A True Story Of A Pair Of Housewives Creates A 40$ Million Coupon Scam.


Queenpins | September 10, 2021 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English


The film opens with a team of FBI agents, bursting into the home of Connie Kaminski to arrest her


Almost a year earlier, Connie is shown being, jobless and saving money with coupons kept collecting discount coupons, and even made a special room to collect them and She was an Olympic athlete


She is married to an, IRS agent named Rick, who is unpleasant and unsupportive toward Connie

only telling her to get a job instead of being home stocking up on products, that she bought with coupons


They have also tried to conceive a child, but Connie suffered a miscarriage  and they are paying off debts, from fertility treatments


Jojo is Connie’s best friends , who lives with her mother

She is also obsessed with collecting coupons, She has been unable to secure proper employment since she had her identity stolen so she makes YouTube videos, About the coupons that she saved to try and generate revenue


The local mailman named Earl, has an obvious crush on JoJo


Every day the friends gather to collect and cut coupons and save them


Connie goes shopping, and the bill is 138 dollars, the cashier doesn’t like her because he knows her, and she comes many times and uses coupons


she pays through the coupons that she collected and each one deducts 1 or two dollars, until the price became only 16 dollars

and she says to him, watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves

she remembers that she didn’t have a baby so she grieves for a while, and eats some Wheaties, but she discovers that they expired


Connie writes a complaint letter to General Mills about the Wheaties she ate being stale


writes that she is disappointed in this company, and that it is not suitable as breakfast for an Olympic champion


Jojo does makeup for a client and tries to sell her some products


the woman liked her way of presenting the product and Jojo asked her to pay by cash


because she has a case of her identity stolen So the woman wasn’t reassured and said she will call her later

She comes out harass and angry


Rick is traveling for his work

before going, he scolds Connie for spending all the money, that they have on her pregnancy treatment tells her to find a job


soon she receives an apology from the company And a coupon for a free box, She goes to the market with full confidence and is very happy to take the box for free

tells the cashier her famous sentence, watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves


He says to her, Don’t think that you are important, that the company give you a free product because anyone who complains to the manufacturer, the company sends this coupon

She then learns that companies do this all the time, so she writes multiple complaint letters, to receive multiple free coupons


On the next day

Her friend visited her, and showed her all the free coupons she had

Jojo is surprise and asked her how, so she tells her everything

she asked her about having a free $40 family coupon

Connie offered to buy it for only 20$,So her friend agreed And said that right now she earned 20$ from nothing


she suggested that they could gain more if they sold these coupons to people with only half the price


They just need to have a lot of free coupons


The ladies then know that the coupons come from a factory in Mexico, and they hatch a plan to head down there to collect the coupons to redistribute to other moms and wives


In Nevada, Ken Miller works as an agent to prevent losses for certain stores and companies


He chides a woman at a store for attempting to use a fake coupon, for a discount even though the cashier is willing to let it slide


Ken travels back to his home in Salt Lake City, where he is just lonely


Connie and JoJo make their travel to Mexico


they saw a man named Alejandro and his wife


They think he is the right person to help them, he notice that someone is watching them


So his wife went and he pretend to tie his shoes  and surprise them with a gun with him


Until the two ladies explained to him that they are here for business


they want his help them by taking the unused coupons he agrees, and tells how the factory works for coupons


that there are a lot of wasted coupons, are thrown and destroyed


he tells her, instead of destroying it, he will ship it across the border


so no one will care about the coupons because they only care about drugs


Once they get their hands on them


the ladies begin their own website and small business, Savvy Super Saver


Jojo is promoting the coupons on YouTube


which helps them, sell a lot of coupons and generate profit


Keep posting coupons, the site keeps growing And the guy send more coupons


Connie hid some money In the room which she made for her Baby


The ladies’ account is frozen due to suspicious activity so Connie finds out they need to prove they are a legitimate business and they must turn to the hacker, her name is Tina


They get in touch with her and are taken to her secret location


where she instructs Connie and JoJo on how to keep their operation lowkey, and how to keep their money secure


including by using JoJo’s cosmetics brand, Back 2 Black as a front for their coupon business


She ordered them to make fake bank accounts, Until the money will distribute to them


And they should rent a store to sell from, not the house


Cuz Connie’s husband travels a lot, so Connie was selling through her home


Tina deleted all of her friend’s videos from YouTube, so that no one would track them


Finally, she will take 10 percent of the profits


And no one spends the money for 6 months until the money is clean


Ken annoys his superiors, until he makes it an official case that he can take on


They didn’t care about him


tells him we will see, And they send the case file to the laziest employee


After six months, Connie and JoJo figure their money is safe to use but because it’s dirty money, they need to spend it and clean it


They made a plan, to withdraw all the money


Jojo does makeup for Connie and wears sexy clothes she goes to all banks, and withdraws the money without any problem at all


They start buying things like sports cars, boats and planes

The lazy man is talking to Ken after six months, and says he couldn’t reach anything

Ken  is angry and says that they sell it by post, and how we can’t catch them


Meanwhile, Ken is partnered with a rep from the post office named Simon


He asked him about the fake coupons he has


Connie offered to her friend, Buying weapons because they still have a lot of money


And when the man start talking, she says they want everything, It is already done and they celebrate on their plane


At the same time, ken and the officers found, an envelope from they sent the coupons, to track them


JoJo later takes Connie to the fertility clinic, where she decides to give it another shot at getting pregnant Instead of using Rick’s sample, she uses an anonymous donor instead


Tina then contacts Connie and JoJo for their overspending


tells them that their money was always clean that’s why they spent 6 months keeping the money hidden

now, their purchases, are just making them look more suspicious


Tina tells them to take money out from the bank in small increments, and to get rid of all their big purchases


Connie’s husband comes home and found that everything is completely change And Ask her how


She tells him, that had a job and this from only the first salary


But He shows no interest


Ken and Simon on their mission, with Simon sympathizing with him for how much devotion he puts to the job


They go around interviewing people from grocery stores, where the ladies have shopped


almost all of them recognize Connie, because they find her constant use of coupons to be irritating


They are even able to place her behind the super saver website because their slogan is the same phrase that Connie uses when she shops, watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves


When they interview a group of postal workers, they remember JoJo, because Earl is always watching her videos


Earl trying to warn her but he didn’t find her at home and left her a message with her mother


while Ken and Simon try and stake out by her house


the ladies make a deal to sell off their guns to a militia The gang underestimate them, but they sell it


On returning home, Jojo doesn’t notice the messages, and go to Connie’s store


After gathering more evidence on the women


Ken and Simon are able to get agents to go and arrest Connie and JoJo


luckily, they didn’t find the money, that Connie was hiding


Earl sees in the news, that his girlfriend has been arrested


The officer is conducting an investigation with JoJo


She says why am I here and sees her some videos of her

while Investigate with Connie, The officer tells her that every 100,000 dollars companies lost, she will be imprisoned for a year


it means she will take 40 years in prison


The two are placed in jail, Shocked by the information they know


but while JoJo is let out on bail, Because Earl paid it for her

Connie is only visited by Rick so he can admonish her for what she has done, and didn’t want to pay her bail


Having had enough of his lack of support, she declares that she wants a divorce


The ladies are then put on trial, where JoJo is given ten days in prison plus a year of probation


while Connie is sentenced to eleven months, Because she said that Jojo didn’t know anything


she was the one who made jojo work for her, Ken thinks, that they were let off too easy


but the companies that the ladies ripped off, just wanted the case swept under the rug to avoid bad publicity


JoJo begins a relationship with Earl


They took the money they hid, relocates to Montenegro Because there is no extradition accused to the USA so they can keep using the makeup business front, and continue the coupon business there to avoid the law, Connie stocks up on goods in prison and has gotten pregnant


She continues to try and look on the upside as she makes it through her sentence.


  1. I have read your article carefully and I agree with you very much. This has provided a great help for my thesis writing, and I will seriously improve it. However, I don’t know much about a certain place. Can you help me?

  2. I have read your article carefully and I agree with you very much. This has provided a great help for my thesis writing, and I will seriously improve it. However, I don’t know much about a certain place. Can you help me?

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