A Boy Discovers A Mysterious Egg That Hatches A Sea Creature Of Scottish legend.

The Water Horse.

The Water Horse | December 25, 2007 (United States) Summary:
Countries: New Zealand, United Kingdom, United StatesLanguages: English


Our Movie Begins at the same time as World War II, with a child named Angus


he loves the sea, but he is afraid to approach it, because he always imagines if he descends the water, he will drown and no one will be able to save him

Angus likes to collect the seashells, as he used to do that with his father


in one day, he finds a strange rock, that he didn’t see before, so he decides to keep it

his mother arrives, and takes him to the home, her name is Anne

He goes to the storehouse to put the seashells and the big rock which he found


He tries to open the rock with a sharp tool, until he managed to peel off it

and there is a strange and sticky substance coming down from it, like an egg

his mother call him, then he left the rock and go out

and the rock moves a little after that


the night come and the air was so strong, so it opens the door of the store

Angus goes to the storehouse, but he finds that the egg is broken


He begins to hear a movement around him and things falling, so he goes to track the sound

until he finds a small creature tries to hide from him

and tries to get his hand close to him, but being from his fear, it tries to bite him


And he runs into the kitchen and brings potatoes to put them for the creature to eat

He starts eating it and allows him to touch it without biting it

But he realized that the creature was wounded in the back, and he ran to get the first aid kit to treat this creature.

And he put him in the warehouse and came back to him so that his mother wouldn’t scratch her mind that he was late in the store


in one day, he wakes up to the sound of an army battalion, present at the entrance to their house

And Captain Thomas tells them that the battalion will be present in the garden of their house, according to the orders of the main center, for a specific time

and only the officers who can sleep inside the house


Angus goes to his father’s library to take a dictionary, to check on something

He finds that the creature is eating his father’s boots, so he knows that it is hungry

then he goes to the kitchen and takes the basket in which the leftovers are left, for the creature to eat it

he decided to name the creature Cruso, on the book’s name that his father loves him

he opens the dictionary to know what type of Cruso is, but he can’t  find any specific type for the creature

meanwhile and after Cruso finishes eating, Angus tries to touch the creature skin, but he finds that it is very dry and in need of water

And he puts water in the basket on Cruso, but he discovers that Cruso is enjoying swimming in the water

he starts caring about Cruso, and playing with him a lot

and in one day, his mother wants him, because she wants to tell him something about his father

and she meets Luis, the new housekeeper and she asks him to start cleaning the store


Because she suspects that her son, is raising an animal in the house, and it is forbidden to raise animals there

Luis starts cleaning the store, and he unloaded the basket which Cruso is in, But Cruso isn’t there

And Angus asks him about the reason he is here


Luis tells him that he is cleaning according to his mother’s orders

Angus goes out searching about Cruso everywhere all the night

but Cruso becomes bigger, and it enters the house of Angus


Cruso runs when seeing the dog, which belongs to Strunk who works as a chef in the Army, but because it isn’t tied well, it destroys the kitchen and cuts the rope from running behind Cruso


Strunk manage to stop that and he put the dog inside the store and close it

until he heard his sister’s shouting while she is escaping from the bathroom, then he runs and understood that Cruso was above


He tries to stop his sister before telling their mother, and he begins explaining everything to her

and he is surprised at how Cruso grows up so fast

she promised him that she wouldn’t tell anyone about Cruso


On the next day, the mother gives Luis some clothes from her husband

and he says that he will thank her husband after he returns to the house

but she said that her husband died one year ago, and no one of the children knows that

and she asks him to fix the bathroom

he goes to fix it, but the children are in the bathroom and trying to stop Luis from getting in


They couldn’t stop him, and he sees Cruso

after he calmed down, he tells them that it looks like the water horse


And it is a rare mythical animal, and only a few people could see it

the legends say that he is male and female at the same time

and he eggs only once after he grows up, then he dies

they are all late in the bathroom, until the mother knock on the door


And they beg Luis to not tell their mother about Cruso, and he agrees

they tell their mom that they’re helping Luis to fix the bathroom pipes

they manage to hide Cruso, and not expose it in front of their mother


During the feast which made by the mother, the army was at home, and Angus goes out of the bathroom, leaving the door opened behind him

Cruso go out of the bathroom but the dog was free, then the dog saw it and begins to run behind Cruso

during the chase, the dog starts to destroy everything in the house to get to Cruso

and they go down next to the dining room, where the battalion officers and the mother gathered


Until Cruso entered and run under the table while the dog runs above the table

The dog damages the feast, then Cruso goes out of the house, managing to run away from the dog


Cruso hides in a fountain that has fish, and he eats a lot of them until the next day

the children and Luis find that Cruso has increased in size than the last time, so they had to put Cruso in the truck, and take it to the nearest lake to set it free, because now it becomes impossible to hide Cruso in the house


After returning to the home, Angus finds that his mother asked Captain Thomas to train him with the army and the battalion, so that he can be occupied with anything


Angus is been busy with training and couldn’t go to see Cruso, although it still waiting for him

he can’t wait again, and he manages to escape from Thomas, then he goes to the lake where Cruso is


He waits for Cruso to appear but nothing happened, so he decides to take the boat and go to the middle of the lake


Angus finds Cruso and sees it finally

but Cruso become very huge because it ate a big quantity of food during  living in the lake

and Cruso wants to play with Angus like the past time, so Angus rides on his back and sailing with it in the water

although Angus is terrified because of his fear of drowning, he’s enjoying while sitting on Cruso’s back


Until he finds that the lake is closed by the army with a large rope network


after they finish playing, Cruso brings him back to the beach, but before Cruso dives under the water, Strunk saw them

Angus returns to the house and tells his sister what happened and that he was very happy


the next day, Captain Thomas takes the family to show them the army’s work on the hill

and the battalion’s plan to strike the Germans if they approach the area at sea

to show the power of the cannons, they perform a live experiment in hitting the missiles on the lake, where Cruso is


Angus become Crazy when he know that they will hit the missiles in the lake, he tries to stop them, but because Angus got an approach the cannons, he was so close to getting injured, so he is punished by his mother and took him to the house


on the next day, one of the city’s residents, says that he saw Cruso, but no one believes him, so he goes to the lake with a photographer to take a photo of the creature

they wait for Cruso to appear much time, but they fail to photograph it


so they resort to faking the picture, because they are running after fame


they manage to fake it, and the picture spreads in the newspapers

Strunk and his friend saw the photo, and he assures that he saw Cruso in front of him

they decided to kill Cruso in order to become famous as monster killers


At the same time, Angus runs away from the house to check on Cruso, after what happened yesterday

Luis goes with Angus and they reach the beach of the lake, and Angus continues calling out until Crusoe gets out


Cruso tries to attack Angus, but Luis rescued him


Luis understands that after what happened yesterday, Cruso become a wild animal and will attack anyone

because Cruso thinks that they will hurt him


Angus becomes upset because he lost his best friend, and when he arrives at the home, he hears the dog’s barking

then he conclude that someone is trying to catch Cruso

and yes, Strunk and his friend try to kill Cruso, until they found and attacked it


Cruso attacks them too, but they call the battalion for help and explain that they are under attack, in trying to use the missiles to hit Cruso in order to save them


But the boat that they are in, flips near the shore

Cruso is close to killing Strunk, after his friend escape, but Angus tries to prevent Cruso from killing Strunk, He continues entering the water, but because of his fear, he begins to drown


the first thing Cruso does, is to throw Strunk and rescue Angus from drowning


Luis manages to save Angus, then Thomas and the mother come to see what happened


and they see the water horse in front of them for the first time


his mother makes sure that her son wasn’t lying or imagining

suddenly, the missiles are starting hitting the lake based on the boat’s call


and he’s trying to get Cruso away from the missiles, so he rides to guide him to the way


that will take him outside the lake and away from the area of hitting


And because the weather is very windy and rainy, Thomas can’t cancel the order through the walkie talkie, and the observation soldiers try to inform that there is a strange movement in the sea like the submarine


and they think that a German submarine is coming to attack them, But in fact, it is Cruso’s head


the rope is raised more to catch the submarine


in the same time, Thomas and the mother are riding a boat, to rescue Angus in case he drowns


Angus decides to leave Cruso, so it can hide under the water far from missiles, and he went to his mother on the boat

But Cruso dive under the water and jump over the huge rope network

Cruso manage to do it, and be finally free


And he sees Angus for the last time, swimming during the sunrise

As if he was saying goodbye for his friend.

The Water Horse.

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  1. Reading your article helped me a lot and I agree with you. But I still have some doubts, can you clarify for me? I’ll keep an eye out for your answers.

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