These Students Learn Magical Skills in Their School With Werewolves and Fairies.


The story begins with a look in the past. In ancient times monsters like werewolves, vampires, demons and goblins ruled the earth. Normal humans all over the world were either scared or eaten. As the years went by the monster decided to change their way of life. So began a time of peace as the monsters started to work with the humans.  Some of the monsters decided to remain and live with the humans while others left to much more distant and magical areas.

In the present we are introduced to Vlad, he is a young vampire. His father decided that Vlad should attend a special school for various magical creatures. On their way to the academy Vlad and his father get lost in the deep forest. The navigation system in their car is not working and Vlad’s father gets frustrated. Soon they are met by a creepy old man who opens a giant book and tells Vlad that he is part of an ancient curse.

Finally after a long journey they arrive at their destination. It’s a small and unique town in the middle of nowhere. While from a distance it looks small, when they arrive with their car they see just how many people live there. There are amazing buildings and shops. Vlad is really impressed and taken aback. His father takes his eyes off the road for a second and they almost hit a bicycle rider. This causes the police to arrive to talk with them. Vlad’s father sorts the issue out and the police officers want to know if Vlad is a new student here.

Soon Vlad and his father arrive at their new home. It’s a pretty old building and their apartment is above an antique shop. Vlad really does not like this new house as he feels it’s ready to crumble from being so old. The two of them get settled in and Vlad is a bit nervous about starting his new school. His father tells him that he is special and he has nothing to worry about. When night arrives Vlad goes to bed and his father is left alone. He remembers his late wife and is a bit sad. Suddenly a strange man in a cloak appears in his house. This man gives him a giant list of things he must pay while he is now in town and then the man disappears. It’s the morning of the entrance ceremony and Vlad is very excited. His father stayed up all night doing the bills and told his son that he will join him but first he must go to town hall. Vlad goes alone to the school and there gets introduced to many strange people. He meets a couple of powerful elves who are getting into a fight with the school bullies. He also gets to meet Wolf, who seems to be a young werewolf boy. The two become fast friends even if Wolf is a bit awkward in social situations.

Vlad soon meets Wolf’s parents who sniff him since they are full blown werewolfs. There are many students at the school and their parents as well. While that is happening his father arrives at town hall and wants to make a deal regarding the massive amounts of bills. He runs into trouble which is why he misses Vlads opening ceremony at his new school. Vlad sits down next to Wolf and they listen to the headmaster giving the opening speech for a new school year. They are there with all the students, all of whom have special powers. In the meantime Vlad’s father is now confronted by the mayor of the town. For him and his son to remain in this magical town he must pay. If he cannot pay he could give special objects called the blood fragments to the major. It seems that the mayor is very interested in these fragments while Vlad’s father does not want to part with them. He explains to the major that the fragments belonged to Vlads late mother and are his now. The major decides to not push any further but it’s obvious  that he has other nefarious plans. The headmaster starts to summon all the new students on stage. Vlad gets even more nervous as he has to go on stage without his father being present. The headmaster uses her special magic to summon the children’s abilities. Vlad’s father arrives just in time to see his son transform into a true vampire. The other students all show off their powers but soon an accident happens when one of the feries falls on Vlad. The students still have no control over their abilities. Later Vlad feels embarrassed and he tries to get some advice from his father. It seems that Vlad is very sensitive to blood and even pukes when he sees it. He is a vampire afraid of blood and that is a problem. Wolf also had a pretty bad reaction to his powers and his parents are really worried. The fairy called Faye, she is the one who fell on Vlad, is also heartbroken as she is now the laughing stock of the entire school.

During the night the major’s assistant gets revealed to be a witch and she tries to steal the blood fragment from Vlads room. His father Barnabas hears something but the witch manages to steal the necklace. When she returns to the major it’s revealed that the necklace has returned to Vlad as it’s protected by a powerful magic. The following day at school Vlad and Faye are both bullied. One of the school bullies pretends to bleed out so that Vlad will vomit. The janitor of the school helps Vlad and shames the other students for being cruel. All the girls at school are still looking at the video of Faye falling down.

Vlad decides to run away from town and he goes deep into the food. There he meets up with Faye and Wolf who are also running away from home. The three kids decide to go on their adventure together. When they reach the bridge the creepy troll prevents them from going any further. Before he can attack, the janitor arrives and stops him with his magic. It’s revealed that the janitor of the school is actually a powerful wizard and he helps the kids. Faye,Wolf and Vlad spend some time in his magical house but soon continue their journey. They explore the forest and Faye shows off her powers which really impresses Vlad.

Later they make their way into an ancient library in search of more information about Vlads necklace. They are met by a dangerous dog but Wolf decides to stop him while Vlad and Faye continue their journey. Soon they arrive at a bottomless pit, it’s the last step until they arrive at the library. Vlad has to use his vampire sonar powers to figure out the puzzle. He and Faye manage to jump over the pit and they reach the main room of the library. Meanwhile the witch visits Barnabas and using her spell she demands that he tells Vlad to sell his necklace. Barnabas is totally under her influence and he promises to talk to his son later.

Vlad and Faye start to explore the library but the book that they are looking for is really high up in the sky. Faye must use her wings to get the book and she drops it on Vlad’s head. Wolf cannot contain the monster wolf creature and tells his friends to hurry. The three kids run away from the wolf creature and save themselves at the last minute. The mayor is furious that Vlad now has the ancient book. The three friends sit by a tree and open the book. It tells the story of Lucifer and how he wants vampires, werewolves and other monsters to be evil once more and turn humanity into slaves. The book reveals that very soon Lucifer will turn all the citizens of this magical town back into evil monsters. This event will happen in 13 hours. Wolf, Vlad and Faye decide to act and prevent this from happening. The major is furious at this and his witch sends a special spell after the kids. This spell affects them in a way that they say the opposite of what they think. When Vlad arrives home his father wants him to sell the blood fragment necklace and because of the spell Vlad accepts the offer.

Vlad calls his friends and locks himself in his room with the book. All of them are also cursed by the spell but they agree to meet at the fountain in a few hours. Vlad spends all night reading the book trying to find something useful about stopping Lucifer and his sinister plan. Eventually Vlad falls asleep. The following morning he meets up with his friends and they all figure out that his blood fragment is at the center of Lucifer’s plot. It seems that the stone will be used to turn back time and make the monsters evil again. The kids realize that the real power is in the town hall and they decide to go there. Vlad, using his vampire powers, masks himself in front of the cameras while Faye and Wolf keep the security guard occupied. The security guard spots something strange at the cameras but he thinks that they are just broken. Soon Vlad meets zombies that work in the town hall. Also his crystal is going crazy since entering the building, something is obviously here.

Vlad climbs at the very top of the building and there he finds a giant crystal, just like his. It seems that his small crystal is just a fragment of a much larger plan. His necklace almost combines with the giant crystal but Vlad runs away before anything can happen. Vlad runs out of the town hall right pass the furious security guard. Later he meets  with his friends and they realize that the Major of their town is in fact Lucifer himself. Lucifer is furious that he still does not have the necklace so he demands that his witch finds it. Vlad realizes that as long as he is in the town, Lucifer will be able to pull off his plan. The three kids go to the bridge and Vlad decides that he will leave forever, this way the crystal will never be activated and the monster will live in peace. Just as he leaves Lucifer shows up and kidnaps Faye. He demands that Vlad gives him the necklace or he will kill her. Barabas faces off against the witch in his house. Meanwhile the people in the town have all gathered near the town hall. Everyone is ready for the solar eclipse that will happen shortly, they have no idea what their major is planning.

Vlad goes on top of the tower and gives Lucifer the final fragment. Lucifer combines it with the giant crystal and it’s almost time for his final plan. The eclipse starts and the crystal starts to activate. Suddenly Vlads fragment disappears, it seems that he tricked the devil himself. Vlad gave the crystal to his wizard friend from school. Lucifer is now furious as his plan that he spent hundreds of years forming has totally failed. Lucifer knocks out Vlad and then throws Faye off the tower. Wolf is now furious and finally transforms into a giant werewolf. He then beats up Lucifer and Faye activates her wings as well. Faye then kisses Vlad to give him strength and he faces off Lucifer. The three kids manage to defeat Lucifer and save their town. Everything returns to normal. Vlad is happy that he now has control of his vampire powers and great friends. His father is also very proud of him and also teases him about kissing Faye.  The future of this small magic town is looking brighter each passing day.

The Magic Kids.

The Magic Kids: Three Unlikely Heroes | January 23, 2020 (Germany) Summary:
Countries: GermanyLanguages: German
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