An Orphaned Girl Discovers A Magical Garden Hidden At Her Strict Uncle’s Estate.

The Secret Garden.

The Secret Garden | August 7, 2020 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United Kingdom, France, United States, ChinaLanguages: English


in India 1947,


Mary Lennox is left alone in a house, after losing her parents to cholera


She is found wandering alone and eating whatever she can find, before being sent to live with her uncle, Archibald Craven in a Yorkshire estate called Misselthwaite Manor


Mary is first sent to a temporary location with other children who ignore her when she wants to share a story


Mary tells herself her own stories to entertain herself but has found herself less eager to continue given the circumstances


she is picked up by Mrs. Medlock who basically tells her not to expect a conventional new home as her uncle is a very strict man


Mary goes to her room and stays there imagining herself running outside her old home


She tried to get the attention of her mother Alice but she never looked


At midnight, Mary hears what sounds like a crying sound


She goes out of her room to see but finds nothing


Craven is shown to have a hunchback and he gets rid of anything


that reminds him of his late wife Grace, who was Alice’s sister


Mary meets the maid Martha but Mary treats her rudely


Afterward, she goes out into the field to have lunch


A small dog sees her and although Mary tries to shoo the dog away


she changes her mind and follows it but loses it in the woods


When Mary returns home


she remembers playing outside her old home trying to get her mother’s attention but she just told their maid to take care of Mary so she won’t bother her


Mary asks Martha if soldiers lived in the house because she thinks she saw spirits outside


She later returns outside the next day to find the dog


Assuming it’s a girl she names the dog Jemima


She chases the dog around for fun until she is called to go back to the house


Later that night, Mary hears the crying sound again and goes to investigate


She meets Craven’s son named Colin who is sick


but the two realize they are cousins since their mothers were sisters


Mary returns to her room and dreams about how she played with her father


she talks to Martha again and says she saw Martha’s brother Dickon in the garden despite Martha denying it


Mrs. Medlock then gets Mary to talk to Craven since he is none too pleased with Mary going about the house nor that she seems to remind him too much of Grace


He tells her that if she continues to cause trouble he will send her away to a boarding school


Mary goes back to find Jemima to play together until they lose each other in a fog


and Mary finds the dog’s paw caught in a bear trap


She frees Jemima who then runs off with a wounded paw


Mary continues to wander around the garden until she sees Jemima again


She then encounters a robin that leads her to a statue that contains a key inside tells Jemima she will return the next day to tend to the leg


After a bath Mary visits Colin again and tries to encourage him to leave his room


but he claims that his condition is so bad that being outside almost killed him


She tries to talk up the garden as a magical place but he is uninterested and just asks her to read him a story that his mother used to read him


Later, Mary goes into a room with some of Grace’s old dresses


which she plays around with before finding a portrait of Grace and Alice together


She also finds and takes a pearl necklace


Mary asks Martha about Grace


stating that her mother never talked about life in England


Martha says that the two sisters were thick as thieves and that the house used to host balls


Mary has another flashback to her old home


where her father took her away, after her mother was too ill to see her and Mary snapped and wished that she would die already


Mary runs back to the garden to look for Jemima, and encounters Dickon who informs Mary that Jemima is a boy dog


They find the dog, whom they rename Hector and Dickon takes him to a lake and dips the paw in there


then lets Hector lie in the grass so that his paw can heal


Mary later tells Colin about it and suggests that he leave his bed


She wheels him into the room that she found the night before


but Colin is overwhelmed by it demands that she take him back to his room


She tries to get him to look closer


and they are sort of transported into the memory of their mothers


where they see themselves as kids playing but Colin thinks it’s a trick that Mary came up with out of jealousy for his mother loving him more than hers did


After he falls out of his chair Mary helps him back up and returns him to his room


she plays with Dickon in the garden where they imagine it growing large flowers


They decide to visit Colin, and they hatch a plan to sneak him into the garden to heal him


Although he is nervous at first


Colin is enchanted, when they go through the wall of the garden and see how beautiful it all looks


They have fun by the lake with Hector, but the fun is spoiled when Mrs. Medlock finds Mary and the pearl necklace


She is brought back to Craven, who declares that she will be sent away to the boarding school


later, Mary finds letters written by Grace and shows them to Colin


As Mary is prepared to be shipped off, she instead runs away into the garden with Colin and Dickon


In his office, Craven tries to light a candle, but drops the flame


The children then see black smoke coming from the house and rush over


Mary runs into the house to find Craven, who is looking for Colin


and She tells him that Colin is outside


As the flames grow stronger and the house starts to come down Craven is guided by a vision of Grace while Mary sees Alice says she is sorry for not knowing how sick she was


Alice kisses her daughter as she, and Craven make it out of the house safely


Mary takes Craven to Colin who begins to walk on his own and Craven embraces his son


Craven proceeds to rebuild the house


while Mary continues to spend time with Colin, Dickon and Hector in the garden.

The Secret Garden.

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