Orphanage Raises Girls to Sell Them As Lab Rats to the Government to Make Them Superheroes.


A girl named Emma is taken to a boarding school by her mother. As they arrive at the school’s premises, all the girls in the school are eager to see the new girl. Everyone seems excited except a girl named Hana, who is arranging her things.


While she’s at it, another girl named Yuka tells her that the empty bed space that belonged to their old friend, who left the school, will now be occupied by the new girl. Hana doesn’t have a response to this, and she just looks at the bed. 


Emma comes down from the car, and makes it to the school headmistress’ office with her mom. The headmistress welcomes her, and says the school is a very good school for her.


She also tells Emma that she’ll now be on her own, but doesn’t have to worry much because all the other girls in the school are also alone. After all the required papers have been signed, her mother leaves while her daughter is taken away to get her uniform. 


While checking Emma’s things, the Housework teacher who is giving her the uniform, starts throwing some things to the floor. One of the things is Emma’s diary, and she picks it up.


Emma then asks the teacher if she can keep it, but she gets slapped for this. As she tries to talk again, the teacher says she can’t keep it, because it’s against the regulations in the school. 


Emma then changes into her uniform, and heads to the room to arrange her things, with the help of Hana. She says the teacher was only harsh because it’s her first day, and she doesn’t have to worry about it happening again. She then gives Emma a journal and tells her to update it daily, as it is part of their regular routine. 


Shortly after, Emma is introduced to the other students while they’re in embroidery class. Emma is then asked to join the students in what they’re doing. As she sits, a girl named Cara welcomes her and says it’s nice to meet her.


She says the embroidery class is one of the criteria that will be considered to pick the two best students, who will leave the school and head for Tokyo to enjoy a better life. 


That night, the headmistress and housework teacher oversee the roll call, after which they give all the students a drug to use. After this, they are all asked to go to bed. However, one of the students comes to wake Emma while she’s sleeping.


She follows the girl into a room, where she sees some other girls having a meeting led by Yuka. She immediately asks Emma why she’s there, and if she has any contagious disease. Emma hesitates, and then Yuka starts throwing things at her.


Emma eventually says her sickness is contagious, and she also starts vomiting blood.  Yuka and the other girls realize that Emma has tuberculosis, but before they start insulting her, Hana shows up and tells all of them that they have to get back to their room.


The next morning, the headmistress calls Emma and says there’s a treatment for tuberculosis available at the school, and she’ll be receiving injections every day.


Emma takes her first injection, and she rests afterward. Not long after, Cara sees her and says sorry for what the other girls did to her last night. She says the girls are just pissed because she has the same name as a girl, who just left them without saying goodbye. 


Emma doesn’t understand this, and she asks Cara to explain better. Cara says the girl’s name is also Emma, and she was a close friend to Yuka and Hana.


Cara adds that the girl’s disease got worse, so she left the school without telling anyone, and since then, Yuka hasn’t been happy. When Emma returns to the room, Hana tries to lift her mood by saying she has something to show her. 


Emma follows Hana to a secret place, where she is given a diary belonging to the old Emma, so that she’ll have a replacement for the one taken by the school.


Hana, however, warns her not to let anyone see it, because it’s against the regulation. Emma then confides in Hana, and says she got her disease from her mom. Hana is surprised because Emma’s mother seemed okay when she came around, but Emma says her mother is dead, and the woman who brought her is her stepmother.


She adds that her stepmother is scared of getting infected, and that’s why she was sent here. Emma says she has never told anyone about it, and Hana says the secret is safe with her.


Shortly after, the girls head out for long jump training. Emma fails to do anything because she’s scared, but Hana does very well.


After the training, the headmistress lectures the students on how their daily pills will boost their immune system and make them stronger. She then tells them to start eating their food, and as they start, Cara tells Emma that she likes taking her pills before meals, because it helps clear her head. 


Emma then asks about the missing girl, and says she just wants to know anything about her. This question suddenly triggers Cara, and she pounces on Emma and tries to strangle her.


Hana pushes Cara away, and she starts shaking uncontrollably on the floor. Later that day, as Emma is watching Hana training on the field, Cara meets her and apologizes for losing control earlier. Emma accepts the apology, and Cara sees her looking at Hana. 


Cara says the two best students who will likely get picked to be taken to Tokyo are Hana and Yuka. She then says she doesn’t understand why Hana still has to train really hard, even though she knows she’s one of the big favorites to win. 


After a while, Emma and Hana are busy spreading some clothes outside. Emma suddenly says she would like to know what’s beyond the walls and the bushes outside the school.


Hana says everyone thinks it’s an ocean, and Emma says she would like to go. Despite being against the rules, Hana takes Emma through an old tunnel, so they can see what’s really outside the school. After walking for a while, they see a river and a small boat, and the girls look excited. 


The next day, during long jump training, Emma does very well and gets the third best result. Everyone cheers for her, and after the training, she thanks Hana for the fun time they had on the previous day, which gave her the courage to participate well in training.


Meanwhile, Yuka finds out that Hana took Emma to their secret spot. She confronts Hana, saying they agreed not to go there after their friend left. Emma happens to be around, and she also hears as they talk about how Hana has been acting differently, since the old Emma left. 


Later that day, when Emma wants to pick up her uniform from her locker, she sees a dead bird inside, with blood also staining her dress. It turns out to be a warning from Yuka, who tells Emma not to be too comfortable, because she’s friends with Hana.


She also says Emma shouldn’t think she’s already good enough, after one good performance in training. Emma doesn’t say anything, but when it’s time to eat, she takes the dead bird and drops it on Yuka’s table, to also send a message that she can’t be intimidated. 


The next day, after Emma receives her daily injection, she opens the missing girl’s diary to read, but something falls from it. As she tries to pick it up, she sees a hand also reach for it.


She gets scared at first, but soon decides to check what it is. She doesn’t see anything under the bed, but as she takes a look around, she finds a girl named Ellie looking weird, and with blood all over her face.


Emma immediately runs to the door but stumbles into the housework teacher, who is about to enter the room. She asks what’s wrong with Emma, but she doesn’t answer and just runs out. 


The next day, the students see that Ellie’s things are no longer in the room, and she has left the school. Emma is shocked to hear this, because she saw Ellie in a weird state the previous day. Hana and Yuka meet up at their secret spot, and Yuka can’t help but find similarities in how their friends Emma and Ellie leave the school.


Yuka says she thinks something else happened, but Hana tells her to let it go, because their friend Emma probably didn’t want to be with them. 


After all the students join hands to clean Ellie’s bed, Emma tells Hana what she saw, but Hana says it’s impossible and must be a dream.


The next day, while Emma is walking in the hallway, Cara sees her and says she knows what Emma saw. She then asks if what Emma saw looks like what is under the stairs. As Emma checks, she sees another student who looks exactly how she saw Ellie. 


Shortly after, Cara also gets triggered, and she falls to the ground and starts stretching her body uncontrollably. Emma immediately runs to get the Housework teacher, but when they get back to the scene together, Cara and the other student are no longer there.


Emma, however, sees blood on the floor and realizes that the girls had likely been taken away quickly. The headmistress soon calls for Emma, and when they’re in the office, she asks Emma about what she saw.


Emma says she’s no longer sure, and she might’ve been hallucinating. The headmistress tells her that if she notices any changes or weird feelings, she needs to let her know. 


That day, when she’s having her regular injection, she gets uncomfortable, and breaks the drip bottle before going to throw up. Much later, while she’s with Hana on the training ground, she asks why Hana never talks about Tokyo, even though she’s one of the favorites to leave the school.


Hana says it’s because she’s an orphan, and she doesn’t have anyone she’s going to meet. Emma says even though she knows Hana is only nice to her because she sees her as the old Emma, she would like to be the one who follows her to Tokyo instead of Yuka.


She then says she has what it takes, and stands up to train. Her long jump attempt is beyond exceptional as she jumps really high, and lands far away from the normal mark. 


Hana is shocked to see this, and she starts asking Emma about how she could do it. Before she can say anything, they immediately hide when they hear the housework teacher walking in the hallway with a man.


Hana then says they have to keep whatever is wrong with Emma as a secret in the meantime. Emma suddenly starts complaining of a pain in her chest, and as Hana touches her, she sees some flashbacks of the old Emma, shaking uncontrollably on the ground. Hana immediately runs away and leaves Emma alone.


That night, Emma has a strange dream where she is dragged into the river outside the school, and there, she sees several students from the school underwater. 


The next day, she goes to meet the headmistress to inform her that she’s now better, and she doesn’t want to take the injections anymore. She also asks for the criteria to qualify to be among the two students going to Tokyo.


The headmistress just laughs and dismisses her, after which she goes to the class to announce that some of the students will be picked for a special class, that will make them favorites for the trip to Tokyo. She calls Emma the only one to make it into that class, and all the other students are shocked.  


After the headmistress leaves the class, Emma tries to tell Hana that she doesn’t know what she did to get in, but Hana just walks away. As she goes after Hana, Yuka grabs Emma and repeatedly hits her on the cupboard, blaming her for not getting picked. 


All of a sudden, Emma screams, and the glass on the cupboard breaks. She then lifts Yuka up, but before she strangles her to death, Emma drops her.


Emma also falls to the ground with blood and pieces of glass, also cutting her hand. Hana soon comes to check on her, and just as she touches her, she has another flashback that forces her to yell, and ask who Emma really is. 


The housework teacher and another man named Kenji take Hana away from Emma, who is then taken to meet the headmistress for the special class.


There, Emma does nothing but stare into a white light, while also putting headphones on. After she’s through, Emma sees Hana, who explains that everything Emma is experiencing, also happened to her old friend.


She explains that on the night Emma lost control, and started shaking and stretching uncontrollably, she tried to get help, but by the time she got back, the old Emma was nowhere to be found.


The school then announced that she had gone home, and with that, she forgot what she saw. 


Hana and Emma decide to sneak into the headmistress’ office, to find out what’s happening in the school. While they’re at it, the headmistress and Kenji walk in, and the girls immediately run to hide.


From there, they hear Kenji and the headmistress arguing about administering a new drug, that has yet to be tested on the girls in the school. The headmistress wants the new drug, but Kenji says it’s too dangerous.


She, however, wins the argument, and after they leave the office, Emma and Hana continue checking, until they see a file with documents that categorize the students as test subjects, to create a superhuman soldier. They also see a video to back this up, and they realize that they need to leave as soon as possible. 


Elsewhere, Yuka climbs a tree and threatens to fall down because the headmistress didn’t choose her to be in the special class.


Emma and Hana also arrive at the scene, and Emma begs Yuka not to jump. However, she does, and as everyone surrounds her, the Housework teacher notices that Hana and Emma are running away.


She immediately asks Kenji to get them, and after a while, the girls see what’s really behind the woods, and see that it’s a military base. 


As they take a look, Kenji shows up and attacks them. They retaliate, but as they run, he brings out his gun and shoots Emma. Hana thinks of staying back with Emma, but she runs away.


Meanwhile, the headmistress laments about the escape attempt, and slaps the housework teacher several times out of anger.


They soon find out that Yuka is dead, and put their hopes on Kenji bringing Emma back to complete the experiment. He does this, but the headmistress is furious, because he could’ve killed her after taking the shot.


A while later, she starts experimenting with the new drug on Emma, despite the housework teacher being against it. Shortly after, Hana returns to the school and gets a gun from the headmistress’ office. She soon goes around and finds Emma on the table being experimented on.


As she then walks into a nearby chamber, she looks shocked by what she sees, but Kenji shows up and knocks her out. 


Meanwhile, the headmistress and housework teacher administer the new drug to all the students. When she’s back in her office, Kenji says he’s not satisfied with her efforts, and she’s also taking too many risks.


Before she can understand what’s happening, he brings in the housework teacher to be her replacement. She immediately gets on her knees to beg Kenji to let her stay, because she wants to be useful to the government, but he doesn’t answer, and a group of military men enter the office, and start clearing her things out. 


Elsewhere, Hana is chained in a glass box that is being filled with water. She tries to call on Emma to wake up, but it’s too late, and the water soon fills the box.


Much later, Emma wakes up, and as she checks around, she sees the nearby chamber. She is shocked to see the bodies of the old Emma, Ellie, Cara, and Yuka frozen in a box. She also sees Hana and breaks down in tears. At that point, she decides it’s time to take revenge for all the dead students. 


While the headmistress is not ready to give up her post easily as she brings out a gun, Kenji calls on his men to take her down. Just as he instructs them to shoot, Emma shows up, and the headmistress looks happy to see her, as it shows that the drug worked.


However, Emma is not interested in that, and she throws a heavy door at them. She then starts killing the soldiers one after the other, even until she kills Kenji.


Elsewhere, the Housework teacher goes to check on the other students, and sees that while some of them are dead, others are sitting on the floor in a circle. As she looks surprised by this, they all pounce on her and kill her. 


The headmistress tries to make a call to her superiors to tell them that the new drug worked, and Emma is a living proof, but it doesn’t go through before Emma shows up again.


Emma starts throwing her around, as she asks why the students had to be used for an experiment.


The headmistress doesn’t have a good answer, as she says it made the girls more beautiful and stronger. Emma throws her around again until she’s almost unconscious. 


However, when Emma is about to go into the chamber to see what she can do about Hana, the headmistress shoots at her, and the bullet hits the glass box with Hana. 


Just as it breaks and Hana’s body falls to the ground, Emma tries to finish off the headmistress, but she gets shot. Surprisingly, she’s still strong enough, and she then picks up the headmistress and throws her toward a sharp metal to get her killed. 


Shortly after, she goes into the chamber and rests against the glass box, while she places Hana’s head on her lap. 


Emma then starts saying she and Hana need to go home together, after which it appears that she has lost a lot of blood, and she dies.


The Silenced.

The Silenced | June 18, 2015 (South Korea) Summary: A girl is transferred to a mysterious boarding school, where she is forced to discover its secrets to survive.
Countries: South KoreaLanguages: Korean, Japanese
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