Her Wish Is Fulfilled Overnight and Becomes the Most Beautiful Girl in the School.


The story begins with the introduction of our two main characters who could not be more different. We see that Katie Sharp is a very popular student who gets all the attention, she has a lot of followers on social media. Then we are introduced to Cassandra Evans, she has a few friends but not a lot of social media followers. Cassandra has a passion for music and arts. She has a very important meeting with the school called Julliard, this is her dream school and will secure her future going forward.

Cassandra loves music and especially the guitar, the only problem is she gets very anxious performing. Her mom has been helping her but Cassandra still cannot perform in front of anyone if they see her. She is very scared of her Juilliard audition and she thinks its impossible for her to get in. Cassandra’s mother is very supportive and she believes that her daughter can achieve her dreams. While driving to school they talk about Cassandra’s anxieties. Cassandra just wants to be someone else so she does not have stage fright anymore. Cassandra’s mother is sad that her daughter feels so unhappy and she wants to help her. Cassandra then expresses that her life would be much better if she was Katie Sharp, that way she would be popular and would not be anxious on stage. Katies mother finds that to be a very strange choice as Katie is very notorious for being mean to everyone.

Cassandra admits that she would like to be confident as Katie but would not want to be mean and hateful as she is. Katie then arrives in the parking lot with her luxury car and fancy outfit. Cassandra finds her very intimidating.

In school Cassandra is at her locker and she spots Katie. Katie has her two friends with her. She bad mouths one friend with the other behind her back. She also has a boyfriend called Hayden who is very popular at school as well. Olivia is one of her friends and also a cheerleader. Olivia wants to please Katie and be just like her.

Cassandra tries to be friendly with Katie and start up a conversation but she is clumsy and spills some coffee. Katie and her friends make fun of Cassandra and just leave. Then Cassandra’s friend arrives and they go to class. During class Cassandra explains that she just tried to be friendly to Katy but that was an obvious mistake. During class the teacher calls on Katy but she does not know the answer. When the teacher calls Casandra to answer she gets it right. Katy feels embarrassed and now she is even more angry at Cassandra. Katy decides to get revenge so she spills milk on Cassandra’s head after class. Cassandra is very emotional and with the help of her friend she washes her hair. She is conflicted as she does not want to be mean to Katy even is she wants revenge.

Later Cassandra meets up with her older brother and he reveals that Katy taped Cassandra’s prank and put it on her social media.  Cassandra is now totally upset and she goes back home. She logs on social media and there she sees the video of her getting humiliated, it has many likes and comments. She is so angry at Katy and wishes that Katy would experience her life and suffer. She then goes to bed. The following morning something very strange happens. Cassandra wakes up but now she is in Katy’s body while Katy has become Cassandra. Cassandra now lives in a giant house and looks like Katy. She explores her giant closet and she has many clothes and shoes. Katy is furios as she realizes that she must now wear the ordinary and plain clothes that Cassandra usually wears. Cassandra as Katy makes her way downstairs and there she meets up with her parents. Katys mom demands that Katy must wear make up everywhere she goes and her father wants to run with her every morning. Cassandra makes up an excuse and runs out of the house.

She drives with her fancy car to meet up with Katy who is now in Cassandra’s body. Katy is furius and she wants an explanation. Cassandra blames herself as she realizes that her wish came true. Katy takes the car and with Cassandra they drive off.

The two girls talk about what is happening. Katy hates that she is now in Cassandra’s body and wants to return. Meanwhile Cassandra knows that its her fault, she admits that she wished to God that Katy would walk in her shoes. The two girls decide to try to live each other’s lives until they solve this issue. They go to school and problems start immediately. Cassandra still thinks that she is in her body so she goes to talk with her best friend Abby. Abby only sees Katy so she refuses to speak to her. While that is happening Katy has trouble with Olivia and her other friend. Since she looks like Cassandra they start to bully and harass her. They tell her that if she does not stop going near them they will punish her. During class the teacher demands that the two girls go back to their original seats. Cassandra tells Abby that they have to meet up after school.

During chemistry class the teacher asks Katy to answer a very complicated question. Since Cassandra is now Katy she manages to give a correct answer and her friends are totally confused. Abby is also very confused as to how her friend Cassandra is now acting and what she is wearing.

After class all the girls go into the cafeteria and this is where the problems begin. Cassandra refuses to act like Katy even if she is in her body so she starts to eat pizza. Katy is a vegetarian so they get into an argument. They go outside to talk and agree to act like the other person to not get into trouble. Cassandra promises that she will dress more fancy like Katy and Katy makes a promise to be nice to Abby.

Later when they are outside Clay, Cassandra’s older brother, arrives to pick her up. Katy as Cassandra goes with him but Cassandra cannot go as Clay is angry at her for what she did to his sister. Cassandra tries to drive the Porsche but almost crashes as she still has no drivers license. Later in the day she goes to her true home and there her mom wants her to apologize to Cassandra. It’s a very confusing situation as Cassandra hates that she has to be the one to apologize but since her mom now thinks she is Katy, she has no choice. Cassandra in Katy’s body apologizes for what she did to her. Later Katy demands that Cassandra starts to dress better and that she goes back to her house. When Cassandra arrives in Katie’s house she truly gets to know her parents. Katys dad is obsessed with her social media career and he wants her to upload a video every day. Cassandra as Katy refuses as she does not want to be mean anymore. Katys father and mother both reveal that this is her job and she has a video due tonight so she better get to work. When Cassandra goes back to her new room she switches the social media passwords and creates a new video asking her fans to be nice to the real Cassandra.

The following day at school Katy and Casandra met up in the bathroom and Katy is angry about what Cassandra did for the video. Then Katy’s friends arrive and start to bully Katy because they do not know she is in Cassandra’s body. Cassandra in Katy’s body prevents them and tells them that from now on they must be nice. The girls are confused at first but they listen and try to be friendly with Cassandra.

Later in the day Katy does Cassandra’s makeup so she can maintain her image even if they are switched in different bodies. Then Cassandra proposes that they go pray with young people who meet every week, this way they might reverse the curse.

When they meet it’s very awkward for Katy who is in Cassandra’s body. Olivia and the other friend also arrive and they think that the whole gathering is very lame. After that Katy in Cassandra’s body is left alone to talk with Clay. He talks about Katy Sharp and how evil she is to other kids in school. Clay also reveals that Katy must be a very insecure person herself to want to harm others like she does.  Katy now feels very ashamed and confused. Later she goes upstairs and sees that Cassandra is playing the guitar. They talk and Cassandra reveals that she has major social anxiety and cannot play her instrument in front of anybody.

Katy wants to help her so they decide to practice sometime. After that happens they both continue living their lives. Katy as Cassandra goes bowling with her new mother and they talk. It’s revealed that Cassandra’s mom was also a bully in high school and felt really bad after. She wanted to contact the girl that she bullied but just couldn’t.

During this conversation Katy realizes how much her bullying is hurting others. On the other side we see Cassandra living Katys life and her father explains that her audition for a major fashion and social media company will be done live. She is very nervous now but decides to do it. Cassandra goes to do a photoshoot as Katy and the its very awkward for her as she has anxiety. Katys mom motivates her so that the pictures turn out well. Cassandra still does not feel comfortable with her fame.

After a few days a giant party is organized and Cassandra goes with her friends. She has to pretend to hate Abby so she does not spend time with her. Katy finds out that Cassandra has done a photoshoot and gets angry at her so she also arrives at the party. When Abby tries to talk with Cassandra, she is very rude. Abby is hurt as she does not know that Katy is actually Cassandra.

Cassandra and Katy then get into a giant argument at the party. Hayden films both of them as a way to get social media clicks. They actually then start to fight and it’s a big mess. Later Cassandra returns home and Katy’s parents tell her that she has been a disappointment and she must do better. Katy realizes how mean she was and how much she has hurt Cassandra. Cassandra as Katy films a new video where she apologizes for everything she has done to others and she wants to make amends.

The two girls met up at school and decided to make a video together. Also Katy in Cassandra’s body goes and breaks up with Hayden. After that they both start to practice singing so Cassandra can get ready for her Juilliard audition. They spend more time together and grow closer as friends. Katy in Cassandra’s body goes and apologizes to Abby and repairs their relationship. After that Cassandra tries to make Katy’s parents care about her videos. She wants Katy to have a happy family life at home.

Finally the important day arrives, Katy has her social media intervju and Cassandra must play guitar to audition for Julliard. Finally the both switch places and return to their original body. Katy now admits to the company that many of her videos were mean and that she wants to change and be a better person. Cassandra now finally in her body finds the courage and sings in front of people.

They both succeed in their auditions and become great friends. Finally Cassandra and Katy film a video where they talk about bullying and how its harmful. They decide to team up and spread the message of love and positivity among young people.


Switched | September 4, 2020 (United States) Summary:
Countries: United States
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