmark appeared in the video that Nora is really her daughter, and before she went to talk to her daughter, Tolio arrives and came specially to warn her of these people, but for the first time Lucia refused to believe him and insisted she wants to know the truth by herself.

Meanwhile, Simone is standing talking to Antonio, who is still shocked since he knows the truth to this day he has not spoken to any of them, so Simone convinces him that Nora had nothing to do with what happened and that she is a victim exactly like him. Indeed, Antonio is convinced and goes to reconcile with her, but he refuses to listen to her, and he insists to hear the whole story from Mirande  After that, Nora goes to thank Simone for what he did and while they are standing talking, the Groota brothers see them and find out that Simone is the young man whom Manila ordered them to kill, so they run quickly to catch him, but because of their bad reputation, Nora realizes that they are coming to kill him, she grabbed Simone’s hand to escape, and the brothers kept chasing them until Nora had an idea and decided to take Simone to hide in one of the amusement parks, but the Groota brothers saw them, within a few minutes, they try to destroy the game that Nora and Simone will ride, and intend to do so to get rid of Simone, and at the same time, no one will discover what they have done, and the first season of the series ends.

Luna Park #Part 1 (2021).

Luna Park | September 30, 2021 (United States) Summary: In 1960s Rome, a free-spirited young woman who's grown up at her family's circus unexpectedly discovers she belongs to two very different worlds.
Countries: ItalyLanguages: Italian
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