A Beautiful Girl From a Rich Family Falls in Love With a Thief Who Tried to Steal Their House.


This is Saint Petersburg, Russia. All the cooks inside the bakery are busy with their work and the owner of the bakery is monitoring them all. He then calls the delivery boys and asks which one of them is the fastest then calls a boy standing among them and tells him that you have to deliver this cake within twenty minutes. His name is Matvey and he works as an ice skating courier boy. He takes the parcel and girls out and puts on his skating shoes and goes to deliver the cake but suddenly on his way, some troops are standing and a day or stopping the people to go for what because rich and noble man is going to be passed from there so they are making way for him. When Matvey tries to move forward they stop him and push him back. The rich man passes from there and enters his big mansion.

Inside the mansion, we see a girl named Alice who is holding a rabbit and talking to Miss Jackson. Then the owner of the mansion arrives (Nikolai). He meets with a second wife who is his stepmother of Alice. Then they all sit at the dining table where his wife (Severna) tells him about the New Year celebration to which they are being invited. Nikolai talks about the new sanctuary and the new advancement to which Alice says that the new time has also brought education for the women on which her father says that the novel and respectable women don’t need to go for education but she talks about Queen Victoria and her father becomes angry on this and says that she does not need education.

Matvey goes back to the bakery after delivering the parcel but the owner of the battery gives him the money and says that he is fired from the job because he can’t deliver food in a limited time. Matvey tells him about the troops who stopped him but they are not ready to listen and they throw him outside the bakery. Alice’s mad Parosha comes inside her room and takes a tray of food inside the room but actually, she is hiding the books for her. Matvey it’s so disappointed and he is scatting into the eyes slowly but suddenly collides with a man standing there they both fall and say sorry to him and he goes earn but Matvey looks at the ground and he sees that the man has dropped something on the ground he picks it up in start running behind him he is doing skating he is running fast and approaches him the man says that he is so good at skating. Matvey tells him that he was a skating delivery boy but now he has been fired from the job. The man (Alex) offers him a job and asks him to meet him. At night we see an old man who is a lamp lighter and working he is also coughing mean while Matvey comes here and they both go towards the home he is his father. His father sharps his skating shoes which he gifted to him and says that these are magical skates. Alice is doing an experiment hiding in her room she has dissected a frog and she has a mean interest in science.

At night Matvey gets a secret and goes to the address which the man told him to meet he goes there and sees a gang there. Alex tells him that they all thieves and they are again the steel things from the noble landlord merchants and they offer him to be a part of their gang because he is so good and skating and running then they offer him to be a part of their gang because he is so good and skating and running then they are going out for a run where Matvey tells them all about the incident through which he tells them about the noble man for whom the whole way was blocked. They suggest he give punishment to those then they go towards the mention and jump the wall and ask Matvey to go and Steel something. When Matvey tries to steal Alice sees a hike through the window. She comes out Matvey asks her not to scream but the lamp falls from her hand and Matvey’s hand Catches fire. He jumps down and they all run from there then he says goodbye to them and says that we will meet again and he will think about being a part of their gang.

The next morning Alice tells her mad about the last night’s incident. Severina Talks to Nikolai and says that his daughter is going out of hand now and he should be getting married now to which Nikolai says that he will find the perfect match for her and Marry her.

Nikolai arranges a meeting on the current situations of the state where all the captains come and one of them stands up and introduces the new types of weapons and suggest that they should buy the new weapons but a gentleman (Captain Arkadiy) between them stands up who is a young captain he says that this is not the right way to manage the situation then they talk about the pickpocket cases which are increasing day by day now. Captain Arkadiy says that he came to know that now thieves are using another tragedy they are stealing things by using ice skates.

The next day Matvey goes to the market where he meets Alex and his gangs and tells them that he is ready to join their gang they become happy about this and Alex asks him to learn all the tricks for stealing then he starts his training in the market and shows him the best and easy tricks to stay all things and also ask him to try all these tricks in which he becomes so and his teams you so many things in front of him and he is noticing them well. He tells his father that he has got another job and he becomes happy.

Captain Arkadiy brings his mother to the event invention hears they meet Nikolai his wife and Alice too. Arkadiy looks interested in Alice during the whole event. At the end of the event he gave the invitation card to Nikolai and says that there is a skating club event to which you must come and Nikolai says that he will come if he will have time for it.

The next day Matvey takes his father to the doctor but the doctor tells him that his father has advanced tuberculosis. He says that only one doctor can treat him who is in Germany and he is very expensive. Matvey goes to Alex then they both with their team go to the market and start stealing things from people they work nicely the whole day and at the night they go to the secret hideout of Alex, which they call Old Leakey which is a broken old ship. Then they all go inside and divide the all things that they have stolen. Between those things, they found an invitation card for the skates club. Alex and Matvey go there in expensive clothes so that no one can notice them because all the elite people are invited to the event. They go inside for stealing. They stole a lot of expensive things from the guests. Alice is also here and Arkadiy is also here with his mother. Arkadiy comes forward and starts skating he is trying to impress Alice then he asks her for dancing she goes with him and he tells her that he loved her at the first sight and his imagining his life with her meant by the owner of the event comes and says that the situation is very serious and we have here that thieves or present in this event. Meanwhile, Matvey collides with Allice mistakenly but she recognizes him and says you were on my balcony and says that I will not tell anybody but he will have to make a deal with me, she tells him an address and asks him to meet tomorrow. Then Alex comes and takes Matvey with him because the people are now searching for the thieves. They both run away from there. The ice gang is partying at the club tonight. When he comes back home he is drunk and he gives his mother a lot of money to which his father becomes suspicious and says from where you get this money and are you drunk. He further says that you have to give this money back from where it came to which Matvey replies that they both need money for his treatment. And it doesn’t matter if he is working with honest artist honesty to which his father becomes angry and says that God is listening. Matvey says there is no God. His father slaps him and asks him to go from home.

Arkadiy is preparing a team to fight those skating thieves he is giving them training Nikolai comes there and he gives him a briefing about the training.

Matvey starts living with Alex and his team. The next day he goes to the address which Alice told him. When he reaches here this is a chemistry school and she asks him to pretend like her husband when she goes inside she gives attached a chemical equation to the teachers and when they ask for the signature of his husband, Matvey can’t do this because they answered the questions differently to which Alice becomes angry and goes out she tells him that his father will never allow her for education that’s why she requested him to come here but when she is going from there she gives her earrings to him and say that this is the payment of your time but Matvey runs behind her ride and sits with her. He tells her that he was so poor that’s why he become a thief he was not doing this for money but he is interested in her then he asks her to meet him tonight but she says that she will meet but on another day. Then he goes from there. Next, they again go into the market where the Christmas celebrations have been starting he steals a lot of things from there.

On Christmas night Nikolai gifts a Beautiful necklace to his wife and a necklace to his daughter too. Then Severina takes them all out of the room to give them a surprise and she surprises her husband with a mobile right without horses then they both go out for the Christmas celebration on that ride but Alice stays at the mansion. When she is standing on the balcony Matvey arrives there he throws a rope towards her and asks her to come down to go and see the city on the eve of Christmas. She comes down and goes with him. He offers to do skating with him to which she says that she doesn’t know anything about skating but he says that he will help her with this. Then they both start skating. She becomes so happy seeing the Christmas celebration and goes among the people which are here to celebrate the New Year too. She enjoys this all because she has never been out of the mansion before. They both meet Alex there who takes them both to a party where she sits with the gang and talks to one of them on different matters but suddenly he reacts rudely and talks to her rudely to which Matvey becomes Angry and he fights with him and his mouth started bleeding. Alex stops them and he goes back with her to leave her at home. When they reach home Alice says that she wishes this night never ends then they both kiss each other. She tells him that her parents are planning for her marriage and she asks if he should go now.

The next day the ice gang members are again in the market to steal but there is a planning of Arkadiy today. He has sent his skating team to their market and Alex becomes aware of it. He warns his members to go home but one of them still tries to steal something but gets trapped. someone can’t him by the handcuffs but Matvey save him and both start running away from them the team of Arkadiy is chasing them but they somehow escape from there and get separated but suddenly Arkadiy arrives near Matvey and tries to catch him and both start fighting with each other. Alkadiy is so strong and active. He uses excellent techniques to catch him and when he is about to catch him Alex comes there and he shoots the leg of Arkadiy. They run from there. Arkadiy after taking a bandage goes to Alice and is trying to convince her to marry him. He says that he is a liberal and he has the same mindset as she and He also thinks that women should get higher education and then they are going to a magic show which was held by Severina. Where the magician shows unusual traits and puts his hand in the fire but Alice goes forward and puts her hand in the fire and explains that this is called a cold fire and explains the chemical phenomena behind it. Of this her parents become angry.

At night Nikolai goes into her room but he sees her books which he becomes so angry and calls the maids to collect her all books and put them on fire.

On the other hand, Matbey’s father is no more he has died. Matvey goes to his grave and he is remembering the movements of his childhood when his father taught him skating and gave him those magical silver skates. He says he has promised his dad that now he will never work with dishonesty.

On the other side, Alice is standing in her room and is crying meanly when miss Jackson comes in she consoles her and says that she must do what she was and did not pay attention to others. Now the ice gang is again dividing the things that they have stolen, Matvey says that he doesn’t want anything because he had made a promise. Alice is trying to escape from home .she rides in her father’s van and runs from there. All the employees start shouting upon seeing this. She goes to the bar, a girl takes her to the ship of Alex where Matvey is present. She gives money to him for his father’s treatment but he starts crying because his father is no more. She tells him that she had left home and she is going to Parris to get an education at the best school of chemistry in Paris. Matvey takes her upstairs to the room and says good night but she stops him. Then they both come closer and kiss each other and she says she loves him. Suddenly Arkadiy arrives there with his troops and he announces from the outside that if they all will not come out he will put the ship into the fire and after some time, he puts the ship into the fire. All the gang members start running in Hurry some come out which are get got by the troop. Alex is holding a gun while Matvey goes up with Alice and ties her with a rope and asks her to jump down. She says that he should have to come with her then they both kiss each other Alex comes there and he pushes Matvey down and puts the gun on Alice and shouts to make Arkadiy attentive to him. He says that if they will not leave his fellows he will kill the Minister’s daughter Alice who is here as a hostage. Arkadiy leaves his companions and asks him to leave her. Alex leaves her and she starts hanging them but the rope is burning and near to breaking. The rope breaks and she is about to fall bud Matvey comes forward and holds the rope and saves her. But Arkadiy catches her from below and takes her away. She is crying for Matvey but no one is listening to her. He takes her away. On the other hand, Matvey goes towards Alex and Alex Asks him to jump down in the water. Matvey says that he should jump with him too but Alex says the captain always jumps at the end. Matvey Jumps in the water but when Alex is about to jump, the troops fire on him and he falls into the water but he is no more. Matvey looks at him hopelessly. Arkadiy takes Alice to her home. On the other side when Matvey comes out from the water some people gathered there and take him to the doctor they are thinking that he must be a fisherman who got stuck in the water. The doctor treats him and he opens his eyes remembering his father. The doctor gives him his money back. On the other hand, Alice’s parents have decided to marry her to captain Arkadiy.

It’s her wedding day and she looks so hopeless. Matvey comes there and he gets up like a waiter who is serving the people. When Alice comes to the event with Arkadiy she is looking unwell .she asks him to leave her for some time .she goes to a side and starts looking in the mirror but suddenly Matvey comes there and she becomes surprised to see him. He puts out two tickets from his bucket and says that these are the tickets to Paris and we can still go to Paris together then they both decided to run away from there and they both climb the wall of the mention but they mistakenly drop one of the tickets on the stairs and run away. Meanwhile, Arkadiy is searching for her he looks at the stairs and he found a ticket here he takes his horse and goes in the search of them. They both reach the station and when they are about to sit on the train they come to know that one ticket is missing. Matvey asks her to sit in and don’t come out until he comes back with another ticket. Arkadiy also reaches there holding that ticket. Matvey ghosts him and they both start fighting with each other but in the end, Matvey becomes successful in snatching the ticket. He takes the ticket and runs towards the train which is started moving now. Matvey runs and catches the train but when he is about to get in Arkadiy fires on him and he falls inside the train they both become surprised to see that bullet has not touched him because of the silver skates of his father which he was taking with himself inside his jacket. Bullet got into the skates and couldn’t touch him. Then they both go to Paris.

After 4 years Doctor Mendeleev is setting in his office he is a famous lecturer in chemistry at the famous School of the chemistry of Paris. Nikolai comes here and asks about his daughter. They tell him that she is about to complete her degree after 1 year and she is one of the best lecturers in chemistry. Then he goes into a classroom secretly where she is teaching the student. He looks at her for some time and then she notices her father and becomes happy about this.

They both are skating with their son Peter and are very happy together. She looks at his son and says he is too good at skating as his father.

Silver Skates.

Silver Skates | December 10, 2020 (Russia) Summary: Matvey, the fastest courier on the frozen canals of 19th century St. Peteresburg is recruited by a group of pickpockets working the winter markets.
Countries: RussiaLanguages: Russian, English, French
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