A Girl Takes Her Older Sister’s Secret Tips to Stop the Bullies and to Be the Popular Girl in School.


Jessica, a teenage girl, and her mother talking to her and trying to convince her that she should go with her to buy new clothes for school. Jessica eventually agrees, as she sees that she is going to school only to study and not to care about dresses and fashion. When they returns, they only buy very few clothes. Her mother sends a message to her older sister, Bethany, who is studying at the college, saying that her sister, Jessica, needs her help. After that, Bethany arrives and sits with Jessica and gives her a piece of paper with some rules for school that will help her to be beautiful and popular with her friends. So Bethany starts reading to her the first rule is to wear different and new clothes every day, meaning that she doesn’t wear the same clothes and go with them twice. The second one is to join the school cheerleading team. The third rule is that she chooses her first boyfriend wisely. The last rule is to join the most famous group in the school. She tells her that if you do that, she’ll spend the best academic year. If she doesn’t do these rules or made the opposite, she feels sorry.

After that, Jessica meets her friend Bridget. She doesn’t know what to wear in the school. She also feels worried that they will be alone as they don’t have any other friends from their old school. And Jessica helps her and reassures her that they’ll always be together. The next day, Jessica wakes up and starts to get ready for her first day of school. She stands before the closet, but she doesn’t know what to wear. Then, she remembers the rules Bethany told her. One of the rules is to wear different clothes every day. But she can’t choose and wears normal and traditional clothes. She ties her hair, and when her mother sees her, she doesn’t like what she wears and tries to convince her to change her clothes or straighten her hair.

Suddenly, her friend Bridget arrives, and they are all surprised by her look and elegance as she is wearing a dress. Jessica is impressed by her look and tells her that she is like a fashion model, and before they go to school, Jessica’s father takes a picture of them together. The two girls were too afraid not to sit next to each other in class. When they get on the school bus, the boys keep flirting with Bridget. One of them called Burke, who wants to get to know her and asks her to sit next to him. Bridget agrees and goes to sit with him, leaving Jessica alone.


When Jessica arrives, she appears nervous and can’t choose a place to sit, and feels shy because she doesn’t know any of the students. So, her teacher helps her. Then, she gets to know Sara, who keeps talking all the time about her family’s name because they are famous and have well-known ice cream shops. Also, she gets to know Hope and knows that they are with them in the class of excellent students. But Jessica feels that she is a guest among them and that they aren’t like her. Nevertheless, she tries to get along with them, and when it is lunchtime she goes to sit with them. Suddenly, they see Bridget coming from far away. Many boys surround her, are impressed by her, and wants to get to know her. Jessica tells them that Bridget is her friend, who she told them about.


At that time, they try to sit with her because they think she is popular in school, and try to get closer to her, and they ignores Jessica. And they all choose the cooking and housekeeping sections in order to be together. Jessica is surprised to find herself in the engineering and science section alone. And she goes to convince her teacher that her name is added by mistake. And she wants to move to the housekeeping and cooking section to be with her friends. But he convinces her to stay with them and he tells her that she won’t be able to move because there is no space left in the other section already. After the end of the school day, Jessica meets Bridget, who tells her about what happened in the cooking section, she is happy with her new friends. And she thinks that Jessica added herself to it and will come to the section with them. She gets upset when she knows that she will remain in her section and that they can’t attend any classes together. So, Jessica tells her that they’ll sit together on the school bus when they come and go to school. However, suddenly, Burke comes and asks Bridget to sit next to him on the school bus and Bridget has to go with him, leaving Jessica alone.


When Jessica returns home, her mother asks her about what happened on her first day of school. She seems upset. Suddenly, her sister comes and surprised by the clothes Jessica is wearing. she tells her that these are the clothes that she used to wear while cleaning the cars, and she didn’t wear them to school or go to parties. Then, Bethany takes Jessica to her room and shows her a photo album of her childhood, with all the clothes she used to wear to school until she grew up and entered the university. And tells her that during all these years, she didn’t go to the school wearing the same clothes twice. Then, she starts encouraging Jessica that she takes care of herself and do all the rules she told about.


The next day, Jessica is getting ready to go to school. But when she opens her closet, she doesn’t find suitable clothes to wear to be as beautiful as her friends. She regrets that she didn’t buy new clothes and didn’t care about that. But her mother surprises her and gives her new clothes that she bought for her and tells her that she knows she’ll need them someday. Jessica feels happy and thanks her, then wears a dress from them. When Bridget sees her, she admires her and is impressed with her dress, telling her that she looks so beautiful in those clothes and is more suitable for high school.


So, they agree that they’ll join the cheerleading team to be together. Jessica begins to get along with her teacher and her friends in science class, and they make pranks on the teacher and make fun of him. Then, she goes with Bridget to join the cheerleading team. But she feels shy and afraid because she can’t imitate the movements like them, so she wants to give up and leave the team. Meanwhile, Sara and Manda arrive late for training, so Coach Garcia prevents them from participating and kicks them out of the hall because of their negligence. When Garcia sees Bridget, she thinks that she is Bethany’s sister, who was one of the popular students in the school and on the team. But Bridget tells her that she isn’t her sister and that her sister is Jessica. So, the coach called Jessica and asked her to perform movements and impress them. As the coach thought, she is as good as her sister Bethany.

Jessica has to gather her strength and try before them. But she flips over and falls to the ground. When she wakes up, she tells the coach that she wants to quit the cheerleading team and leave them. When she goes home, Bethany sees her and she is happy, and tells her that Garcia called her and asked her to let Jessica go to her before training to help her. But she doesn’t tell any of her friends. The next day, Jessica goes to school, and then she goes to the Coach, who agrees with her to train her in secret and make shows while she is dressing up like a falcon so that no one will recognize her. Jessica cheers up and agrees. And she achieves the second rule, which is that she joins the cheerleading team. Meanwhile, the result of the training appears, and Bridget is happy because she is accepted to join the team. Sara and Manda are sad that they didn’t join the team or even try out because they were too late.

Bridget asks Jessica that she won’t be able to sit with her while they eat because she’ll sit with her cheerleading friends. And Jessica doesn’t show how she feels in front of her, and doesn’t tell any of them that she joined the team. After Jessica finishes her lessons, she goes to Garcia’s without anyone seeing her. When it is time to present the first show, Bridget’s team enters, and at the same time, Jessica enters, dressing up like a falcon and dancing with them. Suddenly, Jessica feels suffocated and can’t breathe. She runs to the Coach to catch up with her, but she loses consciousness and falls to the ground. Then, Garcia takes her to the training room, wakes her up, and makes her change her clothes so that no one will recognize her. And when Jessica comes out of the room, she sees Bridget’s friend Burke, and he knows that she played the role of the falcon when he sees a feather stuck in her hair and walks away.

Then Jessica meets her friends, and they are surprised that she is disappeared and doesn’t watch the show with them. She tells them that she feels a stomachache and goes to the nurse. Then, they keep telling her about what happened, and that the falcon takes the show from Bridget and her friends, and Bridget comes to stand with them, and she also feels upset. Meanwhile, all the students in the school start talking about the falcon and the shows he did. Meanwhile, Jessica keeps training without anyone knowing anything about it. Jessica is surprised that Burke keeps the secret and doesn’t tell anyone about it. But Bridget is doubting Jessica because she doesn’t come to encourage her in the shows, and every time she making excuses about something in order not to go with them, and she asks her if she was hiding something from her.


But Jessica denies and make a friendship covenant not to lie to each other about anything. Before the new show comes, Jessica tells her friends that her aunt is coming and she is going to welcome her. And she leaves them and goes to the Coach to try to convince her not to continue because she’ll no longer be able to lie to her friends any more. But the Coach says that she is talented and should continue, then the show begins, and Jessica has to dress up as a falcon and go out. But this time, she decides to give Bridget and her team a chance. Suddenly, Jessica discovers that a bee entered the falcon’s clothing. And she became very afraid of it, and she can’t perform the show, as she kept hitting all her friends until she falls to the ground.  At this time, the first one to run to check on her is Burke.


Bridget is surprised by this and goes to take off the falcon’s head in order to find out who is performing the show while he is undercover. So Garcia runs towards her to stop them, but she is too late, as Bridget already knows that the falcon is Jessica. She is shocked that she lies to her all this time, as Jessica makes her believe that she doesn’t want to be in the cheerleading team. Otherwise, she thinks Jessica had a crush on Burke because he knows about her and isn’t surprised. From this moment, she decides to stay away from Jessica, after she was her best friend, because she lied to her and deceived her. Jessica tries to apologize to Bridget, but she doesn’t accept her apology and she leaves. Jessica apologizes to the rest of her friends as well and finds that Manda and Sara don’t care that she lies to them and are even happy for her. As for Hope, she is upset with her because she doesn’t tell her the truth. Hope tells her that if she told her the truth, she would not have told anyone about it.


Meanwhile, Jessica believes that the rules which her sister told her about on her first day of school are the reason behind everything she goes through. As she lost her only friend. So, she decides that she’ll leave the cheerleading team and tells her father and mother about her decision and says that she feels comfortable and doesn’t want anyone to force her to do things that she doesn’t want. The day after, Jessica goes to school and finds that all the students look at her, admire and are impressed by her, and keep talking about her. Even some of them ask her to take a photo with her. She feels that she has become famous because she does what her sister Bethany’s told. Sara and Manda meet her and try to convince her to go with them to the school’s dance party. They give her the invitation, and Jessica agrees. Then Jessica goes to ask Hope to come with them, but she refuses and says that she has more important things than that, and yet she is still upset with her because of her lying to her.


At the end of the day, Jessica goes to the school clinic and tells the nurse that she isn’t feeling well because of what happened to her. And she feels that she is a bad girl and thinks of leaving school and moves to another school. But the nurse convinces her that after a while, her friends will forget and everything will return to normal as before. The nurse surprises Jessica that the nurse isn’t only a nurse but also a coach for the school’s running team. She says that she notices that she has a talent for running when she is training for the cheerleading team and offers her to try something else and join them in running competitions.


Then, when Jessica goes home, she thinks about her words, and then agrees, so she asks her mother to go with her to buy running shoes. The next day, Jessica goes to school and attends her first day of training in the running team. The coach admires her and tells her that she is clever and special. After that, Burke sees her and goes to talk to her to invite her to go to the party with him. But Jessica is scared, refuses without thinking, and says she doesn’t know him as they aren’t friends. And he’d better go ask Bridget to go with him. After that, she goes to her class, meets Hope, reconciles with her, so Hope says that she is no longer angry with her, and knows that Coach Garcia is the one who asked her not to tell anyone. And they are back to being friends again. Days later, the dance party host comes and Jessica gets ready for the party. Suddenly, her sister, Bethany, comes home. Her parents surprise that she leaves college and returns, so her father realized that she always comes home at the same time, in order to hide the parcel post, and from that they know that she had been failing her exams for 6 months.


Her father says that he will punish her and not give her money until she improves her grades. Jessica is shocked and tells her sister that this means she didn’t come home, especially for her. And to give her advice, as she made her believe. Bethany apologizes to her and says she did it because she hopes to have a good time with her friends at school and make a happy memory for her. Then, Jessica discovers that she is right and this list of rules is a stupid idea. Jessica leaves and goes to the party, where she meets Bridget and apologizes to her, telling her that she wants to be friends again. Bridget accepts her apology, then Jessica goes to sit with herself, feeling happy that she is now doing the things that make her happy and what she wants to do. She takes the list of rules that Bethany gave her and crosses out all the rules in it and writes only one rule, which is that she follows her dreams and achieves her own goals, not someone else’s goals and dreams.

Jessica Darling’s It List.

Jessica Darling's It List | June 21, 2016 (United States) Summary: Jessica Darling's older sister gives her the "IT List," a checklist on how to navigate the middle school popularity hierarchy. The instructions appear simple enough to follow, but like life,... Read all
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