Malfunction Forced A Man and Women to Wake Up 90 Years Earlier From Their Destination.


Passengers | December 21, 2016 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United States, AustraliaLanguages: English, Spanish, Japanese, French


The movie opens with the Starship Avalon on autopilot

heading to the colony world of Homestead II

The crew and the 5,000 passengers are all in hibernation pods

for the 120-year journey

It is 30 years into the journey, The ship travels thru a meteor storm

and power is diverted to the forward shields

then the ship collides with a large meteor and the power blinks

red alert screens come on in the control area

then quickly go back to normal

Something bad has happened

Jim Preston a mechanical engineer

wakes up in his pod with a cheery computer voice

telling him that soon they will be arriving at Homestead II

He is told that it is normal to feel confused

and weak after being in hibernation

The wristband on his arm is scanned

and the computer leads him to his cabin where he sleeps

The next day, he wakes up

and tries to decide what to wear when meeting fellow passenger

then makes his way to a cafeteria, where he is the only one

He goes to an orientation session

about life as a colonist on Homestead

but he is the only one there

The cheery computer generated instructor cannot understand his question, about why no one else is there

Jim goes to the Main Concourse

and gets no help from the information kiosk

He finds an office where he can send a message to the Homestead Company and he is warned that it will be expensive

He sends a message explaining he is the only one awake

and needs help, then finds out it will be fifteen years

before anyone on earth receives his message

He is on his own

Jim finds manuals for all the ship equipment

He studies the manual on the hibernation pods

but cannot find a way to get it started again

once the person has woken up

He cannot get into the area where the crew pods are

to try and wake anyone for help

and he cannot get into the command area

His wristband does not give him the proper clearance

Jim finds the robot bartender Arthur who he can talk to

but the robot is programmed to dispense bartender advice

like if you don’t like where you are, change things

Jim is a general class passenger with a basic cabin

and he breaks into a suite with nicer amenities

Jim becomes more desperately lonely

He goes to an area where passengers can put on a spacesuit

to go outside while safely tethered to the ship

Jim contemplates suicide by opening the airlock without a spacesuit

but stops himself, and runs into the pod area

He trips near a pod with a lovely woman inside, Aurora

He studies her passenger profile

she had recorded before the ship set sail, and She is a journalist

and is traveling to Homestead to have an adventure

and learn about why people choose to be a colonist

He reads her stories and thinks she is perfect

He wrestles with himself about waking her up

knowing that it will doom her to die on the ship

but he cannot stand the isolation after a year alone

so he manually makes her pod wake her up

hiding before she can see him

The same cheery computer program wakes up Aurora

and leads her to her cabin to sleep

Aurora wakes up the next day alone

and wanders to the grand concourse where she meets Jim

He tells her the truth about how long he has been awake

but he doesn’t tell her that he woke her up

He has asked Arthur the robot bartender not to tell Aurora what he has done, and Arthur agrees

Aurora and Jim talk daily, discuss what can be tried to fix the pods

she runs and begins to write her story

She asks why Jim left earth

and he says he likes to make things and fix things

and on earth, things get replaced when they break and are not fixed

He wants to live in a house he builds himself

Her plan was to travel to the colony

spend a year there talking to colonists about, why they left Earth

then return to earth

After some time of getting to know each other

Jim asks Aurora on a date, and she accepts

After they eat, he takes her to the spacesuit room

and there are two suits and they both get dressed, and go outside

They are happy,

have their routine of exercise, watching the stars,

taking advantage of the ships entertainment and restaurant venues

It’s Aurora’s birthday

and Jim plans a special surprise, he made a ring for her

Going in the bar, Aurora tells Arthur that she and Jim have no secrets and Jim agrees

Jim steps into the men’s room

and Arthur tells Aurora what a good choice Jim made to pick her to wake up

Aurora is angry,

furious, and tells Jim to stay away from her

While all of this is going on,

the control room is more frequently getting alerts of system failures

Jim and Aurora have noticed small things

like the cleaning robots having system failures

It’s now two years since the meteor collision

One day Gus wakes up and appears on the concourse

he is a deck crew chief and has woken up early

Hibernation Pods have never failed before

and he explains that something major is wrong

His wristband gets them into the command center

where they find that the ships automatic diagnostics have failed

and they need to check every deck manually

While he tests before they start this

there is a major gravity failure and Aurora almost drowns

There have been cascading failures

and the computer can make a timeline, ​that shows the first failure was two years before

The area first affected was in the main engine area

but they will have to do a manual inspection to tell where

At this point,

Gus collapses, and Jim and Aurora take him to the infirmary

and put him in the medical auto diagnostic scanner

There are multiple necroses all throughout his body

and death is imminent

probably because of the malfunctioning hibernation pod

He puts on his uniform and prepares to die

and gives him and Aurora his wristband, so they can access the areas of the ship

which they need it to go to fix things

In engineering,

Jim and Aurora find a hole made by a meteorite

which goes thru some critical areas

and When they open one door,

Aurora is almost sucked out

because of a hole thru the hull

She blocks it with a tablet Jim pushes to her

the area pressurizes, and they then learn the fusion engine exhaust has to be manually vented

The manual override won’t work, Jim has to get into a spacesuit

and go outside to fix it

He ends up having to go into the exhaust passage to open a flap

but it won’t stay open

he had to hold it so that the manual vent will work

Aurora argues with him over the radio

but she pulls the lever

Jim is pushed out, his tether breaks, and there is a hole in his suit

and He tells Aurora goodbye

She runs to get into a spacesuit herself and goes to look for him

and She retrieves Jim by grabbing his tether

but when they get inside

he is unresponsive

She drags him to the infirmary, and the auto-doc says Jim is dead

Aurora uses Gus’ wristband and his override code

to get the machine to resuscitate Jim, and it works

He is alive, and she is overjoyed


things are back to normal on the ship

Jim works on the auto-doc, and tells Aurora he found that using the command override, he could put her back in hibernation in the infirmary

but he would be alone again

and Aurora chooses to stay awake with him

Cut to about 88 years later

It’s the end of the voyage

and the captain and crew awake, and come to the grand concourse

to find there is a huge tree, lots of trailing vines

and vegetation

and a cabin Aurora’s voice-over is reading her story to the passengers, which they made a good life where they were.


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