This Monster Ball Teams up With the Warriors to Defeat the Evil.


The story begins in a fantasy world like no other. We see a rather normal looking man walking with soldiers from the medieval times. They are walking through the forest and talking. Soon they meet a frightened man in the forest. This man tells the soldiers that there is a great beast nearby that is attacking his village. This beast attacks people and then goes back to its castle. The knights decide to investigate the situation and try to help the villagers.

The normal man is called Ivan Naydenov and he is from modern day Russia but is now part of this magic world. Even if the knights think that he is weak, Ivan is very confident in his skills. He even goes to talk with the villager and tells him that he will defeat the monster on his own.

Ivan and the rest of the knights start exploring the forest in search of the monster. Soon there comes a thick fog and makes it hard to see. Ivan gets separated from the rest of the knights and starts to panic. While all of them have mighty shields and swords, Ivan has no armor and only a taser he can barely use.

Soon from the fog Ivan hears a scary voice, it seems that he has found the monster. He tries to  run away but the rest of the knights arrive. The monster is actually a demon ball and it can crash and fly very fast. It’s called a Kalabak and it’s very dangerous. Many of the knights get hit and fly in the air. Ivan joins the fight and tries to kick away the monster but it bites his shoes. The soldiers decided to bait the Kalabak into hitting them. The Kalabak breaks all of their shields but the main knight hits it with a mallet and puts it in the bag. The knights and Ivan decide to go back to their town. In the meantime we see a small girl lost in the big city. She is alone and afraid. Soon she finds a magical flower near a house. This flower is shining bright and the girl is fascinated by it. The girl is then found by a woman who helps her. The woman for a moment tries to touch the flower but gets scared.

Ivan returns to his house. While he has been spending a lot of time in this magical world he is still not used to it. For that reason he has brought many objects from the normal world. He has a modern fridge,microwave and other appliances. Soon his girlfriend arrives, her name is Vasilisa the Wise and she is part of this world. They have gone on many adventures before and now they have a comfortable life. She has brought him some pancakes to heat up but before Ivan can prepare his meal, the electricity turns off.

Ivan goes outside and sees that another knight has destroyed his generator. This is not the first time this has happened and Ivan is angry. Later he tells Vasilisa that he wants them to go to his world and marry there. they get into an argument as Vasilisa likes this magical world, this is her home and she does not plan to live on earth in the modern world. To make Vasilisa happy Ivan tries to give her lipstick as a gift but she eats it as she does not know what it is.

The woman brings the little girl to her house but soon the girl starts to feel sick. Both the woman and the girls seem to be infected by something dangerous. The woman takes the little girl to Baba Yaga, a famous and very dangerous witch who lives in the woods. Baba Yaga examines the markings on the girl and tells them both that she cannot cure them and that a great evil has infected them. Soon after that Ivan goes through a portal back to his modern world  to relax. He takes a bath and does some shopping. He buys groceries that he will take to the village in the fantasy world. When he returns he likes to help the villagers by giving him modern tools

Ivan and his father have a talk about his powers and life. Ivan thinks that he just wasn’t made to be a warrior while his father thinks he is destined for greatness. Ivan thinks that he is more like his mother. He wants to know more about her but his father is very secretive about her life. Ivan is more insecure in his skills and wants to make his father proud and also prove himself.

The other knights like to make fun of him so Ivan gets into trouble a lot.. One day the knights bring a giant troll from the forest and Ivan thinks that they are being cruel to the troll. One of the main knights is called Finist the Falcon and he does not like Ivan. The two start to argue and Finist makes fun of Ivan for being weak.

Soon after that Ivan grows even more insecure and tries to practice his magic and sword skills. This does not go over well and he gets into an argument with Vasilisa. Ivan thinks that he is not good enough for her and that she thinks he is also weak. In the meantime the woman and the girl are taken over by an evil force. They are ordered by an evil voice to become its servants. The evil voice says it’s called Ragaleb.

There is a tournament in the village and there are a lot of duels of skills. One knight fights a merman and Finist and Ivan start their own competition. Ivan proves himself that he can be agile and a good soldier. He climbs on top of a big pole and later uses his smarts to win a game. Soon the tournament is interrupted when three dark beings arrive in the village. Ivan recognizes one of the evil witches as his maid from back earth. They start attacking everybody and infect the good soldiers to turn to evil. Ivan, Vasilisa and Finist have to fight them off. Finist is very brutal and a cunning warrior. Vasilisa takes out many enemies. Ivan sees that his father is fighting and trying to hold off the enemy. The wizard of the village tries to fight the witch but he loses. The witches are after the magical sword. Baba Yaga arrives just in time and helps Ivan and his friends escape with the sword.

Later they hide from the forces of evil and she tells them an ancient story about the old evil that has returned.  This ancient evil is called Ragaleb and he was once a great wizard but he wanted to be immortal. Then his apprentice turned to the darkness and killed his master. For centuries Ragaleb has been inside the earth finding his power and growing more evil

We see that the witches work for Ragaleb who is trying to form a new monstrous body but he needs the magical sword that Ivan has. The witches are sending their soldiers all over to find Ivan and his friends.

Soon Baba Yaga with the help of the merman takes Ivan, Finist and Vasilisa on a long journey. They find a flying whale and go to lands very far away. They must find a magic weapon and a warrior that knows how to defeat Ragaleb. The group flies for a long time and soon they reach a forest covered in snow. Finist and Ivan are still arguing all the time and Ivan is jealous and insecure. He thinks that Vasilisa likes Finist more than him. The monster ball Kalabak is also on the journey with them as it did not hav anywhere to go. The group now must travel the snowy mountains and the deep forest. Soon they arrive at a giant stone that takes them to the land of the dead.

Baba Yaga thinks that they will find important answers there .Before they can enter they have to answer three questions that the giant stone will ask them. Ivan is so annoying that he makes the stone give up and soon he can enter the land of the dead. He falls down a giant whole and there he meets his father. It seems that after the giant battle his father was killed by Ragaleb. Ivan is heartbroken and starts to cry. His father tells him that he can be a great warrior and to just trust himself. When Ivan leaves the cave he is sad about his father. Soon they travel and find the old warrior, the only problem is that he cannot remember how he defeated Ragaleb. He is pretty old and looks like a zombie.  The group takes this old warrior to another forest. There Ivan tries to use the sword and tests his powers. Finist gets injured when the enemy attacks. They group manages to escape but they lose the sword. Ivan gets into an argument with Vasilisa. He thinks that she wants a warrior for a husband so she doesn’t like him anymore. Vasilisa punches him and goes to help Finist. They all go and get some rest.

Ivan and his group go to finally face off against the enemy. When they return to their village they must fight many soldiers. Vasilisa and Finist take out many soldiers who are under control of the evil lord. Soon the witches summon giant dark dragons and the battle begins to be more brutal. Finally Ragaleb takes on his final form, he is a giant tree monster with blue eyes. The ancient soldier still does not remember how he defeated Ragaleb and soon he loses his head in battle but yet somehow he is still living. Ivan needs advice from the soldier but he cannot remember. The battle is getting more brutal as the forces of evil are very strong. Soon enough the soldier remembers that Ragaleb takes his strength from the earth so there must be a way to defeat him. Ragaleb focuses his gaze on Vasilisa and Ivan. Ragaleb starts to open the earth and swallowing the heroes. Vasilisa is trapped and she falls inside. Ivan is scared and angry, he thinks his girlfriend is now dead. Suddenly he is back in a cave with his father. He is having a vision. Ivan wants to know why he is so weak but his father promises that Ivan has the power inside.

Soon enough Ivan awakens that power and goes to fight Ragaleb. Ivan can now use the sword and his magic. The fight is giant and a spectacle. Soon both Ragaleb and Ivan fall through a portal..

Ivan uses his smarts and takes Ragaleb back to his world, he takes him to a parking lot in Moscow. Ragaleb is furious and tries to gather his power from earth but Ivan laughs at him. Ragaleb tries to fight but soon he starts to lose his life force. In a matter of minutes Ragaleb is starting to disappear. Before he finally dies, he gives Ivan a scary warning, he tells him that darkness is everywhere. Ragaleb then turns into dust. Back in the magic world Vasilisa is actually alive and Finist helps her get out of the ground. She is sad to find out that Ivan probably died. Suddenly a portal opens up and Ivan flies out of it. The two of them reunite and have a warm embrace. Ivan now has control of his powers and he is also friends with Finist. The two of them go hunting monsters in the forest like always. On their adventures they meet many strange magic creatures.

While everything is joyful with Ivan and his friends, there is still evil out there. one of the witches survived and she combines herself with the darkness. The woman from the start of the story is pregnant and she seems to be totally normal. Soon enough her belly starts to hurt and her eyes turn pitch black.

The Last Warrior: Root of Evil.

The Last Warrior: Root of Evil | January 1, 2021 (Russia) Summary:
Countries: RussiaLanguages: Russian
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