The mercurial villain Loki resumes his role as the God of Mischief in a new series that takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame.”


in New York during the 2012 invasion


Clips from Avengers and Avengers Endgames recall Loki’s escape using the Tesseract during the time heist


And Thor’s voice can be heard yelling Where is Loki?


Loki is transported to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia where his shackles are broken


He is approached by several locals and immediately proclaims his divinity


A time panel opens revealing three soldiers from the Time Variance Authority who begin to scan the cube


As Loki tries to take it another soldier appears identifying a time sequence violation


The leader takes note of the trend in the time variance and places him under arrest for crimes against the Sacred Timeline


Loki again uses his godly prowess to assert authority but the leader places him into a timewarp that causes him to move at 1/16 speed allowing ample time for the arrest


The leader calls for the timeline to be reset before leaving with the Loki variant


Loki steps through the time panel into the main office of the TVA


The leader Hunter B-15 places the tesseract into evidence before placing Loki in a cell


where he is disrobed by a droid before being dropped into a room in a TVA jumpsuit


He is asked to sign a document confirming everything he has ever said


After signing Loki is dropped to the next room


and is asked to identify himself once again before stepping through a machine that captures his temporal aura


Loki then enters a room where he is given a ticket made to wait in line


and he sees a cartoon of Miss Minutes who describes the multiverse war


in which several timelines battled for supremacy nearly resulting in the total destruction of everything


until the Timekeepers merged the multiverse into the Sacred Timeline


Because Loki purposefully stepped out of the Sacred Timeline he is now identified as a Variant


Loki’s escape with the tesseract triggered a Nexus event


which could severely alter the Sacred Timeline and lead to another multiversal war


The goal of Loki’s arrest is to place him back in the Sacred Timeline after his trial


Ahead of Loki another Variant is disintegrated for not having his ticket


Loki anxiously scrambles for his as the title sequence starts


in France


Mobius is being debriefed on a nexus event that led to the deaths of a hunter and several Minutemen


he takes note of the stab sounds as a hunter tells him this is the sixth attack in the past week


A child enters the church and he asks her who killed the men


She points to a stained glass image of the devil


Mobius notices her teeth are blue


and discovers that the variant left behind bubblegum for the children in 16th century France


Before setting the reset charge Mobius is informed of Loki’s apprehension


In the courtroom Loki admonishes the judge for his arrest


assigning blame for the timeline event to the Avengers


Loki claims to have identified two different Tony Starks by scent


bringing him to the conclusion that the Avengers were time traveling in an event to stop him from ascending to God King


Mobius enters the courtroom and sits in on Loki’s testimony


Loki requests a task force to stop them


but is informed by the judge that their actions were supposed to happen and his escape was not


Loki demands to speak directly to the Time Keepers but is again requested a plea by the judge


tries to use his power but cannot use magic within the TVA


he is found guilty and assigned to be reset


Before he is taken out Mobius approaches the bench


and the judge reluctantly gives him permission to go ahead with his plan


he takes Loki down to his office


where Loki again admonishes the Time Keepers and the TVA as he had never heard of them before


Mobius tells him it’s because until he escaped he had been living within his set path


he tries to step out of line but Mobius resets him and seats him


Loki explains his plan to conquer earth once he returns followed by Asgard the 9 realms and space


explains his motives while Mobius intently listens


Mobius plays back Loki’s greatest hits recalling his apprehension by the Avengers


he shows Loki the memory of him stabbing Phil Coulson with the Sceptre


as well as several people he killed and tortured in his pursuit of power


he plays back a memory of Loki on an airplane


where it is revealed that Loki was in this Sacred Timeline


the infamous hijacker D.B. Cooper who takes a hostage with a bomb threat


He steals the plane along with the ransom


before jumping from the cockpit and taking the Bifrost bridge back to Asgard


Mobius then shows Loki the timeline after had he not escaped up to the death of Frigga


he finally identifies Loki for his purpose


not to rule but to conquer


Loki shows signs of understanding the pain he has caused to others and to himself


Mobius helps him to his feet as a hunter enters the room to tell him about the situation


The hunter tells Mobius that while he was talking to Loki they lost another unit


Mobius goes back into the room and finds Loki missing with his Time Twister


Loki finds the tesseract in a drawer with several Infinity Stones from different timelines


he is amazed at how the treasures he sought are being used in an office as paperweights


and becomes completely enamored of the Time Variance Authority


As hunters enter to disintegrate Loki he loops back to his cell


where he watches forward in time to his mother’s death


He later fast forwards to Odin’s death in Ragnarok


He finally finds his death at the literal hands of Thanos in Infinity War ending Loki’s file


A hunter fights Loki who is able to disarm her and place the Time Twister on her


Loki sits alone in his cell and is approached by an armed Mobius


The two have an honest conversation where Loki admits to his own manipulative nature


Mobius asks about the tesseract and Loki laughingly proclaims that even Infinity Stones can’t be used in the TVA


he tells him that he cannot offer salvation


but could use his help in tracking a fugitive variant who has been killing his Minutemen


Mobius claims that the variant they are hunting is him deduced by the horned figures found throughout the same as Loki’s horned crown


In Salina Oklahoma 1858


four hunters emerge from a panel and discover a futuristic item dug into the ground


One hunter tells another to disintegrate it


as they notice a cloaked figure in the distance amid a green mist


The figure drops a lantern lighting oil on the ground ablaze


The Minutemen are set on fire as one crawls award to activate the reset charge


but is ultimately killed as the figure takes the charge


In Oshkosh Wisconsin 1985 at a Renaissance Faire TVA Minutemen emerge


A variant is identified and followed by the team into a tent


The commander is placed under a green spell and she takes out the team while the variant watches


As she is released from the spell the variant kills the last minuteman


and takes his tracker along with the unconscious commander through a time panel


Miss Minutes quizzes Loki on Nexus events


He angrily bats at her hologram with his magazine until she disappears into a monitor


Mobius picks up Loki and gives him a TVA jacket


They meet with Hunter B-52  who tells them about the attack


Enough temporal aura has been collected to identify the fugitive as a Loki variant but they are unsure which one


According to Mobius several Loki variants have been pruned in different timelines each with a different style


Mobius reminds the team that Loki is with them as an expert on the variant they are hunting


When he suggests that getting his powers back might entice him to betray the team Mobius teases him with an audience before the Time Keepers


The team arrives at the Ren Faire shortly after the event so as not to further damage the flow of time


Mobius and the team quiz Loki further on TVA protocols


Loki explains his variant’s intentions and suggests an ultimatum which Mobius refuses


The reset charge goes off pruning anything from outside the present timeline


Back at the TVA in Judge Renslayer’s office Mobius discusses the mission


The two draw comparisons between Loki’s behaviors and each other’s


Mobius asks if there is a possibility that this Loki variant is acting differently than the others they have caught


because he truly wants to be better


The judge proclaims the only possibility of that would be if the Time Keepers decree it


She gives him one more chance with Loki


Mobius signs the event report and leaves


Outside the judge’s office Loki defensively tries to explain his deception in the field


Mobius identifies his naivete in believing that Loki’s need for validation would drive him to want to help


He then calls out Loki on his plan to hijack the Sacred Timeline after meeting with the Time Keepers


Mobius assigns Loki to review the previous variants’ crimes in an effort to figure him out


Loki reads through the papers noticing the pattern of murdering the Minutemen and stealing their reset charges


he tries to goad a librarian into letting him read other files


but she provides him with another dossier filled with Loki variant case files


Loki comes across the case file for the destruction of Asgard in Ragnarok


which hasn’t happened yet to Loki’s knowledge he missed that part on his file


Loki tells Mobius that his variant is likely hiding out in apocalypses


they discuss the chaotic alterations of a predetermined outcome which could produce a new timeline


Mobius suggests trapping the Loki variant in Ragnarok


he laughs off Loki’s theory but humors the conversation


In Pompeii Italy just prior to the surge eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D


Loki and Mobius stand in the city awaiting its destruction To play a prank on the townspeople


he then frees some goats and proclaims in Latin


that he is there to bring dark tidings and that they will all die


At that moment the volcano erupts


Mobius picks up no time variance energy in Loki’s actions


Even though he might have created a nexus event the apocalypse of the eruption creates the perfect hiding spot Amazed


So Mobius returns them to the TVA


Now chasing a new hunch Mobius and Loki investigate doomsday disasters


to pinpoint exact locations where the variant might be hiding


The two take a break and Mobius shares his love for jet skis with him


Even though he can never own one Mobius keeps a magazine from the 1990s on jet skis to remind him of what they are fighting for


Loki begins to talk once again about the Time Keepers and how they created the TVA and Mobius


Mobius shoots back with the question of how Loki came to be


extrapolating from that how Loki’s existence as a god of Asgard is no different


Mobius goes on to poignantly express the chaos of existence


and how his disregard of overthinking helps him to get on with his purpose in life


Loki goes on to discuss the concept of freedom in a timeline


where past present and future are predetermined by the Time Keepers


This leads to his next query as to how it will end


and without an answer from Mobius Loki seems to have made his point


Mobius goes on to express the Time Keepers’ goal to unite the future into the Sacred Timeline


so that the TVA and all of existence can meet peacefully at the end of time


When Loki reminds Mobius of a name he once called him Mobius remembers the gum from the previous episode


They track the gum to a time period and search it for doomsday events


Loki identifies the location as an apocalyptic event in Alabama in the year 2050


Mobius discusses the mission with the judge


Ravonna expresses her concerns for Loki which Mobius responds to with enthusiasm for catching the variant


she reluctantly approves the mission but tells him there won’t be much she can do if it doesn’t work


The lead Hunter B-15 identifies the event as a class 10 apocalypse


The team arrives in Haven Hills as a cataclysmic storm is tearing through the area


they arrives at enters a Roxxcart superstore


B-15 orders Mobius to leave Loki with her Loki agrees much to Mobius’ chagrin


In the surveillance room the variant watches and sets a timer


Loki attempts to talk to B-15 but she silences him


They approach a customer taking advantage of the store’s hurricane sale


Loki advises B-15 to interrogate the customer as it might be the variant


The customer grabs her placing the green mind-control spell on her before fainting


The spell causes B-15 to act as an avatar for the variant who engages Loki in conversation


The variant confirms its identity as a Loki


Mobius and his team come to a shelter within the store where one of the hunters frantically begins to search for a bag


When Mobius confronts him another hunter arrives with news that he found C-20 the captured hunter from before


She is sitting in a room terrified mumbling It’s real


Loki discusses the situation with his variant


before she passes the spell onto a store employee and then promptly faints


Loki now challenges his variant to show his true form rather than hide behind innocents


Loki proclaims his intention to overthrow the Time Keepers


The variant’s avatar expresses his disinterest while the real variant sets a reset charge


Mobius speaks to C-20 who tells them that she told Loki where the Time Keepers are


B-15 wakes up and looks around appearing afraid


Loki catches the variant’s reset charges but is attacked by a much larger avatar


The two fight as Mobius and B-15 reunite


The variant sets another timer as Loki gets up to confront the avatar as the variant removes his mind control from it


Behind the avatar the variant reveals itself as a female Loki


who sends the reset charges to different locations in time before detonating


and This creates several nexus events


The TVA witnesses all this causing all hunters minutemen and even the judge go into action


The variant opens a time panel and waves to Loki as she walks through it


Mobius and the team run to Loki demanding he wait for them


but Loki follows his variant into the panel


C-20 and Lady Loki sit in a restaurant dressed casually enjoying their frozen mai tais


Lady Loki remarks as to how brain freeze can lock memories in place


and coaxes her into drinking quickly causing the sensation


She takes advantage of the situation and asks C-20 how many people are guarding the Time Keepers


Recognizing that she is in an illusion C-20 attempts to engage the variant


but she manages to find out how to access them


In the department store


C-20 unconscious and under mind control


tells her the elevators to the Time Keepers are gold


and She notices Loki and the TVA on the surveillance monitors


and the title sequence starts


The variant enters the TVA through a panel and attempts to use her mind control on a minuteman


It doesn’t work and the soldier attempts to prune her


She takes his weapon and prunes him instead


Three more soldiers attack her but she defeats them


Loki appears from the panel and realizes he is in the TVA locker room


walks through the hallways with two daggers as the variant approaches the gold elevator


he approaches her and she brushes off the engagement but brandishes a sword


The two fight until Judge Renslayer appears with two soldiers


As the variant takes Loki hostage he uses a TemPad device to open a panel to an undisclosed location


The variant expresses disgust with the title of Loki as the main one uses his powers


As the two are about to engage


it is revealed they are on the planet Lamentis-1 in the year 2077


during a meteorite storm preceding the cataclysmic impact of its moon


After running to a safer location


the variant takes advantage of Loki by trying to take control of his mind


Loki tells her his mind is too strong


and offers a truce since he has hidden the TemPad


She tells him that he interrupted a plan that was years in the making


She suggests they draw power from the moon in order to recharge the TemPad to get them off Lamentis-1


and The variant identifies herself as Sylvie


Loki tries to analyze Sylvie’s plan which seems to be to wipe out all of existence in a grip for power


The two search for a place to recharge the device and finally come upon a standalone house


Sylvie kicks in the door and is immediately knocked back by a pulse generator


Loki apologizes for the intrusion and the woman kindly accepts but denies them entry


Seeing a picture Loki makes himself look like her dead husband in an effort to appeal


But she ain’t buying it so she zaps him too


She identifies the two as devils before stepping out with her pulse generator


tells them that the rest of the people are on the evacuation vessel


and She tells them how to get there


At the train station Loki disguises himself as a guard to bring Sylvie onto the train


Though another guard doesn’t buy it Sylvie’s mind controls him into letting them on


The two briefly argue before discussing each other


Loki tells Sylvie about how Frigga would teach him magic as a child


Sylvie barely remembers her mother and concedes to Loki’s prowess with his abilities


She tells him that she taught herself magic


Syvlie shares the story of a relationship she had with a postman during the early days of her plan


and Loki admits to never being in love


She reminds him that they are going to use this civilization’s only hope to recharge the TemPad before taking a nap


She wakes to Loki singing along with the band in the dining cart


A patron leaves as Loki takes a solo looking into Sylvie’s eyes as he does


before clapping the rest of the patrons and staff into a dance toasting a drink to Sylvie


She scolds Loki and tells him of her suspicions that others were looking at her


and that he is back in his Variant jacket and not in disguise


Guards enter and take on Loki and Sylvie ultimately throwing them off the train


Sylvie demands the TemPad from Loki


He reveals a destroyed device and the two argue over their impending doom before sitting down


Sylvie tells Loki that the Ark evacuation vessel never leaves the planet


so Loki suggests they hijack the Ark to ensure it gets off the planet


On the way Sylvie tells Loki how she controls minds


She tells Loki that all TVA hunters and minutemen are variants from different realms and timelines


Loki realizes that the Time Keepers did not create the TVA agents as Miss Minutes said in Episode 1


He also realizes that the agents hunters and minutemen are not aware of their true identities


The two arrive at the Ark and Loki realizes the people are going to be left to die


They attempt to run around the crowd but are interrupted by the impact of the moon


The vessel is ultimately destroyed as the two watch on


the Episode Opens on a flashback to Asgard where a child Loki is arrested as a variant by minutemen


who set off a reset charge which prunes the child’s toy


indicating that the toy and presumably the child both did not belong in that time period


The child is brought before the TVA and processed in the same way Loki was


In trial the child steals the hunter’s tempad and escapes into a panel


The hunter is revealed to be Ravonna Renslayer


She is next seen entering the room of the Time Keepers as the title sequence starts


Ravonna meets Mobius and the two discuss the situation


Mobius asks to speak with C-20 since she was enchanted by Sylvie in episode 2


Ravonna tells him that C-20 is dead


and she tells Mobius that after she was brought back she declined rapidly and died


She then asks him to keep it between them


and tasks him with finding the rest of the variants


On Lamentis 1


Sylvie sits in preparation for her doom as Loki slowly approaches her


he apologizes to her and She tells him about her memories of Asgard


Sylvie claims that her birth as the Goddess of Mischief was enough to cause the TVA to arrest her


She claims to have stolen a TemPad and run before she could face trial


and has been running ever since


Everywhere she goes sets off a nexus event so she hid in the end of a thousand worlds as she grew up


At the TVA Mobius and Hunter B-15 discuss the situation as they track the variants


B-15 asks about C-20 but Mobius claims ignorance


On Lamentis 1 Loki and Sylvie discuss their existence


Loki tells her that they may lose but they survive


As the planet comes to its end B-15 is able to isolate their location in the sacred timeline approaching the redline rapidly


Two panels appear on Lamentis 1


Loki and Sylvie walk through them back to the TVA where they are immediately arrested


Mobius scolds Loki for betraying him before sending him through a red prison panel


Loki is approached by Sif who attacks him in what Loki identifies as a bad memory prison


Sif comes in again and repeats the same scene without Loki’s good memory of what he did after


Loki now identifies the prison as a time loop


attempts to reconcile with his memory but she again attacks him


Mobius meets with Ravonna and asks to interrogate the other variant


The judge outright refuses and claims that no one speaks with the variant


She orders him to work his Loki


B-15 asks Mobius if Loki said anything to him before being put in the time loop


He tells her that Loki said the TVA was lying to him


She expresses concern and says she was just asking


Loki continues his loop with Sif


and He makes an honest effort to empathize with Sif’s pain that he caused and explains his selfish reasons


Sif helps to him feet without violence but still tells him off before leaving him alone once again


Mobius then enters and asks Loki if he is ready to talk


In the interrogation room Loki comments on his relationship with Mobius as a similar loop to his recent prison


Mobius gives Loki a chance to explain how the TVA is lying to him but Loki only offers to let him out first


Now dismissing the claim Mobius moves on to ask Loki how long he has been working for the variant


he scoffs at the question and honestly describes her character


Mobius asks him what caused the nexus event on Lamentis 1


refuses to comply considering that he would be pruned after cooperating


Mobius gets up and reactivates the TemPad to the time loop


claims that Sylvie had come to Loki on Asgard long ago and took him to one of her apocalypses


That was where they made their plan together


he tells Mobius that once their plan is complete he will dispose of her


so he tells Loki that Sylvie has already been pruned by B-15


Loki feigns acceptance and Mobius puts it together

The nexus event was caused by two Loki variants being attracted to one another


Mobius teases Loki for liking Sylvie and describes how the narcissism of Loki


is what is causing these cataclysmic events in the Sacred Timeline


Loki demands to know if Sylvie is alive and Mobius concedes for now


After an argument Loki finally explains to Mobius that everyone at the TVA is a variant kidnapped by the Time Keepers


He tells Mobius that Sylvie can use her enchantment to recall their memories that were erased by them


Mobius doesn’t believe him and brings in two minutemen to take Loki away


In the hallway B-15 stands alone with a conflicted look on her face


She prepares to prune Sylvie in her cell


and takes Sylvie through a time panel


Ravonna signs off on Mobius’ case report on Loki


tries to talk to Mobius but he asks why he wasn’t allowed to interrogate Sylvie


She tells him that they can’t risk her escaping as Loki did under his first interrogate


Ravonna tells Mobius that the Time Keepers want to personally witness the pruning of the variant with him present


Mobius asks her when she first noticed what was going on with C-20


Ravonna attempts to deflect the question but Mobius presses on


She tells him that the truth is that she was protecting Mobius


She didn’t want him losing his mind the way C-20 did


Ravonna praises their work and the reasons they do it


As she goes to place a sword on her trophy wall Mobius switches their TemPads while her back is turned


Mobius thanks her for the drinks and leaves the office


At the Roxxcart store B-15 emerges with Sylvie


B-15 asks Sylvie how she was able to create the illusion when she was under enchantment


Sylvie dispels B-15’s identity as a creation of the Time Keepers since her enchantment cannot create memories


What B-15 saw was her life before the TVA


She tells her that they are all variants and willingly lets Sylvie enchant her


She sees her memories and cries remembering how happy she once was


With her memories fully intact and B-15 asks What now


At the TVA Mobius finds a quiet part of the library to review Ravonna’s TemPad


It confirms the death of C-20


He reviews her interrogation where she identifies herself and everyone at the TVA as variants


Ravonna interrupts and ends the interrogation


Loki is back in his time cell but is approached by Mobius


Mobius demands to know if Loki truly wants to be alone or if he wants to be with Sylvie


because that nexus event could destroy everything


He asks Loki if Sylvie implanted memories into C-20


Loki says no


Mobius agrees that Loki and Sylvie were right about the TVA


He tells Loki to trust him if he wants to save Sylvie


The two leave the prison and arrive to an ambush by Ravonna and several minutemen


She immediately relinquishes her TemPad


Mobius stands firmly and expresses his desire to go back to his life before the TVA took him and erased his memories


Ravonna orders him to be pruned and Loki looks on in horror


He is escorted out to the elevator to the Time Keepers


Ravonna enters Sylvie’s cell and immediately demands to know who was with her


The minuteman outside the door tells her B-15 insisted


Ravonna declares B-15 another hunter compromised by the variant


Sylvie arrives with Loki at the golden elevator


Ravonna dismisses the minutemen and takes the two herself


On their way Sylvie asks Ravonna what her nexus event was that caused her to be arrested as a child


and Ravonna tells her she does not remember


The three arrive at the hall of the Time Keepers


Loki and Sylvie engage the Time Keepers in conversation before their deletion is ordered


B-15 interrupts the execution and the three fight Ravonna and the minutemen


Sylvie and Ravonna face off as Loki gets closer to the Time Keepers


Sylvie and Loki emerge victorious


As one Time Keepers attempts to reason with Sylvie she throws a staff at it knocking off its robotic head


and The other Time Keeper robots laugh


Realizing that the Time Keepers are mindless androids


Loki and Sylvie are now perplexed as to how the TVA was created


he tries to explain his feelings for Sylvie to her but is pruned by Ravonna


Sylvie easily overpowers her and Ravonna tells her to prune her


but Sylvie says No You’re going to tell me everything


We then see Loki wakes up in a field and asks if he is in Hel


He is told by a voice that he will be unless he goes with variant Loki Thor and Heimdall


the Episode Opens in the hallway to the golden elevator to the Time Keepers


A dissolve leads us through the room of the fallen Time Keepers and to The Void


that the area where Loki woke up in the last episode


He is informed by another Loki variant


that they must escape from Alioth a giant cloud monster that will eat them otherwise


and the title sequence starts


Sylvie takes Ravonna down to the courtroom and demands her TemPad


She gives it to her and Ravonna tells Sylvie that Loki is still alive


She explains the existence of the Void as a purgatory-ish dimension where the pruning devices send everything


She claims it to be located at the end of time and that nothing comes back from there


Ravonna asks Sylvie to trust her and Sylvie gives her back the TemPad


In the Void Loki is trying to make sense of his environment and surroundings


More variants appear including an alligator with a Loki crown


It dawns on Loki that even the alligator is a variant of himself


pruned by the TVA and sent to the Void to be eaten by Alioth


Loki suggests a plan to escape but his variants tell him that’s impossible


As they continue along the Kid Loki is identified as the leader having caused a nexus event by killing Thor


They arrive at a bomb shelter where the variants show Loki their home


At the TVA Ravonna has Miss Minutes access time records to learn about the founding of the TVA


Sylvie changes her mind to see about the end of time which Ravonna reminds her is just the Void


Sylvie proposes an idea to go past the Void


Miss Minutes asks Ravonna about the Void spacecraft which Ravonna says is still in prototype


she looks for the file while Ravonna offers to find Loki with Sylvie


The two shake hands but Sylvie’s suspicions arise


as Miss Minutes takes a little longer to locate the file


Several minutemen barge into the room


In order to escape Sylvie prunes herself


One of the guards states his observation to Ravonna who dusts herself off and leaves the room


satisfied that now Sylvie is dead too


In the shelter Boastful Loki tells of how he defeated Captain America and Iron Man


acquiring the six Infinity Stones in the process


Gator Loki admonishes his pride but Boastful Loki makes fun of it


for setting off a nexus event by killing the wrong neighbor’s cat


Classic Loki tells the story of how he was able to cast an illusion of himself so real even Thanos believed it as he snapped his neck


He then found a planet where he lived alone until his loneliness brought up a desire to see his brother Thor


But trying to leave the planet set off a nexus event and he was arrested by the TVA and pruned


He claims Loki to be the god of outcasts


Loki asks the four if they ever encountered a woman variant and They have not


He tells them that she wants to take down the TVA and attempts to rally them to help But they all laugh


Loki decides to leave on his own and He is confronted by many more variants


including another one as President Loki


Sylvie awakens inside an abandoned van and She escapes it as Alioth approaches


While using her magic to see a vision she hears a horn and notices a car being driven


and is picked up by Mobius


In the shelter President Loki and Boastful Loki have a brief standoff


for control of the Loki army and the throne before Gator Loki bites off President Loki’s right hand


There is a battle royale among the variants and our Loki does his best to stay out of it


Loki follows Classic Kid and Gator Lokis through a portal while the rest duke it out


The variants talk about how they are arrested by the TVA anytime they try to improve their lives for a good greater than themselves


Loki again proposes they work with Sylvie and the variants reluctantly accept


In the car Mobius and Sylvie discuss their circumstances


Sylvie proposes that she and Mobius confront Alioth


They watch as it effortlessly takes out a navy battleship and its crew that appear in the void


The car approaches and Loki immediately sees Sylvie and Mobius


The variants join them and discuss the plan


Sylvie suggests rather than kill Alioth that she enchant it


At the TVA Ravonna uses her TemPad to open a prison cell holding B-15


and She asks her what drives the Sylvie variant


B-15 tells her that it is revenge and that she is seeking the power that lies at the end of time


She scolds Ravonna for not acknowledging that the Time Keepers are fake


and for not wanting her help to find who is behind this


Ravonna leaves her


and She pulls up Miss Minutes and orders all files on the founding of the TVA


In the Void Mobius discusses his predicament upon returning to the TVA with the Loki variants


Loki and Sylvie talk about their nexus event


They awkwardly discuss personal relationships and how Sylvie has never had the time for them


as she was always on the run from the TVA


Sylvie asks Loki how she knows Loki won’t betray her


He tells her that he has betrayed everyone who ever loved him


He admits to knowing what he did and that he will not do it again


Loki asks Sylvie what she will do when all this is over


Both confess they do not know but Loki proposes they figure it out together


As Alioth approaches the Lokis watch on while Mobius asks what the next move


Sylvie tells him that when it touched her she was able to link with it just long enough to see that Alioth knows the secrets of the TVA


If she can link to it maybe she can enchant it


Loki claims he will stay with Sylvie


Kid Loki gives ours a golden short sword with a back scabbard


Classic Loki leaves with the Kid and Gator


Mobius opens a time panel and tells Loki he will burn it to the ground


offers a handshake but Loki goes for the hug thanking him


he tells Sylvie she was his favorite before walking through the panel


The two Lokis approach Alioth


Classic Loki takes one last look before continuing on


Alioth draws closer to the Lokis


and Loki agrees to distract Alioth so that Sylvie will be able to enchant it


As Alioth begins to attack Sylvie Classic Loki recreates an illusion of Asgard


so the two can get away


Marveling at his power the Lokis realize they are more powerful than they realize


Sylvie tells Loki that he can enchant Alioth as well because they are the same


Alioth attempts to bite through the illusion to no avail


but Sylvie and Loki are able to touch it long enough for Loki to get the hang of the mind control enchantment


As Alioth closes in on Classic Loki he laughs as the monster devours him


leaving only his horned crown behind


As it turns to approach Loki and Sylvie the two complete their enchantment


They open a portal to a building and walk through


The episode Opens on a visual journey through space and Time


as Loki and Sylvie arrive at a castle on the other side of the door they opened


The door opens and the two enter


They are greeted by Miss Minutes who welcomes them to the Citadel at the end of the time


She tells them that He Who Remains is impressed


He who created all and he controls all


At the end it is only He that remains


Minutes tells them that they can be returned to the Sacred Timeline without causing a nexus event


She tells Loki that he can win not only in New York but can also kill Thanos


to obtain the Infinity Gauntlet and return to the throne of Asgard


She tells Sylvie that she can go with him and have only happy memories


promises them the lives they’ve always wanted Sylvie and Loki doubt her


then She wishes them luck and disappears


Ravonna  waits on the TVA files to be downloaded


and notices a ring on her table where Mobius had placed his mug


Miss Minutes appears and tells her that she got her the necessary files


Ravonna tells Minutes that the files she downloaded are not what was requested


Minutes tells her that He thinks it will be more useful before leaving


they advance with their guard up to confront He Who Remains


They walk into a room with statues on pedestals


An elevator bell rings and a man walks out carrying a green apple


He Who Remains invites the two Lokis to talk in his office


Loki identifies the being as just a man He concedes that he is merely flesh and blood


Sylvie tries to kill him but he is able to use his device to reset himself to safety


He then disappears as the elevator reaches his office


He invites them in pours them drinks and offers them seats


Mobius surprises Ravonna


and Ravonna tells him that she had to prune him in order to keep him from stopping their mission as the Time Keepers dictated it


She calls in a Hunter to deal with Mobius but he shows her pen that he used to sign the file on Loki


and tells her that the Hunters won’t be taking orders from her any longer


We then see B-15 at a high school in Fremont Ohio in the year 2018


She is being pursued by minutemen to the office where Ravonna’s pen came from


B-15 leads one into an office where a cup filled with the same pens sits


The woman who became Judge Ravonna Renslayer walks into the room bewildering the Minuteman


She tells him they have a lot to talk about


In the citadel He Who Remains talks with the Lokis


He admires their perseverance


Sylvie tries to attack him but misses again


He takes out two sheets and tells them they can’t kill him


because he already knows what’s going to happen


They are live scripts like the one Loki had to sign in episode 1


He asks Sylvie how he would know to have everything in his TemPad to keep from being killed by the two of them


He tells them he has seen everything they did including everything the TVA didn’t


including the Lokis’ attraction toward one another

He tells that he set the road for them to walk to in order to get to him


Sylvie asks why they were brought here


and He tells her that it was necessary for them to embark upon the journey before they could reach the end


He asks Sylvie if she thinks she can trust Loki or anyone at all


Mobius tells Ravonna that he knows the TVA is a lie and He objects to the pruning


Ravonna tells Mobius that pruning the timeline prevents chaos and death


Mobius counters that it takes away free will


Ravonna scoffs at the very concept saying that the only one who truly has free will is the one in charge


frantically packs her briefcase as Mobius confronts her on betraying him


She opens a time panel Mobius tries to prune her but she easily disarms him


Rather than prune him again she walks through the time panel


as she says in search of free will


He Who Remains admits to his deceptive methods


but assures them that without the TVA everything would burn


Loki asks what he is so afraid of and He says Me


Sylvie asks who he is and he tells them he has been dubbed many names


A ruler a conqueror He Who Remains and a jerk


but it’s not as simple as a name


He opens his TemPad to reveal a mimetic poly-alloy liquid metal being to tell the story


Eons before the TVA a variant of He Who Remains was a scientist on Earth in the 31st century


who discovered that there were universes stacked on top of his own


With several variants existing at the same time they all eventually discovered this


and began encountering one another throughout the timelines


For a time there was peace but it was narcissistic self-congratulatory peace


Most of them worked together but not every variant was so nice


The variants seeking to conquer new worlds began to fight starting the timeline war that Miss Minutes described before


tells them how he was the only variant to encounter Alioth a creature capable of consuming time and space itself


He experimented on it and was able to weaponize Alioth to end the multiversal war


After that He Who Remains isolated the timeline


and chose to monitor it in order to prevent any further branches or nexus events


thus creating the TVA and the mythology of the Time Keepers


He tells them that if they think he’s evil wait until they meet his variants


He sits back and repeats that the TVA and monitoring the timeline is necessary to prevent cataclysmic chaos


Sylvie calls him a liar


He offers them to take over rather than kill him and let chaos ensue


Loki asks why and He answers that he is tired and older than he looks


He tells them that he setup the timeline pruning


in order to find the one person to replace him but instead he got two


Sylvie tells Him that he treated people’s lives like they were some kind of game


He tells her to grow up and recognize that the three of them are villains


However as rulers of the Sacred Timeline


they could do their villainy for good reason to prevent Multiversal War


A thunder crash is heard and He Who Remains becomes concerned


He tells them that they just crossed the threshold


He then becomes concerned as he no longer knows what is going to happen


We are shown outside as the Sacred Timeline begins to branch off into its separate origins


He tells that they can either take over for him and maintain the Sacred Timeline or kill him


and cause his variants to start another multiversal war


which would end with him once again ruling and overseeing the flow of time


He removes his TemPad and places it on the table


and tells them the honesty feels like a fresh start


Sylvie goes to kill Him but Loki stops her


Loki tells her that he thinks He Who Remains is telling the truth


Loki expresses concern for unleashing something worse if they kill him


He suggests they think about it


he tells Sylvie that she is unable to trust and he cannot be trusted


Sylvie attacks Loki and the two fights using their magic


she accuses him of wanting power before going for the kill


Loki appears before her and pleads for her to stop


tells her that he doesn’t want to hurt her he doesn’t want the throne


and he just wants her to be okay


She tells him that she isn’t him before pushing him through a time panel


takes the TemPad and confronts He Who Remains


She stabs him through the heart


and He tells her he will see her soon before dying


Now all alone Sylvie sits back on the floor


as the timeline continues to branch further and further


Mobius and B-15 watch from the TVA as the nexus events all branch irreversibly through the redline


Loki sits in a room in the TVA and considers the situation before leaving


He walks through the TVA in search of Mobius and B-15


He tells them they can’t stop the branches


Mobius and B-15 do not recognize Loki as this is a different timeline


Loki recognizes the Time Keeper statue now bears the resemblance of He Who Remains


We then see the Loki file is stamped with the title “Loki will return in Season 2”


Loki | June 9, 2021 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English
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