A Boy Finds a Dangerous Robot in the Garbage and Helps Him to Face the Bullies.


Noah talks with his friend Bethany on the phone, then his father calls him. And he asks him to come on to eat pizza and watch a movie. While they are sitting, Mark enters them, and this is Peter’s second son and Noah’s brother. Peter tells him to sit with him, but Mark tells him that he’ll go his work early and goes to his room.

In this time, Peter’s phone rings, and his manager at work asks him to come quickly to the company, and finishes a task. Then, Peter goes and takes his son Noah with him. Meanwhile, Noah notices in the company workers in the laboratory walking with a portable cart. After that, Noah goes and takes a chance because his Father is busy and tells him that he’ll go to the bathroom. Then, Noah watches the workers. Suddenly, the two workers come out of one of the doors, and forget the key inside. And one of them tells the other worker that they don’t be late. And they leave the door open and walk away. At this moment, Noah is watching and going quickly to the door and enters the room. Then, Noah takes the cover of the cart and he finds a robot.

Noah wonders and looks at a sign “crush”, and Noah puts the robot in his bag. In this time, the workers come back and Noah falls an iron bar. And the workers hear this sound and search for what is it. And Noah is hiding under the stairs, and the workers can’t find anything and go out again. Noah takes the robot and tells his father Let’s go. At home, Noah puts the bag on the table in front of the microwave, puts a piece of pizza in the microwave, and goes to search for more food in the refrigerator. But suddenly, there are rumors coming out of the microwave and breaking the bag where the robot is.

Meanwhile, Noah doesn’t know what happens, he takes out the pizza and finds it burnt, so he is surprised because he calmed the heat, so he takes it and enters his room. After that, he opens the bag and takes out the robot and starts playing with it and cleaning it. Then, he calls his friend Bethany and tells her that he stole the robot from the lab. Then, she makes fun of him and tells him Don’t do anything to it until she comes tomorrow. Noah tells her that he is waiting her. Noah goes to his brother’s room to get something and he sees his brother with his friends from the window. In the morning, the robot turns on, figures out the room, and is surprised by Noah, who is sleeping, and touches his nose.

So, Noah wakes up and screams, and the robot is afraid of him, and Noah closes to him and tries to calm him, saying hey, I’m Noah, and the robot tells him that I’m artificial robot intelligence unit 9. Then, Noah welcomes him but the robot is surprised and says to him, “my father is called me ARI. Noah is surprised, and he says to him, “Who is your father?” He says to him, “The robot who made me. The robot begins to do his calculations. He tells Noah that he has been asleep for five years, and that there is a strength close to him, who wakes him up, as today is his birthday.

Meanwhile, Peter hears Noah talking to himself and saying to him, Everything’s fine, son? Noah replies to him by telling him, “Yes, Dad, I am doing morning workout routine.” And his Dad believes him and walks away. After he walks away, the robot asks Noah what this workout routine, and Noah says to him, “Come to show you,” and Noah turns on the computer. And he gets the workout routine and starts dancing and the robot does the same. So, Noah tells him that he’ll get ready for school tomorrow, and he’ll leave him here. But he asks him can I go the school with you? and Noah looks at his bag and tells him why not. The next day, in a meeting of the businessmen of the company in which Peter works, they’re talking about not working a robot.

And the president tells them that they move the brain of a robot to another robot named ARI. And Dr. Simon is on her way to ARI, but she can’t find him. And she reports the president, and one of the employees suggests that he makes a police officer to search for him, he agrees and tells him that he should find him within two days. At Noah’s school in the library, his friend Bethany is there, and he introduces her to his friend ARI. She is amazed at him, and he says nice to meet you, and Noah tells her that he hasn’t told anyone about him, even his father doesn’t know. And tells her that he is a secret and ARI is replying to him, Noah Why am I a secret? And Noah says to him, Because I found you in a crash, and they were going to destroy him.

ARI replies to him, thank you. Then, Noah tells Bethany that he must find who made him ASAP because the battery of him is about to turning off. At the end of the school day, Noah walks with ARI in his bag, but Noah gets tired and rests for a while. And he gets out ARI of the bag and turns on the music. At that time, Noah’s friends are standing near him, so they listen to music and closes to him, and ARI warns Noah that they’ll do something bad. So, Noah’s friend wants to fight with him because he is smarter than him and falls him on the ground, and Noah’s friend throws an apple at him. But ARI, who is holding the apple, insults them, makes them afraid and they run away. Noah thanks his friend, ARI.

In the laboratory, Dr. Simon knows from the tracking system that the robot is working, and Raddock asks her to find his location as soon as possible. In Noah’s house, Bethany arrives and they try to know from ARI any information about what he made it. So that they can return it and charge it with its battery. And ARI shows them the person who made him and tells them his name Professor Eggy. Noah and Bethany is happy because they get the name he made. but ARI feels that there is danger near him, and a car comes, and some people get out of it. They are the same workers who were carrying ARI on a car in the company. Then, Noah tells them that they must walk from here quickly.

People enter the house and look for the robot. Noah, Bethany, and ARI jumps out of the window, and ARI knows that he can fly too. One of the people sees them escaping and he orders one of his friends to attack them. And Noah escape with Bethany and ARI, but the cars surround them. ARI tells them that he has a plan, and Suddenly, the windows of the car is opened and ARI hits four missiles. And it sticks to the wheels of the car, and the car flies and can fly over the rest of the car. The car is going to a city, and ARI can control of this.

The people who chasing them are amazing, and Dr. Simon tells them that they can know where ARI is, but after the car is be on the ground. In the car, ARI tells them that they can know where they’re even if they run away. they can locate them because of his account that is linked to their device. In this time, Bethany gets an idea and she connects her device to ARI’s device and can hack the monitoring system that is connected to ARI. the people who are chasing them become distracted and confused and don’t know how to arrive because of the hack.


And Noah’s car lands on the earth, and ARI can show him videos that were recorded on his memory before Professor Eggy is disabled him. By the way, Professor Eggy made ARI to help humanity, but the intelligence of ARI is unbelievable. And that is why the research institution asked Professor Eggy to transform ARI into a combat soldier to benefit the state in its wars. So, his system changes. In Car, Raddock is angry and takes the tracking device from Dr. Simon, and activates the killing system in the robot, and this is a system making ARI turn into a killer and thus they can know its location.

And Surprisingly, ARI system is transformed. He becomes red. And he starts setting fire on Noah. In that time, Noah can run away, and he goes to Bethany but he shoots and doesn’t catch her and run. After this, people can succeed in knowing the location of ARI with the tracking device again. Bethany knows that ARI is hacked now and he can’t control in himself. Then, Noah, who was afraid of his friend, and stands before ARI and warns him, telling him that he must do what he said to save power, otherwise the battery will be off. but ARI warns Noah but Noah tries to tell him that they are friends and he loves him, so ARI returns to normal.

ARI says sorry to them, and the people arrive, then ARI uses the automatic technique of disappearance. ARI, Noah, and Bethany disappear. The people arrive, and they can’t find anything. they ride the car and go. Then, ARI appears again, but his strength collapses, and he tells them that he has a little hours left, and they must quickly find Professor Eggy. And Noah proposes that today is ARI’s birthday, so there is a good chance to meet him in the place that he takes ARI on his birthday. And they ride the car and go. The people see them and order Raddock to bring them but he objects and promises before the day’s out, he’ll bring him.

Noah, Bethany and ARI in the bag arrive the park, and they look for Professor Eggy and set next to them. When Noah asks him to help him charge ARI, he can’t believe him. Noah shows ARI in the bag, and Professor Eggy is very happy. And tells him that he discovers a new method that makes him doesn’t charge this battery again, which is electromagnetic energy. but unfortunately he can’t connect to his devices, and Noah suggests a microwave oven. Then, Professor Eggy tells him that this is a great idea, Noah goes to Mark, who was working in a restaurant.

And Mark says to him, do you want to throw me out at the first day in the work? but Noah introduces him to ARI and he agrees to help them after Noah threatened him that he will tell his father that he go out at night with his friends. the people are following them are about to catch them. In the restaurant a professor can connect the microwave to ARI, and the electric charges start to end, but Suddenly, the light turns off, people enter the restaurant, take ARI. Noah’s father Peter arrive, and Noah tell them about everything. Peter helps him and takes them to the company he works for, and he can deceive the security to let the professor and Bethany enter.

And they reach the office of Peter. Peter tries to hack the devices that Dr. Simon is using. Raddock asks Dr. Simon to quickly transfer ARI system to another robot and makes it respond to their words. But Dr. Simon doesn’t agree with what is happening, but she is forced to do what he said. So, Noah and Bethany could get to ARI’s place. Dr. Simon sees them and tries to delay the last operation, but Raddock sees them and runs, and he turns on the second Robot that starts shooting fire everywhere, and the fire comes to Noah, who falls into a hole caused by the robot, but quickly, ARI intervenes and goes down after him in the hole.

Noah appears inside ARI’s body, and everyone is stunned by what is happening. ARI and Noah can fight the second robot, but the robot is very fast and can win all their beating. And Noah asks for help from Bethany who is coming out, and she gives Noah with a reflective shield. Noah can shoot a fire at robot and defeat him. but the building is about to fall, and ARI warns to evacuate the place quickly, and ARI succeeds in stopping the collapse. in the end, ARI can live with Noah and Bethany, and he makes new friends.

The Adventure of A.R.I.: My Robot Friend.

The Adventure of A.R.I.: My Robot Friend | March 10, 2020 (United States) Summary: A teenager summons the courage to help a friendly robot known as A.R.I. kidnapped by a ruthless lab director working for a powerful corporation seeking to turn him into a dangerous weapon in... Read all
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