His Sense of Smell Becomes 1000 Times Stronger Than Usual and He Arrests a Human Trafficking Gang.


Sunny Gill is an ordinary eight year old boy. He lives with his large family and while they get along, he has always felt like an outcast. His family runs a business where they work with food, especially a lot of spices. This is where Sunny’s problem comes in, he has a totally blocked nose. Since Sunny cannot smell anything he does not fit in with his family members, and his grandmother is especially worried about him. Sunny’s father and grandmother often have arguments about his issue, and she thinks that not being able to smell is almost worse than being blind.


Sunny’s lack of smell also creates daily problems for him. One morning he gets into an argument with his older sister because the bathroom smells horrible but Sunny does not realize. His sister is furious at him because this keeps happening. While his sister is angry at him, she also feels deep sadness because Sunny is suffering this way.

While having some food with his family Sunny sees the newspaper and reads that there have been over 450 cars stolen in the last month alone. His hometown of Mumbai city has a serious issue with car thieves. Sunny makes his way to school and he is a pretty lonely kid, in general he does not have a lot of friends. His lack of smell makes things a lot harder for him. His classmates laugh at him when he arrives in class and smells horrible, it seems that he stepped in some dog poop and did not notice at all. His classmates start to make fun of him and Sunny just has to take the abuse.

While trying to clean his shoes, Sunny meets a kind boy who helps him. After class this boy tries to teach Sunny how to pretend to smell. This is the first time someone has actually helped him like this.

After school Sunny goes back home, he is walking all alone like usual. He goes to meet with his grandmother at a special event. People from several neighbourhoods have gathered to talk about the stolen cars. The thefts are starting to happen more often than everybody is worried now. Sunny is all alone in his home so he prepares some food for himself and eats in silence. Later on he meets up with some of the neighbourhood kids and they talk about the cars and they form their own theories about what is happening.

Sunny’s grandmother and his father decide to take him to another doctor to check his nose. But before they go, Sunny’s father takes his time to unlock his car, it seems that he has placed a chain on the wheel so it won’t get stolen. At the doctors office, everyone is confused about Sunny’s test results. The doctors cannot figure out what is wrong with him and they also do not have any solution to possibly heal his taste problem. This news makes Sunny more sad as it seems that he will never be rid of this issue.

The following day at school, Sunny choses the topic for the class essay, he wants to talk about nose and smells. All the students laugh at him but the teacher agrees to the topic. Sunny writes a very thoughtful and sad essay about his condition and it just shows how much he is suffering on a daily basis.


While on a break, Sunny goes exploring all around the school. He soon ends up in the basement and there he finds a lot of old objects and tools. It almost looks like someone was doing experiments there. He starts to walk all around the old laboratory and a freak accident happens. Two glasses filled with mysterious liquids spill and combine. This creates a magical fume that goes directly into Sunny’s nose. Sunny then sneezes like never before in his life and passes out. After a while he is found by his friend and he goes back upstairs for some lunch. This is where everything changes for Sunny, when the other students start to open their lunch boxes, Sunny can smell all their food. He has finally unlocked his smell but not only that it is really powerful. He can smell everything now. Sunny has never been happier.

Sunny later goes back home and he impresses his family with his new found ability. His grandmother and father are emotional, tears of joy run down their faces. Sunny wants to enjoy his new sense of smell so he goes into the kitchen to smell everything. The following few days he spends walking around and smelling the flowers, in general he experiences all the things he has been missing out. The doctors once again check his smell and they think that he can now smell things that are 2km away.

In school, Sunny becomes really popular. All the students line up to talk with him, his sense of smell is so powerful he can now guess what they had for dinner the previous night. Also his closest friend wants to know if Sunny can smell emotions, like fear and happiness. It seems that even Sunny does not know how powerful his smell is now.

After some time the neighborhood wants to use Sunny for his new gift. One of the ladies in his neighborhood wants him to find out if her husband is having and affair. He goes around sniffing everyone until the finds the lady responsible. Sunny also now has to plug his nose while taking a poop because his sense of smell is that powerful.

One day, one of the neighbors goes outside to the parking lot to wash his car and he suddenly realizes that his car has been stolen as well. Panic spreads through the entire neighborhood. It seems the car thief is now targeting them as well. Sunny and his family are also there. The moment he arrives at the parking space he starts to sniff all around. All the people form the neighborhood are amazed and they realize how powerful his smell is. Maybe he is their last hope to find the car thieves. The people from the street gather around and talk about who possibly could have stolen the car, even one police officer is there to mediate the disgustion. The people in the street start all blaming each other, each one of them has their own suspect but there is not enough evidence to put anyone in prison. Some neighbors don’t take the problem very seriously and just want to use the extra parking space that their poor neighbor used before his car got stollen.

Sunny mets up with his friend from the neighborhood and he wants to help catch the thieves. After some discussions they all come up with a plan to catch the thief in action. Sunny and his friends go all around the street to get the people to donate their cell phones. After a while they start to place the phones in specific locations and they create a screen system to see all the footage. Sunny has a plan where they will use the cameras to catch the thief in action while they are stealing the car. Some of the adults get involved because they really like this plan. Finally they set up all the phones and now they have a live- feed of the entire street.

When night falls, Sunny and his friends go patrol through the street just in case a thief shows up. They also closely watch over the footage for a few days, but there are no cars stolen in that time. After some time Sunny notices his sister and her boyfriend. He gets worried and wants to follow her. His investigation turns from catching a car thief to spying on his sister and her dating life. When she finds out she is furious at him. Sunny thinks that her boyfriend might be the one stealing cars but he has no evidence. At school Sunny talks to his best friend and tells him about his investigation. Sunny’s friend tells him that a good detective always finds real evidence before accusing someone, and so far he has not found anything. He needs to find the stolen neighbors car to prove who stole it.

Sunny goes to dinner at a friend’s house and there he gets a brilliant idea. The following day he goes to the car market, there he thinks he might get closer to the truth. When he arrives there, he finds many totally broken down cars and also repair shops. He wanders for a bit and soon finds some suspicious activity. He finds a blue car and some very scary men around it. He slowly approaches the car and his smell finds something. Sunny jumps into the car’s trunk and gets trapped.

Several men enter the car and drive away, they have no idea that Sunny is in the trunk. While on the road, Sunny opens the truck to see where they are heading. While this is a very scary situation he has gotten himself in, he decides to be brave and make the most of it. He overhears what the men are talking abou while they drive. Soon they notice that something is wrong in the truck but they thankfully do not notice Sunny.

Soon the men arrive at an unknown location with the car. Sunny tries to call his worried father but he gets captured by the men. His father and entire family are worried sick about Sunny, also his friends try calling him but they cannot reach him. Sunny is then tied to a rock and he watches as the men drink and have fun. All the men drink a lot and soon are barely awake. Sunny spends a few hours trying to get out of the rope that they used to tie him. After several tries he manages to get himself free, his captors have fallen asleep. This is his chance to escape and Sunny decides to use it.

Sunny is finally free and he runs away from the thieves. After that he goes to the police and cracks the case. All the men are captured and Sunny is hailed as a hero who used his nose to catch several criminals. He is celebrated in his neighborhood and everyone respects him as a great detective.

While the people celebrate Sunny, his sister is furious at him. Since he also accused her boyfriend, he was badly beaten by the police. Sunny should be happy but he just feels like a failure once more. He spends the next few days all alone, thinking about what he did and how to further solve the case.

Sunny suspects that not all the car thieves were captured, he feels like his job is still not finished. After a few days he has to attend a special religious event in his street. It’s a giant celebration and the entire time Sunny is thinking about the case of the missing cars.

After the celebration, everyone goes back to their homes. The street is silent and everyone is asleep, except Sunny. Soon he hears some strange noises and goes outside. He sees that someone is stealing a car, so Sunny goes to his cameras to find the exact location. After he does that he goes out in the street to confront the thief. He stands right in front of the car and stops the thief in his tracks. It is then revealed that the thief was the husband of the police officers and the father of one of his close friends.

Sunny decides to forgive the men after he explains his actions and why he tried to steal the car. Sunny deletes all the footage and the people return to their daily lives and there are no more car thefts. Sunny continues using his powers to fight crime and solve various cases. Soon he spots a man climbing the side of his building during the deep hours of the night. He follows this man and a new adventure for Sunny Gill begins.


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