The King Tries To Steal The Soul Of A Mermaid, But His ILLEGITIMATE Daughter Tries To Protect Her.

The King’s Daughter.

The King's Daughter | January 21, 2022 (United States) Summary:
Countries: Australia, United States, ChinaLanguages: English


The film opens like a fairy tale with the Narrator talking about a young woman named Marie-Josephe who was born and raised in a convent


She is a rebellious free spirit who often causes trouble for the nuns but mainly the Abbess


In France, her father King Louis XIV is preparing to give a speech to the French citizens but an assassin fires his weapon at Louis


He is hit but unharmed as the man is apprehended Fearing for his own mortality  Louis is told by Dr. Labarthe that there is a special underwater creature, who possesses magical powers that can grant him immortality


the king Louis sends for a group of fisherman led by Captain Yves


They encounter the creature a Mermaid and proceed to capture her with a net


Her mate is also caught and attempts to fight off the fishermen, but the captain Yves simply lets him go back into the ocean before heading back to France


Labarthe tells Louis that the procedure to make him immortal is accomplished during an eclipse, and involves cutting out the Mermaid’s organ


The only one against this is Father Francoise La Chaise


Per the King’s request La Chaise sends a message to the convent where Marie is living, and the Abbess is eager to get rid of her


La Chaise travels to the convent to bring the girl back with a crew giving her the impression that she is traveling to play music in Versailles


Marie arrives there and is amazed by how beautiful the city looks and She befriends a servant named Magali


but everyone else who doesn’t know she is the King’s daughter looks upon her as a common outsider


The following morning Louis meets with Jean-Michel Lintillac son of a wealthy baron


Lintillac tells Louis that his father is gravely ill and ready to pass on


Louis discusses with La Chaise that Lintillac stands to inherit a fortune and passing down his father’s title would benefit everyone


While out for a stroll with Magali  Marie notices others staring at her, They go to a fountain, where she sees

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Yves for the first time and is smitten


When Louis and his men arrive, Marie loses balance and falls into the fountain


Lintillac pulls her out and she meets her father for the first time, though he still doesn’t tell her his relation to her


In the meantime, Marie is set to practice music since it is one of her skills and The men bring the Mermaid into a chamber beneath the castle


Louis learns that she is despondent and gloomy after being separated from her mate and he orders the men to get her well so that the procedure may go through without a hitch


Later, as Marie tries to practice in her room


she senses a vibration against her harp and follows the noise she hears


It leads her to the chamber where the Mermaid is being kept


she meets the Mermaid and is stunned by her


Yves comes by to catch her but Marie says that the Mermaid is making some kind of musical noise which she syncs up with her violin playing


The next day, Marie plays music with the royal troupe before Magali helps her get ready for a ball later that afternoon


Everyone is in awe of Marie’s beauty, and she shares a dance with Louis in front of everyone


later, She finds him outside  painting a picture of his late wife


and He tells Marie that she reminds him of her


Louis appoints Lintillac with the title of Duke  and later holds a dinner in his honor


Yves and his crew discuss their tale of sailing to capture the Mermaid to which Lintillac makes snide comments prompting him to fire back with more comments that offend him


After dinner, Marie goes to visit the Mermaid again and goes underwater to be closer to her


later, Yves takes Marie to ride horses but she falls off and severely breaks her arm


Labarthe states that the arm will need to be amputated to prevent infection even though everyone thinks there must be another way


later, Yves carries Marie along with Magali to see the Mermaid and places her in the water and The Mermaid uses her powers to heal Marie’s arm completely


they are amazed at the Mermaid’s true power


After seeing how Marie’s arm has healed, she assumes that Louis has brought the Mermaid to France to heal the citizens from sicknesses but she is told that the Mermaid is for the King’s purpose only and She walks around the courtyard with Yves


Louis arranges for Lintillac to marry Marie so that they can share in Lintillac’s fortune


La Chaise summons Marie after she spends more time with the Mermaid, who took her swimming


Louis comes clean to Marie about him being her father and then tells her that he wants her to marry Lintillac


She refuses and runs away crying leaving Louis feeling remorseful


La Chaise goes to visit the Mermaid and she communicates with him telepathically


Realizing she is a living creature with feelings, he confronts Labarthe about killing her to fulfill the King’s wishes, but Labarthe fully plans to go ahead regardless


La Chaise brings his complaints to Louis, who also refuses to change his mind


Meanwhile, Marie goes to see the Mermaid herself and she shows her a vision of Yves being the one to capture her


Yves slips the picture of the procedure under Marie’s door  alerting her to the King’s real plans for the Mermaid


She trashes the musical instruments and then confronts Louis over his plans


She says that she will marry Lintillac if he lets the mermaid go


but he refuses to honor her wishes


As everyone prepares for the wedding, La Chaise goes to Marie’s room to quietly bring her to save the Mermaid


The two go to the chamber, where Yves is also trying to get the Mermaid out


Although Marie reminds him of how he captured the Mermaid, he is committed to setting her free

They are found by Labarthe and another goon but they fight them off to give the Mermaid time to escape


Labarthe shoots Yves who falls into the water


and The Mermaid pulls Yves with her as she swims out


Marie gets Labarthe caught in a rotating wheel that pulls him underwater


she makes it to the side of a cliff, where she sees Yves is okay


Louis and his men arrive, and prepare to shoot the Mermaid to go through with the procedure, but Marie gives Louis the choice to save his own life or his daughter’s


She jumps off the cliff and hits the water hard enough to injure her severely


The Mermaid grabs Marie and Louis has no choice but to tell his men to stand down with their rifles so that the Mermaid can revive Marie


She and Yves swim to his boat while Louis watches them leave and finally the Mermaid swims home


La Chaise tells Louis, he is now a great king and a great man


Marie and Yves sail to find the city of Atlantis so that Marie may reunite with the Mermaid and she takes her underwater to see the city up close.

The King’s Daughter.

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